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    Motherwell v Airdrie was the real Lanarkshire Derby
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    That was the best time ever. Guys mostly playing for the love of the game and no fancy 4 3 1 2 or 3 5 2 just go out and play.
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    Yes I agree with that, but that’s really my point on him moving on from us for the sake of his career and development now. If he seriously wants to challenge and improve himself further then I think it’s now time for him to test himself at a higher level.
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    Not think there's an element of it you put him in a squad of higher quality players he will flourish in the same way Andy Robertson does in Red but not in Dark Blue? Bit sad to see some writing him off after being one of our stand out performers over the past 3 seasons. Granted few have covered themselves in glory this season but the only one's on that list are probably only Kelly, Watt, Roberts and at times Cole (2 of which are on loan and one who's contract ends). He's got dedication, drive and a work ethic that if a few others in the team had we'd no be in the mire we've been in this year. He does the unglamorous job in the middle, often not given credit when he's there but massively missed when he's not.
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    I’d be surprised if he plays any higher than that level in all honesty.
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    What great scenes from 1952 ask yer grandpa or grandma
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    The only way Allan Campbell, or anyone else, will really know how far he can go, is by moving onwards and upwards now. He's nothing more to prove here and since you can hardly get a fag paper between most of the SPL, it should be England. Decent Championship side would be a great start, there's no way he's Premiership standard yet. I'd love to see him make it in time. Whatever his true level turns out to be, managers will always love his attitude, so he should hopefully have a good career in front of him.
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    As with others I have nothing other than full respect for Campbell. And yes, with better players around him he will get even better. Sadly however his major weakness holding him back from going higher in the game is something he can do little about------ lack of pace. Unless you are a player with outstanding skills in other aspects of the game such as Faddy, Gary Mc Allister, Tommy Coyne ( neither of whom were Usan Bolt) lack of pace is a real hinderence. Wish Allan all the best regardless.
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    Whilst thats true, its also true that he'll be up against a far higher calibre of opponent too. A Championship club will also have far higher standards off the field than he's used to here.
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    I’d rather have a fully fit Roberts for the cup game
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    Just watch it on hesgoal, it'll be available come kick off time.
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    I think we all acknowledge that this current squad have some issues in terms of attitude and desire. Alexander mentioning that when he came in that half the squad wanted away really beggars the Q what has gone on. Clearly we hope in time that those players get their wish and get tae France. My point in all of this is - if whichever team play on Wed do not give their all to try and get a modicum of revenge for 3 defeats to our local rivals then it only goes to show that there really is a issue within the club. Were that me I would be busting a gut to get a result any result. These next two games could really go a long way to rescue an abysmal season. Not sure this team (bar a few) have it in them. I hope they prove me wrong !
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