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  1. Al B

    retro kits

    I've got loads from the 90's and 00's in a cupboard at my mums, I should be able to pick them up at some point tomorrow so i'll take pics and be in touch.
  2. Al B

    retro kits

    Also might be an idea to say what size you're looking for.
  3. Al B

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    So if we didn't already know, you've just confirmed that even although you can't even manage simple formatting, you're still a smartarse know-it-all twat that actually doesn't have a clue. It actually says it all about how you're viewed everywhere other than in your own head, that you can post what looks like a 2-2-1-1-1-2-1 formation, and no-one assumes you've made a mistake. It's just, here's this mongo again.
  4. Al B

    Where are the bois?

    He needs to control his Tempur.
  5. Well, maybe eventually you'll learn that you can't have everything you want all at once. Priorities and patience.
  6. Yes you're absolutely right, it is. And you're just going to have to accept that until we've paid for our holiday, and then we can have nice things again. Are you 12? Do you need to pee before we get in the car?
  7. Well you were the one who used the past tense in "failed", so this crystal ball must be all yours. Some might call that accepting failure before the outcome. We're 9th. It's not even present tense fail-ING. Again whether or not you are enjoying yourself is neither here no there at the moment. He's massively exceeding what he's being asked to do. You seem like the kind of guy that isn't willing to go without in one area of life whist saving for a cracking holiday, has a great time, has nice clothes, and is making minimum payments on 4 cards whilst applying for a 5th.
  8. If his remit was to build a team that keeps us in the league on a bare-bones budget, and bide time until the major bills are paid, how exactly has he failed? In fact, he's actually provided the club with the ability to pay a larger portion of the bills much earlier than expected. Whether you are enjoying watching it or not is completely irrelevant, success is measured against remit and he's hugely exceeding it so not only has he not failed, he's succeeding spectacularly. "Keep Yodo entertained" wasn't in the mission statement. Sorry.
  9. It's sometimes comical how far removed the fans view of something is from the clubs. Robinson is exceeding every single target he's been set and the club are delighted with him. To be fair we should be too, given the remit thus far has basically been "keep us up, make us some money, and do it all on a low budget so we can use that money to pay debts and one-off bills". If that was the on-going remit for the manager of the side going forward then I wouldn't be particularly happy either, but as long as he manages that first bit for now, then I'm patient enough to wait for the "once those debts and bills are paid, any money from then goes to you to improve the side and we can kick on sustainably". Think of the money that's gone to re-pay Boyle and Hutchison, put a roof on the East Stand, put a scoreboard in etc. Then think of what that money could have done to the playing staff. Those are things that have to be done, but only once, so have a bit of patience.... In actual fact given the unexpected and un-budgeted levels of money from 2 cup finals, Kipre, amongst others giving us "unprecedented record profits", Robinson has actually shaved a couple of years off the timescale. Bearing in mind what we're trying to do, ever single one of us should be (albeit a little bit bored of the On-pitch aspect of this stage in the journey), absolutely delighted with Steve Robinson. What we're essentially doing, as a much smaller version of what everyone with half a brain thinks The Rangers should have done on "The Journey"....and laughed at them when they had no patience and tried to do everything all at once, resulting in them being half decent, but drowning in debt again. tl;dr version - We're going to be rubbish for a while until we can wipe our own backside financially, but if you keep us in the league til that point, then your playing budget increases dramatically.
  10. Al B

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I think your colleagues would have a very different view if their career had been guaranteed to end in their mid-30s at the latest, perhaps much earlier if they were injured.
  11. Al B

    The Positives

    We've won every game i've been to so far, 100% record. I'm really enjoying this season
  12. Al B

    The Well Society

    That's a really strong entry into any "extreme opinon on a topic you don't understand" competition. Daily Mail reader...absolutely nailed on.
  13. Tell us more about how Carl McHugh thinks he's a goalkeeper. It's fantastic material, it really is.
  14. Al B

    Chrissy Cadden

Twitter @MotherwellFC