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  1. weeyin

    Tony Watt

    Watt's heading in the right direction for another call up, but if there's one thing you can count on with Steve Clarke it's that he likes to stick with what he has. And given the result from the Austria game, he was never going to deviate far from that set of players. While that's tougher on guys like Watt trying to get into the squad, it's better for guys like O'Donnell who Clarke trusts to execute his game plan (regardless of what some people on here think of him).
  2. There's a difference between a long ball and a pass. That was definitely a pass.
  3. Going for Slattery again. Partly because of his overall performance, but also because a goal-scoring shot that's so pure the ball doesn't spin is a thing of beauty. (Or I would, but it won't let me vote).
  4. weeyin


    Bottom line is, there are many posters on here that don't rate him - which is fine, we all like/dislike different players. The "looking for things you don't like on social media" is just 21st century villagers and pitchforks with very selective standards. If Tony Watt is spotted in the crowd at the Celtic game on Thursday, there will be a sum total of zero outrage because, just like his texting with Liam Boyce, has no bearing on how well he plays for us.
  5. weeyin


    A quote from Tony Watt this week about the Hearts game: Is this OK, or should we be punting him too, because it sounds like he is trying to help Liam Boyce score goals?
  6. Watching the EFL highlights show, it's amazing how many players from those leagues that have made appearances for us. Just in the last segment alone, Callum Lang with one goal and one assist for Wigan and Conor Grant (remember him?) scores a late pen for Plymouth Argyle. Quickly followed by Chris Porter slotting a pen for Crewe.
  7. That result means we've taken more points from our last six games than any other team.
  8. weeyin

    Tony Watt

    Considering our struggles to find Scottish strikers to play at international level, he's definitely worth a look. He offers something different to Dykes and Adams, and that can be an advantage. He needs to maintain his levels, though.
  9. His quote from yesterday regarding scoring and celebrating his goal - "Words can’t describe how this feels, it just feels like home here"
  10. I don't know what the goal tally will be, but I reckon 1 - 1 on red cards is a decent shout.
  11. He's been involved every week. Works hard on and off the ball. Good tackler. Never wastes a pass, has a footballing brain in his head and can take care of himself when things get physical.
  12. If we can get Goss and Slattery fit at the same time, that should give us some quality in the midfield.
  13. Agree about the performance. It's a good sign, however, that GA has instilled a mindset (and a shape) that is getting results while we look for improvement.

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