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    When Polworth holds his hand up before taking a setplay is it an apology before he takes it?
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    Polworth's set pieces are fucking infuriating.
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    Any game we do not lose is a good result for me, guess I'm just a happy clapping, glass half full type, life's too short to be negative all the time
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    Another point further away from the Midden County and Accies plus not conceding a stupid goal. Considering the past few weeks I’ll take that all day long.
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    Honesty don't think that was as bad as some are suggesting. Aberdeen had more of the ball but other than in the first ten minutes I don't recall being under any real pressure. Archer made a good save from johnny hayes free kick but I can't remember another save of note. We also had probably the best chance of the game with polworth. Defensive looked fairly comfortable, we prevented Ferguson and Mccrorie dominating the game. Not a bad point.
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    Having skipped the last two games, I quite enjoyed that tonight and happy to take a point against a decent Aberdeen side. Pleasing to see us look switched on defensively for a change.
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    A step forward. A modest step forward granted, but a step forward nonetheless. It felt like a back to basics type set up. Maybe not as open and attack minded as we would want but we setup but solid and generally well organised. They had the Main chance and a half chance from the same early on but nothing massively troublesome from them thereafter. Blanking the team in third isn't the worst and something to build on. Shame about the Polworth chance but a win would have been pushing it a little. I would imagine we'll set up much the same on Saturday and I won't be overly upset if we secure a point in a similar fashion.
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    Did not get to see it but happy with a point against a top 3 side.
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    For me the defending is far too late in the opposition build up. Too much of the pitch is surrendered and there is no pressure on the ball preventing crosses or some quick passing around the edge of our box. Almost inevitably this leads to having to make last ditch blocks or tackles. I'd much rather defend from the front.
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    I'll take that on the basis of recent results. Surely can't change the back 3 at the weekend now which is a plus.
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    Man of the match Polworth, explains pie sports as he has been mince!! Ba boom
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    If he is the best that we have at Fir Park then we don't have a football team.
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    No pressure on the ball in our third. Inviting Aberdeen to put useful balls into the box.
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    We definitely need the first goal here,this has the feel of a game the longer it goes we will lose 1-0 late on.
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    Crawford's performance is making my eyes bleed. Maguire or Cornelius should be in ahead of him...
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    Lets try something radical. Stop letting the opposition cross the ball into our box unchallenged.
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    Can someone please get Grimshaw just to stand out the way abd let someone else pick up main. That’s twice he’s lost him
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    Could be 352, could be 442 with a diamond midfield. Either way, and I like Robinson a lot, that lineup is a sacking offence...
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    The MLS season is over, maybe we can get Cadden on loan from Columbus and sell him to Oxford.
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    Robinson better get his Joe Lewis voodoo doll out again. Joe has probably been Robinson's most important player while Motherwell manager.
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    As I posted elsewhere, in games we've actually played we're averaging about 0.92 points a game in 2020 and it's roughly the same for season 2020/21. If we keep up that trend we'll finish on 36-40 (ish) points, depending on how Kilmarnock and St Mirren's appeal goes. That involves slipping down the league to what is usually a bottom 3 position with the possibility of relegation play-offs. That there is the 2020 form under Robinson. The only reason we care about form is to crudely predict what is likely to happen next. Those additional 6 points completely skew the trend and you would be mad to think they are somehow relevant to our actual on-field performances. We are absolutely in relegation form regardless of whether those points are there are not.
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