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  1. Sadly he is quite bitter towards the club but what a player he was for us
  2. Always look on the briggghhhhhttt side of life .....di di...di di di di di di Come on yorky, keep the faith as Bon Jovi once said
  3. We needed a left back even if Carroll was fully fit, hate seeing players with bad injuries so I wish him speedy recovery. Good to see that Hammell recognises we need players up front also. I have said it before but KVV needs someone pushing for his place. That might help him lift a game a notch as I always get impression he thinks he is undroppable.
  4. Total respect and what a great last game to witness. My dad passed away in 2014 and last game we were at together was panathinaikos Champions league in 2012, obviously didn't win but what an occasion
  5. I felt sorry for everyone that went to Sligo but jeez for utd fans in Holland a total nightmare, at least they might get chance to shmoke some pizza!! Lol
  6. To quote the old guy at end of Indiana Jones and the last crusade,...."you chose........... wisely"
  7. The grizzlyg serious head says now is time for all of us to unite and get right behind Stevie and team. It wouldn't have mattered who got the job, there would still have been split opinion. My dad was a well fan and so glad as it meant he had me going to games since Ajax friendly in 1977 onwards, no fun supporting old firm, always guaranteed a trophy at some point. Supporting Well is a rollercoaster full of lows but by jeez the highs are great (1991 Scottish cup, the cooper years, 2015 play off pumping of gers and plenty more). Let's get the feelgood factor and cut out the negativity at games, yes it doesn't guarantee success but it's all part of the experience supporting this great club....... COYW
  8. Appreciated, I was getting too complacent!! Lol
  9. He was and am no happy!!!! Grrrrrrrr lol
  10. Is a winger, good player so worth a punt
  11. A Well Win or Hammell can get tae....... Yes...I am joking..... COYW
  12. Don't think it's case of club folding in, yes some of the fans in past few months been ridiculously OTT but change was needed, this wasn't just about Sligo, it is whole of 2022 form, etc etc. But everyone has their own views. Hammell certainly saying the right things and hopefully will back them up with results and good signings. I will certainly give him the time to hopefully achieve this..COYW
  13. As with every appointment it will divide opinion but what we do have is a manager that knows the club inside out and already identified the problems we have. What we as fans need to do is give him a chance and realise this isn't going to be a quick fix. Let's get right behind him and the team and cut out the idiotic shouts at games. So many "experts" at the games that seem to know what team should be doing. Happy enough with Hammell but seems safe option from club but I am prepared to give him a chance, a man that played over 500 times for us and one of the all time legends....COYW
  14. If that was case would Hammell be happy taking charge of a team for a job he didn't get? Again let's just see what happens
  15. Actually quite pleased about that, maybe just a confidence thing but comes across as arrogant and fact he left kelty with no job lined up seemed to suggest he expected offers to flood in.
  16. I would take big Malky no probs, good record down south and doing a very good job at Ross County
  17. Instead of Bevis can we get big Shaun "Heid" Hutchinson back for one game? His last game for us in 2014 up there was memorable.....as was Craig Reid's winner from 5 inches
  18. Hoooo get your own suggestions!! That's what I said!! Lol, only joking pal
  19. Fact Simo keeps applying tells me how much he wants to make a go of this. I am warming to the idea and yes with Hammell no.2 and put Brian Kerr in charge of academy. See what happens

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