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  1. McManus - Shite Law - Double Shite Long ball to a tiny striker wasn't working, one goal from a set play doesn't change that fact. That said you can't account for a 30 yard rocket.
  2. Appeared to be a scrap in the POD toilets at half time as well as Rangers fans smoking in the bogs
  3. Thank fuck we won. Got to have a dig at Mohsni on tv too so a pretty good day altogether. Now sat at work on the night shift reading all the forums and smiling like feck!
  4. Plenty of sevco fans on rangers media claiming to have busloads of tickets for the main stand, be safe people.
  5. MFC-craig


    That old boy in the middle
  6. It's all well and good criticising the manager but what do you honestly think he could be doing differently? He appears to be trying with the shite at his disposal. The players didn't seem to give a fuck at the start of the season and they don't seem to care much now.
  7. So they were rested for this U-20 match, and they're 3-1 down and Erwin has been taken off with a bad injury. That Worked.
  8. Hollis - Good when called upon Ramsden - decent Hutchinson - Running into players and diving into stupid challenges. bad McManus - good Hammell - shite Lawson - quality Lasley - shite touch too slow ZFA - decent second half Vigurs - quality (MOTM) McFadden - lots of effort, played out the game Sutton - decent in the box, can't play alone Kuban are a far superior team, we were never ever going to be in this game for long periods of time and their quality showed. Balde and Popov ripped the piss. No idea why Hammell played that ball where he did given both Vigurs and McFadden were standing unmarked on the other side of the park both calling for it.
  9. Celtic beat Barcelona, anything can happen.
  10. Picked up two tickets earlier just as that press conference was on, overheard the woman at the till saying they have sold about 5,500 tickets and are expecting more tomorrow night.
  11. Some right pessimistic bawbags on here, for a team the size of Motherwell to be looking close to signing experienced internationals such as McManus and Faddy is a real coup. Experience and ability in abundance.
  12. Don't know if anyone has posted this previously but Faddy is in spain and training with a squad number. faddy

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