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    Just a quick reminder that AndyP will be passing Fir Park at 11am tomorrow and it would be great for the family to see a few people there giving him a wee send-off.
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    Although given the breaking KVV news, I doubt anyone much cares, one way or the other.
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    No need to use your position to be sanctimonious. The poster answered his own question so thought it wasn’t worthy of reply - simply put, others on here have remarked who offers the energy that I (and I don’t doubt they’ll be others) dispute. You’ve levelled at me I have a weird, creepy fascination - churlish to say the least. Your closing gambit only serves to ingratiate you with the forum sycophants the rest of us see as bullied at school wankers.
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    renewed my season ticket on the back of that signing. Excellent stuff. Can't wait for the new season now
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    Van Veen signing has over shadowed the picture of Donnelly training again. Hopefully he can pick up where he left off as there's a player there. Another signing to be announced soon according to Flow I'm taking that to mean tomorrow. See what comes of it.
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    Pay what it takes to get Kelly back here. We will get a good return on our Money.
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    Are you surprised? I'm more shocked when we see a post of his that doesn't mention O'Hara. He has a weird, creepy fascination with the guy. Maybe it's his hair. Or his winning smile that he loves? Who knows.
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    Kelly won't have a say in it. Utd are still throwing money around I take it and will pay more of his wages. He'll be telt who's had bids accepted and who he could go on loan to.
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    I would love it to be kelly but one thing for sure we need to be bringing in a good goalkeeper whatever happens,we seen last season just what a difference having a good keeper can do,the difference between kelly and the likes of chapman and archer was night and day.
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    I would have known/seen him as my father helped run it. The glory days of supporting the Well with buses leaving villages and towns all over Lanarkshire.
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    what kind of a STICKER is he ?? we all have brain farts at spelling hahahah but just wait till the english teachers on here get you
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    Anyone miss the pre internet days when the first you heard of a signing was when they were in the paper with the scarf above their head? Might be noticing it more this year because a few of our signings have been trialists but very rarely do we get a surprise signing that's not been talked about for days or even weeks beforehand...
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    I m led to believe the transfer window never closes it only slams shut
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    Yes he did. We travelled on it fairly regularly

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