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  1. While I am delighted with the result. This taking off all attacking options with 15 to 10mins to go, is not pretty. Its gives the other team the momentum and leaves you sitting in the Cooper watching a match at the other end of the park. I get it that it worked, but I felt at 2 up we should have kept on the front foot and really finished them off. Just my opinion.
  2. If the referees were to apply a free kick for every "wee push", the game would be stopped every two minutes.. No, he made an error, and Motherwell should have been given the advantage.
  3. We've got a song for Amaluzer if he plays. The Beatles " I'm a Loser".
  4. Where did the third one come from?
  5. The boy from Leicester could well be a good signing, but we still need someone in the midfield who can play a pass, and has some vision or we could end up with the hump ball football we were "entertained " with last season.
  6. At least the guy can score with both feet.
  7. Shame about the new guy's name. You'd think when he changed it, he could have thought of something better than "I'm a loser". Just saying!
  8. I guess that's what he negotiated when he was out injured then. Seems fair and probably why MFC kept everything quit. We get his euro money and he gets the contract extension lifted to let him sign for someone else.
  9. We need a playmaker in midfield, somebody, dare I say it like DT, or we will suffer long ball football next season again.
  10. Friend I'll say what I like, and nothing you say will change that. You have no idea where I have lived in the past, so making a stupid statement like that, knowing nothing of my circumstances is pretty sad.
  11. The racist bit is used at every opportunity, because they know people will react to it.
  12. Cammy Murray's brother.
  13. yosemite sam

    Big Dec

    See Gallagher has signed a Pre-Contract with Aberdeen. Hopefully he hasn't got a clause in it after 25 games, or he'll end up being injured again.
  14. My take on it, is we have never had a leader on the park. Declan Gallagher to me, was never Captain material, and I think we have suffered because of it. Hartley might have been slow and at the end of his career, but to me he could motivate the players around him., and that's one thing we need.

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