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  1. Are you comparing Crawford to Lasley…..
  2. Tbh I would still fancy Brown to Boss Crawford. Not going to lie as I hate criticising players on line, he just doesn’t do it for me. Physically he is weak, he’s not very fast, he does not win a lot of tackles, doesn’t create a lot, doesn’t have a lot of interceptions, isn’t a great passer. I don’t rate him at all. Squad player maximum for me.
  3. 3 games so far and 0 goals. Played Celtic last weekend and didn’t score either as we lost 1-0.
  4. Anyone else looking at that squad and thinking next season is going to be a long long season. I know we are due a few more players but the quality will need to improve before I get any more confident.
  5. Wouldn’t trust a word that snake oil salesman’s says.
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    Didn’t realise that about MadWullie. Not good at all. RIP to them both.
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    Sad times indeed BS. I sit directly in front of Andy and have done for over 10 years. He was a voice of reason when required, with great wit and never scared to speak his mind. Our area of Fir Park definately won’t be the same and he will be missed greatly.
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    My first post in here for years however this news is heartbreaking. A genuinely nice guy, Motherwell die hard and good fella. My thought are with his family in this terrible time. RIP Andy. SIWY.
  9. Utter bollocks. 1 point from Ross County and home games to Utd and Livi is a concerning time. Robbo has no clue about his starting 11. Why is Watt not getting a look in ahead of that big coo White.
  10. This is so reminiscent of the start of the 2018-19 season when we where utterly shite until Turnbull, Hastie etc turned our season around. So lacklustre, uninspiring and teams really know how we are going to play. It’s devoid of ideas.
  11. I must be missing something whereabouts has this been reported??
  12. Starting today for the reserves. Hopefully get 60mins under his belt.
  13. No offence Busta. But that is a lot of nonsense. Polworth has one of the best work rates in the team. The guy does an absolute shit load of running and covers a lot of ground. Even Robbo himself stated that he regularly tops the most miles covered in a game. Think you are doing him a massive injustice.
  14. The tackle on Rolando is a straight red. No denying at all. Utter horror tackle and gets worse every time you see it. The ref could not have been better placed either.
  15. We are dug shite just now. Been awful since Accies at home. In fairness other than a few games we haven’t been great. Soft at the back, lethargic in midfield and no creativity. Need a kick up the arse big time.
  16. No doubt the club will start a pay as you go Twitter update scheme soon.
  17. It’s not just the pitches but the facilities at Dalziel aren’t actually the best, for a pro team anyway. Changing rooms, showers, gym etc are poor. Upgrading all of the above would be a massive benefit hence why most big teams have their own complexes and don’t hire them from essentially amateur teams.
  18. I don’t think you would be the only one GazzyB. Scottish football in general would be disgusted with then inconsistency of it. Surely it cannot be realistically considered. It would glaringly highlight how different Celtic & Rangers are treated to every other teams
  19. The wankers of the Green Brigade have seemingly been up spray painting all around Fir Park tonight. The walls of the school and around the ground. Done the same around Accies stadium at the weekend aswell.
  20. Joins Clyde on loan for the rest of the season today.
  21. Not much more to add apart from that was truly and utterly abysmal. We talk about budgets and being beaten by teams with larger budgets etc. Today we got an utter lesson in work rate, professionalism, discipline and shape from a team with a substantially less budget than we have. Where was Ndjoli? Our forward options look so one dimensional and weak.
  22. Raging at him being allowed to leave. Best striker at the club was mentioned quite a few times in the Twitter thread on it.
  23. Danny Johnson has left Dundee already for Leyton Orient on a 18 month deal. Dundee fans pretty raging about it.
  24. I don’t think enough has been said about how good Polworths pass to Long was for the second goal. First time, perfect weight.... outstanding.
  25. Scott McDonald and Tom Aldred teaming up together at Brisbane Roar.

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