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  1. Steven Davis played 41 games this season, including the Europa League final, The Scottish Cup Final which he won, and multiple Internationals where he's captain of his country, and the record cap holder with over 130 caps. Of course you're entitled to your opinion, but it's no surprise that's it's been called out as a wild one... Also, just checked - not sure where you're getting this 4 months thing from, the only month he didn't play in was January when the league was shut.
  2. Al B

    John Boyle

    I don't care.
  3. One thing I hadn't realised until recently (I don't watch any football on TV), is that every single goal gets checked.
  4. I have to take issue with all of this...he's been St Mirren manager for 6 games and lost 5 of them. Their only win was a scraped 1-0 against bottom of the league Dundee, and the St Mirren fans are hunting him already. St Mirren are absolutely shite and any side with anything about them should absolutely be expecting a win at home. I fully expect us to lose but that has nothing to do with Robinson being capable of grinding our results or having a relatively good squad. If we lose on Saturday it will be because we had absolutely nothing to offer, at home, against a dreadful side and were even worse.
  5. RE ticket sales, we're sitting in the Main Stand as we couldn't get 2 seats together in the Cooper that weren't away out at the edges. Sales must be not too bad.
  6. This is becoming a "thing" that isn't a thing. Slattery has been available for 29 games and has started 22 of them, and came on in another 2.
  7. Well, firstly they have been reporting it like that since the very beginning, way before vaccinations were around. Secondly we're up there with the most vaccinated countries there is, and lastly if that is their intention with it, they have completely undermined it by forcing vaccinated people to isolate and introducing restrictions across the board regardless of vaccination status. Anyone that has chosen not to be vaccinated isn't going to be encouraged by that...they are going to be saying whats the point in getting vaccinated if I still have to stay in the house?
  8. Seems that 60% is made up of 48% "definite" and 12% "probable", which means they are still combining admissions BECAUSE of Covid, and admissions for something else but also showing symptoms of covid. The 40% are people who are there for something completely unrelated and tested positive upon admission. I can't wrap my head around why they are being so cagey about telling us how many people are being hospitalised by Covid, who would otherwise be at home completely fine with nothing wrong with them if they didn't have it. (Which is of course the number that everything should be based on)
  9. Well, no-one needs to now as they have removed the requirement and replaced it with the above for everyone. If that has always been the case for NHS staff (and not just changed in the last couple of days along with everyone else) then on the face of it that's sensible, but it really does highlight the ridiculousness of the rule in the first place. Essentially saying if your husband/wife is positive then even if you work in an office by yourself you can't go....but if you work in a hospital full of vulnerable people then you can! Bonkers. If so then good to hear that NHS staff were exempt from such a rule (I wasn't aware of that), but that doesn't take away from the ridiculousness of the rule itself.
  10. At this point, I'm going to respectfully leave it here.
  11. Well, that's what happens when you force completely healthy, double vaccinated and boostered NHS staff to sit in the house for a week even with a negative test, just because someone they know has tested positive. Again, it's ridiculous to expect an instruction to increase testing to not result in a proportionate increase in positivity. If those two stay relative...that's a good thing....that's what you want. It's only if they widen that it means anything bad is happening. It's equally ridiculous to widen the parameters of isolation requirements (esstentially causing healthy, negative testing people to isolate) and then report theres a crisis because more people aren't at work. What did they think would happen when they extended the isolation rules to include people who don't even have Covid? Their instruction is literally causing the staffing crises in the first place.
  12. I do wear a mask in indoor public places where asked, but that's purely to avoid hassle when I'm either just trying to have a pint or get my shopping, but there's one very obvious thing that's right in front of peoples faces, that shows how ineffective masks (as they are worn by the general public) are pointless, and don't do very much. They steam your glasses up. Let's think that through....
  13. And the same for each region in England. I honestly can't see their not being some sort of legal action taken by the hospitality and leisure sector, and if there is, the Government surely can;t have a leg to stand on. Even if they don't accept retrospectively that they were wildly wrong, the official figures are uncontestable proof that restrictions don't make any difference and need to be removed immediately. Thing is, if they do that, then they have to admit they were put in place wrongly in the first place, which then opens the legal Pandora's Box. They have utterly and absolutely fucked it, and are being found out. And I've got absolutely no clue who I'm gonna vote for now, and have to re-evaluate whether I even want indepencence when I was a nailed-on supporter before. I wouldn't even let Nicola Sturgeon and her team run a tote sheet let alone my country.
  14. Here's the most up to date figures available for the home nations. (spoiler alert, it's not 1 in 5).
  15. Oh, and 2-0 Motherwell, KVV and fancy Mugabe from a corner.

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