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  1. I watched the first two Scotland games at the u17 Euros and out of the two Lennon Miller was far more impressive than Rice. They were both 15 playing against older boys and Rice showed good touches but struggled badly with the pace of the game. In the first game Miller came on at half time and almost dragged Scotland back into it getting an assist and creating a few other good chances. In the second he sat in front of the defence and was effective until he went off injured. Given the fact that we release boys every year without anyone blinking an eye then we just need to accept Rice or others choosing to leave as the flipside of that.
  2. Given that we were pish with 3 at the back in the final league fixtures and had to change it every single time hopefully this isn't a sign we are moving to a first choice back 3/5. Brining in another goal scorer to pair with KVV remains the top priority.
  3. We had about 2000 in Wales in 2009.
  4. This is The New Saints playing Glentoran at Park Hall. There is no one in the standing areas so the capacity for Europe might just be 1000?
  5. The stadium in Owestry has a capacity of 2000 with 1000 seated. Ticket scramble time. It's a small town of 17,000 people, i'm sure they will be delighted to get the Claret and Amber pound on a Tuesday afternoon.
  6. If Bala win the cost of going to Wales is set at either the cost of a car or supporters bus journey. You can't save any money on that, it'll cost what it costs. If Sligo is the destination it's likely to be much cheaper to book flights immediately than wait until July 14th. Combine the two of them and people who want to go to the away game in either Ireland or Wales had a chance to fix a minimum and maximum price for travelling today after the club appeared to confirm the dates by booking flights to Ireland (with an option to make it a smaller spread by betting on Bala when odds for the tie are announced). It's not like we drew a team from Sweden or a team from Cyprus and people are just deciding to book Sweden, being able to go by car or bus to Wales makes grabbing a cheap flight to Ireland the sensible option. If the club had tweeted hold off until 6pm tomorrow for confirmation of dates at half 12 today rather than saying the away fixture was on the 28th no one would have any complaints. Then beyond that you have people making travel plans for the home game and we seem to have tweeted some Sligo fans into booking as well.
  7. The club tweeted the dates for both legs this afternoon with no mention of potential changes. It's hard to note what UEFA are saying about draw when your not watching it. Anyway I don't see either opponent being up for a switch with 200k up for grabs for progressing. If Fir Park isn't ready for the first leg i'd be phoning Lasley up and trying to get St Mirren Park.
  8. It's us that's asking for it to be moved! Going by his tweets Burrows was on a flight home from holiday when this all happened so it's probably been outwith his control but if there was an intention to ask for a swap it should have been made clear as soon as the draw was made. As it is we have the club official account saying one thing and the chief exec saying something else. As it's likely to be cheaper to book flights Ireland today and also pay the petrol or bus to Wales than wait for the 14th of July to book flights to Ireland I think a lot of people will have done it. You also have the option of betting Bala to progress if they are longer odds to lay it off a bit.
  9. The club's most recent tweet is that the away leg will be the 28th of July. An absolute shambles again after the Rangers debacle.
  10. Shropshire. TNS play there. If we play Bala it will probably be in Wrexham. Wrexham Town have a big contingent of Celtic supporting neds for some reason so it could be a good atmosphere.
  11. Given that our u21s beat Sligo's first team a few years ago we have to be confident if we get them. Christian Mbulu scored the winner who has obviously passed away. Barry Maguire, David Turnbull, James Scott and Jake Hastie all played that day. Liam Brown of Queen's Park also started and he should be on our radar if he does well in the Championship next season. Kyle MacDonald has just signed with Dunfermline. Broque Watson has left Stranraer for the the Open Goal Podcast team that Simon Ferry is running in the Lowland League. Rohan Ferguson was with Larne last season. Akeal Rehman who we signed from Wolves u18 and quickly let go is the only player who seems to be out of the game.
  12. I doubt we will see Hickey at right back again or SOD. Patterson has the shirt with Ralston as back up. Ramsay going to Liverpool will probably see him in the squad too if he gets loaned out.
  13. The boy Leonard from Brighton was horrific in the previous game and got subbed at HT yet starts again today despite not playing any football in the ten weeks since that game. It makes no sense at all.
  14. I'm looking at the u21 team that's about to kick off and wondering how Dean Cornelius isn't in there given that he had a better season than most of the midfielders in the squad. Scott, McKinstry and McAlear aren't involved either.
  15. We'll see how he goes in the final tonight before the jumping the gun.... Given that we have Cornelius, Maguire, Slattery and Goss in the middle of the park I was hoping we would sign someone with a bit more experience who could bring them on as players. I don't see how he solves our problems in a 4-3-3 or facilitates a change to another system. Obviously you can only judge players on the park and transfer windows when they are complete but we were told quality over quantity this window so I think it's fair to ask how this signing fits into that plan.

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