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  1. The company providing the stream should be sacked immediately. Three times I had to look at their logo for three or four minutes. Unacceptable.
  2. I also want to say the company that is providing the stream should be sacked immediately. Three times I had to look at their logo for four or five minutes. Get it sorted.
  3. I would probably be described by some on here as a happy clapper but I found today quite depressing. We got a perfect start but did not kick on from there. Our performance was no better than v Livi Accies or DU. No pace in our team going forward. The lack of quality wingers has forced us onto 3-5-2. Hastie was a mistake and Hylton and Seedorf are no more than impact subs. Scott on one side to get us up the park and the speed of Cole or Aaron's or Gboly on the other is what we are missing. Unless there are changes I see a relegation battle ahead. One positive was that Robinson often maligned for his subs got them right today. The game was slipping away from us and he saw the problem and shored up the midfield.
  4. Hattie has forgotten to put studs in his boots
  5. Anyone else lose the stream at ht
  6. Think yourself lucky. My stream is working perfectly, unfortunately the team isn't.
  7. Oh well Mrs Sinjy happy. She did not fancy the lap top in the middle of the dinner table. 8pm suits me fine
  8. Help! Bit of a computer novice. On my lap top I get onto the site. My instructions say click on sign in which becomes highlighted but nothing happens. There is a message on the page asking me to choose my payment method and I can't get rid of this.
  9. I wonder if Gillespie, Long and any other player who was offered a deal and didn't sign is now regretting that. With their contracts up in June it could be six months before anyone signs them and they see a wage again.
  10. That would be the draw that led to the night the boys in blue got beat 5-2 by the boys in claret and amber. I reckon the number 11 was Bobby Roberts. The colour picture of a game with Rangers would be Willie McCallum marking Colin Stein
  11. My guess would be Charlie Aitken
  12. sinjy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I listed 10 players Robinson signed in the summer. You want rid of 90 percent of then. That's nine players. Would you like to name the one you would keep or the nine shite players you want rid of. Mad mad post.
  13. sinjy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Carroll, Ilic, Gallagher, Polworth, Hylton, Long, Seedorf, O'Hara, Mazinga and Mugabe were signed in summer. All apart from Ilic, Mazinga and Mugabe have made a considerable contribution to us being third in the league and safely in the top six. Polworth Gallagher and Long have been outstanding. Mazinga and Seedorf are punts that may or may not yet come good. I don't know what Robinson has to do to please everyone. He had a massive rebuilding job and has done great.
  14. At the start of the season how many of us thought we would be in the top six? Well done to the manager and the players. Next up Aberdeen. So let's push on now

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