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  1. He didn't escape my criticism on here. He was a disgrace.
  2. Well done to Burrows for getting the game postponed when we were in good form. A masterstroke.
  3. Aye but the first one was never a foul.
  4. The midfield has been terrible. We get nothing in attack from the full backs. Our set pieces have been horrific. Our long throws are embarrassing. Use of subs shite. Back to the drawing board.
  5. Aye but that was a mistake. Look where Donnelly is standing when the ball is crossed, he could have gotten back to support Bevis if he wasn't a lazy prick.
  6. Nathan McGinley is fucking hopeless. Donnelly ball watching again.
  7. Donnelly's effort at covering back on the goal can be described as minimal. Get Slattery on.
  8. Hard to see us scoring twice tonight.
  9. If Donnelly doesn't up his game he'll have an opportunity soon. A cagy opening but we look more dangerous.
  10. That has to be the tallest team we've ever put out. It would be a big boost if Jordan Roberts can kickstart his season.
  11. Anyways..... Charles Hungbo is the danger tonight. County are completely reliant on him so hopefully we can keep him quiet. The team will be interesting. Alexander is poker faced with injuries and illness so it could be anything after the Covid issues we have supposedly had.
  12. Watt never kicked a ball at Airdrie in the cup game when he was also trying to work his ticket. The fee isn't great but the value from not having a disruptive influence around the dressing room might be. As for The Thumb. A gambling addict who socialises with gangsters. It's a no. Even him living in Bothwell is too close for comfort. Hopefully he gets a move to Peterhead or Cove.
  13. Hibs are rotten. The new centre half was away for a pie at the first goal and Cadden was probably their best player. We should go hard at them next week.
  14. Why would we need Gogic on top of Shaw? We've just extended Maguire and Donnelly has started the last two matches so we have three players for that role already plus Slattery did well in that position at Easter Road which makes four that can cover it.

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