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  1. yosemite sam

    Big Dec

    Think about the sequence of events here. Declan Gallagher has not been injured since joining MFC. Paper releases info about a supposed clause in his contract that will mean he would have to sign an extension to his contract after 25 games. 24 games into his career at MFC, Declan Gallagher is injured for the first time in his MFC career, meaning he won't reach 25 games, and trigger supposed extension clause. How convenient, if the clause is there. Gives him or his agent time to renegotiate the removal of said contract extension, and once done, injury can be cleared up and he can start to play again. I don't want to know the ins and outs of his contract, just come out and say the paper information is incorrect, then end of story. We all move on, happily ever after.
  2. yosemite sam

    Big Dec

    Wouldn't you think, if the club knew that this was a non story, they would just have come out and said so, and this would have stopped all the speculation? The fact that they said nothing speaks volumes.
  3. Whatever has happened to Harry Smith, shouldn't he be in this line up, so we can get rid of him as well?
  4. yosemite sam

    Big Dec

    Your entitled to your opinion, and if you believe that Gallagher's injury was real, good on you. But I would never normally be negative about any MFC players, but this just stinks.
  5. yosemite sam

    Big Dec

    Got to agree with wellsince75, but after Gahhagher's phantom injury to allow him time to negotiate the removal of the clause in his contract that triggered the extension, I really couldn't care less what the guy does from now on. His heart isn't in Motherwell anymore, so the sooner he goes the better.
  6. Could it be Polworth, never been played for weeks?
  7. We played right into Killie's hands. Long punts up the park to their tall defence was never going to work. But we did it all game, we didn't try playing any football on the ground. Hopeless!
  8. I think we can look forward to seeing the same team start against Killie. Don't see why the manager would change it.
  9. Sorry, but whether that strip is for charity or not, its horrible, and doesn't say anything about MFC, other than the letters on the front.
  10. You are correct Ian St John had a box built above that dugout when he was manager.
  11. I have a feeling we may see Gallagher tomorrow. Isn't there a an International break coming up? He will surely want to show Steve Clarke that he is fit to play if chosen. Wouldn't want someone else to stake a claim for his position. Or am I just a cynic?
  12. Don't know how he thought that. When I saw the team I couldn't see us getting anything from the game. I would have rather he had put another two players in midfield, and hope for a breakaway goal, or a draw.
  13. You have to ask why we gave these guys contracts, when none of them seem to be fit enough to play. We needed players who could come in and give the existing players competition. Seems like a total waste of money.
  14. I believe that Gallagher does have this part in his contract about triggering an extension, and what is actually happening, is that he and his agent are in discussions with Motherwell about having this removed. Only once this is agreed will we see him back playing for Motherwell. It just seems too much of a coincidence that the "injury" came when it did.
  15. Always have the fear when a team is not winning and then come to Fir Park. We have the knack of giving teams like that a helping hand to revive their form. Hope I'm wrong!

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