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  1. Is that Dave Mackay next to the Saint?
  2. Very sad news, again before my time but my dad told me countless stories about him and the Ancell Babes
  3. Apologise in advance but if my bad jokes can inspire the lads to another vital victory then here goes................'My wife’s leaving me because she says I put my love of tennis before her. She said it was such a shame, after 14 years. I said, “It’s 15, love”
  4. Was a shocker, goodwin has a cheek moaning about penalties, that was even softer than the one they got against us
  5. First win on a saturday since Oct 31st!!! Jeez!!, hope we are all celebrating tonight
  6. If the corny jokes can keep the good run going then I make no apologies.....well only to Mrs Grizzly lol
  7. So Jack Ross....your verdict today?....'My hearrrrrrttttt is bro ken my hearrrrrrttttt is bro ken
  8. Hmmm I wouldn't say excellent but anyway that's for another day, hope his sore head is ok and celebrating like all of us tonight
  9. Irvine Welsh, The Proclaimers, Dougray Scott, John Leslie, ......Your boys took a helluva beating!!! COYW
  10. Lamie being played in his natural position which makes huge difference
  11. Need to get guy from 'a view from the terrace' to slag more of our players as he gave Roberts pelters last week
  12. Great result, a massive 3pts......awwwww f**k, it's only half time. COYW
  13. Hope jake is ok, yep not a fan but jeez is better than mcginley, gives me the fear but hopefully can have solid performance
  14. Never rated him but a free kick winner today and I will forgive him
  15. Would take a point now but a win would be massive especially if Dun utd and st Mirren could do us a favour.....COYW
  16. Heyyyyyyyy. Ah'll do the jokes lol
  17. Wish club would stop the cringeworthy Facebook posts when it's a players birthday, though today was a surprise as its Chris Longs Birthday and he was smiling!!!
  18. I have trained you well Young Jedi ...lol
  19. Maybe our tactic that worked tonight is start playing guys that after named are Scottish food products.....Crawford (biscuits), Campbell (soup), Rikki Scotch Lamie and Tony McKellar Watt!!!, if only we had a playmaker called Andy Kwenchy Kup !!! Lol
  20. Has the new dawn started. If yes I apologise in advance folks as the bad jokes might be working Heh he
  21. A good point and stops the rot, think Polworth and long will struggle to get back in team as we need grafters. Crawford ar least gives you that and well done Lamie......he gets absolute pelters ( including from me at times) but he was solid tonight

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