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  1. I'd rather be dragged round the Sainsbury's next door with the wife than go to Accies, New Year's Day or otherwise.
  2. Tend to agree. I'm no fan either, but like it or Scotland is still part of a monarchy, and there's always going to be a bit of a fuss when a senior royal dies. And it's not like it happens every other week (although I'd guess we won't have as long to wait until the next one).
  3. numpty

    Yellow Card

    And folk wonder why we have so many "unexplained" injuries...
  4. Arithmetic is just a branch of mathematics, so "mathematically sorted" was also valid...
  5. They don't even have to close their account, they just need to learn how to work the privacy settings so only their mates can see it. Doesn't help with what their wives might feel the need to post, mind you.
  6. Loving the guy from Local Hero going past on his motorbike every now and again.
  7. It's pretty much the opposite of a tight pitch... Jock commented on the size earlier, and Google tells me it's 108 x 70 yards.
  8. Certainly a tad underwhelming, but has shown glimmers of improvement under GA so maybe with a full pre-season, who knows. Possibly another sign that we shouldn't expect to see Charles Dunne back, either.
  9. Had already forgotten we had Canterbury tops for a while. Remember being quite excited about the prospect, until they came out with a sponsor that means "toilets" here in Ireland.
  10. He's right, assuming Burrows really wasn't on the list. Non-listed club officials have to stay out of the technical area.
  11. Thought it was fairly clear the women had designed it for their own use only. But since it’s to support a specific charity, it’s a bit odd that the charity doesn’t seem to use those colours either.
  12. I love the idea, but it's all gone a bit wrong with the Nessie reflection tbh. At first glance you think "oh that's clever, it says 2021", but actually it says nothing like 2021, it just says "Joos". Their regular home and away kits are pretty smart too, though.
  13. numpty

    Les Hutchison

    Hate to link to the Daily Mail, but this article mentions the clubs he played for: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3214874/Les-Hutchison-Football-helped-save-life-just-trying-back.html
  14. Not to mention scoring 6 and only drawing with Hibs.

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