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  1. We need guys who were piss poor in the game at Fir Park to step up. Campbell and Polworth got dominated so they will hopefully be motivated to redeem themselves. It'll be interesting to see if McInnes goes with Vyner and Leigh in midfield again. We might go 3-5-2.
  2. We've won our last three games there. We'll make it four.
  3. He's playing centre forward with a big 9 on his back. He should be offering an outball and bringing us up the park. To be fair he just done it there with the chest to Campbell and we scored.
  4. Long hasn't kicked a ball in the second half again. We need a new striker asap.
  5. The easiest place to get a pint is Whites at the top of the hill next to the ground. Parking is usually ok on Dens road just below the stadium.
  6. That's the Thumb cup tied.
  7. I was hoping we would have a striker in for today. We got caught out in the cup last season by not taking the game seriously enough so hopefully that doesn't happen again. Campbell, Scott and a few others will hopefully be refreshed by the break. I've seen a bit of Dundee on the BBC Friday night games and I think there is a good chance either Gallagher or Hartley score from a set piece as their defence is minging. Also this must be the first time two managers have met in the Scottish Cup who are both undergoing criminal prosecution. A historic tie!
  8. Just seen Ryan Stevenston getting interviewed on the news. Being in Valencia for the Levante game and NOT signing him in 2012 is an all time transfer window highlight.
  9. I was told that he is being charged on the basis of the CCTV footage rather than witness statements. Obviously I've not seen it but the PF are proceeding so it's unlikely to be good for him. You can be convicted on the basis of CCTV evidence alone in Scotland.
  10. It's the opposite. He's fucked cause of CCTV.
  11. It's not just about the fanbase. Do we get the Paddy Power deal with a convicted Robinson as manager? I doubt it.
  12. What I heard a few weeks ago is that his partner didn't want to press charges but the entire incident is on CCTV which means it's not up to her. The club have known about this for over a month so you expect Burrows and the board to have prepared a public response and a strategy for dealing with this. If anyone thinks we can keep a manager in place who has been convicted of assualting his partner in the current climate of media scrutiny of abuse of women they are kidding themselves on. It'll be interesting to see how the Scottish football media cover this given how they turn a blind eye to Neil Lennon's history of abusing his partners as well as the circumstances around his exit from Hibs.
  13. If he is found guilty he will have to go. Craigan and Leitch both left due to issues outside of work as well.
  14. If he's better than Seedorf and Illic which he should be then he's worth a try. But not at the expense of signing a striker.

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