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    It would’ve been negligent not to apply given the favourable terms.
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    Who knows. It wouldn't be the first time that a player hasn't fitted in at a particular club. We need to look no further back than John Sutton, who just didn't perform at Tynecastle due to the way he was being played as a lone striker.
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    Jester shirt was fine. Shorts were the problem...
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    Ideal result for us. Chasing the ball for much of the game in that heat but still in the tie so will have at least one eye on next Thursday, which wouldn't have been the case had they been pumped 4-0...
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    They offered far more going forward away to a seeded team in Europe than I can remember us doing in at least a decade.
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    Great result for Saint's tonight, I wish we had that back 3, but hopefully knackered so great opportunity for us
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    A great result for St Johnstone tonight. It should help us as well as they will surely rest players ahead of the second leg after putting in a huge shift tonight in severe heat.
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    in terms of set up _______________________Kelly___________________ S'OD. OJala Lamie. Carrol | Donnnelly. Slattery Maguire | | Watt | | VanVeen. Woolery. | wing backs can move up and down the flanks to give protection/progress forward get crosses in Watt can link the forwards And we go on to pick up 3 deserved points
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    I don’t think O’Donnell has what it takes to play two positions at the same time tbh.
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    The game has changed though with centrehalves being on the ball a lot more and more building out the back and facing different defensive shapes and presses. I'm looking forward to us playing St Mirren so we can get the benefit of Dunne's inability to pass for a change. Going back a fair bit longer I remember the Dortmund match at Fir Park as a kid and it felt like Sammer and the Dortmund defence were cheating knocking the ball about on the halfway line. I had never seen that before.
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    ----------------------Kelly---------------- Mugabe Ojala Lambie SOD Donnelly Carroll Mcguire Slattery Watt Van Veen

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