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  1. sinjy

    2018/19 Game 29: Hamilton (H) March 9th 3pm kick-off

    Only three pages reflecting a great result with all the usual suspects missing. Yet a disreputal rag runs a story about a player going to Ibrox and some are all over it. Negligence by the club, unable to spot super star in the under 20s, a youth system not fit for purpose all being thrown at the club. Why can't people just enjoy it when things are going well?
  2. sinjy

    Hamilton Accies Man of the Match

    Very hard to pick a winner today. Goly destroyed them in the first half. The young guns Turnbull, Hastie and Campbell are an absolute joy to watch. Aldred strolled it at the back and our full backs played well but I really think our big turn up in fortune has coincided with the arrival of Gorrin as a main player. I thought he was outstanding today breaking up the play and starting attacks.
  3. sinjy

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    If he goes and at the moment and it's a big if, I wonder if Jake is not so confident of making the big time and wants to cash in before he is found out. I am not as sure of him as others on here. He needs to show he can repeat his four or five game run over a longer period and perform when opponents have seemingly worked him out. Time will tell if he is a Stephen Pearson or a Dom Thomas. For me Turnbull is the real future star and he can be confident that the big offers will follow in two years time. For Jake I don't think the future is quite as clear and you can't blame him if he cashes in now when his star is high.
  4. sinjy

    2018/19 Game 24: Livingston (H) Saturday 2nd February

    I tend to agree with Gazzy. Livingston were terrible in the first half hour. Their manager has a lot to answer. It was as if he had not watched us since December. To line up with two forwards Erskine and Lawless as wing backs and three centre backs marking Main gave our wingers loads of room to destroy them. Their goalie made a hash of coming for the free kick and Lawless was out muscled and the second defender slipped and the shot went through the keeper at the third. Can you imagine the usual suspects on here if our manager had made such a tactical error and our defence had conceded in that manner. I am taking nothing away from a great performance but sometimes you have to look at the opposition.
  5. sinjy

    2018/19 Game 24: Livingston (H) Saturday 2nd February

    Same team again. Scott on bench, no Salmon.
  6. sinjy

    2018'19 Game 23:Dundee (A) Saturday 26th January 2019

    What a rubbish post. You want Robinson out so you moan about a win. Would you prefer us to have lost to Hibs, Dundee and Livingstone next week and see the manager sacked. We would be in a relegation battle with no manager for three weeks, the window closed and a chief executive who is totally out of his depth, charged with finding the brilliant new manager. Oh dear.
  7. sinjy

    2018/19 Game 22: Hibernian (H) Wednesday 23rd January

    I was very critical of Main at the game last night. His miss when clean through showed he has lost all confidence when you think how he finished against Aberdeen in the semi. Then he had a five minute spell where he gave the ball away three or four times. However I have just watched the whole game again on Alba and he played much better than I thought. Great to see the youngsters do so well and what a goal. Thought Gorrin had a great game. When he broke up the play he usually then picked a pass. And why were Campbell and Grimshaw left out on Saturday? County would not have dominated if they were playing. Here's hoping McCormack does not become the new Brian McClair.
  8. Unlike some I have some worries about this one. Three weeks without a game I hope we are not ring rusty against the best team outside the premier league who have been playing each week. They seem to have had dip in form but in the cup that goes out the window. Here's hoping we are right at it from the off. Anyway thank goodness the fitba is back. The winter shut down is crap.
  9. sinjy

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Some real roasters on here. The usual suspects have driven me away from this site and I rarely look at match threads now. There would be one player in that Celtic side last night who this week has earned DOUBLE the total amount of our whole starting eleven last night. I get the feeling that some on here were not celebrating our equaliser as they realised Robinson was safe in his job for another week. The melt down at Sammon being in from the start was laughable. He can’t play on Saturday against Hearts so it made sense to play him last night and in the second half he did well. Its called forward planning and using your whole squad. We have real injury problems and his hands are tied. We had four different back fours during the game and yet were so organised that our keeper had one save and that was the penalty. We had ten men on the park when we lost the goal and it came down our right where Donnelly would have been. There is criticism of what he said about Donnelly and Livingston’s fitness levels. The rest of the team looked very fit. I' m sure he planned to get a couple of Rose, Gorrin, or Bigi on in the second half as it is energy sapping chasing without the ball for long periods but Campbell, Rose, Turnbull and Grimshaw all lasted really well. Then we have the charge that he does not encourage youth. Many said Turnbull should have been in the team long before he was but in interviews his under 20 manager Craigen said he needed to increase his fitness and physical presence. He came back in the summer ready to step up and you could argue that Robinson introduced him exactly when he was ready – not before. The charge of not introducing young players should now be put to bed after Livingston’s performance last night. The Football Manager experts on here were desperate for him to get in the team. To go off knackered with cramp after less than an hour on the park shows that he is not ready. I just hope he has not had so bad an experience that his development has been set back months which can happen to young players. Rant over but while Robinson has his faults be careful what you wish. Owen Coyle anyone?
  10. sinjy

    The Well Society

    I wonder what others think of my dilemma. For a few months now I have been thinking of joining the Well Society. With the double your money offer running until the end of the year I was thinking of paying one to two years up front. But now we have the share offer and I am seriously thinking this is a better option. I will have something in return in that I will own shares and be able to attend AGMs etc. The Society seemed to me was just about donating money each month for no real return. Any thoughts?
  11. Proof for me tonight that Thomson has it in for us. Manaj of Albania booked after 15 minutes. On half time he blocks a free kick with his arm. Penalty for Scotland and no second booking for Manaj. I will be watching every game now where a player blocks with his arm and a foul or penalty is given to see if they are booked. For players and fans we must have consistency . Thomson did not need to book McHugh.
  12. The inconsistency in referees really gets to me. I remember the 2011 cup final the Celtic centre half (can't remember his name) was booked early in the game and before half time a long ball from our defence was going over his head to Chris Humphrey and the centre half jumped up and caught it like a goalkeeper, result no booking. I remember being raging at that. From now on I will be watching carefully to see if a booking results every time a defender spreads himself and the shot is blocked by a hand or arm and a foul is given. There is no excuse for the complete capitulation after red card but I feel McHugh was harshly treated. It's less than a year ago that Thomson wrongly sent Kipre off against Celtic and we played for an hour wth 10 men and got a 0-0 draw. Sunday has shown how far we have gone backwards since then.
  13. You obviously do not understand what I was meaning. I am well aware of the rule to allow bye kicks from any side. It is a rule that allows keepers to time waste and I was calling for the rule to be changed back to what it was before. Hee haw
  14. The first goal in any game is so important. Up until then we were well on top. Main had a good shot and Tait got close too if either had gone in it would have made a much different game. As it happened they got the first goal from a disaster by McHugh who otherwise was excellent. To go a goal down and a team mate seemingly badly injured would have a negative effect. This allowed Hearts to use all their time wasting feigning of injuries and gamesman ship that we know comes from a Levein team. When will a directive come from the SFA to tell refs to stop the watch when a player goes down but does not need treatment and jumps up after a few minutes. When will the rule come in that bye kicks be taken from the side the ball goes out. I want to be entertained not watch a player taking minutes to decide he is not going to take the corner or shy and beckon over a teammate to take it instead. Some day a ref will play 10mins stoppage time in game where there has been no serious injury, just normal time wasting. I also don't get the negative comments about our back three. I thought they dealt well with the big no18 and gave as good as they got. If he had not sold the goal I thought McHugh would have been a candidate for man of the match. The worries for me are the lack of creativity and pace in the final third and the complete downturn in Caddens form. Others are saying he is wasted at wing back, the solution isn't to promote him to centre mid but demote him to the bench. As forYodo who wants Robinson out, before you consider his opinion just remember in a previous post he suggested a team selection with McGuire at left back and Trumbull at left mid in front of him. The guy is either troll or knows hee haw about football.
  15. sinjy

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Spot on. And when you look closely at the posters who are Robinson's biggest critics you realise that they have very odd ideas. The teams suggested for the Livi cup tie by our so called experts were enlightening. One had Maguire at left back with Turnbull in left mid field. Good luck with that Another two had back three selections that excluded McHugh who most would agree has been our best centre half this season and instead one had this new untried guy from Millwall in. There are some very good sensible posters on here whose opinions I respect but there are some roasters.

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