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  1. If he is coming to be a back up centre back then possibly but if it's for LB then GTF. He looks like he is right into 'herbal life'.
  2. They are hindered by playing on their bad side.
  3. After Morelos and Defoe Rangers next scorers have 6,5 and 5. After Édouard and Christie Celtic have guys on 14, 10, 7,7,7,6,5. You can't win the league with only two regular scorers. Rangers are fucked because their midfield doesn't chip in with goals. We are fucked because we don't have a single player who can regularly score.
  4. I don't think the formation is the big issue. Aberdeen and Rangers were both totally reliant on the number 9 scoring and when that dried up they went downhill. We were sharing the goals around but without any regular scorer you are always likely to regress. We needed a centre forward who could score AND Scott to kick on and we went on to sell Scott and brought in Ndjoli and Watt. Robinson hasn't signed a regular scorer in five transfer windows. It's a glaring flaw.
  5. The inverted winger thing is utter stupidity at this point. Whoever was in charge of our transfer business in January. I'm sure we'll find out in an upcoming episode of the Longer Listen.....
  6. He was always tracking back in his first spell. He would be our best player by a mile. We would only have got him if he left Ibrox with question marks over him but no chance of that now.
  7. Refs will give some leniency for competing for the ball but stuff like kicking it away and trips are going to get pulled up. Long has been booked four times for dissent since December. He's a clown.
  8. A good result in the circumstances. We have to take 3 points on Tuesday now.
  9. Another goal for Murphy. He's ruining any chance of being at Fir Park next season. Cut it out Jamie!
  10. Aye loads. Not idiots that constantly get booked for dissent or guys that have been fans for two minutes that take a tantrum at any criticism of the team though.
  11. Long has an absolutely stinking attitude. I can't wait to see the back of him.
  12. Arrons at LWB today? Watt and Long should cause then problems.
  13. There have been streams when it's been on Alba. The weather has mental today. Gale force winds with spells of hailstones. We will have to grind it out.
  14. I'd like to see us ditch the inverted wingers in this game. I don't think we are getting any benefit from it and it is adding a degree of difficulty for guys who need to focus on the basics. It might revive Hylton who won't need to stop and reset all the time and although Ilic has looked dire he has only played on the right which he is obviously not cut out for. Accies are on form at the moment without getting great results. They will be confident they can beat us after the respective performances before NY.

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