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  1. Eh? I'm in the "back to haunt us is a pure myth" camp. (Unless you were joking, in which case I'm in the "back to haunt us is a pure myth, but I'm a bit gullible" camp. I agree that whoever finishes 11th is almost guaranteed to stay up. The play-offs were designed to massively favour the Premiership team. As long as we don't make too many changes to the team, I think we'll win this by the odd goal or two, even if wee Al is still out injured.
  2. weeyin

    Big Dec

    Surely Wee Al was played with the agreement he'd come off after a few mins with "an injury" as part of a deal with his new club to not play again this season. No evidence, obviously, but definitely true.
  3. This - plus let's hope he's not a McLeish in the transfer department.
  4. Similar for me, but I'm going for Kelly. He had a good save a 2 - 0, and I watching the game again last night, I thought he played a part in Shanklin's penalty miss. Similar to his save against St Mirren, he stayed on his feet as long as possible. That takes away the "down the middle" option and forces the taker to pick a side. Of course, the taker is still favourite, but it all helps.
  5. I compared 2 players who have played in the Premiership in recent years with similar goal scoring records to show what Lafferty has offered his previous employers. That was to back up the point I was making. The point I was making (in case it wasn't clear) is that, despite his recent mini run of goals, his career stats are less impressive than some people may think they are. For example, before joining Kilmarnock, Lafferty had racked up 42 league goals in his previous eight and half seasons. tl;dr yes.
  6. While there's no doubt he's been on a good we run the past few weeks, you might want to check out his stats over the past few season (or longer). Ryan Bowman has a better scoring record.
  7. I'd rather see Killie get the automatic spot and Accies go down in the playoff. However, I think whoever finishes 11th will canter to victory in the play-off.
  8. weeyin

    Big Dec

    If we dropped everyone's whose performance dropped this season, we'd struggle to field a starting 5.
  9. They are also the lowest scoring team in the Premiership.
  10. Accies probably lose less money with no fans in. I think we were taking advantage of the government loans too. While not quite free money, it was close. given the repayment terms.
  11. I know players didn't have as much power back then, but I don't think we could have made him sign. Probably just "strongly encouraged". I noticed today that a Derby County player picked up a payout from 2019 for unfair dismissal. The report says that he was on £24k a week plus bonuses, which just goes to show the huge pay hike you can get from a middling Championship team.
  12. If that turns out to be the case, he should fire his agent.
  13. Worse than that, they were the 3rd best team in the Championship that year. Like most 'Well fans I was mostly worried because of our dreadful record against them. However, in any other year you'd fancy the Premiership team in 11th to comfortably beat the 3rd best Championship team, and that turned out to be exactly the case. I've said it before - while Baraclough had some faults, the way he approached this play-off was pitch perfect in both legs. His enthusiasm in the press conferences, bigging up the team while letting Rangers be favourites was spot on; as were his tactics at Ibrox.

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