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    A BIG Thank To The Following: (In no particular order) Kenny from Portadown, a Motherwell fan on the way to the game who helped us with directions in Glasgow All the locals we met on the way to the ground who wished us luck and hoped we enjoyed our time in Motherwell All the staff in Club 100 who made us feel welcome before and after the game All the staff in the bar in the ground who looked after us All the stewards and staff inside and outside the ground All police we met, some we had good banter with! Andy, who has the Motherwell Football Programmes on Facebook who sent me on some Motherwell programmes from past European games to put in our programme Stuart, your historian who sent me some bits and pieces And Lastily, the BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to the 2 girls (I have to be careful here, maybe early 20's) who gave a Motherwell pin page with the crest and poppy together to my son. We tried to go into the club shop after the game but it was closing just as we tried. I never noticed them but they saw us trying to go in. We then were heading over to Club 100 and met Willie McStay on the way and were chatting to him when they come over. They were so apologetic that the pin was all they had to give him, they were so nice and a credit to your club. He wore it on his jersey that evening and yesterday on the way home and will be wearing it next Thursday. Safe trip to any fans travelling over.
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    Yep agree with this. I like KVV but too selfish at times and workrate questionable at times. I feel fact he is guaranteed a start when fit can sometimes work against us as he hasn't got anyone on the bench threatening to take his place. However when fit and in the mood and avoiding stupid bookings he is definitely an asset
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    KVV is certainly the best striker at the club and one of the few players we have with real technical ability. Its also true that he has been played without being fully fit too often than is good for him / the team. But I still find him a frustrating figure to watch. A lot of the time he appears disinterested and he is very greedy when it comes to his use of the ball. I know all strikers are, but he almost never passes to a team mate when he is anywhere near the box regardless of whether that team mate is in a much better position. I guess thats why he is with us and not Ajax! Glad he has extended. But it would be good to have someone who could genuinely challenge him for a first team start. That way we might get a bit more consistency out of him.
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    Quite pleased at this announcement, but he's not a player I'd build a long / medium term strikeforce around. Very talented, but he's too inconsistent in various ways.
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    Waiting until we get embarrassed in Europe by a lesser team before finally signing the players and making the tactical changes this squad desperately needs is criminal behaviour. Yet, many on this forum appear content with this approach through their parroting of the '...give Alexander some time to get the season going and get some more new signings in before we judge him...' line. This attitude defies belief and has no place in professional competitive sports. Alexanderball was honking last season, and he got lucky, but we all know this. A well-run club should have most of its significant and necessary signings and required tactical changes sorted before and during the preseason, not after the first set of competitive fixtures. This view is particularly pertinent considering the dire form of the second half of last season and the volume of players we released. Therefore, I'd suggest that anyone signed by Alexander from hereon in will be a reactionary panic to try to delay his inevitable departure.
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    Lose and Alexander is finished before the season even begins.
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    Have you seen what those team mates do with the ball?
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    Well, based on the performances since the turn of the year, we needed 10 new signings. Each for outfield positions. Alexanders problems are not his attitude or his jumpers, really who cares about that? Its that he sets up his teams not to lose, but sadly they aren't good enough to do that. When we go behind, we have absolutely nothing to offer in an attacking sense. The biggest issue is that for some reason he doesn't recognise this and keeps attempting the same rubbish over and over and over again. And now based on the summer comings and goings, he is expecting us to pivot a counter attack with zero pace. God help us.......
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    Do lower league teams not have the same issues?
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    Recruitment argument aside then, what has Alexander changed since we sold Watt? Cohesion/stability? No. He's dropped our captain, rotated players in/out of positions, put square pegs into round holes, persevered with only one proper (injured) striker, signed duds and released duds, not addressed other weaknesses, etc. What do people honestly see in Alexander in terms of his potential to make us a relative and occassional enjoyable success that I cannot see?
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    To be honest I show more support to Motherwell than I’ve ever seen from you. The only time you are ever happy is when we lose. You actually want rid of me because I’m positive.
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    I’ve asked this before but who thinks he’s wonderful ? I don’t know anyone that actually thinks that. People like myself look at his record and think fair enough he’s got credit in the bank but I’m certainly not a huge fan. He will move on at some point and I can’t say I would miss him that much, it will just be another man in the door that some will want out again 12 months later and so it will go on.
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    Imagine mentioning GA in the same breathe as Ferguson and Mourinho I despair for some of our support I really do
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    The age-old adage of using false equivalence to defend a manager's position is tiresome. He's arrogant, stubborn and stupid, making him an appalling football manager. His utter contempt for the fans is also embarrassing. If Sligo put us out, he's as good as finished.
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    Not endorsing the recruitment thus far, but, your argument has more holes than Swiss cheese. Fans are obsessed with signings. Check social media… The journalists who cover transfers have the most followers. But, research has shown that cohesion/stability are key… and that the most successful teams don’t actually make many signings in one window.
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    Let’s hope he is out his passing was woeful and he can’t defend . Really don’t see anything he brings to the team but have to remember i suppose he is vastly inexperienced
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