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  1. I have one of those jerseys somewhere, rip the nipples clean off you.
  2. You are being paid more because it's a higher level, I guarantee if you don't perform to that 3 year contract you'll be either transferred or loaned, you'll still get your cash, but you'll toil after that.
  3. You're not being offered more money to do the same job, you're being offered the money to realise a potential.
  4. Poetic license I'm sure, pretty sure by now I had 17 pints in the stag and 2 bottle of buckfast before entering Hampden. I'm sure like most jobs, if he was shit and got found out the director's would bag him.
  5. Did you watch the game? They capitalized on a multitude of Hearts errors. They weren't anywhere near what we produced on Wednesday. Not a foregone conclusion to say we'll win, but given their league position I'd say they too follow up good performances with equally frustrating ones.
  6. I'm not crying, You're crying! Oof when Kirkie kisses that badge... magical.
  7. The link segments may be in Gaelic, but the interviews all look to be in English.
  8. If you could earn triple what you were on now in a perceived lesser role, you'd be all over it.
  9. Working fine on Chrome for me
  10. Fixed it for you Fritz, the admin team on here are clueless.
  11. Let's hope the manager's preparation by doing nothing at Celtic park last night pays off.
  12. Not much to say about this one, could be a paddling. Anything but a heavy defeat will do.
  13. We're in a mini league of 4. Would hate to lose this one.
  14. It's pretty standard, a couple of periods of ascension, a cup run here and there, all the while bemoaning the gulf between the top two and everyone else.
  15. If by modern you mean since the 60's then fair enough, very few teams buck this trend and those that do don't vastly exceed where their spending merits.
  16. On average teams that spend the most money on wages are the most successful.
  17. Intae thum, or some other rallying term that implies we're up for it.

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