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  1. Covid is pretty rare amongst Tuechters so we should be good to go.
  2. It's not just Scottish players. They have a guy in the squad Soro who they paid £2 million for in January and he has only played 16 minutes.
  3. They apparently only have five self isolating and it might be five squad players for all we know. Christie had 14 days because that is the restriction in Scotland. The Kilmarnock players supposedly had 14 days as well but Dyer said they had a couple of training sessions which makes no sense. As I said before the SPFL chickened out of setting a hard precedent with Killie and now everyone will push it as far as they can.
  4. There's a post on Pie and Bovril saying they have 3 positive and 5 self isolating.
  5. It was 14 days for Ryan Christie and it will be 14 days for every player St Mirren claim had to self isolate.
  6. Lennon doesn't seem to like putting new players in the team. Greg Taylor was MIA for months after he signed for big money and there are loads of players Celtic have signed who never get near the first team. Before Covid Callum McGregor had played the most football of any player in Europe which is mental when you consider the opportunities they have to rotate the squad.
  7. I've also find it very hard to believe that the entire Kilmarnock squad and backroom staff self isolated for two weeks from the day of our postponed fixture, left the house on Friday for the first time in 14 days then won 3-1 away at Livi 24 hours later.
  8. The SPFL should be asking for details of why each individual player has to isolate. They play Accies next Saturday so it'll be interesting to see how many players they have available.
  9. When Mane tested positive for Liverpool before their match with Arsenal no one else had to isolate. The protocols are designed to avoid players being close contacts with each other. People have tested positive in my work but no one has been a close contact as we have social distancing.
  10. They should be distancing. There is no reason for any of them to be close enough for long enough to be considered a contact. They - and Kilmarnock - obviously haven't adhered to the protocols. The club need to chase this up.
  11. You need to have been within 2m for 15 minutes to be considered a close contact so they should (very fucking easily) be avoiding doing that.
  12. The point is that one positive test shouldn't take out five players. If they had been properly distancing this wouldn't have happened. There has been no collateral damage when players have tested positive down south.
  13. You can't blame St Mirren as they have just done what Kilmarnock did. The full season is a relegation battle and no one is going to play with a weakened team if they can get away with postponing.
  14. That's four non league games and 1 out 46 matches in the top four divisions. I don't think the EPL and the Championship have had a game called off but our league despite only having 66 fixtures have already had 5 postponements.

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