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  1. I have seen Les taking a bit of stick now on a few places such as Twitter conversations and cannot get my head around why. He has helped modernise the club, ask the questions that needed asking and move the club onto a more stable footing rather than the cut throat approach we had become accustomed to. Also from what I can see helped Burrows clean up the mess that was left behind from LD's iron grip on club affairs. LD I was told by a few folk was an utter control freak and the club wasn't in great financial shape under her management yet I dont remember a great deal being said at the time.
  2. I was under the impression we had finally nailed the pitch.
  3. The main stand is absolutely gubbed at the end of the day and needs replaced. We've all been on away days to St Mirren and McDiarmid which are out of town with all the car parking and they are bloody murder to try and get away from after a game never mind if your after a pre and post match swally. Fir Park empties well, the traffic moves reasonably well afterwards all things considered and two ends are fine. The atmosphere is also no the worst when it gets going. (and I emphasise the word when). I would rather we invested at home and stayed.
  4. Interesting piece on BBC today with comments from Burrows. Now the major challenge of the debt has been overcome it seems club infrastructure is back on the agenda. Just wondering if a complete move is necessary given the fairly large recent investments that have been made in Fir Park with the pitch, re-roofing the east stand etc. Starting to think we should continue on with making modest improvements as finance allows rather than going for something more ambitious. Full article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/50273546?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR2Smqd-BmBaIT0GiC61EcT_pkxiw_mec1yIg2HTZzZ8kIhTkhJY_TmXI7w
  5. Carson back please. Seedorf just terminate his contract now.
  6. To be honest I have parked for years at the high flats/houses just as you come off the roundabout and go onto Shields Road and never struggled to get a space apart from on a very rare occasion when its a bigger game. Only a few minutes walking difference.
  7. I can't get my head around this as never in a month of Sundays would I go out my way to buy tickets for anyone who supports those two regardless of whether they were friends or family. I assume most people would be the same. I said this to someone earlier - Motherwell FC is obviously fan owned now through the Well Society. The club pay the stewarding company - Securior or Group 4 or whoever has the contract now for their matchday services I imagine a fairly handsome some on an annual basis. If these jobsworths (which alot of them are - not a braincell between some of them) aren't doing their jobs and are reported to the club - the club have to take action as the company are not fulfilling their contractual obligations. Would you pay a window cleaner who turns up at your house and just looks at the glass without doing anything? I suspect not. The Well Society need to be straight with the club board on this and instruct the management to take action - and if the stewarding company don't buck up their ideas they need to lose the contract. I would suggest the club actually need to monitor more closely each stand on games.
  8. Can't blame Gillespie this time. That was criminal defending.
  9. Interesting article in the Daily Record on how young players need to be managed and his take on the Hastie and Turbull scenarios. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/handling-david-turnbulls-celtic-transfer-18788893.amp?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR0vYakZqzO2QypETZQpeiFI0gKhxvDmaWzaW4FEHxTbkok8OJaeQTcKcMA I do have to dispute his comments on Sevco however - they are hardly a "world class club" - don't even scratch the surface!
  10. Macron efforts have been okay in the past other than the daft collar design. I do wonder about getting a more trendy manufacturer though - Aberdeen manage it. I wonder if it boosts sales at all.
  11. Don't the club already own the houses on Fir Park Street that were objecting to full construction back in the day?
  12. How does that set up work? Is the club involved in the management of it?
  13. Aren't you just a ray of sunshine. I see no reason why this run won't continue.
  14. The club have priced this before and the value for money it offers is pretty s#ite going given that the area you would install standing in the punters stand anyway. Main stand investment is needed to secure the future of the club - facilities such as modern changing rooms, medical facilities, corporate suites and the full length of the pitch would make Fir Park every bit as enclosed as Tynecastle. Upgraded facilities could go a distance in encouraging more players in the door, local companies to use the facilities instead of the rotten mob and who knows, maybe new supporters. Obviously any new main stand would need a heated lazy river with an inclusive bar service as that is going to be bog standard moving forward in Scottish Stadia excellence.
  15. A new main stand is something that's going to need done sooner or later. If it was designed to mirror something similar to the Davie Cooper then Fir Park has the potential to be a decent, very enclosed ground as the South and Cooper stands are fine as is the park plus we don't want to end up in a soulless wee shoebox like St Mirren and Airdrie.

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