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    finance @ mfcdsa.com without the spaces
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    Turnbull called up to the u20s. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2018/11/05/david-turnbull-gets-scotland-recognition/
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    Totally kills the atmosphere stone dead as well tbh. Regardless of numbers we should be housing them in the lower section of the south stand. I get there may be financial reasons but having a huge away stand sitting there doing nothing is pretty mad. It also looks bogging on the tele.
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    Get Turnbull on new deal asap!!
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    Bigirimana is a tricky one. If you say he's fine against the weaker teams, how do you explain his performance against Rangers? Is he actually better against the better teams who are less concerned with pressing us and play their own game more? Tied in with this is any discussion of a new contract for McHugh. He gets a lot of criticism but the number of headers he wins in midfield is important. Our defenders themselves have mentioned the protection they feel he offers. Does he track runners, something that Bigirimana has been seen as neglecting this season? Centre midfield is an area where, if you're looking to trim the budget, there are a lot of bodies so in theory we could make savings. At the minute, I'd be looking at McHugh, Campbell, Bigirimana and Turnbull as the midfielders that I'd definitely be looking to keep. Harsh on Grimshaw who when he gets a run of games can make a contribution and Rose who is a steady player who rarely has a poor game? Possibly. And could McHugh be replaced by Maguire if the management see him as a defensive midfielder long term? Or Donnelly who plays there for Northern Ireland U21s? Gorrin? Where he fits in, who knows? Having seen him a couple of times, he looks decent but do we need him? We need to look at a squad where we have so many centre midfielders and only one winger and strikers that don't seem good enough. Problem is pretty much every player we have has either been signed by Robinson or has had their contract extended by him. Will he be ruthless enough to get rid of 'his' players? After all, they're a super bunch of boys...
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    Just to let everyone know that the collection raised over £1200 which will go a long way to pay for the upgrades needed to the disabled facilities
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    Grimshaw has been excellent on both matches this week. Was my MOTM on Wednesday and same again yesterday. The goal from Turnbull was superb and I like the lad, but I’m not getting too carried away.
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    Grimshaw has impressed over the past two games so gave it to him today
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    Shite analogy. Shouldn’t be out the team, gave the team energy & contender for Wednesday’s man of the match. Is it any wonder Cadden gave a performance?
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    This malarky with the US putting their clocks back the week after the UK means I have to wait an extra hour for kick off. It's murder.
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