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  1. Hopefully he gets a few hundred more.
  2. Maguire in for LD. Tait in for Hartley.
  3. Shite from Grimmy at their goal. He's far too passive to be a defender. Gallagher was unlucky but if he is going to hit it inside he needs to put his foot through it.
  4. Managers are usually paid around the same as the top earning players. If it's £125k to buy him out it's probably the same to sack him.
  5. So even if he is taking over NI he will probably be here until the end of the season?
  6. Sloth is on a two year deal. His contract will be worth more than 100k.
  7. Going by his own words he made his money in the privatisation and eventual closure of Scottish industry.
  8. Is it not the case that his restructure has been already restructured? The playing side is the most important part of the club and he fucked that by appointing Barraclough. Fair play to him for writing off his debt but that money ended up in the pockets of Barraclough, Nathan Thomas, Joe Chalmers, Louis Laing, Kieran Kennedy, Anthony Straker, Wes Fletcher, Jake Taylor and Theo Robinson.
  9. I'll be shocked if anything else happens at Ravenscraig other than it filling up with houses and a couple of schools.
  10. Given that Argentina is an economic basket case with a disastrous currency how likely is that any Argentinian would want to invest in a Scottish club when GBP was sky high? Boyle's shares were in trust at that point with our directors being the trustees so for the sale to go through the likes of Weir and McMahon would have had to agree to it. Yet they were the people warning against it.
  11. I'm sceptical about the admin threat and especially the Argentinian consortium. I suspect it was just Boyle trying to get rid of his shareholding.
  12. Airdrie is grim, has a plastic pitch and has shit transport links. We'd be better sharing with Partick.
  13. Either we give Sloth a go at some point or we have pissed a six figure sum up the wall. This seems like the ideal fixture as we have nothing to lose and Maguire was out his depth vs Aberdeen.
  14. It's about the quality of the guy the board pick. See Barraclough over Van Der Gaag.
  15. I doubt Strachan would want a full time job now. Lasley should get the job if Robinson goes.

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