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  1. Nice picture and interesting match details. Sad that no film footage seems to have survived, but not surprising given the result. Fortunately, none survives of the next round tie against Airdrie either. *Bites carpet*
  2. We started like Brazil and ended up like Burnbank Athletic. That second half implosion was quite something and surpassed even the embarrassing, panic-ridden meltdowns we witnessed during McGhee's second tenure. I can only hope that performance will prove a massive kick up the jacksy for every one connected to the club. Of course, we had to reserve that performance for a) Accies and b) a larger crowd than normal with potential newbies who will probably never darken our door again. What a boot in the Haw Maws...….
  3. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooft! That is all! (But has Yodo been on the cherry liqueurs?)
  4. Cue a whole week of Sevco bleating about refereeing decisions going against them and it could be a frustrating afternoon for us. All depends on the calibre of the referee *holds head in hands*. The trick is to not give a flying fruit bat, faites vos jeux and have a right go at the imposters. COYW!
  5. Thought it was just me seeing Berra doing foul shies and yard-stealing. I was assured by the intelligentsia around me in the POD that foul shies are cool, like squinty throw-ins at scrums. As for Steve MacLean, he's always been a diver and whiner and suits Hearts perfectly. The atrocious offside decision today could have cost us dear on another day. Three wins in eight days is excellent and we can rest and get ready for The Hens next Sunday. No reason we can't go one better than The Mutton Molesters.
  6. Sigh. In half a season he's already contributed ten times more than Vigurs ever did, in my opinion. Terrible winning 4-0 when not playing great, innit? Must really piss you off.
  7. I can't remember an easier win against the Tractor Boys for years and years. Defensively there are usually "robust" and "streetwise" but they were pretty poor in the air and looked a whipped team by the end. Tommy W will be worried. Thought our play out of defence was poor in the first half, with simply not enough movement from midfield and the forwards but a wee bit of skill from Hylton made the difference for the cross to Cole. Hartley went early for Polworth's corner but seemed to jouk round the back and readjust for the regulation "bullet header" but would have to see it again to be sure. Really enjoyed the last goal: O'Hara's head flick was excellent and an amazingly cool finish from Christy Manzinga, walking anagram and potential Moultenator II.
  8. Or Steve "Leave The Foot In" MacLean, for that matter, currently bumping along the bottom of the puddle that is Hearts reserves. I expect another nail-biter and a narrow 2-1 win for The Orgasmatrons (that's us, btw). Looking furrit tae ma pie, tbh.
  9. Accies wore the Chooky Hamilton’s racing colours of cerise and French grey between 1908-13. Their red and white hoops may just be a more proletarian version. I think it’s believed by the club that it copied Bradford City’s colours and yoke after they won the FA cup before WW1 and changed to stripes later when the English club did too.
  10. Andy Weir (thought it was Pat Quinn for a moment, the pre-Iniesta Iniesta) and Alex Scott of RFC? Referee unknown to me, although I may have shouted at him. Any date or score, UBH?
  11. Good news for Declan? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50376122
  12. Normally, I would regard this game as a forgone conclusion but I have to agree with TWF: an all-out effort and an Italian Celtic hangover could just deliver us a draw or better. If only Turnbull were available to slot home the 89th min. winner.....
  13. For what it's worth from BBC Sport: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50280778 In other words, no-one's got a clue but let's keep the crock of crapola a-stirring. That's why they're called churnalists.
  14. Just the kind of shitfest many feared but we scraped it where last year we would have dropped points. No sympathy for the visitors, who worked the referee well but had little creativity. Having said that, I still feared the last-minute sickener from them. Hylton should be fined for his pathetic dive and his replacement Seedorf produced the wee bit of confusion to allow Campbell to hit the winner. Six points on fine margins from the last four days so delighted.
  15. I still think this will be a difficult match against very street-wise opponents. In flashes, Long reminds me of those strong-running English strikers from the 70/80s like Mick Channon but he then reverts to Andy Harrow at the tail end of his career. Both he and Cole need goals and games to improve so here's hoping they get some goals today. Shining Lights 2 Dark Arts 0 but we'll leave it late for number 2.
  16. "By the time we were 40 yards from goal they were confronted by Alessio's schiltrons to repel us." Classic, Kmcalpin: shouldabeen a poet.
  17. Still on pills for me noives after that one and I was ready for the customary last-minute equaliser on the break after one of our moves broke down. Strangely, Hartley and Gallagher won everything in the air yet we seemed vulnerable on the flanks, particularly our right in the second half. Our lack of a quality crosses and passes in what they used to call inside-right and left channels means a lot of our possession is wasted, and even when Long and Cole make runs there they rarely get the ball. That one, wicked cross from Carroll made all the difference. Killie were impressive as a unit and are well drilled and should finish top six. Their support stuck with them and seemed somewhat irate at times. Did anyone see the incident at the big penalty shout in the second half? Hartley seemed to be having a right go at Scott just before the end. Was it because we failed to score with a 3-1 overload? Probably another 90 mins of torture on Saturday. Pass the Kool Aid.
  18. "They first used it in 1912 a year before us. Queen’s paid homage to that top last season." Yes, noticed that: a nice touch.
  19. Thanks, Andy_P. I noticed also that Historical Football Kits does not offer an explanation for the MMs radical change of strip.
  20. The yoke wasn't a popular style in Scotland, was it? We then followed Bradford City in switching to stripes before going out on our own with the hoop, which BC have never worn. I notice they played in our "jester's outfit" for a very short time, presumably before good taste prevailed *climbs off hobbyhorse*. On another non-'Well matter, have you any idea why Aberdeen suddenly switched from black and yellow stripes to red in 1945? Post-war problems producing some dyes and/or striped materials? Other teams seem to have persisted with traditional striped shirts so it's a bit of a mystery. The earlier shirt doesn't seem to have ever resurfaced as a change strip.
  21. Thanks! I enjoyed that all over again. Makes me wonder where that 'Well team would have finished in the current Premiership: some really talented players up against a very strong Rangers team in that footage. When you consider the respective positions of the teams in 1997, if we can get the tactics and attitude right there should surely be some hope for the present team.
  22. This was the game where it all went wrong: a missed penalty, an unfortunate injury to Hartley, a goal lost while down to ten men, a silly mix-up and a freak goal. Aberdeen did not have to try very hard to get their points, which was most disappointing. How important that first goal is... We seemed to lack a leader without Hartley, Campbell looked jaded after Scotland duty and once again we struggled to get behind a packed defence. Without Donnelly our midfield was easily outmuscled. I'm bemused by Robinson's habit of taking Scott off and leaving Seedorf on. The latter achieved nothing yesterday, rarely produced a final ball and for every screamer he has nine Row Zs. Scott is stronger and can actually beat his man, given the chance. With a proper striking partner Long might possibly be effective but Cole doesn't look to be that man. A pity we have to go to Mordor next Sunday after this knockback. I can't see anything but a confidence-sapping going over from The Hens and then only a few days to get the heads up for a well-organised Killie, Aberdeen mini-mes. Given our squad, this will be a yo-yo season as far as our performances are concerned.
  23. I'm expecting an extremely cynical and "robust" performance from the Mutton Molesters, who will hope that Cosgrove can conjure a goal from some scrappy play. Hoping we squeeze a 2-1 win but a lot will depend on the referee *shakes head ruefully*.
  24. And Dundee United from 1969 onwards, when they ditched white and black for tangerine.
  25. That's pretty much how I remember the sequence of events at Celtic Park too. Then cue the fake outrage when young Scott wouldn't play ball. Compare that with the simulation to get Kipre sent off twice and the last-minute penalty for the equaliser at FP in the league game and it was no wonder Robbo seethed at the hypocrites.

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