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  1. I hope you are right, please
  2. grizzlyg

    Big Dec

    Hey no problem and totally agree about Lamie, has taken loads of terrible pelters this season but has stuck at it and proved that when playing centre half isnt as bad as first thought...COYW
  3. grizzlyg

    Big Dec

    I never said Dec shouldn't be playing ' I just referred to fact that lot of discussion but at end of day he is gone soon, yes I dont rate magloire but ye never know , big Rikki taking loads of pelters but is slowly changing opinion..COYW
  4. Been big GA fan and impressed with his record , looking forward to seeing his new signings but genuinely concerned if he tried to sign magloire.
  5. grizzlyg

    Big Dec

    Big Dec is on his way so getting boring now, let's focus on our own players....COYW. PS. In other news my mate was at a sperm bank earlier, lady asked if he would like to masturbate in the cup, he replied 'I said I'm good but I'm not ready to compete in a tournament yet!!!', fang you very much
  6. Callachan was awesome for hearts in cup quarter final in 2018 when he dummied the corner that led to our first goal.
  7. I am amazed you could understand what Mellon was saying, certainly didnt go to the Stuart Armstrong school of politeness lol
  8. If only we would turn up for first half of games!!
  9. Why not try some youngsters tonight instead of the likes of magloire who is basically a fast Zak Jules
  10. grizzlyg

    Big Dec

    Could be good shout, with Broon or Davidson taking over
  11. Great gesture from the club but I wont be telling Mrs Grizzly I am over £300 better off. I just hope this doesn't come to the detriment of the youth academy, i would hate to see costs cut there, i want us producing our own players......anyway...COYW!!
  12. My former work colleague a st midden fan and he says foley would do a great job at centre half. Maybe worth a 1yr deal
  13. Kelly defo and although being a critic early on McGinley definitely improved and brings a lot more going forward than Carroll. Lamie definitely improved and pleased for him as some of the stick he has taken has been OTT. Apologies to Robbo fans but I feel big difference is simply playing players in correct position. Still need about 4 or 5 good additions in summer...COYW
  14. If things are going bad then only positive change is watt, we have 3 central defenders, a defensive midfielder and a left back
  15. Fair do's pal, respect your opinion
  16. A win tomorrow would be magic, anyone that reads my posts will know that apart from the honking jokes will know that I am huge fan of giving youth a chance, we are now safe but still we wont give youth a chance as money depends on final league position. Now no offence to Crawford or magloire but why cant we give Cornelius and devine a chance?, again just my opinion folks....COYWN
  17. That would be class!!, also st midden cheated tonight as they played Zander Clark in goals tonight!! Lol
  18. Hope Saints pump St Midden in semi, couldnt bear seeing Goodwin lift trophy. For all his whining I would like to see how many pens they have had this season. Ps. Anyone notice Billy 'Benjamin Button' Thomson on killie bench? He hasn't changed a bit
  19. Fair do's pal, I should have said players from down south, my head was scrambled after watching line of duty!! Lol
  20. Whoops....I stand corrected...ah well as meat loaf once said 2 out of 5 ain't bad..lol
  21. St johnstone an example of what can be achieved, 5 players through youth academy (tanser, clark..Gordon.. kerr...mccann), 2 signings from championship, rooney and McCart (we signed white), and good experienced pro's,..Craig...Bryson.. Conway. Maybe the non league model needs to change
  22. Glass looks shattered, went up to opposition dugout and said 'yer twisting my Mellon man'

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