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    We should be fully supporting anything the club can do to eliminate the weirdos that are grown adults wearing football tops at any time other than playing 5's or going to a game. Not allowing these people to buy one before their holiday has clearly been decided at board level, and should be applauded.
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    Getting back to the original point about sending him out for 6 months, I don't think we are there yet, he's already made a mark and can't recall anyone talking about sending Turnbull to the lower leagues in mid November, or how fortunate he was to have some veteran holding his hand. There's enough of our youth academy graduates who have been slowly introduced in the right way. Lack of composure on a few occasions aside, he still bagged a brace (albeit against woeful opposition) and will be looking to stake a place ahead of a loanee and a guy on a one year deal and a guy who Robinson doesn't fancy as a sole striker. Based on all of that, I think it is madness to send him to the Championship and for him to see merit in it. When Turnbull turned down Norwich many of us argued, well go down there and show they what you can do, have courage and confidence in your ability. I think the same should be the case now for Scott in the current Motherwell team.
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    There has been a lot of damage done to civil liberites over the years with the "won't anyone think of the children" I'm all for informed discussion and debate, and have no problem if the club decides they don't want to accept sponsorship from a particular type of product - but let's steer clear of banning things and treat each opportunity on a case by case basis or we'll end up banning breakfast rolls at the Business Breakfasts because they aren't healthy.
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    When are they on sale? Definitely gonna get one this year. Purely for 5s and attending Motherwell matches obviously.
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    I preferred when we were sponsored by gambling giants Jaxx. Essentially a wee German guy laying bets in his bedroom. Still opened an account like.
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    I can't help but think our social media output has helped us land this deal with Paddy Power seeing it as being a bit unorthodox and tying in nicely with their brand. Hopefully it's a lucrative deal for us as linking up with a bookies won't sit well with some.
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    Sampdoria style but green instead of blue.
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    Who's the Nostradamus/Warren Buffet and who's the Michael Fish/Alan Hansen "you'll never win anything with kids" c.1995 of this forum. I'll start the ball rolling: What we've seen so far suggests there's been a good foundation made and players will only gel as time goes on. I think we'll replace Killie in the top half of the table even with their plastic pitch giving them 10-14 points a season. Hibs may falter too however have the war chest to go out at the 11th hour and buy class. Maybe St. Johnstone will be in the mix too if they get Stevie May and he rekindles his old form in blue League position 4th, however may hinge on what sort of business Hearts and Aberdeen do. We'll get Europa league on last weekend Scott to start all games till Parkhead Ilic to slowly move as the season progresses from the wing to take on the Turnbull role Huyton to be used deeper to allow Seedorf to continue as an out and out winger Campbell solid as always and chips in with 4 goals Gallagher to win player of the season One of our strikers will get 18 minimum We'll score first more and not chase games as much. Robinson will have a plan B, C and D this season and will also mix it up come October and the end of the first round of matches Grimmy will run 70 yards, skip 3 tackles and bury it. Yellow card for jumping into the Bois section Happy to be proved wrong about: Turnbull to return early, seems like he's never been away but slight lack of focus due to all the press and social media b/s Celtic will sniff in January as expected, hoping his form till then secures more English interest
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    Saw he was one of the players who attended the Community Trust kids coaching towards the back end of last week. Sure Graeme McGarry had a bit in the Evening Times saying he’d miss the Morton game after being offered compassionate leave, assumed he just wasn’t ready for game time. Not sure it really needs to be speculated on.
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    It’s a tricky one, on the one hand I’m ecstatic that the shirts are sponsor free, however, on the flip side I’ve known people who’s lives have been badly affected by gambling. Personally I would ban betting advertising on shirts, although at the moment football is a wash with online betting sponsors to the extent that the majority of teams will have at least one betting logo on their shirt. Suicide prevention and gambling aren’t great bedfellows but in the current climate betting companies are the ones with the money and we are sadly in no position to refuse their investment.
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    Got mine this morning and for the first time in my life had to go for large instead of medium. They seem to be on the small side
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    Unknown. He's back in Denmark dealing with a personal matter. So it might just be a few days, but without knowing what it is, it'll take as long as it takes, I guess.
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    I'm not a betting man myself but I can live with it. On the same tack, we sell alcohol in the stadium and I'm sure that there's a connection to addiction and suicides there too. Where do we draw the line?
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    Do we really need to change our kits every season ?????? the away kit seems to be very popular this year.........keep it for a couple of seasons ?????
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    Al B nods in quiet approval at this news.
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    I know taking cash from betting firms is generally frowned upon and sometimes for good reason but I dont think we can afford to be sniffy. This will undoubtedly be a good deal for the club with the benefit that we all get to buy 2 pretty cracking logo free kits! Also, lets give credit where its due. The Paddypower adds are generally pretty funny. I cant help feeling just a little bit proud at the fact we are doing something groundbreaking and just a little cool.
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    I'd love another stab at europe, although I admit it would take for a lot of things going our way !! I was at that awkward stage of still in school and not having a job when the decent european fixtures were around, Levante fell the day before my first ever pay cheque and the year after we got landed with Krasnodar in the arse end of Russia. It would be nice but i'm not counting on it.
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    I sincerely hope that he was shown the door. After the way he behaved following the death of Phil O’Donnell, the [email protected]*r should be banned from Fir Park.
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    Can UBH knock up a green 3rd kit to see how it comes out. In the dark green similar to a Fir tree. Some C&A flashing as well.
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    FOUR (4) killie players were involved in the last Scottish international game......... The Welsh part-timers set up a second qualifying round tie with Partizan Belgrade after a stunning 2-0 win at Rugby Park overturned a 2-1 deficit. Six of the Nomads team, who will get home at 05:00 BST, have work on Friday.
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    That Killie result has to be the worst ever for a Scottish team.
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    There was me thinking it was just Old Firm fans that had football shirts glued to them on their holidays. The club is doing you all a favour!
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    He returned late last week. That good enough for you?
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