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  1. Albeit a pretty farcical one, in retrospect. https://www.otbsports.com/soccer/andy-goram-manchester-united-895596
  2. I suppose anyone under 20 is probably too young to remember. I'm decidedly not, and to be honest even I'd half-forgotten it was still something we did.
  3. If it’s all that “standard “, then surely everyone would have known better and waited just in case.
  4. Scottish Brewers were our first ever shirt sponsor too, if I remember correctly.
  5. And it's Bala Town or Sligo Rovers, first leg at home.
  6. Comments on YouTube overwhelmingly negative, so it's a winner for me already.
  7. Live reveal on YouTube at 8pm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uaw18phBXiU
  8. numpty

    Need help

    Shouldn't be, passwords aren't generally saved in cookies. Although the fact that you're logged in to a particular website may be, causing you to have to log in again.
  9. Ross Tierney setting up the second for Ireland U-21's there. (Before being immediately subbed along with the goalscorer.)
  10. https://news.sky.com/story/andy-goram-rangers-legend-given-six-months-to-live-after-cancer-diagnosis-12624136
  11. Flow confirmed on Twitter yesterday that it should be ready, they're aiming to get the grass sown 5-6 weeks before the first tie.
  12. numpty


    We don't hear that much about Chris Lucketti's involvement in things, but fair play to him too... while GA was still trying to play it cool at the final whistle, it was kind of refreshing to see Chris going absolutely mental.
  13. I never really buy the "nothing to play for" thing, to be honest. The games when there's no pressure to get a result should be the ones when you're playing at your unshackled best and even toying with the opposition a bit, not just strolling around looking uninterested.
  14. No idea whether he will or not, but it must be some feeling scoring the goal that guarantees your team European football on the same night the one you just signed for is guaranteed relegation.
  15. Luton obviously missing Wee Al today. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/61212426

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