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  1. sinjy

    Odds and Sods Motherwell Thread

    Try typing motherwell 3 rangers 5 into you tube and you will get a rangers TV video of the game with most of the crowd trouble edited out.
  2. sinjy

    Odds and Sods Motherwell Thread

    I have hated that horrible horrible football club ever since. When they died they should have been left to rot. The SFA panders to them at every turn. No action taken against them for that incident. Today they still bring their bigotry to all area of Scotland yet it is UEFA who sanction them. And their support thinks the SFA is against them.
  3. Did we line up 352 or was Dunne at left back?
  4. sinjy

    2019-20 League Cup

    Spot on. Hylton stood and watched as the right back ran up the park and scored. Seedorf and Hylton look way out of their depth. Our full backs will look bad if they get no help from those in front of them. I said before that giving Robinson a new contract was premature and we should wait and see how the new signings worked out. Seedorf, Hylton, Ilic, Cole and Long look way off the standard required. Polworth looks a good player but disappears for long spells. Only Gallagher looks fit for purpose and who the hell is Casper Sloth. Is he actually a slow moving Ghost? What about our shys. Every one went back the way so that Dunne and Gallagher could pass it to each other then hoof it up the park. Scott is not yet ready. He had one great piece of skill but was bullied by Berra. Six months loan and maybe he will come back in January and save our season. I am normally a happy clapper but have rarely been as scunnered and worried as I was after last night.
  5. sinjy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I worry that Robinson has gone too far away from the physicality that he always emphasised in our two cup finals season. We were OK against the teams we played in the League Cup but yesterday showed the lack of strength in the midfieId. I do not see anyone in our squad that can be as physical as Bowman, Rose, McHugh or Gorrin. I don't see Donnelly, Polworth, Campbell, Sloth or Semple bullying other midfielders. Robinson's mantra has always been you need to win the battle and earn the right to play. It remains to be seen if we have the players equipped t do this.
  6. sinjy

    Livingston vs Motherwell 03/08/2019

    Football is an entertainment business. As someone who is thinking of going tomorrow but due to personal circumstances it will be a decision made around 2pm having read the shenanigans on here about queuing for a ticket then queuing again at the turnstile I think I will give it a miss. How many others are put off by this and how many other entertainment enterprises make it difficult for paying customers?
  7. sinjy

    2019-20 League Cup

    While you have to take in the standard of the opposition that was a very good performance. Downside was a couple of slack moments at the back. Seedorf Hylton and Scott will get the headlines but I thought Gallagher was outstanding and on his brief appearance Ilic could prove to be the best signing of the lot. If James Scott continues to develop he could surpass the transfer fee we are expecting for DT. Tall athletic strikers with great awareness and touch are worth a fortune. I hope he fulfils his undoubted potential.
  8. sinjy

    Robinson yer time is up

    I am a big fan of Robinson and think he has done a great job. But I think this is a bit premature. I would have preferred to wait until October or November. By then we will know if the bulk of the new signings can cut it. If they don't we will be in trouble and he will be under pressure and if he has to go him and Lasley will be due a load of compensation.
  9. A three year deal looks very sensible from the clubs point of view. It takes him to 22 when the compensation clauses will kick in if he happens to go out of contract. Let's hope he signs it.
  10. sinjy

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Anton know why Gillespie did not play v Crusaders?
  11. sinjy


    A priority must be the academy. To me that is where the possibility of good income is most likely. When you get almost a million for Hall, McKinstrey and Hastie who between them played around 30 first team games it is apparent that clubs in England are prepared to spend big money (to us ) on taking a punt on potential.
  12. sinjy

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Mark O'Brien captains Newport in league 2 play off final at Wembley and gets sent off for two yellow cards.
  13. sinjy

    Steelmen Online Motherwell Photo Thread

    John Martis lives in Manse Road a couple of hundred yards from Fir Park.
  14. sinjy

    Robinson yer time is up

    No one has considered here whether Robinson wants to be here. In no way do I want him out but he will point to just about every target achieved in his time here and will have a lot of positives on his CV. Will he have the energy and the drive to do another rebuilding job? I thought he looked pretty pissed off in his interviews after Saturday's game. Maybe he might think it's time for a change.
  15. sinjy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Conspiracy theory here. There is a report on the BBC sport Scotland site suggesting there is a plan to increase the Championship to 12 teams and one way of increasing the teams in the league to 44 would be to add two colt teams. I wonder who they would be.

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