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  1. I wonder if Gillespie, Long and any other player who was offered a deal and didn't sign is now regretting that. With their contracts up in June it could be six months before anyone signs them and they see a wage again.
  2. That would be the draw that led to the night the boys in blue got beat 5-2 by the boys in claret and amber. I reckon the number 11 was Bobby Roberts. The colour picture of a game with Rangers would be Willie McCallum marking Colin Stein
  3. My guess would be Charlie Aitken
  4. sinjy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I listed 10 players Robinson signed in the summer. You want rid of 90 percent of then. That's nine players. Would you like to name the one you would keep or the nine shite players you want rid of. Mad mad post.
  5. sinjy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Carroll, Ilic, Gallagher, Polworth, Hylton, Long, Seedorf, O'Hara, Mazinga and Mugabe were signed in summer. All apart from Ilic, Mazinga and Mugabe have made a considerable contribution to us being third in the league and safely in the top six. Polworth Gallagher and Long have been outstanding. Mazinga and Seedorf are punts that may or may not yet come good. I don't know what Robinson has to do to please everyone. He had a massive rebuilding job and has done great.
  6. At the start of the season how many of us thought we would be in the top six? Well done to the manager and the players. Next up Aberdeen. So let's push on now
  7. I watched that last night willing Hearts to win for obvious reasons. And like you I was wanting Naismith booked for his bad tackle because that would have put him out of their next game which is against us.
  8. sinjy


    Saw a top lawyer being interviewed about the female presenter who committed suicide before her court appearance. Her partner did not want to pursue either but it is the prosecutors decision now to go ahead with these cases as in the past the victim was often forced by the abuser to withdraw the allegation.
  9. Going by the comments of St Johnston's fans on the match thread on P&B it might be a while before Watt is fit. They could non believe how big he was.
  10. I was in Nancy and as you say it was a great experience. But it was new as we hadn't qualified for ages. I agree it lost its sparkle. I am a that bit older now and probably wouldn't travel away. It may well be exciting for younger fans and those who were too young in those days.
  11. I am not too excited about qualifying for Europe. Starting in mid July is not ideal. Our players will get a very short break and tiredness can set in early in the season. With so many out of contract in the summer we might struggle to put a decent team on the park so early in the window. Then there's the possibility of getting a team in the middle of their season and getting pumped. We all remember Llanelli a few years ago.
  12. Might be different from everyone on here but I am not too bothered about tonight even though I loathe them and once the game starts I will be wanting us to do them. But for me Saturday is far more important. I want all our key players fit and available for St Mirren. If anyone is feeling tired or jaded I would rest them. The last thing we need is a couple of injuries and or a sending off that would weaken us for the weekend.
  13. Fairly routine win. Expected them to offer more and the start of the second half was what I expected from them from the off. We were a class above them. Gallagher strolled it. Alan Campbell was MOM for me. Hartley was their best attacker. Hopefully Long will sign a new deal but perversely that performance will make it more unlikely with clubs being alerted to him. Hopefully a favourable draw tomorrow. And by the way I hate Billy Dodds. Biased commentary throughout. Get it up you Billy.
  14. sinjy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    At the AGM Robinson was very candid about players' attitude. He said that their loyalty was to themselves. Every player was striving to improve and perform, to further their own career and as a consequence MFC benefitted but all players were thinking of their own career. As fans we have to remember that football is their job. James Scott will do what he thinks is best for him. No doubt he will have people advising him and for his sake I hope he makes the correct decision.
  15. No Long, Cole or Donnelly. Tait in for Grimshaw whose on the bench with Sloth. Front three of Seedorf Scott and Hylton.

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