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  1. As long as we have two week quarantine on entering the UK we won't be playing European football.
  2. It's a shame we didn't get to see us battle it out for third. The two Aberdeen games could have been crackers.
  3. Schalke didn't look fit. It was a decent watch, I'll watch the Bayern game for as long as it's competitive.
  4. The SPFL had all the money which was to be paid out in the bank. No one would have to give up anything.
  5. So they could do advances last season but not this season? The idea that there is a cash flow impact on the league between the split and the final game is absurd. All the money goes to the clubs and the league doesn't spend any of it. It's arse covering semantics from Doncaster. If there was any kind of shortfall in the highly unlikely event that the league resumes and prize monies due change (despite everyone having dug up their pitch) it could surely be resolved by a 12 month bank loan at historic low interest rates until next season's payments. The fix was in as soon as Celtic's lawyers were allowed to select the only option to put to clubs. Tying the conclusion of the leagues to cash payments completely undermined fairness.
  6. The issue seems to be the SPFL advising that they aren't able to do loans/advances when we received a loan/advance last season. That would also explain why Burrows has been totally silent on this.
  7. STV reporting no reconstruction. The correct verdict but Hearts and Dundee have been played like a fiddle.
  8. steelboy

    Season Tickets

    People with serious illnesses will have to self isolate for their own health regardless. There have been less than 700 Covid deaths of u45s in the UK (and only 2 u16s). Given the size of the u45 population the risk is effectively zero for those without underlying conditions. These are tiny numbers despite millions of people still being at work and no strict lockdown. You can pretty much guarantee that for u45s the lockdown will have caused far more issues in terms of suicides, mental health, alcohol abuse, poverty, domestic abuse than Covid. The general lockdown was necessary for the first outbreak but as we go forward with more data then it should be tailored to protect at risk groups.
  9. steelboy

    Season Tickets

    Looking at the stats there is close to zero risk for u45s without underlying morbidities so I think the government are going to have a hard time justifying extreme social distancing for 60 million people for an indefinite amount of time once the current curve flattens. We should be aiming to play as normal starting in August and change that if there is a second wave of infections.
  10. I think all his points are fair despite him being a Jambo. The SPFL letter and Q&A are both ridiculous and make the SPFL look even worse. Burrows' name is on the letter but there is no way he was involved in drafting it as MFC communication is 100 times better than that. Bleating about money when they have chosen to persue a course which was guaranteed to create conflict, acted completely unprofessionally in their conduct during the vote and have a £400,000 a year Chief Exec who is MIA does not sit well.
  11. Euan Murray is tearing the SPFL statements to shreds on Twitter. He is suggesting McClennan is writing the statements. This is definitely going to end up in court.
  12. The SPFL board open letter is a horror show. If you ever have to say "We live in a democracy" you should probably just be quiet.
  13. The cancellation and avoidance of regular medical treatment is going to turn out to be a disaster. It will probably be 18 months before anyone can say whether or not Sweden got it right. I work in a shop that is busy every single day and none of the dozens of full time staff have gotten sick which makes me think that asymptomatic cases will be a lot higher than currently estimated.
  14. steelboy

    Season Tickets

    At least they are offering a refund unlike the robbing travel companies who can apparently just keep people's money if they want to.

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