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    Wonderful well done to all of you. This is life under the UK government shameful Boris
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    A bit like your posts, but I imagine he'll keep playing and you'll keep posting.
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    I think we need to stop criticising the players. The way we setup to play means their job is to close down the opponent, we are always out numbered in midfield and the tactics mean our full backs are always under pressure. Alexander needs to get his thumb out his arse and change us to a 3-5-2 pronto.
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    I have no probs with wee Tommy being in hall of fame, led us to one of greatest days of my life
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    What about Paul kinnaird or Andy roddie or further back you could have a guy called mark Leonard, all three bloody awful.
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    I'll get back to you when I come up with some names.
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    Absolutely. Some of his early teams would have been chronically dire to watch for many modern generations fans. Expectations were far lower in those days and for most fans a win was sufficient entertainment. Promotion of the English Premeir League has changed all of that.
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