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  1. Unless we lose by forfeiting the game due to the number of players we’ve had sent off, I wouldn’t consider getting beat to be a disaster. Good runs always come to an end, and we’ve often struggled a bit against Ross County. I still think we’ll win, but I’m not expecting it to be comfortable.
  2. Just turn the sound off? You can see what's happening anyway.
  3. The manager has form for not being entirely truthful about who's available and who isn't.
  4. Not quite. 51 of his 54 caps were while he was at Motherwell.
  5. Scotland... he's equalled George Stevenson's record, but he has a long way to go to catch Stephen Craigan's 51.
  6. Trouble with 5g is the range is much shorter, so you need to put the masts closer together. If people want the same coverage they had with 4g, there will need to be more masts, and they will need to go where they need to go.
  7. None now for obvious reasons, but they were certainly a thing at the time. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/feb/10/vaccination-passports-are-nothing-new-and-the-sooner-we-have-them-the-better https://www.history.com/news/vaccine-passports-smallpox-scar
  8. Hmm, still seems a bit ambiguous to me, sounds like that's saying you can enter Denmark to start a job as a sportsperson or an artist, which would be different from doing it as a visitor. Anyway, not defending the SFA one iota as they should have been well on top of it, but having had to travel twice during the pandemic, I have a tiny bit of sympathy -- the clarity of information available to people having to go from A to B is generally pretty abysmal.
  9. Indeed. I’m no expert, but looking at Denmark’s entry requirements, it appears that if you’ve previously tested positive for COVID then you’re only allowed to enter Denmark from an “orange” country (which includes the UK) if your reason is on their list of “worthy purposes”, which professional sport does not appear to be. Unless it counts as “a business meeting”, I suppose… https://en.coronasmitte.dk/rules-and...esident-abroad
  10. Maybe he's trying to emulate Jacob Blyth's success. (Or maybe all the rumours are just bollocks and we never offered him anything anyway.)
  11. I'm sure the majority of us will take it every day of the week for a while. But after that while, either that 5th needs to start getting higher or the quality of entertainment needs to improve, at least if they want me to keep shelling out for my MFC TV subscription.
  12. To be fair (not that he particularly deserves it), he doesn't technically need to see it land. Assuming he could see Carroll steaming into the challenge at all, and he thought that was reckless, he's entitled to dish out a red card regardless of what ended up connecting with what. As others have said, give him a decision to make and you're always going to run the risk.
  13. Hit it straight at Billy Thomson tbf. Think he just let it in for a laugh.
  14. We should have been, but it was a bit of a no-win situation anyway. Even the correct decision of an uncontested drop ball would have handed most of the advantage back to Livi, as they would then just have packed the box with the defenders who were nowhere near the original incident. Doesn't excuse the cop-out/error, but I think that's why I'm finding it hard to be too annoyed about it. (Well, that and the fact we won, of course.)
  15. And just like that, we leapfrog Rangers into 5th. Might as well start looking out the passports now.

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