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  1. numpty

    Odds and Sods Motherwell Thread

    They're not allowed to broadcast any live match coverage that isn't behind a paywall, so Mixlr is gone. Paying for MFC TV is the only way to get live audio or video coverage now. Other than that, there's the live updates on the matchday page on the club website, but so far that's been no better than the reduced live Twitter updates this season.
  2. numpty

    Hearts away, 14/9

    Had forgotten about Chris Porter (probably as I didn't get to see many games in his time, even on TV), Tommy Coyne was the first name that came to my mind too. To some extent it's kind of a different game these days, I suppose... you just don't really seem to see so many centre forwards bursting through with only the goalie to beat any more.
  3. numpty

    Hearts away, 14/9

    To be honest, I can't remember when we last had a forward I'd back to score one on one. Moult, Higdon, Sutton, none of them ever really scored many from those positions.
  4. numpty

    Odds and Sods Motherwell Thread

    We went to Hibs at Fir Park on the afternoon of my mum's memorial service, because it's what she'd have expected us to do. We lost 4-1, and we were so bad that Bob Malcolm scored. She had zero interest in the fitba' (even though she somehow usually knew the score before we came home) and she'd have found it hilarious that we'd have wasted our money on that "load of tripe".
  5. numpty

    Macron 2019-20 home and away kits

    There are certainly companies in the US that do that, yes... there's one that estimated Apple's sales figures for years that way, forget what they're called off-hand, though. And then there are those that didn't ask, but Google allowed them to do it anyway: https://wccftech.com/google-developers-scan-gmail-inboxes/.
  6. numpty

    Macron 2019-20 home and away kits

    To be fair, I hadn't really understood "in demand" to mean "actual sales", so I'm sure it is indeed more along the lines of looking at how many "interactions" there are on "the socials" . That said, there are ways to get a rough idea of sales trends without knowing actual figures, too -- some market research companies even scan email receipts in people's Inboxes, if they're daft enough to give them access to that sort of thing. (Which all too many people are.)
  7. numpty

    2019-20 Rebuild

    And also well known for their mention in a long-running TV ad for the milk marketing board, to which the tagline was "Accrington Stanley... Who are they?"
  8. numpty

    Vs Hibs

    Bad news everyone. I’m making a rare visit to Fir Park for this one, and I haven’t seen us score a goal since 2013.
  9. numpty

    2019-20 Rebuild

    You can find the full list of citations and outcomes at https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/disciplinary/disciplinary-updates/. Certainly if you search for "was not seen", they're pretty much all Premiership games.
  10. I suspect we might have to get used to that. Feels like we're going for more of the "you score one, we'll score two" approach this year.
  11. You know it's bad when even Andy Walker thinks it's bad.
  12. Well that didn't last long.
  13. There’s some clarification up on the fishel site, now: Important Season Card Information
  14. numpty

    New disabled facilities

    Good stuff. (I never understand how those type of doors are good for people in wheelchairs, but I see them all over the place so I assume they must be fine...)

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