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  1. steelboy

    Stevie O'D

    I disagree about McGinn and Ramsey. Ramsey has scored lot of significant goals for Wales. McGinn only has the equaliser against Austria. Qualifying for the World Cup or the knock out stages of the Euros will be extremely difficult unless we unearth a goal scorer. It might be Turnbull but I doubt it.
  2. steelboy

    Stevie O'D

    Bale has 33 goals in 95 caps. Ramsey has 17 in 66. Our entire Euros squad has 37 goals between. They are not comparable to Wales. If we had a goalscorer coming through I would agree things are on the up. I can see us qualifying for the Euros as often as not due to the expanded format but the World Cup is miles off.
  3. steelboy

    Stevie O'D

    The issue with Turnbull is you either build the team around him or leave him out. I agree we should have brought him in earlier but for Scotland he is competing with McGinn for a place who has been our best player over the past two years. It's the same issue Grealish has with England and he is a far more complete player at the moment.
  4. steelboy

    Stevie O'D

    It's better than it has been but it doesn't mean much. The sharp end of international football is extremely competitive and your not going to get the vital wins against the likes of Denmark or Austria with 2/3rds of a good team. We don't have a goalkeeper, McKenna is apparently our second best centre back and Adams has potential but after that we have nothing up front and the cupboard is bare right down through the age groups. We were the least experienced squad in the tournament and we compounded that by starting different defensive and midfield trios in every game which had either never played together before or only once or twice. Clarke has only started the same team in consecutive matches once some of which is down to injuries but a lot of it has been pandering to clubs. That bit him on the arse over the past 8 days.
  5. Woolery is more of an encouraging signing. Plenty of experience at a level equivalent to bottom six and some positive comments from fans of his former clubs. Everything is in limbo until we sort the the spine of the team. Goalkeeper, centre back, centre mid and centre forward are all badly needed.
  6. steelboy

    Stevie O'D

    O'Donnell cost the first goal with his shite attempt at a header. It reminded of me the Celtic game last November. It was a very poor performance all in and the tactics that worked against England were easy for Croatia and especially Modric to nulify. Armstrong was horrific, Tierney looked unfit and Dykes never kicked a ball after halftime. Nothing has really changed for Scotland. If you don't have any good centre halves or strikers any international side will struggle.
  7. There's only one game tonight.
  8. Given how well that worked out for us I doubt it.
  9. It's difficult to see us getting much out of a guy who is coming from a league below Hylton and Frear when they signed. Not inspiring much confidence for next season.
  10. steelboy

    Stevie O'D

    Great first half. Clarke showed faith in him and supported him publicly. Great management.
  11. I was wondering why we would be excited by a 39 year old goalie with more baggage than a 747 but then I saw there is a young Chelsea midfielder with the same name. Aye that would be good.
  12. The Championship is full of athletes and that's when Campbell struggles. The Aberdeen game last season when they stuck two fullbacks in midfield and every game against Joe Aribo showed that. Good luck to him but I think we will see him back in the Premiership before long.
  13. steelboy

    Stevie O'D

    He has contributed in the final third. He has two assists against Austria and Slovakia in the past 12 months. The tactics in general are far too negative.
  14. steelboy

    Stevie O'D

    Marshall was criminal for the second goal. Five yards from the 5 centre circle when the ball was in the middle of the other half.
  15. I doubt we can afford to pay his gambling debts either.

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