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  1. For once it is a difficult for the right reasons; there were many good performances today. Gallagher, Mugabe, Watt all stood out for me. I'm going for Mugabe this week.
  2. The team did really well today. Defensively solid throughout, just one lapse in 90 mins cost us a couple of points. Only to be expected given the amount of pressure that the back line was under. Rangers had very few clear chances. We do sit far too deep for me, and relinquishing the corner areas in our third, inviting crosses is a dangerous game of percentages. Big Dec and Bevis were excellent in the centre, mopping up pretty much everything, but it is asking a lot for them to win everything for 90 mins. In midfield, I thought that Campbell and Crawford battled well in the first half, but fell away as we got deeper in the second half. It wasn't really a game for Polworth. There was very little opportunity to create, but he was involved in the goal. Up top, Watt and Cole put in a shift, with a well worked goal as a reward. Could be ok with them if they get some service. So, in summary, an excellent point. A much improved performance with some hope for the coming fixtures. Things to work on; I'd like to see us play a bit further up the pitch when under pressure and be much better with ball retention when we get the chance to come out of a pressure situation.
  3. A terrific point. Well done to everyone involved in that effort.
  4. No surprise really. If you keep inviting crosses into your box, then the chances are that you'll eventually lose a goal. Now see it out for a point.
  5. Well played both Watt and Seedorf.
  6. We won't hold out of we keep giving the ball away cheaply.
  7. A couple of excellent chances for Rangers go a begging
  8. A very slack start to the second half by Motherwell. Not unusual.
  9. We really need to do something about stopping the crosses into the box. We are doing well to prevent them getting forward on the flanks, but when they do, we don't press the cross.
  10. Excellent ball in from Carol. Half chance resulting.
  11. A really well worked goal. Now let's see if we can settle on it.
  12. Yes, uninspiring is the word I would use. I hope it turns out to be a master stroke. Just not excited by it at this point.
  13. Not in my eyes. As I watched it live, it was all day long for Mugabe's tackle from behind Erwin. I thought that he clipped his heel as he played through him to get to the ball. I'm happy to be corrected, but that is how I saw it at the time.
  14. I certainly wasn't having a dig at Mugabe for his general play. He had, overall, a very good game. I'll need to see the penalty again, but my initial reaction, even before Madden pointed to the spot, was that Mugabe's challenge was a penalty.

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