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  2. i thought we were outstanding on Sunday. Not just the early blitz, but we totally dominated the midfield and our defence were super comfortable under pressure. If every game was like that I'd be a happy man! Just the shot in the arm we need in time for the game in Tel Aviv.
  3. If a magic genie offered us 1.5mish now or £500k in compo at the end of the year, I would choose the latter. It's tough watching the likes of Scott and Cadden move on, it's brutal seeing Turnbull grinning at us all in a Celtic shirt, but I'll genuinely be gutted when the wee man goes. Would love to keep him for just one more season, especially seeing as we are surely financially secure for years to come.
  4. Aside from all the positive footballing aspects, I thought our away strip looked great. Be happy to see us play in that a bunch of times.
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  6. Or Shaka? His knickers have been wringing for a couple of weeks as well.....
  7. Yes, Israel but not Hapeol Be'er Sheva's regular stadium which is undergoing works. Somewhere north of Tel Aviv I think I read.
  8. In the wake of a 3 nil win at Pittodrie, that’s the best you can do? Mind you didn’t think you’d be commenting at all ....talking of that has steelheid been on?
  9. Has it been confirmed where we will play on Thursday given Israel's lockdown? I had seen talk of Cyprus mentioned but haven't seen anything set in stone?
  10. Get him on a four year deal, make it worth his while to sign it, force the predators to buy it out.
  11. So thats three trout and a Mullet then.
  12. Campbell is a 2m plus player. I think he will have the same career as James MacArthur and will be playing in the Premiership in England in a couple of years.
  13. I’ve always been of the opinion we won’t be relegated under Robinson, he always has a way of turning things around.
  14. Was fly fishing for for trout. Got three and the back of the guy's head I was sharing the boat with.
  15. Have we ever had a manager you liked?
  16. We must be due decent compensation for campbell? 500k minimum? No idea how this stuff is worked out, perhaps someone can enlighten me, but based on hastie/ erwin fees and the fact campbell has played more games, domestically and internationally. Factor in a couple league positions and a cup run he is absolutely worth holding out for the right price. So IMO we shouldnt be accepting anything less than 1.5-2M plus add ons for campbell. His influence on the team is absolutely worth that to us right now. Made up transfer scenarios aside, I cannot speak highly enough of this boy. His application and attitude is second to none and could have a very good career ahead of him.
  17. We as a club are in a very difficult position regarding Campbell. He can sign a precontract shortly which will only entitle us to training compensation , so there’s no hope in hell we are getting £1.5M in this transfer window. Also if by some miracle we manage to get him to extend his contract there we are giving up our safety net of training compensation and gambling on a future and more substantial transfer fee
  18. The problem is that if we value Campbell at say £1.5million, how much would his replacement cost? Our business model is well known, we aren't going to start splurging cash on new signings. I agree that quality over quantity should be the deciding factor here but can't see anyone being signed from out with the usual places.
  19. 3 wins in 8 days Yodo, good times eh
  20. They are selling the big boy at the back.
  21. Actual goal with the right foot, offside goal with the left... even more pleasing
  22. Is that a confession from you ,but it's true
  23. Lets be honest Aberdeen are not buying Alan Campbell. The Q is will anyone else ? He is getting plaudits from all corners and we all know how pivotal he is to our team. He just seems not to be the player that gets due recognition. Maybe if he was Australian and / or dyed his hair blonde...... He is in his last year unless he chooses to extend so his worth is probably less than we would like. I think he would be worth between Scott and Turnbull in a perfect world. Which means it would take £1.5m + for the club to be tempted. But I am sure most bids would be less than that. You wonder what the impact of him moving on would be to the team. We certainly would need a capable replacement and I expect the fans would hope for more than a player not getting game time for anyone below us in the ranking or a non league player who is a risk. Exactly 2 weeks until the transfer window closes. Will we see a bid and more importantly will we see a bid that we cannot turn down.
  24. Well I didn't see that coming! It was impressive for a number of reasons. Scoreline - obviously. Performance. Focus. Concentration. Being clinical; and so on. I can't imagine that after 120 minutes and penalties on Thursday night and a journey home (albeit short) and then presumably what would have been a Saturday journey north there wasn't a huge amount of time on the training ground to tackle what was an awful second forty-five minutes on Thursday. But yesterday, when we had the lead was almost a mirror image. Aberdeen barely got a sniff and it was a professional a shutting down of an opposition as you could probably hope to see. How good was it to see us actually start the second half on the front. When they had made wholesale changes looking for a spark, it was us who had the ball in their half and they were defending corners. They didn't get a chance to build up the same momentum that Coleraine did on Thursday. I had my fears about three away games inside a week followed up with a visit from one of the Old Firm and it may yet be that we run of out steam come Sunday but there are times when the confidence is up, which it will be with the four wins in five, that it is no bad thing that the games come thick and fast. This kind of feels like that at the moment. Great to see us capitalise on the opportunities that came our way, to re-affirm what we are capable of when everyone is on it and quite pleasant to be able to look down the table at a few teams for the first time in a couple of weeks.
  25. Are you sure? They’ve come to an agreement to defer Johnny Hayes wages for a year as they can’t afford them and they made a deal to sign McCrorie on a season long loan before becoming permanent as they can’t afford to sign him now.
  26. At least he isn't a complete fucking wanker Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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