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  1. We wouldn't fall behind so much (or possibly at all) on average points per game, though, which is the basis on which Thistle were relegated, and why that system was chosen as the best of a bad bunch in the first place. There will never be a totally fair way to curtail or even suspend a season, but the more games everyone manages to play, the more reasonable the average points system becomes, as each game in hand makes less difference to your average.
  2. Dunno, but there are five today alone: Altrincham v Bromley Barnet v Hartlepool Bradford v Boston Utd Kidderminster Harriers v Alfreton Town Leamington v Darlington
  3. numpty

    Allan Campbell

    Just depends on the individual I suppose... I worked in London for a couple of years in my 20's and couldn't stand the place.
  4. Eight times, including a game against England at Wembley. Then again, I couldn't name 90% of the folk who've been capped for Scotland in the last 10 years either.
  5. Those stats aren't massively damning without context, tbh. If anything, sounds like we should be starting some conspiracy theories about why Accies get the second-highest number of penalties, given how infrequently the ball goes anywhere near their opponents' box compared to either Rangers or Celtic.
  6. Which will surely just result in even more controversial decisions... at least right now, it's pretty obvious what's a penalty and what isn't.
  7. I think 18 years was mentioned in the latest podcast.
  8. I think UEFA rules mean they have to be in the country 24 hours before kick-off, so they wouldn't be doing that anyway.
  9. Even in our good years, I can't remember us regularly converting the sort of chance that Chris Long tucked away today. Our strikers normally sclaff those straight at the keeper or past the post.
  10. Been perfect here. Sound's even just about in sync today.

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