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  1. I'm trying to set up a private proxy for dossers abroad.
  2. Isn't that what that cockend Martin Rose is supposed to do? Or is he just there to clean the cheese oot Boyle's wank sock? Great idea Pie, in practise, it'll be the usual clusterfuck of back stabbing, rumours and jealousy.
  3. Yabba's Turd


    30 pages when we lose, 5 pages when we win. The lot of steelmenonline is a familiar one. It was a win today, not much else
  4. Yabba's Turd


    I heard he didn't fancy Forest at all, the dosh must be fucking awesome if he does go.
  5. His 1st time volley against Celtic at Fir Park, we beat them 2-1 that night, O'Donnell scored a goal in each half.
  6. Yabba's Turd


    Looked like 300-400
  7. That was last season, this season we were outplayed in both our ties and generally haven't looked as fit or as sharp.
  8. Yabba's Turd

    Mark McGhee

    We might be a diddy team, and even if we are, the other diddy teams fight harder. I have no problem with Motherwell having a bad team, we're not though and here's the trouble, good teams fight through their sticky patch, we just seem to have surrendered going through ours.
  9. Yabba's Turd

    Mark McGhee

    Speak for yourself chubs. The performances this season have been unacceptable for a team in our position, the team should at least be capable of fighting, sorry at least should have some fight and effort. This season's team is full of imposters.
  10. Yabba's Turd


    The only difference for me is I didn't get a letter. I'm totally scunnered with Motherwell.
  11. Yabba's Turd

    Mark McGhee

    Someone told me McGhee was commuting from Brighton due to his recent family addition and that Leitch was the more 'hands on' guy. If that's true then it's no wonder we're so shit.
  12. Fucking hell, that's the 1st sensible thing you've ever posted, 100% agree with you and long may the non posting of nonsense from you continue.
  13. Here's the tribute from the Sponsor's evening.
  14. Bob Malcolm manages ok, besides, he's had plenty of time to learn
  15. What I mean by that is, if they switched it on after that part had frozen then fuck all would thaw it, isn't the idea of u/s heating to prevent frost from forming, not for melting it. That's why I was questioning which area it was, it had been -7 on Tuesday overnight, that ground would have been solid until the weekend. I'm not making excuses, just looking at it logically. I'm just as disgusted the game was off as everyone else, but the fact is something caused the ground at that part to be brick hard and the fact it gets no sunlight and the temperature has been so severe this past week, it's the most likely explanation.
  16. There's a difference between 'working'and 'working effectively' Wasn't it just the area in fron of the south stand which wasn't playable? The part which gets fuck all sunlight?

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