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    Quite so: we lost one to Leeds and the whole financial basis of fitba here is shot, compared to the obscenely bloated Sky-financed game down south, largely based on a corrosive and damaging advertising campaign to part desperate working-class people from their money. But "play responsibly" suckers! I loathe the rich Sky panelists who advocate such gambling. I had actually hoped the whole Premiership house of cards based on massive debt would collapse and restore a reset to more sensible values but perversely the opposite seems to be the case. Incidentally, thinking back to the '68 relegation, I think our last home game was against Clyde, and we were narrowly beaten (we seemed to lose by the odd goal so often that season). My abiding memory was seeing some of our "fans" laughing at out attempts to score that day, while I was almost reduced to tears. Silly perhaps, but I have always had a rather dim view of a section of our so-called followers, like the ones who have brandished the union flag in our games against Celtic in the past. I have thrashed myself with birch twigs in an effort to motivate me for tomorrow so maybe I'll pitch up at Firpers in a more positive frame of mind .
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    Yours is the entirely rational response, and I remember that 60s side (painfully). After that we discovered Dixie Deans, Keith MacRae, Peter McCloy and many others and have only been relegated once since then (albeit for three long seasons, like Hearts around that time). We have no chance of unearthing similar talent from within our borders now and we need to ask why Scottish football is in such a state (as if we didn't know). I completely accept mine is an emotional one but I suspect our lack of ability to compete at all against The Cheeks and our paucity of creativity or even a basic ability to organise a team effectively is the main factor in my pissedoffidity. I rarely post negatively (hence my silly handle) but two defeats from The Sheep and a spineless display and ritual evisceration by the Hens will probably do me for this season. At my age it really is the false hope which "kills", as well as a sense of shame at our lack of ability to compete with the arrogant and gloating Uglies.
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    I reckon we"ll play Liam Kelly in goals and 10 assorted others.
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    There’s a common denominator… Liam Donnelly
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    You want to play with 2 midfielders and 4 forwards ?
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    The social media grumbling has always confused me. It's not as if we're sending the players out there with cameras instead of running set-piece drills or anything. It's not an "either/or" situation. We have a really good social media team who manage to keep that side of things really busy. But that has nothing to do with the actual football. Is the answer to tell the social team to stop doing as good a job?
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    Fucking meltdown on here. Get a grip.. A bit of Cup Football to come and then the same team in the league after that..Back to home to steady the form and confident we will win both. Bit of optimism. You were all moaning before the break about complete lack of possession and we were winning, now we dominate possession, making plenty of chances and losing (53% last night 17 shots on goal 2 on target)...can't win with you lot. Goals will come whether that comes from Efford or Shields or someone else, we will turn this around
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    Back to basics (though it won't happen) Kelly O'donnell Sol. Mugabi. Mcginley Woolery. Goss. Slatts. Roberts KVV. Efford Like I say, wishful thinking on my part
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    And Donnelly in the middle, no matter what.
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