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  1. The game might be off next Saturday because the SFA are bootlickers. Absolute pish.
  2. That's the happiest Long has been since he first signed.
  3. The first time Allan Campbell has been near a St Mirren player.
  4. No he's been good. Proven himself at this level.
  5. Gutted. Roberts by far our best outfield player today and losing him is a huge blow for the cup.
  6. Great save. I think he feinted and made McGrath think he could roll it in.
  7. Crawford is murder. A Championship level player.
  8. We are getting bossed here. Too many players hiding.
  9. Chris Long trying to knock the wee guys out the trees.
  10. Our passing has been terrible but Formatine are dishing out the assists.
  11. If Crawford is a regular starter then it will be another season of eye bleeding football. If he's a squad player fair enough but Campbell and Polworth require replacements who will allow us to kick on.
  12. steelboy

    Big Dec

    And don't forget Declan sitting at home playing the PlayStation while the rest of the squad are at Fir Park either playing or sat in the stand. It's not rocket science.
  13. steelboy

    Big Dec

    I expected he would come back in for us on Saturday but after kicking his heels for ten days while our squad have presumably being training hard I'm not sure what way Alexander will go.
  14. The entire point of the video is that the four players don't want anymore meaningless phrases or empty gestures. Credit to the four of them for being so honest and being able to expose and examine very difficult issues. If they want to move the issue forward it would be good to see players from different clubs come together and set out some ideas to improve the situation.

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