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  1. Everyone keeps saying that, but I've given up waiting for it all to collapse, just like I gave up waiting for Rangers going into administration again. There are plenty of rich mugs willing to keep pumping the money in to keep the whole charade going.
  2. numpty


    Sad news indeed, remember him back from the original Exiles Club that he (I think?) set up back in the 90's.
  3. There might be, but these days he’d probably be hounded out before he got through his initial “falling over every time he got the ball” phase.
  4. Since they only moved up a week or two back, that would be a surprisingly instant dislike.
  5. I'd pretty much forgotten he ever played for us. If it's any consolation, he was worse at Man Utd, and they paid us £100k for him.
  6. We had 3 each, if you believe Transfermarkt, and Bowman picked up 4 yellows and no reds if you believe Soccerbase. I dare say I wouldn't have enjoyed watching Rangers that year either though
  7. I certainly don't believe we elbowed our way to the final, we absolutely got there on merit. I've just never particularly enjoyed watching niggly feckers being niggly feckers, whether they're ours or anyone else's.
  8. I kind of get what he means. Yes two cup finals, but they were pretty devoid of footballing entertainment from our point of view. And while I know a lot of folk think things like big Ryan bursting Cardoso's nose was hilarious, I'd much rather watch us running rings round teams than battering them off the park.
  9. Would be surprised if Celtic let him go after less than a season given the job they had signing him, but money talks I suppose.
  10. He doesn't have much choice unless somebody else wants him.
  11. Seems to have synced up now, just in time for us to take the lead! Fair play to the ground staff btw, pitch looks like first day of the season.
  12. Not available to me here, sadly. Magloire doing what he does best, there.
  13. Yep, commentary a few seconds ahead for me currently.
  14. Hastie trying to score the sort of goal that won him his move, there, and showing why he's back on loan with us.
  15. You still have that option of course, anyone can make one-off donations to the Well Society as they see fit. The club just chose to highlight other options.
  16. For what it's worth, this is the club's suggestion: A lot of fans have also approached us about making further donations to the club. In recognition of that, we are asking you to consider donating to our Community Trust and help us continue the excellent work they’ve done over the last year. In addition, we are launching our Well In scheme, inviting you to make a donation towards season tickets for unemployed persons and low-income families in our area. We are thankful to everyone who would consider such a gesture, and it is possible to do so by visiting donate.motherwellfc.co.uk.
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    POTY Time

    POTY Time, you say? (One for the kids, there.)
  18. The slight difference being, of course, that DT's operation was to stop something happening in future, not to repair something that had stopped him kicking a ball for the past two years...
  19. The current deal might, but it's still prime telly advertising space and as such will just be replaced with some other company's guff.
  20. No chance the club are giving up prime telly advertising space for that, though.
  21. Can't speak for Wales, but for what it's worth, football is definitely more popular than rugby here in Ireland. (Gaelic football and hurling are the most popular sports, but even that's only been the case for the last two or three years.)
  22. Probably, although not sure they can have any stories left at this point that we haven't heard half a dozen times before!
  23. Kelly, O'Donnell, Gallagher, Lamie, McGinley, Maguire, Crawford, Campbell, Lawless, Cole, Long. Subs: Chapman, Dunne, Carroll, Mugabi, Magloire, O'Hara, Foley, Cornelius, Hastie. // #MFCvTON

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