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  1. I agree with DELLWELL. At the time, it looked like nothing more than a big forward instinctively reacting to a unexpected loose ball. The forensic analysis afterwards show it was a foul, but I don't think there was any intent in this one.
  2. Is that what passes for banter in the Main Stand these days?
  3. There was certainly a lack of creativity from both sides on Saturday. Bigi wasn't at his best, and right now, we don't have anyone that can step up into that role when he's off the boil. I thought Johnson was off the pace too - although his game depends on chances being created. We didn't stretch them enough at the back and had nobody capable of that killer pass to open them up.
  4. weeyin

    Hearts Man of the Match

    Aye, he's been guilty of what used to frustrate me about Stephen McManus. Would be extremely solid for 95% of the game then switch off for a minute and cost us a goal.
  5. I thought we handled the big strikers (Ikpeazu in particular) very well.
  6. You're not paying attention. I'm drinking Guinness in the sunshine. The fact you're beelin' is just a bonus.
  7. I'm guessing that sounded funnier in your head The international break has left your trolling a bit rusty.
  8. We can take heart that if that shower are unbeaten at the top of the league we aren't far off the pace. Also - our new backup keeper is better than our last 3 or 4 backups. Best of all, though, is that it's only half past two here and I'm enjoying a Guinness outside in the sunshine. Perspective and all that.
  9. weeyin

    Hearts Man of the Match

    If it hadn't been for his hospital pass to Carson, McHugh would have had my vote.
  10. Hey! My BB team didn't have everyone chasing the ball. That's just insulting!
  11. Well that was disappointing. There were points there to be taken, but we lacked the edge up top to take them. The comedy goal we gave away didn't help. Once again, a 1 goal margin of victory in this fixture.
  12. Looks good on my big telly. Not as high quality as the ESPN stream I get for the English games, but decent enough. The sounds quality is a bit tinny, as I think they are just streaming the Mixlr feed.
  13. Main stream has been working fine for me (except when we had a 10 second pwer cut). Are we winning on the backup stream?
  14. Today it is. For away games they use the away teams' commentary team and for games like the Rangers one we had the BBC commentary.

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