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  1. I heard the club isn't selling tickets to fans who said they didn't want us to qualify for Europe or who said they'd rather watch us play in the Betfred Groups* So there will be plenty to go around. *why are you looking down here? Do you really need me to say that's not true?
  2. Robbos boy is just excited because he gets a tenner discount on the early bird special for his Young Adult ticket.
  3. I invest lots of money in my predictions so I can get a massive tax break. I'm really in the non-prophet business,
  4. I usually give up reading this thread over the summer and just rely on official announcements instead. But here are my predictions: There will be some players staying on that some want to punt. There will some players leaving that some want to keep. There will be a few signings of players we've never heard of. Some of the new signings and loans won't arrive until we're a few weeks into the season (that will freak some out) Cheers Nostradamus
  5. weeyin

    Chill out time

    You need a title something like "19 Incredible Ways to Chill out This Summer. You Won't Believe Number 12 is Even Legal !!!!"
  6. "You can't move a UK tax liability offshore" sounds like something you've read on the internet without having much clue as to what exactly that means in relation to Boyle and his companies, personal wealth, football club ownership debts and if he had any overseas interests in his portfolio. Once you and Robbos boy have figured out how Boyle saved himself money maybe you can share the details. If you think Accies selling their old ground, pocketing the funds from the sale, pocketing millions from the sale and add-ons from McArthur and McCarthy and getting sweetheart deals from the district council in office rentals while setting up dodgy sponsorship deals is in any way similar to Boyle's tenure at Fir Park then more power to you both. I'll leave you both to your high finance discussions. I'm out.
  7. Well I know that spending a lot of money leaves you with less in your bank account than not spending a lot of money. If that means I'm more fiscally clued up than you, then yes. I wouldn't make claims about being older and wiser because an old, wise person would never do that.
  8. Putting aside the 2 draws at Ibrox this season, in the 70s, 80s and 90s Rangers and Celtic were in various states of financial crisis and we even had Aberdeen and Dundee Utd win the league (and Hearts blow a title chance when they should have won it). There was a financial disparity between the clubs, but not nearly as wide as it is now. As someone who grew up in an era of 70s, 80s & 90s you will have witnessed the restructuring of the leagues, the re-structuring of the prize money and tv money and the restructuring of the gate money from 50/50 to home team keeps everything. All these things were instigated by the OF with the sole intent of making them richer and ensuring the gap between them and the rest of us widened to the extent it would be impossible for us to compete. The rest of the clubs, including ours, bent over to accommodate them because they were scared the OF would leave the Scottish League. It happened everywhere of course, from the EPL to the Champions League. All of it designed to keep the rich richer and reduce actual competition. It could be changed, but nobody in Scotland has the balls to do it. So at least for my lifetime I don't expect we'll be able to offer much competition at Parkhead and Ibrox when they can pay individual players more in a year than our entire salary budget.
  9. It's still hilarious that you think losing 10 million in a football club investment is somehow better than moving your 10 million to an offshore company and making a profit from it. (Or even just paying tax on the 10 million). Looking forward to your detailed insight into how those sums work.
  10. I'd be happy to see him back too - we missed him the second half of the season after we sold him. If he does move, though, you just know it's odds on he goes to Paisley.
  11. Turns out Celtic are quite good. Thoughts and votes please...
  12. And Maguire, I hope. And presumably Mahon.
  13. I agree about the left back situation, but when we've lined up with a conventional back 3 and O'Donnell and Carroll as wingbacks, we've actually been pretty solid. Well apart from when Ojala has been moving at walking-pace. We definitely need a back up for van Veen. Our other strikers have different styles and when KVV isn't playing we really miss his hold-up play. Every season I also say we need another creative midfielder, and this season is no different. A fit Goss has been an improvement, but again, we need more than one choice to be available. Wouldn't mind Reece McAlear making a return to Fir Park.
  14. He doesn't need to leave the club to step down from his current position. Just take on a different role.
  15. St Mirren are just training him up for when Burrows decides to step down. I get the feeling he'll be back in our board room at some point.

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