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  1. I believe that pretty much everyone on here is happy that the team did enough to achieve a top 6 finish. I can see exactly why so many are dissatisfied with the way the team play though. There is no entertainment on offer. There is no structure to the team, there is no movement, there is very little interplay and defensively the team is very soft. The results in the first half of the season made the excruciating brand of football bearable and covered up many of the flaws, but it was never entertaining. I am thoroughly fed-up watching the way we play. It would cost too much for Motherwell to change the manager. We all need to accept that he'll be here for a while yet, but as supporters that pay good money to keep the club afloat, entertainment must come higher up the list of priorities. So, while he isn't going anywhere soon, he needs to be told to find another way to play the game. Just as Motherwell cannot afford to get rid of any manager while on a long contract, losing core support is equally as possibly more economically harmful to the club. I for one am hoping for more entertainment in the final 5 games. Over to GA and the team to deliver.
  2. What I like about Donnelly is that he is one of very few who will take the ball to feet, look up and try to play a pass. Unfortunately, there is very little movement in the side, which makes it difficult to pick a pass so, many passes are misplaced. On the down side, his pace lets him down badly. As for his interaction with the fans today; well it wasn't very clever.
  3. To some extent, that is part of the point about supporting the players during this run of results. I think that we all agree that the situation isn't down to them alone.
  4. Once again, the football on show was very difficult to watch. There is no doubt that our style of football does not make for an entertaining Saturday afternoon, even if we were getting results. Pair the performances with the current run of results and it becomes very hard to take. However, booing misplaced passes, booing the team off at half-time, booing them off at full-time and having a go at individual players will do nothing to build confidence on the pitch. Is it any wonder that some players hide or won't try a pass? The atmosphere at Fir Park is becoming quite toxic. It is time to be supporters in every sense of the word by supporting and encouraging each and every one of the players on the pitch. Let's get right behind them and help dig them out of this rut. Co e on ye Well!!!
  5. Unfortunately, yet another very poor display from a team in freefall at the moment. Let's hope that we can conjure something in the second half.
  6. I've gone for O'Hara because of his impact after such a long time out.
  7. Really enjoyed that today. A really entertaining, good old-fashioned, blood and thunder cup tie with lots of commitment in terrible conditions. Without doubt, thr better team won and Really should have won by a more convincing margin. However, it is the cup so a win is all that matters. We actually had a midfield today that competed and dominated the opposition and a front three that hassled and harried the Aberdeen defence all day long. Well done to every one of the players today. They all played their part in a great win. Oh and thank you Liam Kelly. Let's do it all over again next week to restart our league campaign.
  8. I couldn't make it tonight. Great result though and another clean sheet. How did we play? Any stand out performers?
  9. As a long time Motherwell fan I know never to expect a win. Dundee have made it very difficult for us this season and even though Motherwell have hit a wee bit of form, I don't expect today to be an easy ride. My heart says we'll win, but my head isn't so sure. Stick with the same starting 11 and see how it goes. We now have some quality on the bench that can change games.
  10. Best performance for a long time. Lamie and Mugabi were superb throughout. The high press really worked today. Hearts worked through it very well on a few occasions, but the back line were always there to snuff out any danger. I feel that a big difference today was that the strict three lines of 433 were broken by having Maguire drop between the midfield and back line at times. He was able to break things up as well as provide a link from the back line into midfield when we inevitably won the ball back. An all round very good performance led by the pressing by the front line, industry throughout the team and a masterclass at the back from Lamie. More of the same please!
  11. What can you say about yet another brutal performance. We are by far the worst team in the league to watch. Every other team appears to be technically better on the ball and better at moving off the ball. Our brand of football is awful to watch. We are outplayed every week. It is a small miracle that we have the points that we do so far. I long for a game where we dominate possession and look like a well drilled, capable team.
  12. The conditions are not too bad. St.Mirren seem to be coping just fine. Reality is that we can't pass the ball and we don't have movement to help each other either.
  13. Another shocking display so far where we offer nothing. Practically a 7 man defence for the whole of the first half. 25yards from midfield to front line. No hope of winna second ball or joining the forwards if they manage to hold it. Only Watt showing anything in the front line. Something has to change at half time or our losing streak will continue.
  14. I'm not a big fan of Donnelly, but he made a really big contribution when he came on. His composure and simple, accurate passing saw us start to get on the front foot a bit.
  15. Exactly that. I'm hoping that we'll see some more football played through rather than over the midfield at some point this season.

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