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  1. I'm talking about a loan or free agent.
  2. The cost of getting relegated dwarfs spending an extra £150,000 on getting a quality striker in. If we get relegated this summer we are up shit creek due to the season ticket guarantee. We will have no income next season apart from PATG. We should have a budget set aside for a goal scorer to get us out this mess.
  3. I think it was offside but it's very difficult to tell. Tavernier was definitely offside for the one he headed across but that ginger linesman always seems to favour Rangers. They were putting extra men into the box and pulling Morelos wide to try and disrupt our marking at crosses and the presence of Balogun definitely confused Carroll. The problem area of the team at the moment is centre midfield especially in the second half of games. Allan Campbell has been so poor recently and Crawford is limited. Polworth has been better the past two games but still needs to improve more. Cole and Watt are looking sharp and hopefully they can get some service from Lawless in the coming fixtures.
  4. It's down to the midfield to get their foot on the ball. Allan Campbell is continuing his rapid regression and Robbie Crawford looks exactly like the lower league player he is.
  5. O'Donnell and Carroll have clearly been told to ignore the Rangers full backs and watch Kent and Hagi. It's working so far.
  6. Good goal but we need to look after the ball a bit better.
  7. He also set up the opener. Another red neck for those in charge of our transfer policy. Oli Shaw is someone we should have went for when he left Hibs but we clearly only sign Scottish players who have proved themselves in the lower leagues.
  8. We had taken 10 of 15 points from our opening 5 matches. The first game was trouncing ICT 3 nil with Lasley scoring a screamer and I remember being in a beer garden after it hearing that Any Winehouse was dead. There was also the game Hateley scored the free kick at Paisley to put us top.
  9. It makes a change from strengthening 12-18.
  10. Ending the season early last season cost the clubs roughly 30% of the TV income for the season. There is no way they can afford to do that again. Not even Harper McLeod will be able to push that through.
  11. The season isn't going to be called early. We are probably past the peak of infections and the Premiership is returning 99.9% negative tests.
  12. He'll do a job in one of the wide spots in a 4-4-2. A lot of work and new players still required.
  13. Legal fees could easily eat into that. It's possibly better for us to cut a deal. Solicitors are one of the biggest rip offs on earth.
  14. I thought we would have the Six points back by now. Get a move on SPFL.

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