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  1. Chris Porter* just won Popmaster on Ken Bruce, smashed the 3 in 10 as well. * may not have been THAT Chris Porter...
  2. They've just announced they are going into administration...be interesting to see what that means for the big man's next move.
  3. From the Stevie Woods school of "those who can do, those who can't teach..."
  4. No - would show as an outgoing on the cashflow statement in the accounts but would never hit P&L.
  5. Took a decent crowd to Gretna back in the day... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_prem/6960744.stm
  6. So, actually, the boys in blue got f***ed 5-2, by the boys in a lovely away kit?
  7. North of 800 by last Friday I'd heard.
  8. Long was a doubt before the Killie game so maybe the plastic didn't help whatever was wrong. Per this, Cole was ill yesterday: motherwell-close-to-signing-new-striker-as-devante-cole-replacement
  9. Not seen the highlights, but been surprised by some of the narrative around Saturday - I thought we were worthy winners overall. It was a long way removed from the Dick Turpin game Dave references above. The Seedorf for Hylton change seemed bizarre at the time, given it was just after the incident on the touchline where Hylton was adjudged to have fouled O'Donnell. Disappointed that he wasn't given the opportunity to go straight at him again. Almost as if the change is pre-programmed somehow.
  10. 16 admin; 12 football staff; 30 youth development incl coaches; 9 Ground staff / cleaners; 3 catering is the split in the note to the accounts.
  11. The Society need to do more on this front. With inflation that 180k is worth less each year and I assume most folk who contribute are on fixed amounts with no annual uplift.
  12. No - it is in there as deal with Rangers was agreed as at 31/5/19. Shown as compensation payment as opposed to transfer fee. And edited to add - they confirmed last night it included a sell on.
  13. Not every member of staff plays fitba (Costs were split - Wages 3.5m / Social Sec - 367k; Pensions - 34k). 115 employees per the accounts, 20 players, 25 youth team players.
  14. Say it every year, but it's absolutely mental the amount of games that get rammed into December for sake of a fortnight off in Jan.
  15. I think I read somewhere that it is Don Hutchison's son, Max?

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