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  2. He's doing very well. Good luck to him.
  3. Young Stuart McKinstry on the bench for Leeds tonight against Newcastle.
  4. Possibly one of our finest bits of business back then. If I recall correctly it was the last day of the window too? Jim Paterson moved to Plymouth I think for a 1/4 of a Million and we spent half of that on twice the player of Paterson. No disrespect to Jim Paterson who served us well. Hammell is well worthy of his place here, I’ll be surprised if his appearance record will ever be broken in my life time. And people of my generation can definitely talk about him in the same way my old mans generation talks about Joe Wark.
  5. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, in case we had all forgotten the UEFA rules, I'll stick with the conspiracy theory, it's more relevant. pedant a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules.
  6. Not to offer support to them, but I think it's pretty standard for the league to move a club's game to a Sunday when they play a Euro tie on a Thursday.
  7. The game was no doubt moved from Saturday to Sunday as 99% of their fans are out for a walk on Saturday, so no away fans means more hyped up bigots at their "Flag celebration weekend" giving the team a melody of old Irish folk tunes. A complete disgrace of a club, the less other teams fans contribute to their finances the better.
  8. He made a cracking save from Billy Dodds in the last minute too. A month or so later he got himself sent off at Rugby Park for elbowing a Killie player in the box and conceding a penalty into the bargain.
  9. Its a fair enough way of doing it. Im just biased as I think he is probably our greatest ever player and should have been in it from day one. Every year that passes without his induction is a travesty for me. But others will undoubtedly think the same about their own favourite players.
  10. I missed one. I'd rather have Andy Goram though.
  11. Just as well there were no forums back in the days when we put out a yellow home top!
  12. Dubourdeaux was in goals the last time we beat them in the league.
  13. I notice that the last time we beat Rangers in a League match Andy Goram was in goals - for Motherwell. Rangers haven't started the season brilliantly; there was a three goal margin against a depleted Livingston side, a two goal margin against Ross County and the three other matches have been 1 goal margins (Celtic, St. Johnstone, Dundee Utd). That says to me we should be capable of keeping the game tight if we are on our game. We've defended quite well in the two matches I've seen in person but I do worry about our midfield and the Rangers full backs keeping us pinned back. Barisic has apparently been poor this season though so perhaps that is an area we can exploit. I also think you can cause Rangers problems by playing balls over their centre backs and making them turn. They aren't great when they are facing their own goal. Overall though you'd be delighted with a point. The main thing is we go there and show some serious ambition to take something from the game. If it turns out to be an unlucky defeat like St Johnstone's then I don't think too many people will be cross but let's ditch the inferiority complex please.
  14. It's an annual thing, so for these to be interesting there needs to be a marquee inductee each year, then a mix of legends from different eras. As said above, you also need people that can turn up and accept the award. As such, these inductions aren't in any kind of order, and it gets discussion going. Hammell is more than worthy of a spot, and I'm sure everyone that's deserving will find their way in there.
  15. I think the approach is the spread of eras as you say but also to make it an annual event, the idea is not to put everyone in on day one.
  16. Stevie Hammell is absolutely deserving of a place in the Motherwell FC Hall of Fame 500 appearances should dictate that. But Joe Wark should certainly be in there as well, if not before him. Not sure how entrants are determined, but there always seems to be a spread of "eras".
  17. He's due his place but yes, of course, you are right. Just natural that today's younger fans focus only on players that they've seen, to the exclusion of greats of the past. I can't recall now who exactly is in our Hall of Fame but you'd imagine that the likes of Willie McFadyen, Hughie Ferguson, Willie Kilmarnock and Archie Shaw should be top of the list, or thereabouts. All a matter of opinion of course
  18. Motherwell bought him back
  19. Matter of opinion, left on a 'Free' to that top class English side Southend United. Returned on a 'Free' after season and a half. Just think there are more deserving of the honour.
  20. It was still in the press room when McGhee was announced in 2007, so that might widen your search.
  21. One of John Boyle’s mad ideas no doubt. It looks so bad he probably did it himself. When it came to these kind of things he was a law unto himself. I was also the account handler/designer/art worker for his Zoom Airlines business and that was hard enough to keep under control. What John wanted John got! Except for Lanarkshire United or whatever he wanted to call it.
  22. Take a look at the Motherwell & District Coat of Arms...how it ended up on the clubs badge though, who knows
  23. Last week
  24. I’m not sure what it is but it looks horrific. It certainly never came out of our studio. It would be good to see a clearer image of the graphic.
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