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  1. An important 3 points which I'll be happy to take, but that was a very poor performance. The team needs a massive overhaul for next season.
  2. A chance to finish the game a Cole fluffs his lines. Murder from a striker.
  3. FFS, we stop playing to allow the ref to give freekicks to St.Mirren now. Not even asking the ref to make a decision.
  4. Very well played by Long there. Campbell has to do better.
  5. It seems that if you shout and scream as you go down you can get someone booked.
  6. Nothing has really changed in this half. Still chasing shadows. Still cannot pass the ball, but we have just gone 1 -0 up. fFS.
  7. Looks like the season is over for Roberts.
  8. I think the boy landed on him and did either Roberts knee or ankle. He looks in some real pain.
  9. Lawless was completely ineffective in the 1st half. Maguire should adds a bit more solidity to the midfield.
  10. Really miss Watt's ability to hold the ball and get others involved. Long ball upfield isn't sticking at all. Also, no point in Lawless being on the pitch at the moment, he is not being used at all. St.Mirren are moving the ball well, moving it quickly and effectively. They are making Motherwell look like a lower league team.
  11. Really concerned by this performance. Out fought and out played by St Mirren at home.

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