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  1. I'm not a big fan of Donnelly, but he made a really big contribution when he came on. His composure and simple, accurate passing saw us start to get on the front foot a bit.
  2. Exactly that. I'm hoping that we'll see some more football played through rather than over the midfield at some point this season.
  3. There really isn't much to add to what others have said. This was probably the best performance of the season so far. We do seem to take time to get up to speed in a match, but after the initial 20mins today we started to get a grip of the game which culminated in a superb goal. The second half was very much Motherwell being willing to give up territory while being dangerous in the counter. When the second came it looked like it could be more. However, Alexander isn't about to chase goals. He chose to protect what we had and Motherwell comfortably saw out the remainder of the game. There were no failures on the pitch for Motherwell today. Special mention to Mugabi who is really starting to get to grips with the right back position, Solholm was absolutely solid, excellent considering this was his debut. Up front Van Veen, Watt and Woolery terrorised the Aberdeen back line any time that they got good possession in the mid to final third. Let's hope that is the level of performance that we have to look forward to this season. One final point, the atmosphere at Fir Park these days is electric. Let's keep it up through thick and thin.
  4. At the time I didn't think that Carroll's challenge was anything but a good tackle, however having seen it on TV earlier, I think that the ref actually got it right. A yellow may have done, but in today's football where tackles seem to be outlawed, but shirt tugging and wrestling in the box are accepted, it is no surprise that it was red.
  5. I have to agree. We seem unable to see make a pass, unable to make space, unable to move , unable to play as a team. However, how much of the problems stem from a rigid 4-3-3? We consistently allowed Dundee to play through and between our lines; we were seemingly over-run in midfield.
  6. Great result, but there is a lot to be concerned about by the level of performance. Let's hope that we can get a few quality signings in before the window closes or it'll be another long hard season devoid of entertainment.
  7. Ojala easily beaten on the ground again. I hope his aerial game is top notch.
  8. Justin did put his hand on the back of the Livi player. Easy then for the ref to give a free kick to Livi to take the controversy out of his decision to halt the game immediately at that point.
  9. The ref saved Justin the embarrassment of missing.
  10. I'm expecting us to lose a goal now.
  11. Woolery with a ridiculously poor effort when put through by Grimshaw.
  12. Yes, very depressing watch as a Motherwell fan. Some serious business required before the transfer window closes. Beyond that, there is a huge coaching job to be done to create a team from what we will have.
  13. Half time and nothing to shout about from a Motherwell perspective. It is difficult to see how we will get anything from this game if the pattern of play doesn't change. We have created nothing. We have no cohesion between the defence, midfield or front line. We have a very soft defence that will most likely lose another goal in the second half. Changes needed, but we just don't have the personnel.
  14. A total waste of Tony Watt in that position on his own. Justin and Woolery are just not able to make anything happen or link with Watt in any meaningful sense.

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