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    Why do you believe that a player who is seemingly happy here would go out of his way with his seemingly supervillain-esque agent to work against the club? You really think both Watt and his agent were sat there cackling as they read the headlines in the media? I know it's not a popular theory, but maybe, just maybe, he loves being at the club and he has a lot of affection for the people at the club but simply has to move to earn more money? It doesn't have to be either "Watt loves the club and will refuse any and all offers of more money because he wants to be here" or "he was only kidding on he loved the club, he really hates the club and wants to work with his agent to screw us over." In fact, I'm willing to bet that there's not a single person either in the offices or in the dressing room who doesn't understand why he wants to leave. We made him our best offer, but he's received a better one from a club an hour a half up the road. He's in the form of his life. He'd be mental not to capitalise on it while he can. It's a short career, and you need to bank as much as you can, especially when you're not earning huge money to begin with.
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    On the face of it, can understand the merits there. No guarantees he’d have signed a renewed contract if we’d matched their offer though. Club don’t get many of these moves wrong, I’m inclined to keep faith in their decision here.
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    One of the best Motherwell perfomances I've ever seen. Shame there is no way to ever watch the game back.
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    I would do the same in a heartbeat, anyone wants to offer me two to thee times what I’m earning now let me know, I’m off as soon as. The whole kiss the badge type thing is a mistake but let’s be honest Tony is really just a big kid in an adults body so hardly a shock.
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    TBH, I'm not sure why people get so worked up about players leaving a club like ours. Our public business model is to bring in players - especially those with a point to prove and/or a career to resurrect - and move them on. If Watt does move in Jan, we still got a bargain by signing him for free and getting some top performances from him. The fact that he bought into our club and its community philosophy is a credit to him and our club's signing strategy. Despite his good showing, I think it's more of a risk for TW to leave for a club like Utd. than it is for us to lose him (just ask John Sutton), but I certainly won't bear any grudges when he go. At the end of the day, it's a job, and most of us consider better wages when they are offered, even if we don't always take them. And, as always, we can hold him up an example of how beneficial our club can be to a career when we are looking to recruit.
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    You may be in the minority but you are not alone, he was giving 100% before this story started circulating and I see no reason why that should change if he is given a chance to play. That is what I don't get, why the rush to sign now when he could walk away at the end of the season anyway, it stops the discussion about signing a new deal with us but just opens up a different discussion re playing with us if no offer from Dundee U is forthcoming / agreed. Not playing for us or not settling quickly at DU also blows away any hopes he has of a Scotland call up and a potential World Cup appearance. That all said, if the £4k a week is true, and we offered £3k ( made up number, I have no idea), then that is and annual pay rise of £52k per annum, significantly more than my salary. I know what I would do if someone offered me a £52k a year rise.
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    Dont wish anyone well playing against us or chasing the same prizes as us. Same with Gallagher and Cadden. Hope they are forever shite whilst playing with clubs in the same league.,
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    There is also the very likely chance no one else made him an offer.
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    If TW is getting in the region of three quarters of million pounds over 3 years - if some social media is to be believed. You have to ask yourself would/should Motherwell pay that for the outside chance of 2 games in Europe because that's all we or they are likely to achieve. For me the answer is no. If UTD have money to burn to achieve exactly the same that's up to them but it's not value for money. I know people will say European money can be big and a possible cup win both of which would be no means certain for either Dundee UTD or Motherwell with or without Tony Watt . I find Dundee Utds splash the cash approach difficult to fathom considering their debt and that fans are regularly plugging financial gaps in their budget. Mid table mediocrity or even 4th is not a reason to break the budget for Tony Watt , well not for me anyway.
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    I think that most sensible posters or Well fans can fully understand him wanting to secure the best contract he can aged 28. Where I think or know the vitriol is coming from is who it is he is joining. In the main DDee Utd are inoffensive, but they are a rival and by a lot of measurements not that much bigger a club. So a frustration that a rival club can blow our offer out of the water and he could continue playing well and make them a better team. If he headed south there would be few noises or complaints. How it is and always will be.
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    But if that's the case, then wouldn't that mean we're basically letting our top goalscorer go early, allowing him to bolster the squad of a direct competitor for absolutely nothing? If Watt is adamant that he didn't want to go, in theory, then surely it makes better sense to hold him to his contract and either play him if the manager thinks his head and heart is in it, or bench him? I would think the only way a deal happens in January is if the club benefits from it in some way. Most likely in a small transfer fee that we can then use to help sign someone else to replace Watt?
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    Quick question, but why do you always need to take a confrontational tone whenever you post? Are you like that in real life? Or just a bit of an arse on this forum? I was simply asking, since you seem to know, if the paying up of said contract would still occur even if Watt wanted to leave and was in favour of the move? I can understand offering to pay someone's contract up if you wanted to get them off the wage bill and perhaps move them on when they're not quite into the idea, as a little sweetener? A way to convince them it's a move worth making? I just thought that since any move to shift Watt in January would more than likely be something that the player himself would be happy with that the idea of paying off his remaining contract with us wouldn't be a factor. He would be making, in theory, the move that he's agreed to already, except sooner, thus providing him with the higher wages he's agreed to a few months ahead of schedule, no? I'm genuinely curious.

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