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    The players salaries are confidential and the only people who know the exact figure are the players and the club CEO, so can we stop all this "I know for a fact" or " I have it on good authority " pish about how much they earn, its all made up BS.
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    I listened to the podcast and I found it hard to disagree with any points or comments he made. In general he talks up the club and the support he was given whilst Manager. On the subject of bringing a young lad on at Dundee United. I tend to agree with you on that one. I am quite sure there were other more experienced options. If it was a mistake then that was on Robbo. As he mentions nearly 7 years at Motherwell and 4 as Manager. A break was required for him and more so for the club and players. Not forgetting some vocal fans on this site... In my opinion he did a good job and wish him well wherever he goes as long as it is not to one of our rivals.
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    But it is.... In all seriousness I agree. Most of us can tell from previous posts who tends to be more reliable when it comes to the accuracy of club news. Then you have a handful of others that may have an in but certainly some try far too hard (get the pun).
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    Gloriously repeated in 2005.
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    Yip. So finally its confirmed we get fuck all! Cause Cadden aint ever moving for a transfer fee again, 20% of nothing is nothing! Doesnt matter how fancy the club try to spin it, weve been utterly shafted by Cadden and his agent!
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    The report on that shameful game which sticks in my mind was Ian Archer's in The Herald where he just stopped short of accusing the ref, JRP Aerosol of Gordon on Tay of blatant cheating. His report began with the poetic reference (well, it was The Herald, when it was a newspaper) "April is the cruellest month", for all you lovers of T.S. Eliot's poetry out there . That match, and the 3-5 game at FP after The Hens rioted when we were 2-0 up, merely confirmed to me what a dreadful institution that club is. I remember Andy Lynch's goals because that was one of the few occasions I stood in the enclosure ablaw the main stand. Laughed my weee C&A socks off that night.
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    I feel Robbo is a bit full of himself, yes brought us highs and one of his best signings who was Aldred. However some of his comments riled me, the he couldn't handle another transfer window, basically cos he made an arse of the last one, the Mcginley has great attributes eh? And the Cornelius comment which was ridiculous. Robbo started games with guys that should be nowhere near first team. Anyway he isnt manager now and we all get behind GA who I think will be a great appointment
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    Is she?! You not heard her murdering Flower Of Scotland?!
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    you're avatar pic says it all (even if it's a different film)
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    Better than that daft trumpet tune they play just now
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    Should have the 'Axel F' tune lined up for if / when he scores. Probably loses something in an empty stadium mind you.
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    Foley signs.....'get the f**k outta here!!, one for the 80's movie buffs
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    "....we end up losing a goal in the last minute after bringing a young player on" If you were Dean Cornelius, how would you feel about that statement? Robinson's made plenty comments about more senior guys not wanting to be at Fir Park, but he never names them. 'Throwing them under the bus' was his own description of publicly criticising players.
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    Exactly - some of these "my cock's bigger than yours" type posts on here are embarrassing.
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    Haven’t heard the interview....... but in the relation to what bb has said above, at the time I thought it was a bizarre decision to bring on the young Dean at the time , when you take into consideration the terrible run we were on and bring on a player who had not kicked a ball all season , not as if there wasn’t another midfielder on the bench, ie McGuire who he had brought on the previous game against the sheep late in the game.....or his wonderful McGinley..........extremely poor pointing the finger at somebody else......it was his decision
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    Just imagine for a second though, if that area round the station was anyone's first impression of Motherwell. Even if they are coming from Middlesbrough.
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    Dundee sign Jason Cummings, not sure where are they getting the money for his deal? I know a lot of our supporters wouldn’t be happy but I think he would have been a good signing for us and only 25 years old and does score goals.
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    Mummy Polworth is pretty angry with us all right now
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    It's bad enough bickering with other fans on a forum, but to actually argue with players and their families on twitter is peak weirdo.
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    Twice in the case of Chris Long.
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    Could the usual suspects please lay off Sam Foley until we have seen him play? A major gripe by many on here is that we are a young inexperienced side who dont know how to manage and see out games properly. We are badly in need of some experienced pro's to help us out of this relegation dogfight. Ive no idea if Sam Foley is that guy, I cant say as Ive payed him much attention any time we played St Mirren, however, given that its a short term deal and our options are limited, I dont see what the risk is and will judge him on his performances for us.
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    I would absolutely love it if Aberdeen sacked McInness and hired Robinson. Quickly realizing they were stuck with his shite instead of the greatest coach in football (in his mind) would be delightful. Seeing the sheep beilin while he goes thro the repertoire, "I take full responsibility, but........" , "Im not going to make excuses, but........." , " I cant fault the players, but......" , "Were a Young squad (with an ave age of 27!)" , "We go again"
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