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  1. Greetings to you, fellow EK-Busite. Thunder and lightning all last night with very heavy rain but don't care 'cos I'm still smiling from Saturday's victory.
  2. Thinking of changing my handle to Tower-Block Mink from Scumville. John Swinburne told me that after Kirky's shot gave us a cup win at Pittodrie in 1991, a fur-coated "lady" in the main stand told him she hoped that they shut Ravenscraig on Monday. Always remember Pittodrie means "farm of the dung-heap" in the Gaelic. IIRC Aberdeen fans were even banned from the Social Club in Edward Street for offensive behaviour.
  3. I think that's why I got so down about Alexander's soul-less approach, and I mean really down. A few posters were talking about Motherwell fan "romantics" up-thread, I think, so I'm certainly one of those and frankly I've been deeply embarrassed by our performances since the New Year, the worst in my view since Tommy McLean's first season, when he was struggling with almost no money and a limited squad. Actually, I'm less worried about our squad than I was even a week ago: amazing what happens when you play players in their natural positions, try some pass and move combinations and go forward whenever the opportunity arises. If we can nail down a serviceable LB and a forward to assist/push KVV, things might be better than we thought in that area. Listening to SH's pre-and post- match comments has restored my faith in our club and football generally. Blood and snotters next week against Livi so a different kind of game for Stevie to plan for. And so we go on.....
  4. Delighted for Hammy, and the players who responded so well to his complete change of philosophy. He has given us some pride back. It's always great to see a team fight back from being behind too: shows the new spirit in the team I hope.
  5. Or Paul Gallico: The Poseidon Adventure? Hoping Stevie can flip us up.
  6. Also the club could build up a wad of cash for the January window from his swear box (apparently).
  7. Yes, I'm pretty sure The Return of Robinson story began here as a joke but was then regurgitated by that other long-running joke, The Daily Record. Curiously, my wife's hairdresser's son's pal saw Ancelloti having a roll and sausage in Tim Horton's (Windmillhill St branch) yesterday.
  8. If he's still here on Sunday and the 'Well Rejects XI beat us I can only imagine the scenes. This humiliation will live long in the memory.
  9. Maybe it's an EK Branch (Jim Henderson bus) thing. IIRC you were a fellow traveller at one time with the inimitable Blyth at the wheel of the Letham's coach. Now it's the manager driving me round the bend .
  10. Other expressions might score more points but would also attract the ire of the moderators. In any case, I feel your pain .
  11. Pretty much my feelings but more articulately put than I can possibly muster in my present state of utter pissedoffidity. My first 'Well game was in 1962 but I can't remember feeling so low and frankly embarrassed about our performances in all those years. Perhaps age gives you a different perspective but my God I can't bear to hear the manager's post-match crapola any longer. Our squad looks even weaker than last season if anything and there has been no move so far to address the most obvious weaknesses at CH and striker. It's not as if GA has just arrived in post either : he's had plenty of time to analyse weaknesses and attempt to address them. There's a feeling of drift and powerlessness in this situation from a supporter's perspective which I find genuinely alarming.
  12. Yep, the 3-1 victory against a full-strength Spurs side (Pat Jennings, Alan Mullery, Martin Peters, Martin Chivers, Alan Gilzean et al) in the Texaco Cup was a wonderful night, particularly since the Londoners scored early on at Fir Park to take a two goal lead on aggregate before Heron, Donnelly and Watson turned the tie around in a thrilling comeback. And then Peters made a complete graceless prat of himself by whining that 'Well were "all muck and nettles". The thought of us facing a full strength Tottenham Hotspur team now makes the blood run cold, mind you.
  13. You forgot some of Baldy Shaw's opposite numbers over the years .
  14. I think that all that Rangers' tosh dates back to this incident. I should archive it but can't be bothered: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2839697/ryan-jack-cedric-kipre-rangers-motherwell-tackle-blast-wreck-career/ Oh, the irony of that wee stumer complaining about a bad tackle! Big Ced was hard but fair and is far too good for The Hens. It seems to be A Thing with their fans, though: I even got chinned about it at a Burns Supper once a random True Blue discovered that I supported MFC. Admittedly, I made things worse by saying I didn't even know who Ryan Jack was but Kipre was already a legend. Cue much gnashing of teeth. They're a strange bunch, soantheyare...
  15. Yes, I was forced to agree with Simon Jordan yesterday when he said the game had zero morality or integrity as a business. It certainly looks like it the way the "elite" clubs continue to try to bend the rules to increase their wealth and influence at the expense of the rest.
  16. Exactly so: those who think VAR will automatically reduce the number of decisions favouring the Old Firm will probably be disappointed. England has had the system for a while and there is no shortage of controversy about decisions made following a VAR review, some of which to me seem inexplicable, despite all the technology and time taken to analyse the incidents. It's still a human making the final call, not a computer. It's not a panacea unfortunately and some may conclude that Messrs Collum, Madden, Dallas etc, however flawed as referees, are at least relatively cheap alternatives.
  17. "Motorway snoozer": . That'll teach you for speaking to McGhee!
  18. At least that gave me a laugh!
  19. A convincing and persuasive analysis, JWFC, and I thank you for it but it only persuades me that the manager is pretty clueless and stubborn to the point of self-destruction. If the board wait until the season is over I suspect it will be too late by that time. As some older 'Well fans have said, the signs for GA are ominous when you consider the dire lack of quality of the teams he has selected to play (but not necessarily of those he has brought to the club). Those seeking consolation that we are losing narrowly but not being "pumped" could look at the side relegated in the late 60s: IIRC we lost a significant number of games then by the odd goal but were seldom humiliated. Yet the split offers another avenue to relegation by introducing head-to-head desperation games in a situation redolent of Hibs in 2014 and Dundee in The Noughties, when they narrowly missed the top six and then collapsed after the split. I see little merit in the manager's approach and organisation: a sterile long-ball philosophy, a lack of a cohesive and functioning midfield, clueless wide defenders, vulnerability in central defence and an excruciatingly long-winded and delusional analysis before and after games. Thank God we have a goalkeeper. We can also see on these pages a significant number of older ST fans who say they have had enough and I too have thought similarly. Even the year we should have gone down in The Untouchables season, we had gifted younger players and IIRC we managed to beat a good few of the top six that season: it was the head to heads below that level which got us into trouble. It will be 60 years next year since I started supporting Motherwell but then it had a wonderful philosophy of playing football at a time when wages were only modestly above the levels of a skilled worker. I know the societal problems are wider and deeper now but it seems there is no vision or imagination at the club and these problems go back further than the recent fan-ownership period. In short, we need a charismatic visionary with an encyclopaedic knowledge of tactics and the UK football market and incredible motivational powers. Does anyone think the board are aware of the task ahead and are able to tackle the problem? I do hope they have someone looking at these pages.
  20. Simple question: can we afford to sack him? And another: who would relish trying to manage this squad in a freefall/relegation situation over seven games? How many people really thought any other result was likely today, given the current "form"? The last minute sickener was exactly what I expected. Under Alexander, we are devoid of ideas, structure, imagination and I suspect the players have just about downed tools. Anyone showing an ounce of creativity is excluded from the team. Example: Woolery (not my favourite player by any means) came on to a bit of form during and after the Ibrox game and then got dropped for no apparent reason. And now a vital game against an ex-manager and several ex-players looms, with all the feeling of inevitability such a situation suggests. Hibs under Butcher is not the only example of a complacent club who thought they could not go down: Dundee in the early 2000s narrowly missed a top six spot when John Sutton played for them and went down on the last day of the season. In England it's often thought the international break can be a dangerous time for an under-performing manager. I doubt Burrows and Co. will actually wield the axe but I dread to think what the reaction will be if Saint Mirren beat us at home on the second of April.
  21. Agreed. I can still smell the yeast from the brewery too but the strip is a classic for auld uns like me.
  22. Consensus in the Brains' Trust section of the POD I sit in was that the players are "playing" to get the manager sacked. What has happened to Ojala since his injury? Chalk and Cheese. Did Delilah cut his hair or summink? He doesn't look fit. I presume Slattery doesn't play because he has talked back to GA or doesn't run around like a headless chicken at training or some such. Alexander seems to be as arrogant as McGhee and sticks with players simply to get up the noses of fans whom he thinks are totally ignorant of footballing matters. He spent most of the second half talking to the match official next to him and ignoring the freely-given advice from the stands . There was a mini-seethe around me when O'Hara was taken off and Donnelly remained and for a second I thought I'd missed an off-the-ball assault or other tasty happening. For about three seconds in the game we had a swift interchange of four passes involving Tierney, Slattery (?) and two others and that summarised the football today. The last two home games have been among the worst I have had to watch in the last five years. If I hadn't bought my ticket for The Leithers already I'd probs go down the bird reserve to spot a godwit next week.
  23. Thanks for the clarification. And I thought Thistle were the darling Bambis of the fitba world cheered on by a well-informed and inclusive hipster/varsity fan-base.......
  24. Perhaps that kind of behaviour began even even further back. Didn't Andy Paton say that he refused to shake hands with anyone after an Aberdeen player had stuck the head on him after the final whistle when he offered his hand? Laughable at the time to hear Ferguson complain that his St Mirren team were roughed up by Motherwell ruffians in that sell-out cup-tie at FP in the 70s too. As a player he was no stranger to the flying elbow himself. There used to be a YT clip of an Ayr v Motherwell match at Somerset where his skills in that regard were obvious.
  25. Samson the possible answer to a GK crisis: things are worse than I thought.

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