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    This was the best three points of the season so far and pivotal in establishing a psychology in the team that we can win tough, tough fixtures, play different styles of football to get results and even do so despite significant challenges from absent players, injuries, trash talk and rumours that seem to have beset us. And I believe Robinson when he says there is more and better to come. This result is the ideal platform for our push for a European place and a cup run. It instils belief and gives us the psychological edge over our nearest rivals. A brilliant, brilliant win. Well done to manager, staff and players.
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    I dont see how Polworth can split opinion he has been outstanding.He is a poor mans kevin de bruyne and I mean that as a huge compliment too him. Its some typical scottish football fans that think he cant tackle and gets pushed around easily but not only is his passing excellent his work rate is too. My player of the year so far ahead of even gallagher as if he wasnt there id worry about us getting many chances a game to score.
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    I'm surprised as they have a stand named after him at Pittodrie.
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    That’s why he’s so good, like all top players he makes space for himself and never gets flustered.
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    Do we really need a goalie? Nobody will get the ball off Turnbull/Polworth anyway.
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    Play the better player. If Turnbull is back on last season's form that's him.
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    I think some people confuse tackling with work ethic. Most new players take a little while to adapt to our high press tactics, but Polworth adapted pretty quickly. Like Billy Dodds said on Saturday - the tactics we use are about compressing the space available to the opposition and restricting their options on the ball; it's not just about tackling. (And even if he didn't do any of that, I'd still have him in the team just for his ability to see a pass or hit a dead ball.)
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    I thought when we signed polworth he would be a decent squad player but he's turned out to be a great bit of business for us,he's been outstanding.I know earlier in the season his work ethic was being criticised but there's no doubt he has worked on that side of his game,take last night for example,he put in a great shift when we didn't have the ball.one of the reasons were having the season that we are,is down to the number of assists he has,he's gone to have a crazy amount come the end of the season,his set pieces and weight of pass are a joy at times and long may it continue,hopefully there's already thoughts about offering him a new contract.
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    Thanks! That was a good read. Not sure how far back you went but my favorite was one guy saying “ Long could cause our defense problems” to which another sheep replied “long john silver could cause our defense problems”
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    I reckon United won't actually make much money off of Shankland. Given he more or less had them over a barrel in those negotiations I'd be surprised if he didn't have a relatively inexpensive release clause. Just a hunch.

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