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    Speak for yourself. I like seeing the national team doing well but I’m not a ‘Scotland supporter’ in the same way that I am a Motherwell supporter. Scotland winning does not bring me anywhere near the sense of joy that Motherwell winning does, likewise a Scotland defeat doesn’t annoy me anywhere near as much as a Motherwell defeat does. To suggest that anyone who doesn’t support Scotland or enjoy them winning makes them “sound like one of the religious bigots” is absolutely moronic patter.
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    I don’t really bother that much about international football, be that qualifiers, Euros or World Cup finals regardless of who’s in it. Obviously as a Scot if Scotland are involved then my interest increases to an extent but to nowhere near the same extent as when Motherwell are involved, in any competition. Each to their own, but I would consider Motherwell winning a League Cup group match against the likes of Annan or Stranraer as being better than Scotland winning any match in any competition.
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    Pretty much my view too. I used to attend Scotland games in my youth but lost interest many years ago as I saw how the system worked ie treatment of players like our own Joe Wark, and the actions of the SFA. I'm a Well fan end of. Comparison of Spiderpig and others like us to the religious bigots is out of order.
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    No explanation required, its Motherwell and club football only for me, never have followed Scotland even when we were regular qualifiers for tournaments with a decent team, and as i have said i think the current team is brutal, many others dont as is their choice so fair play to them.
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    So if you support Motherwell but don't follow the national team or particularly care if they win or lose your not interested in football, don't talk shite. Unless your French, Belgian, German,Spanish, English, Italian, Brazilian or any other top side, most international football is turgid shite and not worth watching which is exactly the category the Scotland game fell into on Wednesday. Club football is more exciting, and entertaining than the predictable dross served up every 2 years or so for Euro or World Cup qualifying. So if you want to wear your kilt, cat boots and a daft Tartan hat and follow Scotland and Motherwell then go for it but don't slag off or talk shite about those football fans who are not interested in all the Tartan Army stuff.
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    Nothing wrong with travelling abroad to follow your country for a piss-up. Let's be honest, we're never going to win anything at international level, so it's about the good memories with friends and family, enjoying yourself, and grabbing those rare wins that really matter when you can. Absolutely no issue with anyone who doesn't follow international football, and don't agree with the poster who drew comparisons with the Old Firm fans, but everyone has different reasons for following the football, be it club or country.
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    That’s pretty much my feelings too, I just can’t get on board with supporting Scotland. For starters the SFA are and always have been a shambling, incompetent ‘jobs for the boys’ network who are only interested in lining their own pockets. Then there is the Tartan Army. No disrespect to guys/girls who are genuine Scotland fans who faithfully follow them all over the world but to so many of them the football itself doesn’t seem to matter, it’s all about getting together for a big piss up. Take the Euros in the summer there. Scotland’s performance was dismal and I defy anyone to contradict that. Three games, two at home, only one goal scored and only one point. But hey who cares? It wis some laugh for the tartan army to get a weekend jolly down to London, get a good swally, run over by a motorbike and then fall into a fountain..whoop! whoop! Wha’s like us! And folk wonder why Scotland took over 20 years to reach a major tournament?
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    Neck wound in! Apologies I was wrong!
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    Fukn hell you sound like one of the religious bigots . If your a football fan and dont enjoy watching your country succeed and win then I'd suggest your not a football fan. Dont try and explain as it does not wash. Scotland doing well brings a sense of joy to all us motherwell football fans.
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    It's not an obsession, it's simply pointing out, using stats, that what many of us suspect is most likely true. They're given the benefit of the doubt by match officials more often than not when compared with the other clubs in the league. I find it baffling why anyone would look to try to explain it away and make it look as if our fans are mental and strange for even pointing it out
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    An attention to detail and whataboutery worthy of the follow follow and Kerrydale St conspiracy forums themselves, but not on here.

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