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  1. Tait's tried it on. He was offered two contracts which he turned down, obviously trying to get a better one. Covid hits, and he then tries to accept the offer, he had rejected, in the hope the club would just accept that. In the light of the situation, Motherwell quite rightly, in my opinion, adjusted the offer to what they could afford, while still allowing him to go for his coaching badges. Tait took the huff at that, and left for St Mirren's offer. If he can't see the bigger picture, then more the fool him.
  2. Well done both Motherwell and David Turnbull, says a lot about the boy.
  3. The marking and tracking for their second goal was schoolboy stuff. Not good enough, wheels are of the bogey.
  4. I've said enough about Seedorf in past posts, but how that footballer? even gets a place on the bench is unbelievable, it doesn't say much about the quality of the young players in the reserves, if he is the best we can offer. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see him prove me wrong, but I just can't see it.
  5. We are starting with 10 men because Seedorf is like playing with a man short.
  6. I am very happy that we got the three points, but bringing on Seedorf put us down to 10 men. He did absolutely nothing and din't even bother chasing back half the time. a complete waste of a jersey in my opinion.
  7. I enjoyed much of the game yesterday, but it would be nice to have 11 footballers on the park. We are playing with nine men and two guys, who at the moment are pretending to be footballers. Hopefully the manager will get improvement out of them, as they are new to the club, but I have my doubts. Do I have to say who they are? I think it's obvious.
  8. Somebody needs to show me what Seedorf and Hylton contributed to the game. The only winger we had with any input to the game was Scott. Seedorf was honking and Hylton never got into the game. But why after scoring a super goal, did we then sit back and let Ross County into the game, I'll never know.
  9. Am I the only one who would like to see David sign the contract he's been offered? He might as well get the increased salary, because when he returns, and plays like he can, and someone offers the right money, he'll get his big money move, because Motherwell won't stand in his way.
  10. With the midfield players we have lost, I could see us going back to hoofball football.
  11. Sorry The African, no one, but me and my son and grandson should get my seats in the Cooper stand. It's my club, it's our ground, I contribute to the club as a Well Society member and shareholder, and the Cooper is designated as a stand for home supporters, no one should be allowed to make me move for any away supporters. Motherwell supporters should come first every time.
  12. We played a very ordinary Sevco team, and made them look good, with all the silly mistakes and wrong decisions we made. I thought we actually played quite well first half, but when you gift the opposition goals like we did, you give yourself no chance.
  13. I'm not posting to the world wide web, I can make grammatical errors, Motherwell shouldn't. Check their first page and it's still wrong.
  14. See the main MFC site can't get our new signings' name right. One picture has Ariyibi the other Aribiyi. Come on Motherwell your better than that.
  15. Sorry Ya Bezzer But you said something that really annoys me. It's commentator speak " defended well enough to just about get over the line". We didn't defend well enough to just get over the line, we got over the line. It bugs me every time I here that rubbish spouted on TV, now were getting it on our forum.

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