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  1. "Wealthy Benefactor" is the financial model we just spent a few years trying to move away from.
  2. Fans say a lot of ill-informed things, but I'd be amazed if there was a single Motherwell player today who didn't play to win that game today.
  3. You can, however, hold more than one thought - even if you're a footballer. It's perfectly fine to hate losing a game, but identify what went well (so you can replicate that positive) and identify the weak points (so you can work on eliminating the negative).
  4. For whatever reason he's been poor since that Hearts cup game.
  5. The Poppy Police will still be investigating, no doubt.
  6. That would basically require buying him out of his full remaining contract - which isn't really the point of that kind of clause. It's usually more of a bargaining tool to let the manager know they won't stand his in his way for serious suitors, while discouraging the chancers who want to poach him for free.
  7. I imagine the buyout clause was part of his contract extension negotiations. A "quid pro quo" to use the popular term of the day. So extending his contract until 2022, but allowing a buy out of 1 year's salary, seems like a decent compromise.
  8. For those that are wondering why O'Neill took the Stoke job: If Robinson is taking over, that gives us plenty of time to find a replacement.
  9. It was a joke. Robinson was Baraclough's assistant at Fir Park. Then Baraclough was Robinson's assistant at Oldham. Now they are both linked to the NI job, it would be mildly amusing if they switched roles again.
  10. So NI Under-21 manager Ian Baraclough to ultimately take over the senior squad with Robinson as his assistant?
  11. Robinson served his apprenticeship with the NI youth squads and assisted O'Neill with the senior squad that qualified for Euro 2016.
  12. Martin Foyle and the structure and resources he was given (not to mention the changed model where we pay fees for players) were all part of the processes Les put in place. When you restructure a business, it's not a one time deal. It's about putting in process and structures that evolve.
  13. Not as bad as Terry Butcher's story about just "taking a holiday to Australia" during the latter part of the season.
  14. Celtic are one of those teams where, if you get your tactics right, you can make a good game of it. Get them wrong, and they can take 4 or 5 of you for fun. So we need to be aggressive, focused and disciplined.
  15. I think the smartest thing the Society did was to encourage monthly direct debits. It's a much easier and more predictable way to bring in funds and reduces the need for regular "please give us a donation" pleas. I'm assuming most people will be happy to let their contributions continue if they can, so that should help keep things ticking over.

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