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  1. Ian St John mentions that at the end of the clip, so I'm guessing your recollection is accurate.
  2. Wullie P's tribute from The Herald.
  3. Here's his FA Cup winning goal (which is as old as me). Plummy mouth commentator calling him "Sinjin" And a Christmas show with a Jimmy Greaves stand-in.
  4. We should be focusing on grabbing that 7th spot, not worrying about what teams below are doing. It's all in our own hands. Can't ask for more than that.
  5. We're not getting relegated. Get over it.
  6. And that's after they fired their bad commentator.
  7. Accies have 2 goals every season in the Premiership. One is to survive and the other is to beat us. The derby has always been more important to them than it is to us. I think most fans, rightly or wrongly, would rather see us beat Hearts for example, than beat Accies in a season. While it's a cliché that the "form book goes out the window" in derbies, it is certainly true. However, we have poor performances across a season - it's just that we notice the ones against Accies for the obvious reasons. Over the years, I have seen us win comfortably against them many times. In fact the last away game I attended was the 3 -1 game at the start of the 2019/20 season where we strolled it in the sunshine from start to finish.
  8. This thread has reminded me that I did see him play in a testimonial. Racking my brains, I think it must have been the "Motherwell Old Boys vs Radio Clyde DJs" warm-up at Joe Wark's game, where he lined up with Wilson Humphries among many others. (If it wasn't that one, it was certainly around that time).
  9. And if you include cup games, he racked up 105 goals in 144 games. Impressive stats in an equally impressive team. Sadly never got to seem him play, but I do remember the season he was manager at Fir Park.
  10. This Fir Park Corner article reckons over 25,000. (Given how we counted attendance in those days, I imagine this is as accurate as you'll get).
  11. As well as being a great player, he was the manager that brought his ex-Liverpool team mate Bobby Graham to Fir Park. And for a long time he had the record for fastest hat trick in Scottish football.
  12. Clubs never reveal their hands when it comes to signings and contract negotiations. Agents are the biggest shysters on the face of the planet. Fans make up wild conspiracy theories based on their own prejudices. No facts were harmed in the making of this story.
  13. They've beaten us once (1 - 0) in the last two seasons. They can't have that many players better than ours.
  14. I agree. It's such fine margins and most teams around us are so close in terms of form and talent, it's often circumstance that can make or break a season. In our case, some early key injuries plus the lack of goals at the outset set us on a bad path. I always said we had sufficient talent to comfortably avoid relegation and I think the Hibs game showed that. A typical "what might have been" season.

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