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    A very good result and we progress to the next round as a seeded team so thats the important thing. The game itself was a mixture of positives and negatives though. I didn't think the line up and formation was right and the two wing backs looked uncomfortable especially Grimshaw. A good decision to hook him. We looked vulnerable down the wings and the midfield struggled at times to compete with a competitive Glentoran engine room. They also looked good in in the air in both boxes and caused us some trouble there. We did however look better up front with 2 strikers. Good to see Long get on the scoresheet and look sprightly. It should boost the strikers' confidence. Until Glentoran had a man red carded it was very close and they could have scored a couple of goals and a further couple just after they went down to 10 men. After that they tired and wilted and we moved up a couple of gears. Something still not right about the team though and the scoreline shouldn't mask our weaknesses.
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    Dont think we should get too carried away with the result. It was a decent performance, but until they had the man sent off it was still touch and go and we were only one defensive lapse away from a defeat. Credit where it is due though, we totally took advantage of the situation and the manager made a positive substitution that allowed us to press home our advantage. Still a little disturbed at him putting SOD at LB to start with. We need to stop this square pegs in round holes nonsense. The boy is a quality RB just play him (and everyone else) in their natural positions so that that they can flourish and produce their best football. The 2 up top was the right call, but Hastie, Hylton, Land or Seedorf could have played on the left without upsetting the balance. Personally I would have played Hastie as he is probably best of the bunch at tracking back in that formation. Great strike by SOD for his first goal btw!
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    I too picked up on rusty / tardy stanchions and struts and thought that they’d seen better days. Whilst the piecemeal appearance of the 4 stands looks odd to say the least it’s the poor facilities in the 2 oldest stands that get to me. In short there’s no feasible solution to upgrading the POD and John Hunter stands. It rankles with me that a significant proportion of our future budgets will go to maintaining, not improving, these out of date structures.
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    I fully appreciate not everyone will feel the same, but the place just had a very gloomy, depressed feel about it. Not sure what was going on with the floodlights but at one point you could see a marked difference between the lighting level of the Main Stand and East Stand side floodlights which made the place look even worse than it does normally. It all just looked a bit tired and well, amateurish TBH. I'll openly admit to being a bit of a fussy bugger, for example the rust covering every metal surface in the ground drives me nuts, and I've never been a fan of the haphazard layout of the stands, but that's just me.
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    I'm not sure fielding a player you just employed is lacking integrity.
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    Some have been drawing parallels with our 2014/15 season. We managed to get a 1-1 at Parkhead around the same stage.
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    The all seated Fir Park can look ugly. You notice that even more if you view it from the Phil O'Donnell Stand. It doesn't look as bad from the other side looking into the O'Donnell. While it was by no means pristine when it had terracing, its open air nature did make it look better when it was empty. Or maybe that's just the nostalgia talking.
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    As pleased as I was with 2 up top, I'm expecting to revert to the usual 4-3-3 against Celtic. Glentoran were certainly competitive and gave us a few frights, but we had the better players which is why we got away with having the full backs out of position. Would love to see us stick with that formation once Donnelly, McGinley and Carroll are fit but think we'll go with a flat back 4 at the weekend. I believe that either Carroll or McGinley were due back after the international break, with the other due back a few weeks later? Hopefully that is still the case. Despite all goals being scored against 10 absolutely gubbed NI league players, you could definitely see a bit of added zip in the passes and movement with each goal we scored. It's just a shame that we're away to Celtic next and then the international break is here, as we could do with building a bit of momentum to add that urgency to some of our possession play.
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    Fir Park looked really tired last night, the old girl is really showing her age, The sooner we can move the better IMO.
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    A few people had good second halfs. I felt one player had a solid 90 minutes so I gave it to Mugabi. Thought Gallagher was very poor in comparison..
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    I actually really struggle to listen to them, feel like they try to put a pro-Motherwell slant on everything but in a really annoying way.
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