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  1. sinjy

    Need help

    I keep getting a message on my laptop, phone and tablet when I log in to this site. It says Error520. It is something to do with something called cloud fare. It says browser working,London cloudfare working but steelmenonline host error. I am able to get on to steelmen using an old kindle that was tucked away in a drawer. Can anyone help
  2. sinjy


    Interesting that a team with Pearson, McManus and McDonald finished 11th yet this lot with the poorer players finished 5th. It might just be that Alexander is able to organise a team to get the very best out of his squad while Barraclough could not. We have come back countless times this season. Ibrox twice, St Mirren, away and home, Aberdeen and Morton in the cup, Livingston all spring to mind recently. This indicates the players are motivated and think positively. That might just be down to the manager.
  3. Absolutely raging at the club for agreeing to this. Their supporters cause mayhem at a ladies game. They shafted us for tickets at their midden. Oh and Mrs Sinjy asked me last week what day we could visit her brother and sister and go for a meal. Everything booked for Saturday. Another game I cant get to. Is it worth buying a season ticket next season when we get mucked around. At least when the game is switched for TV we get plenty of warning but this is ridiculous.
  4. sinjy

    Harry Smith

    He is scoring regularly for Leyton Orient where Craig Clay also plays.
  5. I swore after Ross Co, Dundee and Hibs I was done with away games. At 2.50 withdrawal symptoms set in and I paid £17.50 to watch one of the worst games of football imaginable. No creativity, no finesse or skill. Two bad teams with one worldy shot that won it. I would regard myself as a happy clapper but that was unacceptable. I really fear that if we do not make the top six we will end up in the play off. A couple more defeats and we could be only five or six points in front of St Johnstone at the start of the run in. The problems seem to stem from January. Watt was a big loss as he got us up the park holding the ball and buying fouls. Combine his loss with the players who came in. Roberts was poor before. What is the point of Shaw, and Tierney looks like someone's son playing in his dad's testimonial. Team selections are strange. Woolery did well at Ibrox but has been on the bench since. Slattery was a star before Xmas but has disappeared. Playing five at the back against Hibs was a change that I thought might work but not to have O'Donnell and Carroll's the wing backs was wrong McGinley and Mugabe are basically defenders. Admittedly that didn't work too well on Saturday. Then on Saturday only two midfielders, Donnelly and a rookie, Cornelius, just made it clear we were going to hoof it and miss out the midfield. I thought Alexander was great booking but I am now having severe doubts.
  6. Told Mrs sinjy at half time that I would be available shortly as expected the worst. I didn't listen to the Rangers TV commentary but am fair enjoying McCann and Kerr analysing the game so the missus is still waiting patiently to go out. Kelly was brilliant and Lamie seemed to put his body in front of everything. Hope we can now kick on in midweek.
  7. My understanding is that the club was put off by reports from one of his teachers who had very strong links to Motherwell FC.
  8. No vote from me. I thought Maguire was the best of a bad lot but the manager must have thought otherwise to take him off. Just shows what I know.
  9. I have gone right off this forum recently. The negative comments aimed at many of our players and the management have been way over the top. I have supported the Well for over sixty years and will always give the club and whoever is in charge my backing. Today was one of the best performances in years. It gave me as much pleasure as the two recent semi final wins. Every player was up for it and there wasn't one failure. Disappointingly I am writing this on page five. The Rangers defeat got 13 pages. That says a lot about this forum.
  10. The most despicable most horrible football club on the planet. Let's get right into them. COYW
  11. Alexander has identified that mid field is our problem so he hasn't picked a mid field. Very strange.
  12. I went to collect mine on Thursday but was told the machine had broken and they were waiting on a part they expected to be delivered on Friday. It would be best to check before travelling to Fir Park to collect to save a wasted journey.
  13. Are the club continuing their live streaming for stay at home season ticket holders? It is not really suitable for me to travel through to a 4.30 ko on a Sunday evening.
  14. if we only draw we need to win the pens as QP have a better go and seven points too.
  15. sinjy

    Stevie O'D

    Just asking but when Patterson came on at Hampden was that the first time he had played in front of a crowd? Rangers only had him and the third choice goalie in the squad. The media needed a Rangers player to write about to satisfy their readers. It is that sort of parochialism that harms the progress of our national team. Good on Clarke for ignoring them.

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