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  1. We were not the subject of any proceedings, so we have literally nothing to appeal.
  2. Same as criminal courts, I guess... you can still appeal the sentence even if you pleaded guilty.
  3. And also probably now wish they hadn't.
  4. Lest we forget, teams can’t just “choose not to play”. They requested a postponement, which the SPFL could have refused had they felt that enough players were available.
  5. The league cup forfeits were under pre-existing rules, rather than the ones the SPFL are making up this year as they're going along, so there's probably less grounds for appeal there.
  6. numpty

    Set Pieces

    This has been a bugbear of mine since about 1986. I can't remember us ever being any good at throws, except maybe when Tom Boyd used to flick them on to Davie Cooper.
  7. Our defence has been reasonably solid against decent opposition the last couple of games. Here's hoping that means we can concentrate on coaching our midfield and forwards for this one.
  8. Likewise, sadly.... will just be putting up the Christmas tree and some decorations this afternoon, and checking the result later.
  9. Bit of a vicious circle really.. once it happens once you're kind of stuck with it, as these days a lot of players want the security of 2 year contract and won't sign anything shorter, but don't want to be tied down any longer than that either.
  10. I'm fine with Chris Long if we're playing him through the middle. But I'd assume we're not.
  11. Glentoran aren't part time. </pedant>
  12. For what it's worth, Glentoran are not a part-time team.
  13. I was there, though I wasn't that fussed about seeing Kenny D, had seen him often enough before. Great night though, not many teams got away without a loss against Liverpool in those days, even in friendlies. Some brief highlights from the 'fishel Twitter, for anyone who missed the full replay earlier in the year...

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