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  1. Its a fair enough way of doing it. Im just biased as I think he is probably our greatest ever player and should have been in it from day one. Every year that passes without his induction is a travesty for me. But others will undoubtedly think the same about their own favourite players.
  2. Stevie Hammell is absolutely deserving of a place in the Motherwell FC Hall of Fame 500 appearances should dictate that. But Joe Wark should certainly be in there as well, if not before him. Not sure how entrants are determined, but there always seems to be a spread of "eras".
  3. Happy Birthday Yabba! Really difficult to choose this week. The entire back 4 and Kelly were superb. Our 2 vikings look absolutely rock solid. Loving the shield wall chat, thats surely got to stick! Special mention for the much derided McGinley who had a great game despite clearly being singled out by Aberdeen as the weak link and being doubled up upon in the first half. He may not offer as much going forward as Carroll, but defensively he is far more solid. Slattery had another very good game and is carrying the midfield right now. Hopefully we can get Goss match fit soon and help him out in there. Up front it was between Van Veen and Watt. KVV had a very good game and hard to argue with his goal and assist, however, I went for Watt. His alround performance was virtually flawless. He looks back to last seasons fitness levels now after a sluggish start to the season and just gives everything for the team. His first touch, guile and game management are first class. Im embarrassed I questioned his attitude as a professional when he arrived. Bravo sir!
  4. Id prefer Lagartha! Just as effective but a little easier on the eye!
  5. Sondre and Ojala looked excellent yesterday. Proper centre halves that love to defend their box, but can play a bit too. Loved how Sondre was always playing with his head up looking around for where the danger was. I think we have upgraded massively in that area. Slattery continues to impress in midfield. A very tidy player in the Gorrin mould. Hopefully with fewer rash tackles. We still need someone in there to help him though. Whether Goss will be that guy or we need to play an extra midfielder in there to stop us getting overun, Im not sure. KVV is going to be a big player if we can keep him fit. He looks like he and Watt are starting to form a real understanding. Woolery looked a little better yesterday but for all his raw pace and power he still looks like the one with the most convincing to do. Hopefully he will settle and come good soon. Overall. Reasons to be cheerful.
  6. Any chance of a MOTM thread mods? Plenty to choose from this week for a change!
  7. Really enjoyed that today. There really is nothing better than a seething home crowd when the opposition come to dive, niggle and frustrate the life out of the game. To be fair to our opponents, they did play the better football, but our defence was rock solid for the most part and our play was effective, even if it wasnt as easy on the eye. Highlight of the match was Tony Watts substitution. Having bought a yellow card from Brown, the ruffle of the hair as he walked off inducing a seething death stare from Brown was absolutley class and proved the old addage, those who laugh last laugh longest! Hopefully now the squad is complete, we can now settle into a preferred starting 11 and formation. With that level of character shown every week we should win more than we lose. Looking forward to the battles to come now!
  8. Cracking top. If the shorts matched the top it would be spot on. Taken a step further, if the club wanted a black kit, then this template would have worked well with claret and amber trim. Any chance of working your magic UBH?
  9. Really looking forward to getting back to Fir Park for this one and finally getting to sit in my own seat with an unrestricted crowd. Absolutely no idea how this one is going to go due to the number of changes in both squads. Just hope we have been able to bed in some of our new players and we get a competitive performance from them. I think McGinley gets a bad press on here. He is far from the worst defender we have ever had and would benefit from a run of games in his natural position. Re the international break. That probably deserves a whole thread of its own. I love international football and playing for your country at the World Cup should be the pinnacle of every players career, but I understand the frustrations everyone has about the week of football which, lets face it, is entirely designed for tv audiences and makes it very tough for supporters who want to travel home and away. Anyway 2-1 Motherwell based on absolutely nothing!
  10. Great performance from O'Donnell who continues to defy his critics. Nice to see him equal George Stevenstons club record. Just goes to show how hard it is to get capped playing for Motherwell that the record has lasted so long. Fully anticiapte SOD will break it during the next round of games if fit.
  11. Im gonna have one more go at this, then Im done. This is all very emotive. We are no longer in the same position we were first time round. The vast majority of the population is now double vaccinated. Pretty much everyone who is vulnerable and elderly are double vaccinated. That being the case, the numbers of non vaccinated are low, and likely to be young and less vulnerable. So, despite current high case numbers, we are not seeing the large numbers of deaths and hospitalisations we were previously. So, looking at the bigger picture, anyone choosing not to get vaccinated is actually more of a risk to themselves than anyone else, because the majority are double vaccinated. Add to that, football stadia are outdoor venues. So if I go to a Scotland game at Hampden, I need a vaccine passport, but I will be able to go and sit in a restaurant with 20 friends sit indoors for 2 or 3 hours, laugh joke, get drunk and carry on and thats ok? I know which one is more likely to result in the sharing of any airborne virus. I get that the government needs to be seen to do something to get on top of rising case numbers and encourage as many as possible to get vaccinated but this makes no sense.
  12. How many smallpox passports are there in the world?
  13. I never argued the vaccine doesnt work. Im asking what the vaccine passport adds. Why is it necessary to prohibit non vaccinated people from large events? Surely any risk lies with them being not vaccinated, as is their choice.
  14. How do vaccine passports figure in clinical trials? How does being double vaccinated make you safer to be around? We are told the vaccine doesnt stop you gettingthe virus. We are told the vaccine doesnt stop you spreading the virus to others, so Im not sure what a vaccine passport brings to the table? I dont think its an unreasonable question to ask. We are told the vaccine ensures you dont get as ill, dont die and dont end up in hospital. Thats the reason I got It. So Im certainly not an anti vaxxer David Icke nutjob as is being alluded to above.
  15. I was talking about posting this on a football forum, not the decision to introduce vaccine passports in general. Early posters commented about leaving politics off of here as it isnt the place. All I was doing was saying that it is relevant and should be discussed.
  16. Its quite basic human rights folks. People shouldnt be forced into something they object to on moral or medical grounds, simply because their government has decided that they should. I get that its being promoted as for the greater good, but where is the evidence that it is necessary or will work? What next? You cant go on holiday without a vaccine passport? It will create division and a 2 tier society. None of which is good for the public or democracy. Im double vaccinated and more than happy to take advantage of my status, but that doesnt mean I think others should have their freedoms curtailed because they have taken different decisions than me on their own personal health. PS. This IS clearly political, but it impacts on our ability to support the club we all love. As long as that is done in a respectful way, theres no reason we shouldnt be discussing it.
  17. Pretty pleased with the business we have done. The areas of the park that required addressing have been addressed. Of course, it remains to be seen if any of the signings will be a success, but thats football. Lets all now get behind the manager and the players and give them the encouragement and support they need!
  18. My memory appears to have bigger holes than our defence! Maybe I did just imagine that he was any good!
  19. Cheers. Id forgotten about "The Fish".....
  20. Its all about opinions mate. Remember goalkeeping has changed a lot in 30 years. The goalkeepers you have listed are all very good goalkeepers in the modern era. My dad always raved about Keith Macrae, but Im too young to remember him actually playing. My memories are of Stewart Rennie, Hugh Sproat and then a long line of others who were dubious at best. Maxy was a very good goalkeeper, but we barely felt his loss when Sieb arrived. Sieb also got a good move to Dundee United out of it (may even have been wee Tommy that took him there). My memory may be playing tricks on me, it may just be the pornstar moustache, the maverick dribbling out of his box, but in my memory at least he deserves to be in the group that you mention togather with Ally Maxwell.
  21. I have to wholeheartedly disagree with this. Sieb was up there with one of the best goalkeepers we have had. He was a good shotstopper, but his prowess on cross balls into the box was almost ridiculous, Hence the shout "Sieeeeeeeeb!" I agree he did endear himself to the fans to an extemt and wee Tommys chagrain for his penchant for dribbling out of his box and he did make the occasional mistake which tended to be of the howler variety, but to suggest he wasnt a very good goalkeeper just doesnt sit right with me.....
  22. Cant make the game today but feel it could ve a pretty entertaining one. Hoping KVV is back in the starting line up, as I feel he can be a huge player for us this year and we have missed him since he has been injured. I agree with others that the movement of he, Watt and Woolery could cause a lot of teams problems this year. I also thought Amaluzor showed enough last week to show he can be a threat going forward. The defence will take a bit more time to bed down once we have a full squad. Going for high scoring end to end ripsnorter! 3-2 Motherwell.

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