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For those that havent read it! Nail .... hit ...... head.


Nice one!!


No hard feelings Craig

By Tam Cowan on Dec 11, 10 10:08 AM in

They've been dubbed the Jack and Victor of Scottish football and it's easy to see why.


Not only are Craig Brown and Archie Knox a pair of young-at-heart OAPs but, just like the Still Game duo who famously attended the funerals of total strangers in the hope of hoovering up free plates of steak pie, they're also very sleekit.


"I only met Mr Milne out of courtesy," claimed Brown in midweek. Yer maw!


And what about some courtesy for the club that plucked you from obscurity 12 months ago?


Motherwell's statement following the shock resignation was excellent - particularly the wee dig about loyalty being all too rare in football these days - and, yes, Aberdeen's behaviour has been wholly inappropriate.


Ditto Craig and Archie's performance. Imagine sneaking away for meetings with Aberdeen after Motherwell chucked them a lifeline less than a year ago?


By the way, Messrs Milne and Miller, the number for Motherwell FC is 01698 333333.


Give us a bell the next time you fancy poaching our manager, ok?


After publicly announcing he was staying at Fir Park on Wednesday and then agreeing a move to Aberdeen a day later, Craig Brown is like a 21st century Mo Johnston.


Talk about a dramatic ewe-turn?


I haven't been so stunned and upset by Brown's behaviour since he capped Cockney geezer Matt Elliot.


On hearing the news, I understand even Chris Hughton said: "F--- me, that's a shocker!"


What is it with Aberdeen? First it was Mark McGhee and now Craig Brown. With crowds dramatically dwindling at Pittodrie, I'm genuinely surprised Stewart Milne hasn't offered yours truly a season-ticket.


It's a strange old move for Brown. He's leaving a club that's going for our fourth European campaign on the bounce for a relegation-threatened Aberdeen.


How can he even be bothered with a challenge like that at his age?


We all know he's a sprightly septugenarian, but a few weeks with that mob at Pittodrie and I reckon he'll look like Davros from Dr Who.


It's going to take a long time to turn Aberdeen around and I'm afraid 70-year-old Craig Brown is no Benjamin Button.


Mind you, in the eyes of most Aberdeen fans, I suppose he's only 40 as they're still stuck in the 1980s.

Brown's managerial career started in the First Division with Clyde so, who knows, maybe he wants to go full circle before retiring.


A better chance of winning trophies? Sure, but only if we're talking about the Alba Challenge Cup.


Aberdeen apparently made Brown an offer he couldn't refuse (a box of Stewart Milne's old wigs for Craigy boy to give a proper seeing to?) but I reckon the skint Pittodrie club are just trying to get their hands on his heating allowance.


Hand on heart, though, I wish Craig all the best and hope Aberdeen enjoy the same level of success they experienced with the last manager they got from Motherwell.

If Brown had left Motherwell after the first meeting with Milne, I honestly don't think the vast majority of Fir Park fans would have been too upset.


Listen, we all know Aberdeen's a bigger club - witness the crowd of 3300 for a recent St.Johnstone game when we were third in the SPL and looking forward to a Cup semi against Rangers - and that's why I'm delighted we refused to be held to ransom.


Brown says he didn't hold a gun to the club's head. That's tosh. At the very least, we got a flesh wound to the leg as a warning.


Motherwell are in absolutely no position to chase players and spend beyond our means (remember what happened the last time we tried that tactic?) and I'm delighted we didn't cave in to any of Brown's demands.


He says he only wanted the tools to do the job. Well, as recent results most definitely sugges, I'm sure he's got all the tools he wants at Pittodrie.


I'm only hacked off by the former Well boss because of all that tosh he subjected us to in midweek when supposedly pledging his future to Motherwell.


What a load of insincere, embarrassing, vomit-inducing bollocks. Craig would surely cringe if he flicked through Thursday morning?s papers.


I wonder if the hot air spouted by Brown was responsible for the dramatic thaw?


Or is that simply down to the number of bridges Craig has now burned in Lanarkshire?


"We felt it was appropriate to show loyalty to the Fir Park board of directors as well as the players and the supporters who have been magnificent since we arrived."


Aye right.


"We are both committed to trying to achieve something here and finishing what we started."


Pull the other one.


"The fans have backed us since the start and staying at Fir Park was the right thing to do."


Please, stop it, you're killing us.


"Aberdeen have asked us to reconsider, but we have made a comittment to Motherwell."


Liar, liar, pants on fire. Is it really the Aberdeen job you want. old son, or a panto gig as Pinnochio?


Then there was all that guff about not wanting to desert his grandkids unless they were all relocated to Aberdeen!


I know the weather's been bad recently, but surely the snow and ice wasn't enough to shift the tectonic plates and move Ayrshire to the north-east?


You can imagine the reaction to all of this on the Motherwell websites.


The fans have been using the sort of language that would even make Radio 4's James Naughtie blush.


Still, at least 'Steelboy' on the Steelmenonline forums managed to retain a sense of humour.


He reckons Brown's a bit doddery these days and probably thinks he's going up to Pittodrie to manage Leighton, Miller, McLeish and Strachan...


What now for Motherwell? Well, with the full backing of the club's loyal fans, we can regain third spot in the SPL by beating Hearts at Fir Park on Tuesday.


So I suggest it's time to move on from this sorry episode in the club's history and distance ourselves from events at the foot of the table.


However, whoever Motherwell appoint as out next boss - whether it's Jimmy Calderwood, Tommy McLean, Stevie Clarke or Gary McAllister - let's just make sure he signs a contract.


That's a no-brainer.


Of course, in keeping with the recent trend, the new Fir Park manager will probably be snapped up by the desperate Dons in about a year from now.


So, just for sheer badness, might I suggest John Boyle offers the job to Ebbe Skovdahl...?


PS. Craig Brown had agreed to take part in a fans' forum for the Motherwell Supporters' Trust at Fir Park next Thursday, but I don't think that will happen now.


After all, it was only a gentleman's agreement.

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Says what we all feel I suspect. Terrific article.

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Great article by Tam Cowan :notworthy: - Certainley somes up how we all have been feeling.

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Doesn't quite convey the 'anger' but certainly its close to my sentiments, well said Tam


cant help thinking publishing the clubs phone number is a bit of a schoolboy error however

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How so? It's not as if it's not widely available


Makes no difference - sheep cannae read!


Tam - best article you have ever written and nice to see your as pissed off as anyone else :lol::notworthy:

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Magic piece from TC. We are lucky to have guys like Tam on our side with the club's interest at heart. Did you hear Traynor on BBC this evening? For an Airdrie fan he seems to be as thoughtful and well balanced as anyone. Sounds like the Club have Aberdeen bang to rights and people need to take this tapping up argument seriously. If the SPL let Aberdeen off then it means anyone can do it. This is the most obvious and public example of tapping ever!

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cant help thinking publishing the clubs phone number is a bit of a schoolboy error however



It's already out there and not the most difficult number to master.

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I often thought Craig Brown was too nice at times - always anxious to please. Well here's a lesson for you Craig. Trying to please everybody all the time just makes you look a :whistling:

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