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  1. Spelling mistake aside, what do you think a hamstring is?
  2. Jordan White made most of us lose our smile, so it's only fair.
  3. Most of my mates are Falkirk fans, and they couldn't believe Stirling wanted to keep him when they were trying to get rid.
  4. Wait, grizzlyg is in his 40's?? Genuinely had him as being 70 +.
  5. Also, that side was being absolutely slaughtered by the fans. That Clyde game was the turning point for Higdon as well, up til that point in all fairness we hadnt quite worked out his game and how he fit in to the side, but before that fans wanted him run out the club. After the Clyde game we really kicked off on an upward turn.
  6. Just touched on that as you were posting.
  7. Yeah but what if the performance he sees from a player in those videos, doesn't tie together with what he saw from the player in yesterdays training session, and he believes that he can give the tools to be able to start bringing that level of performance from the training ground into a match? In short allowing the new coach to, y'know....coach?
  8. How can anyone criticize todays lineup (whatever it may end up being), when the new manager doesn't know what any of them are like? Any chance he could get a look at them playing so he can decide for himself who needs shipped out? I guarantee he's never even heard of Ricki Lamie or Jordan White, let alone know what their ability is. Today is a complete write-off...we may need to accept a loss so he knows who needs binned. We should be extremely worried if he's just willing to take someones word for it. It seems bizarre to me that people are always convinced Robbo's issues were that he'd signed bad players. It could be equally as likely that what he was strugging with, was players who were great in training but found it difficult to transfer that into a full match. It's not necessarily about shipping players out, because it's not just as simple as players being good or bad. A manager who can look at a player who is performing well at training but poorly in matches, and find a way to help him transfer it across...is infinitely more valuable than a manager that just starts looking for better players.
  9. Tommy Wright would surely (and rightfully) be massively insulted at any short term offer, and tell us to ram it firmly up our backsides.
  10. It still boggles my brain how misguided people are about the Well Society and the whole fan-owned thing. As an individual, we effectively subscribe to a donation scheme, that's it. If you think it entitles you to anything...information or otherwise...then you need a wee bit of a reality check. You own a part of the club in the same way that someones Mrs has a certificate that says she owns a star in the sky.
  11. Just to come back on this, if there's anything in the Jason Cummings thing his brother hasn't heard anything about it. Given it would involve him moving home you'd imagine it would have been mentioned.
  12. It always surprises me when I'm reminded McCall followed Brown. For some reason the Stuart McCall era still feel s fairly recent to me, yet Brown feels a lifetime ago. It's posts like that that make me need to check there wasn't a manager or 2 in between.
  13. Remember Polworth was annoyed that David Turnbull was getting picked ahead of him? Some laugh.

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