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    Former Motherwell captain, Declan Gallagher was recalled to the Aberdeen starting 11 and helped cement a continuation of their most consistent run of results in years.
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    Personal view is we struggle against most teams - including the lower division teams. The difference is the better teams have players who can and do hurt us - we allow teams too much space in our final 1/3 and lots of opportunities for them to score. Against the lesser teams we've been ruthless with the limited chances we've made.
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    No way will GA Drop o'Donnell , I would go 3 5 2, Mugabi, ojala and Lamie/sondre, SOD and Mcginley as wing backs, Donnelly behind slattery and Goss and KVV and Tony up front. Would drop woolery as still to be convinced about him....COYW
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    Cheers mate………excellent challenge……cleanly wins the ball……they are that used to getting decisions when 50000 scream…….embarrassed to say the “commentator” was in our cup winning team……absolute fanny!!!
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    Agree. I thought his inclusion would be more gradual. Found it surprising that the manager kind of threw him in at the deep end.
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    That's an unfair game to judge him on though. He's looked decent in the flashes I've seen of him previous to the weekends game. He deserves a chance against a side that isn't Celtic or Rangers.
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    Can't agree about Goss in midfield. He produced absolutely nothing against Celtic.
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    You must have some of the posters on here blocked.
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    I dont remember SOD being as good as average any time I have seen him.
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    No I’ve not and to be honest I don’t view us in Europe as anything more than playing a few glorified friendlies and the opportunity for the fans to go abroad for a jolly and a few days on the drink. A bit like the Tartan Army, funnily enough. Each to their own but I’m not overly fussed about Europe. I’d much rather see us reach the latter stages of the Cup competitions and maybe even win one, that would be the ultimate achievement for us.

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