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  1. Well, we probably threw away our chance to win 7-6.
  2. numpty

    Season Tickets

    Not much different from buying shares or placing a bet at the bookies, really. If you don't fancy or can't afford the risk then that's absolutely fine. Most folk who have renewed seem to consider it as an alternative to a one-off Well Society donation, with the potential perk of eventually getting into some games for free.
  3. numpty

    Season Tickets

    Nope, same here.
  4. numpty

    91 CUP FINAL

    It was on iPlayer, if it's still up there are ways and means to download it permanently...
  5. numpty

    Season Tickets

    As I'm fortunate enough to still be in full-time employment for now, I'd certainly buy one if I lived close enough to have any chance of using it. Since I don't, I'll have to content myself with trying to support local businesses where I am instead.
  6. I suspect the only thing we may end up wondering is whether we should just have taken Celtic's reduced offer last time and let them pay for his rehab, rather than what they offer us next time. Assuming we don't already have gentleman's agreement for a post-rehab fee, which wouldn't surprise me. (To be clear, I still think we did the right thing.)
  7. I wouldn't like that... I quite often get home on a Saturday oblivious to the score, and used to quite like catching up 'live' as I was scrolling through my timeline. Now I have to scroll through the match thread on here instead
  8. To be fair, a fair few fans from his previous clubs have said he would likely start really well then lose interest. Which is obviously ideal for us given he's only on a short term deal, but we'll see what transpires after that I guess.
  9. The summer football season started here in Ireland this past weekend. Guess what...
  10. I think Higdon possibly scored more goals one week than Stevie Cowan did in his entire Motherwell career.
  11. Not turning my nose up at it -- would absolutely love us to qualify again. But last time we did I also wasn't part-owner of the club with so much of an interest in how my monthly contributions were being spent
  12. These days I think we're also all more aware that most of our European jaunts have ended up costing us money... you really do need to progress further than we usually do to benefit financially.
  13. That's what Robinson said in the post-match, too.
  14. numpty

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I'd say our track record is 50-50 at best, but fingers crossed indeed.
  15. On what basis? It's no more their fault than it would be Motherwell's fault if you decked Leigh Griffiths outside a nightclub.

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