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  1. rinkydink

    retro kits

    So are the Aztec ones, regretting not getting a bigger size. In their defence, it's there on the site, I should have spotted it.
  2. rinkydink

    retro kits

    Feb 14th 1987 2-0 defeat sadly
  3. rinkydink

    retro kits

  4. rinkydink

    retro kits

    Ha, possibly. Would have been very rarely worn in those days as well, unlike the current approach to away kits!
  5. rinkydink

    retro kits

    Was it ever sold as a replica? Have vague memory of seeing a pic of someone having a player issued one and wearing it on holiday (maybe in OSB or one of Matt's books?).
  6. rinkydink

    Gordon Banks

    Charbonnier got a medal. Must be some more '66 boys from Texaco Cup days as well.
  7. rinkydink

    retro kits

    If you've got the guy's ear, maybe the white Umbro away with the claret/amber panel across the chest could be the next project? They've brought that template out for the Dundee home kit and Current Buns away previously I think.
  8. rinkydink

    Gordon Banks

    It's the first "TV save", tip round the post would have done the job!
  9. rinkydink

    2018/19 Game 22: Hibernian (H) Wednesday 23rd January

    Night and day (funnily enough) from Saturday. Hastie, Turnbull and Campbell linked up so well. Grimmy superb but Main remains a problem. Voluntarily going down to 10 men for the last half hour probably wasn't the greatest idea in the world though.
  10. rinkydink

    Mfc Podcast

    On topic of podcasts - this week’s Open Goal podcast has Trevor Carson on it. Really good listen.
  11. rinkydink

    Robinson Signings

    He's costing a fair few quid, small % of his Villa weekly wage but a decent number for us all things being equal.
  12. rinkydink

    BBC alba Fri 18 jan

    Any insight as to why Dougie Arnott didn't feature at all? Clearly get the sense that he and the club haven't parted on good terms, but seems a missed opportunity not having him on there at all. Likewise Craig Paterson (Maxwell more understandable given where he lives I guess).
  13. rinkydink

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Smiled at this in The Fiver today:
  14. rinkydink

    No Calanders

    Nae Calendars? Did they have any rolls?
  15. rinkydink

    AGM 2018

    All shareholders listed on the share register should have received an invite to the AGM. Usually comes by post 3-4 weeks before the deadline - to save on postage, they tend to ask if you want a set of accounts emailed to you now, rather then send them out. I would email accounts @ motherwellfc.co.uk to get them to ensure you are properly recorded on the share register.

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