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  1. The signings this season in general have reminded me of a gambler chasing losing bets and trying to get back to where they started. It rarely works and all they end up with is a string of losing bets and no money left. Rickie Lamie, even setting specific mistakes aside, is one of those guys you just watch playing and think....how are you even a footballer? Slipping through the gaps is a phrase you often hear about really talented guys that never made it for one reason or another, but theres also a category of guys who in another life are sitting working in an office somewhere, that have somehow managed to squeeze themselves through the gap in the opposite direction in this one. There's also a case to be made for players who just fit/don't fit at certain clubs. Handsome John for example is one of the best strikers we've ever had at the club, but was useless at Hearts. You just can't wrap your head around guys like Jordan White though, who even fans of struggling lower league clubs think is rotten, and has never done anything decent at any club at any level, and yet end up at a 3rd place Prem side playing in Europe. That being said, I'm not at all in the Robbo out camp. This season is such a mental one for loads of reasons that have nothing to do with football, let alone Robinson, that as long as we don't get relegated I'm not paying much attention to it, and I certainly wouldn't be making any big decisions off the back of it.
  2. Al B

    Big Dec

    Billy Gilmour? The Billy Gilmour that was starting and racking up MOTM awards for Chelsea until his injury?
  3. I dunno why they are voting on anything when there's already a full set of rules that have been in place for years. Original game goes ahead regardless. If the other team only has 6 available players then their keeper can come out, any man save and we can't shoot from our own half. Don't mess about with an established system.
  4. My Uncle Jimmy in the top right pic there.
  5. Genuinely what I expected our penalties to do. I would never have expected a professional side's approach to a game to be AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHH KICK IT!!!! Turns out I was wrong.
  6. Clearly too smart for you to understand in that case. It wasn't about "looking cool with a smart comeback on an internet discussion forum", and it wasn't literally imagining your home life. It was taking the tone of your posting style and the type of scenario your posts address, and projecting it into a real life example in order to show how ridiculous they are when you put them in a relatable context. For example, you just admitted you had a "bit of a rant" at something that you had no idea whether it even happened or not. And the fact that people notice, whether you agree with their criticism of you being constructive or not, shows that it's not the only example. The way you respond to random suggestions of player signings by posters who could be 12 years old, or 76 years old, or new to the game, or just don't know too much about football, or play too much Football Manager, as if they are actually happening or have been suggested by the club, with the tone of "if these are the type of players Robinson is looking at then i've had it its P45 time!!!!" (I'm paraphrasing...) is very weird to read. I acknowledge that you are not one of the "Robinson is shite just cos!" band, and you do have your reasons for the things you are critical of, but the crux of the point I am making is that, more often than not...your reasons are things that either havent happened, won't likely be happening, or we have no idea if they happened. And you will more than likely disagree with that, and believe that you don't come across in that way or don't have that tone, but you don't get to decide how you come across....that can only be determined by the reader, you merely get to decide the intent. So when lots of people who have no link to each other pick up on it, maybe you need to look at your posts with fresh eyes and see how you actually come across, as opposed to how you intend to come across. There's your " actual constructive response".
  7. I don't remember a post you've made where you weren't angrily ranting at absolutely nothing at all, or things that havent/might never happened. I imagine you being at home like, "I just sat on the fucking couch! What if that couch hadn't been there! I'd have fell on the floor for fuck sake! But it's all fine though I'll just break my hip to go with the embarrassment of being the only house in the street without a couch."
  8. Staggered payment as in, "I'd be staggered if they could make a payment"?
  9. It's only £9.99 per month if you take the 6 month contract option. If you want to subscribe for one month only, it's £11.99
  10. But, the guy he was talking about not rating doesn't even play for us?
  11. Good luck in your mission to instil rational thinking in Old Firm fans. Surely no-one has tried that yet so let us know how you get on.
  12. Oh i'm fully aware that it's a fitness and shape exercise, but OF fans don't care about that and a week of "hilarious whatsapps" before the season has even started, isn't likely to get me buzzing for it.
  13. Yeah we're obviously limited in that respect, but I think I'd be doing everything I could to avoid creating a "ahh ffs" air amongst the fans if we're hoping to start the season well. Not saying for a second that we wouldn't lose in friendlies against anyone else, but I also don't have to suffer a week of laughing emojis, gifs and memes on my phone for a week after we lose to anyone else. I'd be going out of my way to create a feel-good factor...or at least avoid a feel-shite factor, just a bit counter-productive if we're hoping for a strong start I think, that's all.
  14. I can't for the life of me understand why we'd arrange these as our pre-season friendlies. I mean, yeah it's pre-season and all about fitness and the result doesn't matter, but surely thinking that getting your arse handed to you by the Old Firm under any circumstances, and the fallout we have to put up with as a result, will do anything other than send the fans into the season in a rotten mood, is massively naive?

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