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  1. Good job we don't have McGhee in the dugout.
  2. Because Hibs figured out how to plug that particular gap.
  3. 4 points from Aberdeen away and Hibs at home certainly isn't terrible; especially given we had to tweak our starting 11 in a couple of key areas. And 3 clean sheets in the last 3 games is always a plus.
  4. At least we didn't give away a goal. This will be the curse of our good league position - teams coming to Fir Park every week that just want to sit in for 90 minutes.
  5. I was hoping we'd score 2 or 3 this half, but I think I'd be more pleased with a 1 - 0 win from a scrappy goal in the 93rd minute.
  6. Ref is penalising us every time one of our players jumps for a header in the Hibs box
  7. Dodged a bullet there - all because of a slack pass out of defence.
  8. Look at our most dangerous when we inject a little pace into our attacks. Need to up the tempo in and around the box. Hibs look quite happy to play for a point.
  9. Hibs tactics boil down to sitting deep, trying to hit on the break and seeing if they can provoke Donnelly into a red card.
  10. Lots of possession and half chances so far, but no end product. A bit like the game at Easter Road.
  11. They're putting 2 men on him every time he gets the ball - so in theory, that should make space elsewhere we can exploit.
  12. Scott beating Tom James every time he takes him on. Need to take better advantage of that before Jack Ross fixes it.
  13. Commentator saying Louis Moult, Marvin Johnson and Cedric Kipré all at the match today. They would have been a decent addition to the squad.
  14. I saw Illic talking up his game in an interview recently, saying how well he has been treated by the club and his team mates while he dealt with some injuries. So it sounded like he was in the right frame of mind to kick on. Let's just hope his talent matches.

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