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  1. I agree with a number of people posting on here. I actually like the top, but it really isn't Motherwell. Give me an all white strip with some claret and amber trim every time - very smart.
  2. MFCL84

    Stevie O'D

    What a game O'Donnell had tonight. Top class! Well done Stephen O'Donnell.
  3. In many ways it is the season that never was. Watching the whole season unfold on TV, with no fans at the games and no atmosphere has highlighted how poor the quality of the Scottish game has become. There was very little quality football played and not very much to get excited about. Let's hope that next season sees better football played, with fans in their seats creating an atmosphere that motivates the players. COYW.
  4. The passing on display tonight isn't even up to the quality of a wee kick about with your mates.
  5. A 5 yard pass that he managed to turn into a 20 yard pass out of play. Ridiculous lack of quality on display.
  6. Great set play with the camera man there.
  7. Dundee United players dropping like flies with cramp. This game will never end.
  8. The way Motherwell are playing football is no longer a team game.
  9. Haven't said it very often but that was poor by Kelly there. Poor defending to give someone such a free shot from the edge of the box but Kelly should have got down to that one.
  10. I would have given it to Lamie but for a 10 minute spell in the second half where he made a few errors. So, Foley for me because he brought some composure to the midfield.
  11. Very good result and a decent all round performance. As always there are a few things to improve on, but a good few positives today. Well played Motherwell.
  12. Really well played by Cole.2-0
  13. I recall seeing that, but it puts a hell of a lot of pressure on the centre backs.

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