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    Season ticket

    I will be renewing. I have seen every home game for free so this year's season ticket has been used.
  2. My absolute hero. Remember as a kid telling the barber how I loved him and the barber gave me a crew cut just like him. I was at Ibrox when we beat Rangers 5-2. I think the next round when we lost to Airdrie made up his mind to leave. Hampden 1961. Centre forward for Scotland Ian St John FP of Calder Primary CF for England Joe Baker FP of Park Street School later Cathedral primary half a mile away. Thanks for the memories
  3. I am Scunnered by the team and the manager No fight or heart in the team Scunnered by injuries Scunnered by the seven signings made in January. Only Kelly has worked. Magloire the only other one to get a start. Mystery surrounds Foley, Nolan and Smith absences. Smith and Roberts look no better than White and Seedorf. Scunnered by the managers tactics. Our three man midfield gets over run when Campbell and O'Hara are there. On Saturday we have three Championship level midfielders and he persisted with the system. What did he expect to happen. With a make shift defence he should have been giving them maximum protection. The short passing at bye kick might be alright with a team full of confidence but not with this lot. Anyway one of the best long passers in the team is the goalie so why not use him. I have watched every away game this season apart from Rangers and Celtic but will be missing out on Wednesday. The six o'clock start does not go down well with Mrs Sinjy as she has spent all day in the kitchen preparing a Cordon Bleu meal and she is scunnered when half way through the meal I leave the table to set up the lap top. It is not worth the hassle any more.
  4. I am reminded of a lovely guy I worked beside in the mid nineties. He was a Partick Thistle die hard. When it was obvious they were going to be relegated from the premier league he said he was looking forward to seeing new teams and winning a lot more games than ten or so wins they were getting in the SPL each season. They got relegated again the following season. Be careful what you wish for. Relegation will be awful.
  5. So if the Kilmarnock and St Mirren games had gone ahead then it would be done by now. I would like to see a couple of more in but I do not want to lose Gallagher. O'Donnell and or Campbell going I could live with.
  6. As a usual happy clapper I am now worried that we may get relegated. While many will point to bad luck and unfair referee decisions there is still something very wrong with our team. For me the problem lies in mid field and the speed in which we change defence into attack. There were a few occasions today in the second half where we won the ball on the edge of our own box and were not able to move upfield with pace. When we got to the halfway line we usually turned back and played a square or back pass that allowed Aberdeen to regroup. it saddens me to say that the main culprit was Alan Campbell and to a lesser extent O'Donnell. The mark of our successful teams of late has been pace when breaking out of defence. This team does not have that attribute.
  7. Conspiracy theorists might suggest that Lennon's rant was the start of a move get the season null and void.
  8. Two games in a row I went for Mugabi. It has to be a defender as we limited them to very few chances even though the attacks were coming all the time in the second half. Special mentions to Gallagher Watt and Cole. While our midfield did little on the ball they covered a lot of ground off it marking and following runners.
  9. That was a great point. The manager's game plan worked and hopefully the players will gain confidence in him and buy into his ideas. He seems to want to see the fringe players in action thus Seedorf got a start and McIvor a run out. He won't have seen much of them if he has been watching videos. I don't think either of them did themselves any favours. The criticism that we defended deeper and deeper is a sign that we lack confidence and if results improve this will stop.
  10. This shows what a shambolic organisation the SPFL is. When they released extra fixtures for cup weekend and we were not in it and Saints and Killie were I thought the appeals were likely to be thrown out but now we have to find a couple of dates to fit these games in. Typical no forward planning or common sense. I hope Burrows gets on to the SPFL and demands that any players signed by them since the original games are barred from playing. Open goal now for any club to claim they cannot field a team.
  11. Tin hat on but I went for Mugabi
  12. Turned over to the St Mirren stream at FT to hear what they were saying about the penalty. It was shown two or three times and was never a pen. Their ex player said they had got away with one but these thing even out over the season. I thought Mugabi had an excellent game and thought the pen was against Gallagher. For me the difference was, they brought on subs who could alter the game. We brought on Jordan White and Barry Maguire for Hastie and Cole. That was not going to improve us.
  13. Just seen that there is an away team video on the top right.
  14. 4 streams. Any of them for us. I've tried 1 and 4 both St Mirren biased.
  15. I hope he has watched our last four games on tape. That's six hours work that should give him a good idea of what has been happening plus a mornings training. I hope to see a big reaction from our under performers. Wasn't going to buy the stream but will now to see if there is any immediate difference.

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