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  1. MFCL84

    Where are the bois?

    It is great that the bois bring an atmosphere, but it must be the right type of atmosphere for it to encourage others to come along and support our club. Needless to say, the behaviour at Accies is not going to encourage people along to Fir Park.
  2. Great 3 points when they were really needed. Well done to the team. The January window will be interesting. We definitely need to add some creativity to the side. Goals coming from set plays today, it didn't look like we'd score from open play. Frear put in plenty of crosses, but we never looked likely to get on the end of them.
  3. I thought we did well today without creating any threat. Certainly much better than the previous showing against St. Mirren. It would have been interesting to have seen how it would have worked with Frear sitting centrally just behind the front two, but with the early injuries any game plan was scuppered very early on. Tait was excellent, Grimshaw provided a driving force pushing the team forward when the opportunity arose. The team as a whole gave it a go, even when at 10 men. However we have very little creativity so scoring is going to be very difficult regardless of who is up front. I don't know the stats for the game today, but I can't recall the Killie keeper having a save to make. We have definitely lost the physical edge that we had last season. Killie aren't the first team to out-muscle us recently. They certainly looked faster, stronger and technically better, but until Motherwell were reduced to 10 men they didn't create anything.
  4. MFCL84

    Kilmarnock Man of the Match

    Richard Tait was outstanding today. Put Boyd in his pocket and worked every blade of grass across the backline today. Excellent display. Well played Richard Tait.
  5. MFCL84

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    It isn't where we sit in the league that is my main gripe, it is the manner of play. There is surely a requirement to entertain the home fans as well as stay in the league.
  6. They surely practice head tennis. Some very competent series of keeping the ball in the air.
  7. Oh dear, oh dear. Wasn't that an absolutely shocking performance? Unfortunately it is just one of many so far this season and there is no doubt that there will be more of that standard to come. Entertainment value for the paying customers is NIL and I've said it before, continuing to produce this level of performance will lose fans and Well Society members. Like many who have posted today I was baffled by the formation and tactics. The team seemed to line up as 3:2:3:2 with no width. Why would you do that and then proceed to "punt and foul" your way through the game? Surely if setting up to play narrow the ball needs to be on the deck and a pass and move approach taken in order to make headway in the constrained space. There were a multitude of things that I felt were wrong with the way we set-up and played today, but a couple that were particularly annoying were the lack of support for Grimshaw and a lack of movement when Turnbull was looking to make something happen. Grimshaw ran into the corner probably a dozen times during the game today, but wouldn't have had to if there was someone willing to overlap, or show inside to take a pass. He was left to run a loan furrow against a couple of Saints defenders every time. The lack of attacking options when we have the ball in a good position in the middle of the pitch has been evident all season, but was highlighted today on a number of occasions when Turnbull was looking to make a pass; nobody came towards him to draw a defender out, nobody burst through from midfield to give a forward option, nobody ran across the back line there was just nothing happening around him. Invariably he had to go sideways, back or get caught on the ball. Movement, teamwork and organisation can be coached, first touch and passing can be practiced. None of this appears to be worked in training at Motherwell. I can't see what the time is spent working on. The management and coaching staff need to sort that out.
  8. Having just heard Robinson's interview I do agree with him when he said that Gillespie and Gorrin were the only pass marks. I have no idea where this idea comes from that this team can bounce back. If they could bounce back they wouldn't be where they are in the league and they wouldn't lose 7 (seven) to anyone. The player reaction is same old same old. Nobody ever really looks beat up about results like this. All very flat media sound bites. Where is the passion?
  9. Second best all over the pitch today. Livi had more energy, more strength, a greater desire to win, and most worryingly they had players with more ability and better technique. This Motherwell team is in bother.
  10. A very solid all round performance today. Comfortable without being exciting, but right now comfortable will do me just fine. Gillespie stepped in and had a fine game. His handling looked very clean. The team held its shape very well throughout generally preventing Aberdeen from getting any real penetration. Johnson will get plaudits for the Goals, but Grimshaw had an exceptional match while everyone else stuck to their tasks very well indeed. An unexpected but very welcome 3pts.
  11. MFCL84

    Dundee Man of the Match

    Turnbull takes the plaudits today. Special mention for Grimshaw who put in a shift today and drove the team forward at times. Cadden also looked more like his old self.
  12. Decent performance, deserved 3 points. Turnbull the pick of the crop with Grimshaw and Cadden doing well. Nice to see a win at Fir Park. Still a lot to do but the biggest problem right now is not having a cutting edge to our play. It will cost us dear as the season progresses.
  13. MFCL84

    St Johnstone Man of the Match

    Turnbull did well for an hour and deserves MotM. I actually thought that Main put in a good shift too.
  14. A team devoid of ideas and options. Punt and chase for more than a season now. This worked when we had a striker that could work from scraps or do it himself but Moult is long gone and so is any goal threat from this team. We may survive but it isn't going to be pretty and it is going to hit our attendances hard. Zero entertainment at Fir Park these days.
  15. Totally agree with this. I just don't understand what plan the manager thinks we're playing to. He may be happy with the way the team are playing, but as a paying punter I can say that I'm not being entertained by anything that has been on show this season. Last season was poor, but tolerable as there were some highs in there, but not this season. I'd much rather watch us lose while trying to play football than lose in this turgid style that will do nothing for attendances or for the progress of our young players.

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