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    On a semi-related note, I hope Dundee don't get relegated. Those 9-12 points (depending on respective post-split positions) are even more nailed on for us next season if Tanner's back.
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    You can see the cuffs better in the other photo of the back of the shirt. Same pattern as the collar. I'll try and get a better picture. Edit just realised the other picture has disappeared. The skelly logo is black on this shirt.
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    Accies( H) then Hibs (A) then St Johnstone (H).......It's in our hands.
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    Hopefully we will see a bit more from Hastie and Ariyibi against Accies at Fir Park next week. I'm sure it will be a tough game but I'd love to hammer them and improve our goal difference a bit.
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    They should make anyone who says "no problem with plastic pitches" watch games like this on an endless loop.
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    I've had that happen a few times. A hard refresh (Ctrl-F5 if you are on a PC) usually fixes it
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    For anyone struggling https://www.vipbox.live/kilmarnock-vs-motherwell-1-live
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    East Ayrshire Trading Standards have appointed an officer to look into this as a breach of terms and conditions - anyone who feels they have been cheated, should email them direct , to add names to list of complainants - [email protected] or go to facebook and message them: http://www.facebook.com/eactradingstandards perhaps Society could represent a group complaint - requesting acknowledgement of rights and if appropriate any settlement to charity
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    It's the principle more than anything and a great gesture from our club to reimburse. However, Im hoping most folk don't go and claim that fiver back from Motherwell to be honest. As for the game, expecting the same starting 11. Be a great one to win. Interesting few games coming up for a few reasons including seeing how Hastie and Bolt deal with being doubled up on - not so much a surprise factor anymore.
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    That's what you found interesting in that picture? Shirt geek!
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