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  2. He’s not overrated at all, he absolutely dominated the rest of the league with Aberdeen. Look at the fuckin nick of them since they sacked him. One of the most ridiculous sackings/mutual terminations ever.
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  4. Was definetly the case, it was Chris Robinson at the time and this had annoyed John Boyle so much To be fair Billy Davies was spot on, should have been called off before it had started Here is another favourite of mine from the same era, Was at this game at Tannadice and was Big Don Goodman's debut The Well were excellent on this day
  5. The very one! long throw from main stand side at cooper goals unless my memory is playing tricks on me
  6. That’ll be news to the manager
  7. Our season starts in two weeks time with a Europa League match though. And while, of course, we are not going to do anything of note in that competition we have seen before that a disastrous European tie with an underprepared squad can set the tone for the season ahead, ie. Stjarnan in 2014.
  8. Window doesn't close until 1st September. While it's good to have signings in early it's even better to have the right signings in by the time the window closes - even if that's late August. This is even more true for loan signings from England as most clubs down south don't figure out who is available for loan until later in the summer.
  9. Well we do have 3 trialists. 2 attackers…
  10. Saw your post on P&B about McGhee, that makes perfect sense. (For those not reading two forums basically we looked at him but went with mcginn instead)
  11. I absolutely get that and also that our budget is limited. But that is why we need to be shrewd with the signings we are able to make and we need to get it right as often as we can.
  12. Agree on that but we also badly need midfielders who can provide creativity and support to the front line. We have a good striker in KvV but he has no support with the system and the players we have. I’ve described us as a ‘workmanlike’ side which is fine but we need to be able to offset that with something in the way of flair and goal threat.
  13. Unfortunately we are not in a position to be the first choice club for players coming up from England. We have to wait until nearer the end of transfer window to finalise any deals when they have assessed all their options. No coincidence both our signings are from Scotland
  14. Whats baffling is uve mentioned max johnstone,he's not yet 20 and been on loan for a season to QoS,how can u see him as competition to sod Is the right back you're refering to paul mcginn?,an experienced international player who played on the right of a back 3 for hibs that can also play RB,its a bit of a contradiction when u moan about us leaking goals and we go and sign an international defender
  15. I’ve thought this for weeks now, this up and coming season is going to be an absolute shit show. The squad we have just now has nothing in the way of attacking threat or creative spark and we don’t appear to be doing anything to address this. Efford and Shields will not do, they’re just not good enough at the level we play at. I’ve no doubt we will bring in one or two panic buys in the closing days of the transfer window for the media team to produce a nice wee video for Twitter about, but I just don’t see us making the signings we need that will make us any better than we were last season.
  16. I still think we're short of 3 players: a left back, a dominant central defender and a back up main striker. That shopping list may well depend on contracted players moving out though.
  17. It was a loan deal. Incidentally, not a fan of McInnes, as I think he's overrated by a friendly press.
  18. First time I’ve seen that since the night itself. The pitch was absolutely unplayable by half time and it was the correct decision to abandon at that point, but remember being raging about it at the time as we were 1-0 up. Was there not some story at the time that Hearts chief executive had gone into the referees room at half time and asked him to stop the game? I remember several of the Hearts players complaining that the ball wasn’t rolling(which to be fair it wasn’t). Nevin’s last minute winners in the re-arranged game made it all the sweeter. Their keeper, Rousset was sent off for them in the first half too I remember.
  19. Agree with the first part regarding the LB position but I do think the Shields has something to offer and we seen that last season. Efford not so much but he does deserve a chance to see if he improves. I read somewhere a few years ago, a manager saying that most players take 6 months to settle in at a new club before you can start to evaluate them.
  20. Really worrying the lack of signings for the start of the season, our defence was horrendous last season, anyone could score against us, so to only bring in a right back when we have two in SOD and Max Johnstone is baffling, left side has been very week all last year, another forward is a must, and for those who want to defend Connor Shields and Efford did you go to games last season, if you did then no discussion
  21. What a day/game that was. I vividly recall a bellend supporter screaming at coyne all game how he’d never score against Celtic. He got shut up when coyne scored and then coyne proceeded to score nearly every time he played celtic. Great striker. Three most memorable games semi final replay v celtic (1) dortmund away (2) rangers at ibrox midweek when we won 2-1, Dougies winner (3)
  22. A few more cup ties that spring to mind are Cowdenbeath away (when it felt like the entire town turned up at the game), scudding Dumbarton 4 - 0 when we were in the First Division and they were in the SPL and the John McKeever game against Dundee Utd in the first leg of the League Cup (when Utd robbed us in the return leg).
  23. I thought Polworth was binned and at Dunfermline now? Or was that just a loan deal? Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  24. Last week
  25. Tommy coyne I seem to recall scoring the winner to put Celtic out the cup at fir park ross McCormick inspired performance at Tynecastle in cup shortly after Phil’s passing . Two good cup memories from yesteryear
  26. The Pat Nevin goal against Hearts was one that sticks in the mind also, what also sticks in my mind more was the original game that was abandoned Found the footage on youtube uploaded by a Hearts fan, I remember it being horrid conditions that day, I fast forwarded it to the half time part and the conditions look shocking Interesting that Pat Nevin himself claims he played in worse with us winning 1-0 at the time , Billy Davies looks like he is going to explode and even remember this being featured on BBC breakfast news the next morning with John Boyle annoyed Anyway we won the rearranged game 2-1 which was an 8 game unbeaten run before christmas
  27. Monumental turnover of players is part of the modern game for teams at our level, is there really any player from last year you would be sorry to see go. I'm all for bringing in our own youngsters, and Maguire and Cornelius will hopefully benefit from last year but its a hard task bringing through youngsters when we can't even hold onto some of our youngest talent. I think there needs to be more protection to clubs bringing through players
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