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  1. I agree with all of that but I'd have Lang rather than Seedorf. Seedorf has been better and could be a handy sub on the right wing as we saw at Dingwall.
  2. Have we got any cards left to play? Murphy hasn't had a sniff at Rangers so he may be available again.
  3. On the topic of Long what was Robinson expecting? He scored two good goals apiece against Hearts and Accies and one against St Mirren. The two Accies goals were great finishes after a dribble but any half decent team doesn't allow him to get the shot off. The Hearts goals were both good finishes but it's against the relegated team. The St Mirren goal was a great finish in a game that petered out. Other than that he got the rub of the green from goalie errors against St Johnstone and Livi and scored his hat trick against Dundee who are utter shite. As soon as Cole left he was found out in his inability to lead the line and his attitude was shocking with stupid yellow and red cards which let us down badly. Despite that we put up a billboard for the guy when he reluctantly returned to Fir Park and seemed to have started the season with an expectation that he is a different player from the one who made 31 appearances last season. I read on P&B he is averaging 15 touches of the ball per game and as a comparison Lyndon Dykes had 53 last night. Just like having Grimmy as first choice right back Robinson thinking we can rely on Long to be our main centre forward and make top 6 is utter madness. People are saying what's happened to Long but the likelihood is he'll score against Accies and either St Mirren or St Johnstone in this round of fixtures and he'll have done exactly what he produced last season.
  4. He was holding his hip a lot tonight. I don't think he is fit.
  5. Yip. Even Foran did the wide attacker who worked back bit effectively as well. Seedorf, Hylton, Long and Hastie don't have it in them. The modern example is Willian. Chelsea fans complained about his goal return but he was always in the team for his work rate.
  6. At least he sees there is a problem. Obviously there are questions about why it takes until 75 minutes to make a sub when we are playing with 7 men but small steps.
  7. Yip I think this is an issue. I don't think we can afford to have a DM, Turnbull and Campbell and two attacking wingers. We needed someone who can play one of the wide attacking roles but also tuck in and help the midfield to give us more balance. The other massive issue is as GazzyB said you can't play any football these days without full backs who can pass and we have two atrocious footballers at fullback. Every opponent knows this and it allows them to crowd our midfield.
  8. We mainly need a 9 who can hold the ball up and bring in Turnbull and the wingers like Main during the Hastie purple patch. White battles away but you can see he's a lower league player and his tricks don't work on Premiership defenders or refs.
  9. Campbell and Mugabi were decent. Seedorf and Turnbull contributed. The rest of them tho....
  10. White is reminiscent of Paul Keegan. Either fouls his man or falls over.
  11. Robinson has a short temper has mentioned multiple times he didn't make many friends as a player because he thought his team mates were thick. I could see Watt pissing him off.
  12. We have three defenders who are not top league players in the back four.

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