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  1. If we have everyone fit GA has some decisions to make. Does Big Sol come straight back in or does Bevis get the shirt based on his form? Is it time for Goss to replace Grimmy and give us a bit more control of the ball in the middle of the park and better service to the front three? Carroll back in or does McGinley stay in the team after two decent performances? Even if Ojala and Sol are out i'd still be confident with Lamie and Muagbi in defence. We should be looking to get their on loan keeper under as much pressure as possible. He got MOTM on Saturday but didn't look too clever at either Hearts goal.
  2. To be fair Gordon Duncan does his best to give smaller clubs credit and Gordon Dalziel was praising us yesterday. It's a commercial station in an area where more than 90% of fans support two teams so obviously they are going to be the focus. Clyde do it to pay the bills the BBC just focus on Celtic because they are ignorant arseholes. SSB after a bad result for either of the pair of them is beautiful. They had Celtic fans greeting on air last season!
  3. That's why it's always worth sticking Superscoreboard on any time either of them drop points. I think Charlie was phoning in from a secure hospital.
  4. There was a lot of talk about Rangers scoring so many if they got the same amount of shots as Aberdeen. They got 5 more and only scored the offside header. We gave up two good chances in the game and made two. A great outcome at Ibrox.
  5. Woolery has started slow but a goal and an assist the last two games is hopefully a sign of things to come. He also causes a problem for defences as he has pace to get in behind but also a huge leap so he can beat the centre half in the air so teams don't like pushing their left back up when he's on the park.
  6. Aye we look like a well coached team which hasn't happened often. The defence has been constantly changing because of injury and suspension but every single player has been solid which is a big credit to Alexander and Lucketti. Our fitness was superb today as well and I think we are pacing ourselves over the 90 very deliberately.
  7. I love it when a plan comes together.
  8. It's weird to see us having possession after 80 minutes.
  9. Great goal. KVV good skill, O'Hara great run and a brilliant finish. Grimmy's last two contributions have summed him up. First touch going 4 foot in the air.
  10. If we keep it tight at the back we will get another chance to score.
  11. SOD was playing him offside. Neil McCann too embarrassed to keep pretending it's onside on RTV.
  12. Should have been a penalty. This is just like the old days at Ibrox. You just need Barry Ferguson handballing it unpunished half a dozen times.

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