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  1. We need to keep him match fit for the final though.
  2. Jonesy

    Ins & Outs

    The Sutton to Rangers story has been doing the rounds since the start of the year. He'd be going their as back-up to Jelavic I reckon. Don't see those 2 being a partnership. I suppose the Hateley one makes sense given his links to McCoist via his da' and agent. He's hit a bit of form again recently and I can't see Diouf or Davis being there next season so they'll need to bolster midfield.
  3. Jonesy

    Cup Final Tickets

    Is there a limit to the number of tickets you can apply for in the ballot?
  4. Jonesy

    Cup Final Tickets

    I don't think that's what he means. I think he's talking about the pre-sale for people who buy a season ticket for next season. i.e Trying to give those who don't have 1 this season a wee nudge towards pre-ordering next season's season ticket just to unsure they get a cup final ticket
  5. It probably will be. They'll just be waiting to see how the league is standing at that point. They will either show the game of who has already won the league, or they will be broadcasting both games simultaneously
  6. I always had it in my head that was a 1-0 game.
  7. Jonesy

    Cup Final Tickets

    Cup final ALWAYS kicks off at 3pm.
  8. You lot should be playing Champions League football by now should you not? Competing for the trophy in 3 years, was that not what Vlad said?
  9. Jonesy

    Willie Collum

    It's not really made much difference in England. They might even be worse now.
  10. We've had plenty of white away strips recently, I doubt it's taken him until this seasons strips to come to this conclusion. Probably more likely it'll become a 3rd kit to allow a new away strip. That was the usual plan until a couple of seasons ago.
  11. Did we find out yet who she's been playing/getting wet with?
  12. Was it not a case of people collecting the stuff themselves from the guys with the boxes of stuff at the top of the stairs, rather than everything already being laid out at each seat?
  13. Does Willie Haughey not still have the sponsorship right this season? He had them last year and gave them up to the government to put the 'homecoming' name to it. Pretty sure he had the same set up this season.
  14. Jonesy

    Florida Park Pub

    Gok Wan on their side or not, still seems like they are well out of order. Sounds to me like a bunch of dicks that can't dish it out but cannae take it. The type that'll stand and have a go at someone and call them all sorts, then just say 'we're just kidding mate, only having a laugh'. Then as soon as someone says anything back they run off to call their mates for back up and tear into the lot of them.
  15. Paul Harvey has himself a trade. Pretty sure he's a joiner. Seen him on the train a few times heading into Milngavie in the mornings with his tool kit.
  16. Easily. Here's the way I'm looking at it. Something around 7,000/7,500 there yesterday. You can guarentee everyone one of those will know at least one person who didn't go yesterday but will definitely be at the final. That takes it to about 15,000, and that's being conservative about it. Then you start to add ex-pats and peoples families and kids who will all be going along too. It's not long in adding up.
  17. The only prediction I'll me this early is that everyone is well short with their thoughts on our crowd. I think we could easily take 20,000 to this. I hope the club wont be bullied about how to split the allocation.
  18. With his tie round his head, the cup full of booze and 1 shoe missing.
  19. Make that 4, 'cause Wigan are doon. As well as that, Sieb went on to be a prison guard or something along those lines.
  20. Yeah, you're right. Paul McGrillen would've been one of them. Think it was Mowgli who replaced Coyne as manager too.
  21. Pretty sure that, last I heard, Softie had started his own driving school business. Though, was it not him that had a spell as Stirling manager after he left us, signig Buff and a few others from us and tried to take Dougie with him? Dougie refused as he felt he couldn't play against us if we met in one of the cups. That was the year that, sure as shite, we played them in the Scottish Cup and ended up signing Stevie Nicholas off them. Big Buff has been manager at a few junior teams since, I think. Cambuslang Rangers being one of them IIRC.
  22. Jonesy

    Ins & Outs

    Agree with SD on that. Jenno is quality. Easily on apar with McArthur, McCarthy, Cattlemole and, I'm sure, a squad full of Centre mids down there.
  23. Well, it was at 5,000 at the guy infront of me and I bought 7, so that makes it 5,011 plus there were at least 6 queued outside so easily 5,017 now. Even better. That's where out tickets are for. They are onto row HH now.
  24. Just out the ticket office. For anyone who feels the need to know, we are now up to 5,000 tickets sold.

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