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  1. There is no way the blazers will make a ruling that awards games or points to one team. That would set a precident and further on they might have to rule for or against one of the ugly sisters and you can imagine the fall out from that.
  2. Phone off lap top off TV off music on. Watch on Alba as if live at 6pm. No way am I paying 20 pounds to watch a game on a rotten park in gale force winds
  3. Robinson said he gave Gallagher and O'Donnell three days off after the St Mirren game was off. I wonder if one of them is the infected player as they would have been away from the club and not mixing before being tested on Tuesday.
  4. I cannot see the powers awarding anyone a 3-0. They will be setting a precedent and can you imagine the fall out if after doing so they have to rule against one of the ugly sisters. At most there will be a fine.
  5. St Mirren knew they had a problem mid week. At that point they should have included their youth players in their testing regime and they would have been able to field a side. Also why is it essential that a player must have a negative test to play in the premier but down the leagues part time players with other jobs in the community, and therefore at greater risk of getting ill and spreading the virus, do not need to be tested.
  6. Unfortunately there is no money for the government with limited football stands being opened. It would be season ticket holders only and they have already paid and the VAT collected by the government.
  7. Every ref has to live in the community. Going shopping, out for a meal there is a good chance they will be recognized. The vast majority will be Rangers/Celtic supporters. Make a bad decision that goes against them and their name will be villified in the papers for days. It is a subconscious reaction but it must go through their minds the way to a quiet life is not to make a bad decision against either of them. Often the Old Firm complain that foreign refs seem to be against them. But they jet in referee the game and fly out again and don't meet supporters or read the melt down in the press when things don't go the way of the Old Firm. Remember Beaton in a Rangers pub in Bellshill or Dallas getting his windows panned in.
  8. Pretty sure that's Ian Kennedy not Wullie P.
  9. The company providing the stream should be sacked immediately. Three times I had to look at their logo for three or four minutes. Unacceptable.
  10. I also want to say the company that is providing the stream should be sacked immediately. Three times I had to look at their logo for four or five minutes. Get it sorted.
  11. I would probably be described by some on here as a happy clapper but I found today quite depressing. We got a perfect start but did not kick on from there. Our performance was no better than v Livi Accies or DU. No pace in our team going forward. The lack of quality wingers has forced us onto 3-5-2. Hastie was a mistake and Hylton and Seedorf are no more than impact subs. Scott on one side to get us up the park and the speed of Cole or Aaron's or Gboly on the other is what we are missing. Unless there are changes I see a relegation battle ahead. One positive was that Robinson often maligned for his subs got them right today. The game was slipping away from us and he saw the problem and shored up the midfield.
  12. Hattie has forgotten to put studs in his boots
  13. Anyone else lose the stream at ht
  14. Think yourself lucky. My stream is working perfectly, unfortunately the team isn't.
  15. Oh well Mrs Sinjy happy. She did not fancy the lap top in the middle of the dinner table. 8pm suits me fine

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