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  1. We were saved because Falkirk agreed with Airdrie to groundshare with them whilst TFS was being built. Except they never thought to check who actually owns the stadium and had the authority to agree to that (clue: it's not Airdrie), and by the time they realised they had asked the wrong people it was too late.
  2. I think it's fair to say that missing million is less missing to some than to others
  3. Dont think there's a supporters bus that runs from the Vegas tables Gaz
  4. Absolutely. We stopped getting season tickets as we were missing enough games to make it cheaper to PATG over the course of the year, but although that's still the case we will most definitely be picking them up this time round.
  5. The Pools Panel hasn't stopped, it still decides the outcome of postponed games.
  6. Smallest in the league, 100m x 64m For reference, the biggest are Celtic Park, Easter Road, Ibrox, McDiarmid Park and whatever Hamilton's ground is called this week, all at 105m x 68m. Fir Park is third smallest at 100m x 68m
  7. Won one away against Raith as well, Goram in goal. I don't have a problem with a penalty being saved as for the most part, even a decent one is just a different guess away from being saved, but I've said for years that if you're a professional footballer and you can't stand 12 yards away from the side of a van, and hit it with a ball, that's a weeks wages.
  8. Never going to complain too much about any media article that talks about us in a positive way, but that writing is absolutely horrendous.
  9. You're entitled to up to 20% of the capacity if you want it.
  10. Otherwise known as the "Michael Jordan retires from the NBA as he really wants to play baseball for a year" tactic.
  11. As soon as I saw you'd quoted me I was already braced for pedantry... I'm sure you know I just picked the number 100 at random, as opposed to having actually counted chances. But then, given you actually googled it, perhaps not.... *Just by being at games you can see that our conversion rate from good chances is poor. (*Pre-pedantry clarification - this isn't me trying to imply that you aren't at games).
  12. Goals scored is a very superficial way of deciding whether your attacks are effective. By lack of goals he's obviously meaning our chances/goals conversion rate, which is absolutely shocking. In isolation, Scoring 16 goals is great. However taking around 100 shots and only converting 16 of them, is terrible and as B_B says above, it suggests finishing and decision-making are areas that need addressing. It's an extremely inefficient way to play that you'll only get away with for so long.

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