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  1. yosemite sam

    2018/19 Game 33: Rangers (H) April 7th 12.30pm Kick Off

    We played a very ordinary Sevco team, and made them look good, with all the silly mistakes and wrong decisions we made. I thought we actually played quite well first half, but when you gift the opposition goals like we did, you give yourself no chance.
  2. yosemite sam

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I'm not posting to the world wide web, I can make grammatical errors, Motherwell shouldn't. Check their first page and it's still wrong.
  3. yosemite sam

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    See the main MFC site can't get our new signings' name right. One picture has Ariyibi the other Aribiyi. Come on Motherwell your better than that.
  4. yosemite sam

    2018’19 Game 17:St Johnstone (A) Saturday 15th December 2018

    Sorry Ya Bezzer But you said something that really annoys me. It's commentator speak " defended well enough to just about get over the line". We didn't defend well enough to just get over the line, we got over the line. It bugs me every time I here that rubbish spouted on TV, now were getting it on our forum.
  5. yosemite sam

    2018’19 Game 12: Rangers (A) Sunday 11th November 2018

    The only plus about this is that if that twat Thompson is refereeing a Motherwell game, we can all make some money with the bookies, betting on a red card and sending off.
  6. yosemite sam

    2018’19 Game 11: Dundee (H) Saturday 3rd November 2018

    I think most people can see where the problem is, it's up front. Some games they have not got great service , but when they have, Main couldn't hit a barn door from 3ft, and his pathetic free header against St Mirren just sums it up for me. He should be rested for the next three months.
  7. yosemite sam

    2018’19 Game 11: Dundee (H) Saturday 3rd November 2018

    All the previous posters who mention the fact we have nothing up front are 100% right, that will be one thing that will keep us down where we are. We cannot rely on getting our goals from midfielders or defenders. Yes we will get some as young David Turnbull has proved, but not enough to win us every game. Curtis Main and Ryan Bowman work hard, but they don't have the composure or belief to score goals at present. It's also my understanding that David Turnbulls' contract is up next May, so the priority at present should be to get him tied up for the next three or four years.
  8. yosemite sam

    2018’19 Game 9: St Johnstone (H) Saturday 20th October 2018

    Isn't McHugh suspended?
  9. yosemite sam

    Hamilton Man of the Match

    You can't blame Bigi, when 90% of the time the ball was flying over his head. So gave him man of the match. 5 out of 10. the rest, especially Main, were pretty hopeless.
  10. yosemite sam

    2018'19 Game 1: Hibernian (A) Sunday 5th August

    I'm sorry but Main is absolute dross at the minute. Hasn't shown anything in the games I've watched, and needs to be binned.
  11. yosemite sam

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    At least we didn't sell him to a rival club, and we knew he would go at some point. So a good bit of business all round.
  12. yosemite sam

    Scottish Premiership Game 30 :Celtic (H) 18/03/18 14:15

    I thought the team as whole played well, with one exception. Carl McHugh is trying, but he doesn't think quickly enough, and then rushes passes to the opposition. I would give the guy a rest in next game, as he won't be in the one after that.
  13. yosemite sam

    Andrew Dallas

    Sorry but Mr Dallas Jnr is a person who, because of his families support of Motherwell, bends over backwards not to appear biased towards Motherwell, and ends up being a total arsehole, by giving Motherwell no leeway whatsoever, whereas, as has been pointed out, didn't't book Lafferty, or send of No 66 for a two footed tackle near the end of the game, but books two Motherwell players for their first tackles. You imagine him chalking off the first goal, if it had been Sevco or Celtic. No chance! I will be happy if he never referees a Motherwell game again.
  14. yosemite sam

    The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    Don't even know why we have guys on here saying £325k and he'll be away. I know the player would want a big pay day, but we have the trump cards in this situation. The player has 2 1/2 years of a contract to run. We don't need to sell at this point. There's only 24 hours left in the transfer window. So tell Celtic it's £1m and if they don't want to pay that. Fuck off! I would be extremely disappointed in Alan Burrows and the board if they were contemplating letting him go for anything less, and I would seriously consider getting rid of my shares and my Well Society membership.
  15. yosemite sam

    The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    Tell Celtic to F*ck off unless they offer £1m +. They suck the life out of other teams in the same league, and then complain about the lack of competition. They are scum of the lowest order.

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