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  1. I'd take issue with that statement, give me someone capable of doing the job well, with some personal pride in their career, don't give a fuck who they support, being a fan through and through is meaningless.
  2. I do recall a decent effort, might have been in Europe, for long enough my nephew thought McSkimming's 1st name was Pish
  3. Scored a belter at Ibrox tbf
  4. My Killie supporting mate still rips me that we signed him for that much money
  5. Welcome to our great wee rollercoaster Sean
  6. Do you think Joe Hart took one look at him and said, "You can't keep weans out a close" or does he retain his celtic job?
  7. I mean, it's almost like the new guys are acclimatising is what you're saying
  8. Inflated for OF attendance, would drop to around 4500 without them
  9. Think at our peak we had a 7k average, it drops when you only play the OF 3 times at home instead of 4. I can't ever remember us having crowds like Hibs tbh
  10. Can we sign that Stephen O'Donnell?
  11. Showing up as being on hesgoal. Happy days. Until 17.05 and we're out on penalties
  12. Was hoping it would be on hesgoal for those unable to travel.
  13. Went for Watt as he changed the game, was in the right place for his goal and maybe should have had the winner too.
  14. Been that long since I've had to run the place, forgot more shit than convenient
  15. Nasal sex, other than just skipping it because you know it's utter bullshit. Could always just jettison folk with impunity I suppose.
  16. Definite penalty tbh, would have been lucky to get away with it
  17. Chasing shadows but not creating chances, their goals had elements of good fortune, a swing and a miss which fell kindly for the first and off the post and straight to their man.
  18. Both Hibs goals had an element of luck to them, penalty aside which he telegraphed where he was putting it, Kelly unlucky getting down to it

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