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  1. What to you gauge as progression? 2014/15 season - 3 apperances 2015/16 season - 21 apperances 2016/17 season - 42 apperances, called up to the Scotland Under 21 team 2017/18 season - 44 apperances, Scotland U21s and now called up at an international level. When he was injured this season we went on about a 10 game losing streak. He is 21 years old and has played over 100 games for Motherwell. He must be doing something right!
  2. He has just been called up to the full Scotland squad, been a first team regular all season and played in two cup finals...
  3. That can't work everytime though. Nadir is 26 years old, we are in a position to sign him as Celtic are paying him off. If he has one good season with us then there is a chance a Championship side might sign him for £500K . Or he might just stay with us for 3 seasons and get double figures each time. I have seen enough this season to confince me he is a really good player and he also seems to be really happy at Motherwell. He can eat as many Kebabs as he wants, as long as he continues to nutmeg three accies payers in a row then knock it into the pokey.
  4. Ciftci is silky as fuck. Knock a few pounds off him and he will tear defences in the SPL a new arsehole. Some of the stuff he was doing against Hamilton was outrageous and to be honest thats what I want to pay to watch. His rabona pass in the middle of the park against Accies was one of my highlights of the season.
  5. I'd have Nadir back, get a pre season under him and he could be some player for us. Aldred, sign up 100% McHugh, squad player status has been confirmed over the last few weeks, not sure where i see his role in the team. Gutted if Carson goes, but I doubt we have much say in the matter. Will be really hard to replace him. O'Halloran - would be the type of player we need, we lack pace in the side.
  6. Is his nickname Cammy, or is it Campbell Bell? Parents are lazy as fuck if thats the case. Like a Chinese Dingdong Dong.
  7. If Celtic want Carson they will get him unfortunatley, but we are in a strong position to make a massive amount of money on him as they are despereate to get someone in before the end of the day. Would be gutted if he went though as it leaves us in a really difficult postion trying to replace him outside of the transfer window and I am not conviced the defence have much confidence in Griffiths. Could potentially cost us a place in the top six in my opinion.
  8. Brutal stuff. Things I noticed tonight. Big Nadir looks a player. Kipre was the best player on the park. Main looks a handful. Dunne needs to calm down when he has the ball at his feet. Cadden needs to stop trying to cross too early and move the ball to the byeline. Our captain needs to use the ball much better. All in all a decent result against a big Heffer of a opposition.
  9. Id sign him in a heartbeat! No deal as he will charge all other clubs 10k a week, but play for Sevco for free, wee cunt has a habit of doing that with them.
  10. Can we not sign Stevie Naismith? The guy is willing to play for free! Surely if we waft a few buck in his face he wil join us...
  11. The guy has scored 8 goals in three years, has pissed his career up a wall and has a habit of biting people... Would fit right into the current Beast mode Motherwell, where we score fuck all goals and just kick fuck out of people.
  12. Hello Flow, I am a Nigerian Prince with 18 wife's and £200,000,000 in cash. Send me your bank details and I will wire a wife over to you and desposit £25,000,000 into your account. Thanking you kindly Nawanku Chugachoochoo
  13. Bowman looks a different player. Reminds me of higdon.
  14. So if I am reading this right, we have pretty much put together a new team of reasonably young sellable players, kept our best striker and also made £1.5 million in transfer fees and most of that on player not even on on our books. Not too shabby Motherwell FC, not too shabby at all...
  15. I knew a girl at my school who stalked Darren Jackson! She then stalked me a wee bit. I look nothing like Darren Jackson...probably should have pumped her in hindsight, but life's full of ifs and buts.
  16. Let's aim for four sendings off this week and get the game forfeited, it's important we keep a level of consistency, while also improving our card count week on week. Onwards and upwards!
  17. Half time entertainment could be Ravensteel tossing.
  18. Get a dwarf to put on the Ravensteel costume. Ticks the inclusive box.
  19. 2 pages of rumours and heresay! Maybe he just had the runs and didn't want to risk shiteing himself in front of 10,000 people, Theo Snelders style!
  20. Wonder if Celtic might come in for Moult. Dembele injured all the time, griffiths a bit of a liability. 750,000 and throw in Cifti to Fir Park. Sorted.
  21. Can't really grumble at three wins on the trot at the very start of a new season with about half the team being new players. Bit of perspective needed from anyone who is not happy about that. Last nights game was never going to be a walk over based on us changing a lot of the players, it was a plastic pitch and factor in we have the wee group pretty much down up after saturdays win. I still think this season will be a bottom half struggle as I don't think we have the squad size or creative quality to push for top six. Few injurys and we are going to struggle. I hope to be proved wrong though!
  22. Club in a tricky situation with Moult. Sell and we end up with a big wad of cash. Keep and his goals could keep us out of the relegation zone and finish the season with a big wad of cash....
  23. Situation with Jacob Blyth is a tricky one. There is no way we can ship him for doing drugs as there is no proof he did. You can't exactly trust the sun as a pillar of accurate legal information. Might just need to come to some kind of arrangement....

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