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  1. It's got literally nothing to do with the opposition at all, it's not to try and be unpredictable or otherwise. It changes the angle you're able to deliver the ball into the box at, and as GazzyB said above it forces them to pull 2 defenders out of the area that we're trying to find space in. If we handed a note into the away dressing room before the game and told them we were going to do that with every corner, it would still change the angle, and they would still have to pull defenders out the box. It's got nothing to with anyone knowing.
  2. Yeah but it's not like a free-kick routine where you're trying to fool the defence...so then if you keep doing the same one then it defeats the point. It's just to change the angle of delivery.
  3. Al B


    Very sad news. That's both him and madwullie (more active on P&B than here) both gone within a few days of each other.
  4. My favourite Harry Cochrane moment was when Curtis Main threw him away.
  5. I have no memory of that top with the Untouchables sponsor at all, even temporarily! Still very confused
  6. Ahh yeah it is. Just got confused as it looked like your picture of the Kaiser was responding to the training top thing.
  7. I don't think that's the one Kat is talking about Andy, that one there was our official away kit. If I remember rightly I'm sure it's one that was white with and off-centre, vertical black stripe and "Untouchables" sponsor?
  8. Spelling mistake aside, what do you think a hamstring is?
  9. Jordan White made most of us lose our smile, so it's only fair.
  10. Most of my mates are Falkirk fans, and they couldn't believe Stirling wanted to keep him when they were trying to get rid.
  11. Wait, grizzlyg is in his 40's?? Genuinely had him as being 70 +.
  12. Also, that side was being absolutely slaughtered by the fans. That Clyde game was the turning point for Higdon as well, up til that point in all fairness we hadnt quite worked out his game and how he fit in to the side, but before that fans wanted him run out the club. After the Clyde game we really kicked off on an upward turn.
  13. Just touched on that as you were posting.

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