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  1. See there is chat of us looking at Juhani ojala, center back. Also Jordan Roberts could be heading out of hearts. Would we have him back?
  2. Orinoco


    Shocking news. As many have previously said, a poster and person people respected. He will be sadly missed by all. Thoughts with his family and friends, rest in peace Andy.
  3. The constant running commentary in the media about firstly Gallagher's contract and now possible future club talks to me reeks of desperation from him and his agent. Obviously the big money offers have not materialised as had hoped. He should have resigned as club captain.
  4. can St Mirren still end up in the playoffs ? Killie and County have played each other already I think. Now that would be funny.
  5. at least our new captain for next season stepped up! Where as the imposter stood and watched.
  6. Theres probably groups within the squad headed by an individual. There is a lack of leadership within the squad. Someone to knock heads together and bring the groups together. Something a captain should do. Our captain lacks credibility. He wants away and the squad know it. Who is going to listen to him. In saying all that you wonder if covid restrictions have stopped these groups gelling.
  7. Fine margins again today. Another penalty we dont get, they get the break of the ball. Its been one those seasons where we have not had the rub of the green. Quicker this season is finnished the better.
  8. Dont care if Gallagher is our best defender, he does not want to be at our club. When he was in the team, the defence was just as useless. No player is bigger than our club.
  9. He's the brains behind the players taking the knee to a whole new level.
  10. ML1 I hope your right and it is only bad luck, and that we get bodies and performances back pronto.
  11. Maybe the poor wee lambs are unhappy at the double training stints and Gallagher situation (given they all seem to be his pals) and have thrown the toys out the pram just like Gannon era. The amount of player absences either through injury, illness or disappearing acts is crazy.
  12. all about opinions. No need to be so aggressive. Seen many teams where players have downed tools for many reasons. Our injury list is mental. Surely the injuries cant all be down to bad luck.
  13. Maybe some of those so called injured players are taking easy way out... It would fit with their attitude most of the season, i.e. hiding.
  14. Cash to splash. Would that be the cash saved by reducing their players and staff salaries.
  15. You just know who is getting the referee gig next week!
  16. Chasing games or trying to hold onto one goal leads will more often than not result in us conceding late on. Our experienced professionals continually make poor decisions switch off and dont mark properly.
  17. White comming on did not lose us the points. Poor decisions and marking by our defensive players did. However if we had been more clinical upfront then their would have been no pressure in jnjury time. Utd got lucky today.
  18. Groundhog old firm day. Whats been discussed has been discussed before and will again and again. I don't understand why any of our fans would even raise an eyebrow, never mind lose the head these days. I was going to watch, seen the score, and thought why bother. Life's better that way. Professionalism by footballers in Scotland is questionable. To many I think just dont try against their favourites.
  19. Our record at livi aint as bad as you think. Out of last seven games there we have lost only twice.
  20. Must have been big pay cuts and redundancies cross the club for them to splash the cash on Nisbet and Magennis!
  21. Agree we are brutal. No belief, heart or energy. We are so bad, i feel nothing anymore about this team. Those making up these hand ball laws are having a laugh and destroying the game as any competition. Rather than trying to create we would be as well as firing the ball at the opponents arms! We shoud have had two penalties for a blatant push in the back, and dangerous follow through from their defender on Watt. But as we aint the old firm we are never getting those decisions. Is their any point in following scottish football and motherwell any more? Any decent youngsters we try to bring through are now being snapped up before they even play for the reserves never mind the first team. We are then left to cherry pick with other scottish clubs for the dross that has failed in the lower end of the english leagues.
  22. suppose cup football is all about the result.... still need a midfield tho.
  23. ok whos the dude in goals whats happened to carson??

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