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  1. Al B

    2019-20 Rebuild

    You are far too good for this forum. Get over to P&B tout de suite.
  2. Saints won't be thinking that, but Saints fans might be. They aren't the same thing, and I presume that's O40Y is getting at. It's like when someone says something like "We're definitely going to lose today", and someone replies with "thinking like that we're as well just giving them the points". Mate, I'm not playing...it makes no difference what I think.
  3. Al B

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Yeah, everyone should definitely wait and see who the club bring in before giving them the money they will need to bring people in. Smashing plan.
  4. If you act like a dick, you have something you like taken away, and that's how you learn to not be a dick. If you lob your drink at the screen during a screening at the cinema, you're not getting back into that cinema. How enforceable that would be is another issue, but they aren't going to be like "you can't come back until you've learned that you shouldn't have done that", as if that's something they might not have realised. "Aw sorry I thought that was okay...I get it now, I won't do it again". Piss off ya wee tit. You've got issues that go beyond whether you can go to the football or not.
  5. To....myself? . Don't worry, I apologised to me, and I accepted. I shook hands and both of me have moved on.
  6. Hearts have got Aberdeen, Rangers and Hibs before the split. I don't think they'll take anything. That's not to say I think us or St Johnstone will win enough to overtake them, I just think they'll reach the split on the same points as they are now.
  7. It's Hearts that will drop out of the top 6, not Hibs. I don't think Hearts will get another point pre-split.
  8. Al B

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Early on-set dementia. Sadly been fairly obvious there's been something wrong with him for a couple of years, but have heard from more than one usually reliable source that it was diagnosed shortly before he was given the job. Regardless of opinion, objectively Alex Mcleish is a bona-fide legend of Scottish football, and the powers that be should be doing everything they can to look after him....instead they are absolutely chucking him under the bus with this job. It really doesn't sit well with me at all, although I'm not hugely surprised.
  9. Al B

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I gather it's something he himself has been worried about.
  10. Al B

    2018/19 Game 24: Livingston (H) Saturday 2nd February

    "Joining me tonight in the Sportscene studio are Stephen Thompson and Michael Nostradamus."
  11. Al B

    2018'19 Game 23:Dundee (A) Saturday 26th January 2019

    Serious question, could you put together a post explaining the reasons you feel he is out of his depth? If you can, can you avoid mentioning personal opinion on things like his background and his history, as these are things you've no idea about. I'm not trying to be facetious or pick an argument, i'm genuinely trying to understand why someone who people in high positions at other clubs have openly expressed the high regard in which they view him, who various members of Scottish media in all formats have voiced respect for, and who has recently been voted onto the board of directors of the SPFL, would be seen by one of his own clubs fans as seeing out of their depth? I genuinely can't get my head around it.
  12. Al B

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    I'm not sure what you're referring to but he'd have been what...6 or 7 years old ffs? I'm sure we can forgive any recollections not being pin-sharp. Not sure how you can feel that one of the most widely respected voices in Scottish football within other clubs, governing bodies, and sports media, who was elected onto the SPFL board of Directors, sounds out of their depth? Edited to add....the post you've just added while I was typing this, answers my question. I'm not going to comment on it....it says more about you than any response ever could.
  13. Al B

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Stephen Robinson was asked to get us a run in the cups. He's reached two finals. (You can talk all you want about how losing 2 finals isn't an achievement, but he wasn't asked to WIN cups, he was asked to get a run in cups, and he achieved that, therefore in the tick-box exercise that is a company performance review, it's an achievement). He was asked to bring in money through player sales. Club has brought in more money under him than any other manager (I think). He was asked to keep us clear of a relegation battle. We are comfortably clear of a relegation battle. He was asked to do it all within a very restricted budget. He has done that. He was asked to promote youth into the first team. He has done that. In the form table over the last 5 games, we're 6th. In the form table over the last 10 games, we're 6th. In the form table over the last 15 games, we're....yup, you guessed it... 6th. Now, you can debate opinion on how much you enjoy the games, how you feel we're doing, who you think should play, how you think we should set up.... until the cows come home, I have mine, everyone else has theirs, and they are probably all variations of a theme. However, the club look at the things on the list, a return on their remit. It's objective and it's fact based. Putting aside what you "think" or "feel" for a moment. Could we as a club get a manager that would exceed what's on that list above? Are the club going to want to get rid of someone that's exceeded everything in the remit that they put in front of him? What has he not delivered on that would make the club consider his position? Sorry if you're not happy, but it doesn't matter what you or I think. It's not about opinions. Stephen Robinson is currently in the middle of being an extremely successful Motherwell manager relative to what the club have asked of him, and that's what his employment status is based on. The idea that they would even be considering punting him is a massive LOL.

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