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  2. You are probably right but I would also like to see Nathan McGinley on the bench. He was not alone is being poor on Tuesday but arguably he was at fault for the 2nd goal which led to us losing the game. It would be nice if the Manager benched a player for that kind of thing. Rumours that Liam Shaw is injured even tho he has only just come on loan from Celtic. Not sure if true but I would have him in for Maguire and Slattery to start also for Donnelly. Also be good if we got see Ross Tierney whether to start or from the bench.
  3. I gave it to Jordan Roberts good goal the highlight for Well fans
  4. Andy Rose retires from playing at the age of 31 . He is moving into a coaching role with Seattle Sounders in the MLS.
  5. Poor performance from me this week for not starting the MoTM thread. If we didn't have 5 subs in play now I'd likely not even be worth a place on the bench. Lack of focus and commitment.
  6. Donnelly out. Slattery in. Shields in for Woolery. Apart from that, I dont see us changing it up mutch. If Ojala was fit, Id be tempted to play him and put Bevis to right back, but I dont see GA doing that.
  7. Hard to choose this week as very few of our team put in a full 90 minute performance. I thought the defence, collectively, made too many mistakes. Maguire was the pick of the midfield for the simple reason he tried to keep the ball and play it on the ground. Why he got hooked for Shields is a mystery to me. I gave the award to Roberts mostly for providing the one bit of real quality on show from our side and for keeping at it for the 90 minutes despite the lack of decent service throughout.
  8. Apologies for being late
  9. Yesterday
  10. And of course it would have been 7 if Vigurs had made it
  11. 1.5 million for Scott was cracking business
  12. And now James Scott is on for the extra time, that's 5 ex players.
  13. Hope we're making our players watch the Hibs game tonight, just to reinforce it's never easy.
  14. And robbie leitch just come on for cove
  15. I think so too, think this will be very comfortable.
  16. 3 ex Motherwell players on the park for the Hibs v Cove Cup game tonight, Murphy, Cadden and Reynolds.
  17. After Tuesdays result and the managers reaction, i reckon we will absolutely smash them!!
  18. They are what we have to work with at the moment. I think both are decent for our league and maybe midfield or goal scorer higher priority? I think both are prone to giving us issues i defense but, for me, Carroll will at least give you more in attack. With KVV in the middle and perhaps Shields on there as well I think Carroll would be a good choice and best option to be whipping balls into the danger zone for those 2.
  19. After Tuesday evening's result, there's a good case to be made for making changes to all areas of the team except Goalie. However I trust GA to pick the right team. He sees the players in training and knows them better than we do. The outstanding issue I have, like many others, is why Slattery has been benched. All this said, he might choose the same team in order for them to "put matters right". Who knows?
  20. Best to ask SteelmeninOz :-) One was started a week ago. One was started 5 hours ago….. I know there is a time difference in Australia but…. Just joshing. If a mod can merge ?
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