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  1. Recommending someone is very different to nepotism, though. People get recommended for jobs by friends and former colleagues in all walks of life, all the time.
  2. Three in 20 years doesn't sound like much of a trend, and I'm sure there are plenty of examples at other clubs too. Did folk moan that we signed up David Clarkson or Brian Dempsie (remember him?) because they were related to Phil O'Donnell? Scottish football is a wee village in the grand scheme of things, it's inevitable people will know or be related to each other, and will be a factor in where they end up from time to time.
  3. No sound again tonight? EDIT: Never mind, getting it now.
  4. Your username is some combination of your real name plus the number on your season ticket, or something. Saw it in an email or on the club website somewhere, but I don't have a season ticket so someone else will have to help!
  5. I'd certainly also be against shuffling things around too much. While it's clear Robinson doesn't know himself what his best 11 is at the moment, he needs to pick one and stick with it for a few games, painful as that might be to watch. At this point, I'd take a draw.
  6. They're not really. We're paying the provider directly for our subscriptions or PPV, and they're presumably paying the club a percentage of that.
  7. From an article posted earlier in the thread: "We didn’t feel we could justify the resource and cost. We aren’t trying to short-change anyone, we would have to compromise in other areas. We run a tight ship. It’ll come on at 2:30PM, various bits of video content. We aren’t going to go down the road of a full production The reasons being it would be money better spent elsewhere at the club. People could turn round and expect this and that, but we would like to think people would understand why we have done that. We will slightly enhance the matchday side of things on Twitter. And very soon, this month, there will be a, live data service on the website which will give you play-by-play updates on what’s going on."
  8. It's just the same folk who've been running it for the past couple of years. So presumably it's just the increase in capacity, and/or the extra requirements around season ticket holders and PPV, that's causing them issues.
  9. Think I’ll turn the sound off again.
  10. Sound seems to have appeared for the second half.
  11. You can, think he was asking which devices that's known to work on, though.
  12. That link didn't work for me, but here's the original: https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/14141141.hugh-macdonald-takes-a-trip-down-memory-lane-with-motherwell-legend-willie-hunter/
  13. Not a knee injury, but a life-threatening deep vein thrombosis in his shoulder in fact.

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