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  2. I still haven't quite worked out Hibs since Ross took over. In our last game we passed them off the park for large spells, but we lacked any quality or cutting edge in the final third and they took advantage. In other games they've cuffed Aberdeen, lost to Livi and Ross County and struggled to get past Accies in midweek. I thought they dominated for large spells in their cup tie against Utd, but still only managed a draw. If we are a bit sharper in the box than we were at Easter Road last time out, it should be enough to get 3 points here.
  3. How much worth is a Polworth worth if a Polworth's worth has worth?
  4. Hibs appear to have recovered a bit of form going forward but they still look susceptible at the back. Could be a high scoring game. 0-0 then!
  5. Yesterday
  6. He only splits opinion in so far as I have seen a few negative comments about Polworth in here. And in a way that suggests he is a weak link. Me I think he has been a fantastic signing and if he could only have an end product in terms of goals he would be even better. His passing is as good as I have seen at Fir Park but his finishing is awful. I think back to that miss in Dingwall - I would have scored that. I just read an article about Brian Graham transfer to Thistle from Ross County. It states he turned down offers from Killie, St Johnstone and Motherwell ! He was such a nuisance for us I could believe it. But seems a little strange all the same.
  7. I personally think Turnbull will replace Polworth in the side but let’s face it if he comes back has a good couple months again then he’s off so good to have Polworth there, and another playmaker type to change the game off the bench.
  8. I don't agree Polworth splits opinion. He's fantastic on the ball most of the time. Has a great delivery. His stats speak volumes. Do I think he's a shitebag at times? Defo, do I think he could put in more defensive work? Also yes! Doesn't change that he is a great player for us.
  9. sbcmfc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    If we couldn’t afford him in the summer, we definitely can’t afford him now.
  10. Shankland is the stuff of fantasies, I doubt we will sign anyone else. Who knows though.
  11. Felt good the other week when we done it. I could handle that again.
  12. That’s why he’s so good, like all top players he makes space for himself and never gets flustered.
  13. Actually I think that’s where Turnbull stands out. He very rarely gets caught on the ball and always seems to have plenty of time and space. Donnelly and Polworth tend to get caught on the ball, more so the later it gets in the game. Edit: having said that Polworth is quite clever at cutting across players catching him up from behind and “making” them pull him down. Donnelly just uses brute force to win it back.
  14. Do we really need a goalie? Nobody will get the ball off Turnbull/Polworth anyway.
  15. It’s a great problem to have, no weak link in midfield and difficult to drop anyone.
  16. Potentially, but we would score 3 goals a game!
  17. Play the better player. If Turnbull is back on last season's form that's him.
  18. The thing is, an interesting way would be to introduce Turnbull from the bench for his first 3 or 4 available games. Start with Polworth, swap for Turnbull after 60 mins
  19. I dont agree, we'd be overrun with Donnelly / Polworth / Turnbull as a 3
  20. Hate to say it but Campbell out and Turnbull in would see us with the midfield to end all midfields.
  21. This was the best three points of the season so far and pivotal in establishing a psychology in the team that we can win tough, tough fixtures, play different styles of football to get results and even do so despite significant challenges from absent players, injuries, trash talk and rumours that seem to have beset us. And I believe Robinson when he says there is more and better to come. This result is the ideal platform for our push for a European place and a cup run. It instils belief and gives us the psychological edge over our nearest rivals. A brilliant, brilliant win. Well done to manager, staff and players.
  22. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Devine to QotS for the rest of the season, hes highly thought of, so this will be some good experience. I'd expect a few more to go out this month. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2020/01/23/david-devine-loaned-to-queen-of-the-south/
  23. fizoxy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Unless long is going to be out for 3+ weeks, I don’t see us signing anyone. He was very complimentary of McIver and Ilic, who would be like new players if they start to perform, Manzinga has been fit enough to be on the bench lately, and Ndjoli just came in. Robbo even mentioned Sloth starting to come into the reckoning, and with that and the possibility of Dunne and Turnbull returning, we’re going to be good for numbers. it was also encouraging to hear him talk about not blocking the pathway for our young players. Another loan would do just that, and loans are all that are out there right now.
  24. How many times have we heard that... Robbo can’t help himself. Suspect we got Ndjoli on a lot less wage contribution than we did for Cole so very surprised we’ve got nothing left. Extremely likely to finish in top 4 and a good cup run, sometimes you’ve got to gamble.
  25. He seemed quite clear in the interview after the game last night, no money left to bring anybody else in, he also said he did not want to hamper the development of our younger players, so I think we are done for this window.
  26. 3-5-2 lets us play wingers (or 3-4-1-2 if you like). Gallagher, Hartley/Mugabi, Dunne as back 3. But as I said earlier, I'd be surprised (but happy) if we ever end up being able to get 90mins out of them at the same time. Gillespie Gallagher Hartley Dunne Polworth Campbell Donnelly Hylton Turnbull Long Scott Would be a bit harsh on Carroll right enough, and Grimshaw.
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