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  1. The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Have you seen him play over the last 2 years? He's not progressed at all since his first run in team.
  2. The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    If I was Chris Cadden I'd be looking to leave Motherwell this summer. I think he's an absolutely cracking boy and despite his limitations a very useful player for Motherwell who I'd be delighted to have here for as long as possible. It's painfully clear however that he's at best stagnated since he burst onto the scene 2 and a half years ago. If he harbours any ambitions of being more than a decent Scottish Premiership player then he's going to have to improve several areas of his game- namely his technique, decision making and final ball. I'm not sure playing Right Back in a Stephen Robinson 3-5-2 is the best way to remedy this. This isn't a slight on Robinson- who I'm a massive fan of- and finding a formation that suits the rest of the team, sees us safe from relegation, in 2 cup finals and rock solid defensively is obviously more important than shoehorning Chris Cadden into his best position. It's also testament to how admirably Cadden has performed out of position all season. Again, from a Motherwell point of view, I'd love Cadden to stick around but I'm not sure if it's the best course of action for the sake of his career.
  3. The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Would be disappointed if our players didn't spend all of his first training session attempting to lob him from distance.
  4. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    I'm pretty scunnered after that tbh. We played well within ourselves for 45 minutes. We started playing once the game was effectively over but even then it wasn't anywhere near the intensity and quality we've shown this season. Reckon a few months away from Motherwell/football will be good for me.
  5. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    Fucking hell it's getting really close now
  6. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    Aside from bodying this absolute gang of a Rangers team, Celtic have been bang average for months.
  7. The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    Sammon isn't a big target man and he's not Northern Irish.
  8. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    Full strength Celtic team getting bodied by Andrew Considine...
  9. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    McDonald's is owned by Celtic fans but they've got claret and amber balloons up.
  10. Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    I forgot about Long. Probably marginally better than 5'6 Dan.
  11. Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Our post Randolph goalies imo. Carson> Ripley > Twardzik > Hollis > Nielsen > Samson
  12. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    I'm genuinely 100% convinced we're winning this. Unhealthily confident.
  13. Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    He was absolutely horrendous and did his best to relegate us single handedly.
  14. Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Didn't he end up at one of the Easter Islands or something?
  15. Scottish Young Player of the year

    McGinn and Tierney are both clearly levels above Campbell,Morgan has had an eye-catching season. Kipre> Mckenna is the only one we really have a case for imo. Edit- fuck sake, no idea how I've mixed up John McGinn and Alfredo Morelos

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