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  1. By all accounts Craigan enjoys his media career far too much to go back to full-time management.
  2. Not really. Fingers crossed though...
  3. Hard to tell from the TV pictures as Long's just out of frame when the pass is made, but he doesn't even look particularly close to being offside to me. It's an interesting (desperate?) grounds for appeal, but unless the referee has actually blown for offside then the ball is in play, so I can't see how it would succeed. EDIT: This is the earliest frame I could capture that had all the defenders in shot. Long had just run away from goal slightly before turning again to run onto the pass, but I still reckon he was onside.
  4. Nobody knows, and that would the gamble for Hearts... some managers do their best work with limited resources, and turn out to be useless at buying players who are closer to the finished article when they get the chance. (Terry Butcher springs to mind.)
  5. But only until the end of this season, according to the BBC.
  6. Only the ref can tell us that, and I doubt he'll be popping on here to tell us. The tackle on Long was more from behind than from the side, though, which might make him more inclined to consider it was "reckless" whether he touched the ball or not.
  7. Getting the ball first is irrelevant, the only thing in the rules that determines whether a challenge is a foul is whether it was careless, reckless, or made with excessive force. (I'm still not sure it was worthy of a straight red, though, and I see they're appealing it.)
  8. Having seen the angles on MFCTV, I'd say it was a foul. Red maybe harsh though, not even sure he'd have been clean through.
  9. 1-0 -- Donnelly scores from the free kick
  10. Ah, maybe it doesn’t show you the price till you’ve created an account and signed in. Haven’t looked in a while.
  11. Yes, you can sign up for a month, costs about 12 quid if I recall (but it tells you right on the homepage, so just go and have a look). Subscription auto-renews, so you might want to cancel it again straight away so you don't forget.
  12. Indeed they might, but presumably we took that into consideration when rejecting whatever their reduced offer was, and decided it was worth the risk.

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