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  1. A well deserved victory today. Gillespie is proving to be a very adept keeper. His early penalty save may have been crucial to the outcome today. Overall the passing was very slack at times. There were at least 3 times in the first half where simple passes across the midfield area were misplaced and caused us problems. We scored at the right time, just when it looked like Saints were getting the upper hand. The introduction of Cadden and Frear certainly made a difference. Cadden looked really sharp. Great took his goal really well and should have had another. Excited about Cadden, Turnbull and Campbell working together next season.
  2. MFCL84

    Player and Young Player of the Year

    Tait and Turnbull for me.
  3. MFCL84

    Hamilton Accies Man of the Match

    Gorrin was excellent, as were many. Special mention to Turnbull, Ariyibi, Main and Aldred.
  4. MFCL84

    2018/19 Game 29: Hamilton (H) March 9th 3pm kick-off

    The thing is though, the team is winning, and we all know that you don't tinker with a winning formula. Scott can only come in if we lose out on the run in for the top six. Until then he may get minutes towards the end of each game or if Main gets injured.
  5. MFCL84

    2018/19 Game 29: Hamilton (H) March 9th 3pm kick-off

    The most complete first half of football from Motherwell in a long time. Let's hope it keeps up in the 2nd half.
  6. Being so late in the game the sending off had absolutely no bearing on the game anyway, but it was a definite red.
  7. MFCL84

    Heart of Midlothian Man of the Match

    An all round solid performance again. Turnbull excellent, Hastie dangerous on the ball, Alfred solid against a very difficult opponent, and a special mention for McHugh who I thought did really well on his time on the pitch. My man of the match though is Curtis Main who once again ran himself into the ground and made it hard for the Hearts back line.
  8. MFCL84

    Hibernian Man of the Match

    Good performances throughout the team tonight, but for me Alex Gorrin was the man. Grimshaw, Campbell, Tait all very good and a special mention to Curtis Main who ran his heart out. I just wish he could find the net.
  9. MFCL84

    Mfc Podcast

    Said everything that I was thinking.
  10. Damn, I thought this was his last season under contract!
  11. I was expecting some boos at the end of the match, but there weren't any. I remember being struck by how quietly everyone just got up and walked out. I actually think that is much more worrying than a chorus of boos. For me that means that the fans have lost interest. I also noticed that only Richard Tait applauded the fans at the ends of the game. It would seem that most of the players have lost interest too.
  12. Exactly this. 4-1-3-2 formation as far as I could tell. Left us completely overrun in midfield with our only creative player, Turnbull, completely lost in a sea ofblue jerseys. Our manager has no clue how to change to a system that requires passing and movement. He'll stay to the end of the season, but no contract beyond that. Let's just hope that we survive and that we still have a support to come back next season.
  13. MFCL84

    Where are the bois?

    It is great that the bois bring an atmosphere, but it must be the right type of atmosphere for it to encourage others to come along and support our club. Needless to say, the behaviour at Accies is not going to encourage people along to Fir Park.
  14. Great 3 points when they were really needed. Well done to the team. The January window will be interesting. We definitely need to add some creativity to the side. Goals coming from set plays today, it didn't look like we'd score from open play. Frear put in plenty of crosses, but we never looked likely to get on the end of them.
  15. I thought we did well today without creating any threat. Certainly much better than the previous showing against St. Mirren. It would have been interesting to have seen how it would have worked with Frear sitting centrally just behind the front two, but with the early injuries any game plan was scuppered very early on. Tait was excellent, Grimshaw provided a driving force pushing the team forward when the opportunity arose. The team as a whole gave it a go, even when at 10 men. However we have very little creativity so scoring is going to be very difficult regardless of who is up front. I don't know the stats for the game today, but I can't recall the Killie keeper having a save to make. We have definitely lost the physical edge that we had last season. Killie aren't the first team to out-muscle us recently. They certainly looked faster, stronger and technically better, but until Motherwell were reduced to 10 men they didn't create anything.

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