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  1. We really missed the energy of Campbell at the weekend. Left back is more of a problem because you can't just stick any defender in there and hope they can adapt. It's a more specialist position - as we have clearly demonstrated. Opponents have sussed that out and it's no coincidence that recent opponents have focused on attacking us down that flank.
  2. I agree they seem to have severely breached the protocols in place, and that there should be an appropriate punishment like awarding points (or even just deducting points from them). I just don't have much faith in the League taking any strong action.
  3. I don't think they'll be quietly dropped. I do, however, still think all that will happen is a token fine, possibly suspended. As Robinson said they other day, the biggest frustration is we've lost a couple of the few opportunities to play these games while this process dragged on. So we'll end up having to squeeze them into a busy month. Something that punishes us through no fault of our own.
  4. I had completely forgotten about Spark. Looking through the internet, I see he died young (43 years old in 1993) after having both legs amputated due to Buerger’s disease; a condition mostly associated with smoking.
  5. From the poster that brought you the thread about Gallagher not being good enough for Scotland. We certainly didn't play our best yesterday, but given the extent of our injuries and Covid casualties, we weren't exactly full strength. With Donnelly and Campbell missing from the midfield and an injury list of left backs that is longer than some teams' starting 11, it's been a struggle to field the same back 3 or 4 in consecutive games. If we played like for a few games in a row, and with Carson, Donnelly, Campbell and Carroll all in the team then questions could be asked. It certainly comes nowhere close to matching our poorest cup exits. In our last 7 league games, we've won 4, drawn 1 and lost 2 (both the the OF). Hardly the form that gets any managers sacked - never mind a Motherwell manager.
  6. The last 2 games have proved, if there was any doubt, how indispensable Campbell is in our midfield. The drive and energy he provides is something we have severely lacked in his absence.
  7. At last, we take a chance from the set piece.
  8. Gallagher and Watt should both have scored. We typically struggle to create against sides that let us dominate possession, and today is no exception. One of those games where we are missing the crowd to inject a bit of urgency into the players.
  9. He didn't even like the actual matches being played on his turf.
  10. Not a complete surprise given the change of circumstances at the club. Leeann was originally hired to assist with the transition to selling a majority ownership to the fans, and then, instead, they sold the majority ownership to the rich businessman last year.
  11. We were in the Main Stand for the game and it was pretty incredible to see Fir Park that full. My two main memories of that game are what a niggly, dirty wee team St Mirren were in those days, and Wullie P's penalty.
  12. It was a classic for many reasons, but definitely not one for the purist. I'm pretty sure the BBC highlights started with the second half kick-off because there wasn't much for the neutral to enjoy in the first half.
  13. I saw his first goal of the season a few weeks ago. It was a classic.

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