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  1. We already have a Morton thread, perhaps an admin could merge them...?
  2. Pretty much what I expected after a few weeks off so far. Hopefully some improvement to come in the second half.
  3. If his motivation was "chasing the money", surely that means it's worked out perfectly.
  4. It's almost as if the main appeal of watching sport is its unpredictability.
  5. He just seems a bit like the sort of person who's never quite settled anywhere before but happens to be a good fit at Motherwell. Sometimes that type of player does keep doing well after they've earned their move, but plenty don't.
  6. Which, by all accounts, we've offered him.
  7. Think he's a classic case of "if he could do it every week, he wouldn't be playing for us" (or Scunthorpe, or Northampton). Sometimes those kind of signings work out, sometimes they don't. For now I'm happy to keep playing him and see what happens.
  8. They also fired a good two or three balls right across the face of the goal that wouldn't have counted as shots but could easily have been tapped in.
  9. And 11pm if you want to enjoy it a third time.
  10. Craig Gordon doing a Liam Kelly there.
  11. Team: Kelly, Mugabi, Solholm, Lamie, McGinley, Goss, Slattery, Maguire, Shields, Woolery, Watt. Subs: Fox, O'Donnell, Carroll, O'Connor, Amaluzor, Cornelius, Grimshaw.
  12. There's nothing wrong with it per se, but if the entertainment value continues to be zero with no hint of improvement around the corner, then they'll be doing it in front of empty stands before long.
  13. To be fair, the more important question is who the linesman was. He should be the one to make that call.
  14. I mean, he should have. He's actually positioned about 18 yards away, at the junction of the goal-line and the penalty area. From there, if he can see all of both of the keeper's feet it's an infringement, and if he can't see either foot because of the post, it's fine. But as you say, expecting him or anyone else to be looking at that while sensing the exact moment the ball is kicked is going to be error-prone at best, just as it is when making offside calls. .

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