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    from memory you had the hump with robinson too, so I reckon ur just a negative dude
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    One thing that's worth considering, although I'm perfectly aware that certain people won't, is the Covid situation up until recently. At the start of the season, Alexander and other managers mentioned the fact that they suddenly had to increase the size of their squads due to the rules around Covid. This didn't mean they had a larger budget to play with though. They found themselves in a position where they had to stretch their current budget to incorporate another load of players who would act as cover if there was an outbreak and players were ruled out due to isolating and suchlike. The fact that virtually every team outside the top three has been playing like they don't know what a football looks like tells us something. If it was just us, we could point at the manager and ask the question of why all the other clubs are coping fine. But it isn't. It's every club almost. So in short, we're probably sitting with a squad a good bit larger than that Alexander would have wanted, and due to that we've had to stretch our budget to accommodate that. I imagine that the likes of Victor Nirennold, Justin Amaluzor etc will all quietly disappear. Hopefully we see the club take the wages that were spent on the larger squad for Covid purposes condensed and used to bring in quality over quantity this season. For me, Alexander deserves immense credit for not only saving us from the relegation mire we faced when Robinson left, but he also navigated the incredibly tricky waters of a season where Covid was wreaking havoc with our game and ensured we not only avoided relegation, but that we're going to secure 6th place at the very least, and the bump in money that finishing 6th over 7th, 8th, or 9th provides. With that said, the reset button is hit come the end of the season. He knows what needs to be done to get us back on track, and it's on him to do it. He's got a summer transfer window where he can bring in players based purely on his desire for them to be in his team and not based on needing extra bodies for Covid emergencies, and if we're still playing shit and we're down near 10th come October or November, he'll be facing the sack like any other manager would. But, let's not kid ourselves on that we're going to start playing like Man City. We all knew what Alexander's teams were like when he came into the job, and more importantly, so did the board. That they hired him in the first place tells you that they place results over entertainment, so we shouldn't expect them to bin the guy due to him not playing entertaining football. Gary Neville got rid of Alexander at Salford looking for something more easy on the eye, and has since admitted he got it wrong: "Last season, to be fair, Graham Alexander should have never left this club last season. I should have never made that decision that I made." And for those claiming Alexander is clueless or a total mug, his record in management doesn't suggest that to be the case at all: Fleetwood Town - Won promotion via the playoffs in his second season Scunthorpe United - Took them to the playoffs and narrowly missed out to Millwall, who were promoted to the Championship Salford City - Won promotion to League Two in his first season, got to the final of the EFL trophy which wasn't played due to Covid. He knows what he's doing. It may not be pretty on the eye, but he's got a history of getting results and accomplishing what he's hired to do.
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    No manager with anything about him would have gone to tannadice and allowed united to play out from the back and offer them acres of space for 90 minutes. United are poor at the back , in fact were panicky at the back and we just sat off them and let them knock the ball about and made Charlie Mulgrew look like Messy. This all purely under the instruction of the manager. What must Dean Cornelius have thought - played ok last week, gets stuck him, gives 100 percent and dropped for a dud that’s off to St Mirren. Alexander actually said it himself that we sat in 2nd half and didn’t want to chase an equaliser - we were playing Dundee United not fu*king Man Utd. Alexander has lost the dressing room , lost part of the support and even lost some of his back room team with at least two going to our league rivals when the season is done . Arrogance personified to the support , media, players and colleagues. No youth , a large number of shocking signings , signing players he won’t play and a dressing room that doesn’t want to buy into his hoofball narrow tactics -it’s ok though give him another transfer window to waste more money , let him start next season playing 433 and let him bring in his new back room team whilst they can all go out for coffees in the west end of Glasgow kidding themselves on. Beginning to make Harri Kanpman look like a football manager now … One win in 4 months, turgid shite to watch with zero entertainment and the poorest squad of players in years with some Straker and John Davies quality of signings should see him get his jotters. It’s a massive risk keeping a manager who wins 1 game in 15, top six or not.
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    Hiya Paul Sent from my SM-G996U using Tapatalk
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    Like many others, I’ve been a critic of our present players and manager however I’ve reviewed how our club has performed in the league since I became a fan in the mid-1960s. Now I know folk get switched-off by statistics but in Scottish football especially, they are an indisputable representation of past performance and a strong indicator as to future performance. Since I started supporting the ‘Well the accepted wisdom was that our city clubs dominated the league and always would. As a demonstration of this, since season 1960/61, only 1 non-city club has won the league. If this accepted wisdom prevailed, and I accept it hasn’t always, then the best we could hope for was to finish 7th and if we bettered this, it would be considered a good season. Since season 1960/61 and including this season but excluding seasons when we were relegated, we have finished higher than 7th place 20 times. That’s 20 from 62 seasons or just over 32%. I don’t have statistics for the other non-city clubs so I’m unable to say how that compares with them but I’d be willing to bet it must be close to being the best of the rest. I certainly do not enjoy watching the football we are serving up at present, however upon reflecting on the above review, I think perhaps my criticism has been a little over the top and that I should put things into perspective. Others may and likely will disagree but then that’s democracy and we are all ‘Well supporters.
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    Correct If we finish 4th or 5th and claim a Euro place there is absolutely no chance GA will be punted and/or walk away, how he handles the summer rebuild and how we perform in the 1st few months of next season will decide his future.
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    This is key for me. No one is blindly backing him, and no one is pretending that the past few months of football haven't been terrible. If we're sitting in 10th or so come October/November and nothing has changed then the hard questions will need to be answered, and I'm sure they will. But a top six finish, above the likes of Aberdeen and Hibs, surely earns him the chance to restructure the squad post-Covid and put our issues right next season?
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    David’s points are well made : empirical, reasonable and not reliant on speculation. This season has been extraordinarily difficult for every club and, rather come on here and blithely call for someone to lose their job, as supporters we should be constructive in our criticism, exact in our contentions and take the facts and the context into consideration. There is too much hysterical and hyperbolic posting. If you don’t like the football then of course explain yourself but the facts remain: we have finished top six, still have a crack at Europe, are in a decent financial position in relative terms and have a club we are rightly proud of for all the right reasons. Nothing disastrous has befallen us and we should support the endeavours as best we can. Alexander has made mistakes but has in my opinion earned the right to rectify this.
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    Its a bank holiday, wheres he going? Troon Beach? Luss? St Andrews?? Hopefully he has an epiphany when he's away and remembers the whole point of a midfield.
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    I sincerely hope that fans take a step back from the doom and gloom surrounding Alexander (hard to do at the moment I know) and look at the bigger picture here. It's easy to get swept along with the despondency when you are reading it over all our forums. Yes the football has been dire but the talk of not renewing season tickets is concerning and would surely put the club into financial difficulty and affect the amount of funds available for Alexander or whoever replaces him at some point( if that happens) to strengthen the team. So if we think the football has been dire this season think what it might be like next season if we can't afford to go after better players. I'll be renewing mine regardless as it's the club I support, not the manager players or board members and I want to see us around in the top division for as long as we can. We've come a long way and I would hate to see us going backwards because of one (or 2 depending on how you look at it) bad seasons.
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    I was good at history.......or was I?.......so long ago
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    1 win from the last 15. Scraping into the top six with a ping pong goal in added on time. If there are not questions from the board about the performance then it is them that should resign. I don't think he has put out the same team twice. Guys play okay and are dropped to the bench, others have a nightmare and play in the next game. I am not for dropping players willy nilly but there is no consistency in what be does regarding team selection. We have about 6 players worth the keeping. If he is sacked or he walks Motherwells first port of call should be to Paul Hartley. Knows the Scottish game inside out and has achieved minor miracles. He has taken Cove Rangers from League 2 to the Championship in 3 seasons. Hartley led Alloa Athletic from League Two to the Championship in his first managerial job, before taking Dundee up and into the Premiership’s top six. Ok he is operating with a part time team at a low level. His team are always in the front foot scoring 73 goals in 36 games. By contrast we have managed 39 goals in 35 matches. I am tired of us going for managers who have not a clue about Scottish football and continually trawl the lower leagues in England and with Robinson Ireland for players without scouting what is outside their front door.
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    Where to start with that post No youth, our best prospect are getting game time, Cornelius and McGuire before his injury, Johnson is out on loan but is showing promise as is O'connor the rest are not good enough for the 1st team. Lost the dressing room ? do we have any evidence of that or are we just assuming the team are really brilliant footballers just pretending to be shite to get rid of GA, all just rumours and pish for me "Alexander actually said it himself that we sat in 2nd half and didn’t want to chase an equaliser " yes he did as a criticism of the performance and not a tactic, big difference. Lasley is not leaving the backroom staff because of GA, he is taking the next step in his career and moving to a better job, so no drama there. Granted we have been brutal since Christmas but in a league of 9 teams all with the same level of shiteness we have done enough to be better than 6 of them so GA and the team must be doing something right.
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    Only negative when we have two managers who play football that wid make yer eyes bleed
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    I saw it on Facebook, but that's the same dudes that said covid is a hoax and putin is getting a bad press...still , who knows for sure?
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    It’s always about having a balanced view for me. There will always be a percentage of supporters at every club who scream for a change of manager, the board being kicked out every time things are not going well which of course is their right, history however shows too much upheaval rarely works. As you point out Alexander has taken the club from a poor position in the league, through covid, and given us a top six finish, and the quarter finals of the Scottish cup. He’s new to Scottish football, and he will now hopefully have learnt a little more about what’s needed for next season. I don’t enjoy the football that much but am under no illusion it’s unlikely to get better with another change of manager. I said a week or so ago I did not think we would win another game this season and my view remains the same. As “hope springs” states, no one is blindly backing him, I think just about everyone realises where we are and what we’ve seen this season, I personally have always trusted the board and they continue to have that trust. I again believe he will start next season as manager and then the big test for him begins. Is he the great pretender, or someone that will be a genuine asset to the club moving forward, we will see.
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    good point , we have probably been operating on a shoe string with zero income from season tickets too...I know that was a club choice and there may be a " war chest" somewhere ,but its been a strange one and if we can pull out a couple if results, some people will need to reappraise. if we don't show up in next two, then I will need to reappraisal.We might not get the results , just a few more like Saturday
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    Not interested in his past history it’s the present we have to look at and if he loses the Ross County game he should be shown the door but the cowards in the board room who gave him the new contract won’t have the balls to sack him
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    Win or bust? I find the talk of sacking Alexander ridiculous. This season has seen all but 3 teams, Hearts and the Bigot Sisters, playing appalling, inconsistent football. Last season’s double cup winners in real difficulty, Hibs unable to score a goal and selling off their best assets, Aberdeen leaking defensively and not a standout team among them. Alexander has improved our fitness levels, developed a fighting spirit and bought in some decent talent that is still developing(Tierney, Slattery, Van Veen, Kelly for example) and made improvements in others - Lamie, Mugabi, Woolery. He has us in top 6 and has more than earned another transfer window. It’s time to get behind him and support the team which is, let’s remember, still in contention for Europe.
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    I guess none of us know what target he was set but I would be surprised if it was to finish higher than top six. I would doubt the level of entertainment was part of that target. Can’t see any justification to call for the board to go.
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    Today we had more possession, chances, shots on target, Kelly never had a save to make, hit the bar and post, great save from Siegrist from Tierneys header but had no luck at all. Untd got a lucky break with the deflection off Lamie to go 1 up and that was all they offered the full game. We done more than enough to win that game today, but lack of firepower up top cost us, KVV was a big miss. That said its 3 games to go and we are still in the running for the Euro places this will run to the end, I've not seen any fat ladies singing yet, coyw
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    It's just what a good supporter does. Times change, teams and managers change, but the love of the 'Well never diminishes, You should try it.
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