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  1. Whatever we charge for the South, we have to charge the same for the Cooper.
  2. No-one's disputing your point that he didn't contribute. People are just pointing out that isn't what wage thief means. If someone at your work is genuinely, physically and medically unable to do their job...they still get paid while they are off recovering, and rightly so. If someone at your work is completely fine and capable, comes to work and doesn't do anything, sits on the internet all day, terrible timekeeping and doesn't care that everyone else is having to pick up his work...and yet is happy to keep picking up his full pay, that's a wage thief.
  3. Done! That was really interesting actually, forces you to think about scenarios in the wider game, how they would affect us as a club, and articulate your thoughts on it.
  4. They didn't try to get around them, they just tried to arrange a groundshare whilst their new ground was built, and made an arse of it by arranging it with the wrong people.
  5. In the last 30 years.... Finished 2nd four times. Finished 3rd three times Top 6 fourteen times. Champions League once. Europa League five times. UEFA Cup three times. Cup Winners Cup once. Scottish Cup winners once. Top League Scorer twice. One of only three clubs to not be relegated. One of only four clubs (inc Old Firm) to play in Champions League. One of only four clubs to play in all four European competitions. One of only four clubs to split the Old Firm which we've done twice. Came within 5 points of winning the league. Aberdeen have also never been relegated, have four 2nd place finishes and have split the OF, but they have never played in the Champions League. Hearts have played in the Champions League and all four European Competitions, have split the Old Firm but only have two 2nd place finishes, and have been Relegated twice. Hibs have split the old firm but have never finished 2nd, have never played in the Champions League and have been relegated twice. Rangers, well....that could be debated in a hundred aspects til the cows come home. 30 years is just to give us a larger sample size and discount any "flash in the pan" or purple patch. In fact most of that was done in the last 10/12 years so it's not even as if anyone can point to "current wee team harking back to past glories". Anyone that thinks we should be aiming to stay up and anything else is a bonus, or who lumps us in with the Killies, Livi's, St Johnstone's of the world are absolutely bananas. There literally isn't a club other than Celtic who can clean sweep us across the board, and no other non-city club that's even in the discussion.
  6. It's got literally nothing to do with the opposition at all, it's not to try and be unpredictable or otherwise. It changes the angle you're able to deliver the ball into the box at, and as GazzyB said above it forces them to pull 2 defenders out of the area that we're trying to find space in. If we handed a note into the away dressing room before the game and told them we were going to do that with every corner, it would still change the angle, and they would still have to pull defenders out the box. It's got nothing to with anyone knowing.
  7. Yeah but it's not like a free-kick routine where you're trying to fool the defence...so then if you keep doing the same one then it defeats the point. It's just to change the angle of delivery.
  8. Al B


    Very sad news. That's both him and madwullie (more active on P&B than here) both gone within a few days of each other.
  9. My favourite Harry Cochrane moment was when Curtis Main threw him away.
  10. I have no memory of that top with the Untouchables sponsor at all, even temporarily! Still very confused
  11. Ahh yeah it is. Just got confused as it looked like your picture of the Kaiser was responding to the training top thing.
  12. I don't think that's the one Kat is talking about Andy, that one there was our official away kit. If I remember rightly I'm sure it's one that was white with and off-centre, vertical black stripe and "Untouchables" sponsor?
  13. Spelling mistake aside, what do you think a hamstring is?

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