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  1. numpty


    I suppose the other scenario is that he might feel honourably obliged to offer his resignation. Who knows if the board would accept it, but it probably wouldn't look great if they didn't.
  2. Had forgotten this year's away top was an homage to that one. Makes you wonder why we have the amber on top this year, though...
  3. numpty

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I expect they're well aware they could loan us half their team and we still wouldn't take points off Rangers. So yes.
  4. numpty

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Have to say I've never had any problem with the new fishel site, on either my laptop or my phone. Just looked at it again now on both, and it loaded fine... maybe I just have the right combination of ad and tracker blockers to make it work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If it's only the fixture list you want, you can just Google "motherwell fixtures" -- gives you a nice list that even includes links to the YouTube highlights of previous games. (Would be nice if the fishel site did that too.) There's also the SPFL page at https://spfl.co.uk/clubs/motherwell/fixtures (but I do have to turn of some my blockers to get that to load). In the past I've also used https://fixtur.es/en/team/motherwell to add them directly to my calendar, but it didn't seem to cope with rescheduled matches very well, even though it claims it does.
  5. It'll be no more of a "free holiday" than the rest of the squad is having. He'll be continuing his physio and rehab programme just as he would be at home.
  6. What Scrabble rules do you play?!
  7. Annoying it may be, but I'm not sure there's anything illegal about draping a flag over a scoreboard. (Safety issue maybe, if they flash emergency announcements up there--but not everyone in the ground can see the scoreboard anyway, so not even sure about that.) In which case, the polis would doubtless argue that trying to deal with it might have caused more of a disturbance than just letting them make whatever point it was they thought they were making.
  8. numpty


    I can't. Any Premiership manager being charged with a criminal offence is fairly obviously news, I'm afraid.
  9. And it turns out he can smile after all.
  10. On the plus side, Robinson has some prior experience dealing with a club captain who ended up not being quite good enough to get a game every week...
  11. I do, but it's about 30 years since I had any as good as his.
  12. Whatever's going on, I very much doubt we'd have sent him for an op that only Celtic thought he needed, unless we've already agreed a post-op fee for him. Far too big a risk for him and for us.
  13. Me neither, but as always, it's complicated. http://heebmagazine.com/going-war-tottenham-hotspurs-yid-army/47633
  14. It would certainly be a bit harsh to blame him for it, but as a defender you're always taking a bit of a risk knocking the ball into an area you can't see. Not sure he could have done much else under the circumstances though.
  15. Agree up to a point, though of course if you don't do a good job of estimating how many people will be interested in what, you risk ending up with bits of the ground that nobody really wants to use.

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