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  1. Poor performance from me this week for not starting the MoTM thread. If we didn't have 5 subs in play now I'd likely not even be worth a place on the bench. Lack of focus and commitment.
  2. Hope we're making our players watch the Hibs game tonight, just to reinforce it's never easy.
  3. Imrie doesn't hate us. He loves winding up the section of fans that take the bait every time.
  4. If we're back to 5 subs tonight with up to 9 on the bench we might have 2 keepers on there just because we can (and it helps keep them involved). No surprise for me about Tierney. He was only playing part-time and I'd be amazed if he is up to SPFL speed/fitness yet.
  5. There's certainly multiple factors to consider. Despite what GA said about playing him, I get the feeling TW might have been on the bench more often than not if he stayed. In which case, it was tying up a wage. Also, if GA didn't think he had adequate cover in the striking department, it may have been a different story regarding his release. GA also mentioned they had been aware of the possible situation since the summer and always have counter-signings planned. If there is another signing planned, even if it's not a direct replacement, getting money now might help move things along. Finally, GA and the club might be of a similar opinion to some on here that TW won't be as a big a goal threat at Utd as he was here. It would have been good if TW had waited until the summer to announce his move, but while I'd have liked him to stay, I'm less concerned about losing him that I was about losing Louis Moult, as I feel we are better placed to cope without him. Time will tell.
  6. Given how inaccurate the papers can be when facts are actually available, I have even less faith in any accuracy regarding "undisclosed fees".
  7. Griffiths has well documented off-the-pitch problems that he clearly hasn't been addressing. While I have some sympathy with that, until he takes dealing with them seriously, he's not going to succeed at any club. Unfortunately, that doesn't look like happening any time soon. Dundee was the perfect opportunity for him to show his progress, but all he managed to do was show nothing has changed.
  8. Utd score as many pens as Coleraine managed?
  9. I know some fans think players and clubs exhibit the same level of tribalism you see in the stands, but at the end of the day it's just a workplace. And same as most workplaces, when you leave, your mates and boss usually wish you well and keep being your mates. Our recruitment model continues to be bringing in players looking to boost their career for whatever reason. TW is a great example of someone who benefited from signing for us and someone we can point to when we are looking to recruit the next TW. If we bitch about them after they leave, it's not a good look.
  10. Signed him for free. Got the best out of him. Sold him for a few quid when he was soon to be out of contract. Would have liked it if he had stayed for another couple of seasons, but we certainly did OK from the deal.
  11. Shields can play through the middle, though. But it doesn't really matter what I think. Like I said, if we can convince a team to give us their goal scoring centre-forward in January, then more power to us.
  12. I don't think GA uses wingers does he? Just forwards that play either side of the centre forward and keep rotating - which isn't quite the same thing. He plays the modern game of using full backs to deliver crosses. If we want to find a goal scoring centre forward in January then more power to us, but I'd be pleasantly surprised if there are any avaialble to us.
  13. Now you're making me nostalgic for 70's pitches. (the fact that Wullie P excelled on these makes him even better).

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