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  1. mfc88

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Whatever way you spin it.... make a success of being a footballer and the money will follow. It doesnt necessarily work the other way around. All I'm saying is I hope he looks at those who have opted for the latter before him..... According to Wikipedia and Ben hall has played 11 league games since leaving us 2.5 years ago (edit to add: in league 2), he played 18 league games for us in the space of about half a season before that. I'm sure football-wise he'd be in a much better position had he stayed with us for longer.
  2. mfc88

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Andy robertson is the exception rather than the rule. And as weeyin says he was signed for the first team. I was in no way suggesting that any youngster signs, with a view to finishing their career at us, just to make a name for themselves at spl level - I probably didn't word that last bit so well. What I was getting at is, without a doubt, another year or two experience at our level will set them up better for the step up, with still plenty time left in their careers. Kennedy is a brilliant player IMO and I wonder where he'd be now had he done so - better salary than st johnstone can pay I'll bet. Yeah he's pocketed a few years worth of higher wages, but in my opinion, sacrifice that and he would have been more likely to set himself up for a much longer period on much better wages. Now at the age of 25 (ish?), after not making it in the EPL, such offers will be harder to come by. I do see the point you're making though, David. Above is just my opinion on the matter and largely hypothetical, I guess.
  3. mfc88

    Who Stays And Who Goes?

    Livingstone is a funny one. By the sounds of it, he's been a standout in a strong youth team, so naturally I'd like to see more of him.... yet he no longer seems to have much involvement with the first team. Is he injured just now or just not fancied by Robinson?
  4. mfc88

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I really hope hastie and all our other young talent for that matter look at the careers of lee erwin, ben hall, robbie leitch etc to see that chasing the money early on doesn't usually pay off. Another one is matt kennedy of st j, left killie after a few promising appearances and now, arguably, he's 5 years behind where he could/should be. I know, I know.... short careers, could get injured and so on..... but surely you'd rather make a name for yourself in the game?
  5. mfc88

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Fantastic news re turnbull. Seals his immediate future with us with the potential for decent income further down the line. Cant say i know much about rossiter but really don't see the logic in a potential deal there..... Decent pedigree but frankly untested at this level. Plus we've a generally bloated midfield and don't like the sound of a loan deal to get him fit for rangers next term. I think our transfer dealings are done for this window tbh and all things considered it's not looking bad. Turnbull extension, ariyibi looks the part so far and we all know what an asset a fit McCormack would be. A Hastie contract extension would be nice too!!
  6. mfc88

    Hibernian Man of the Match

    For the first time in a while I struggled to pick one for the right reasons. Voted Turnbull for his goal and general play. Also campbells best game in a long time and Gorrin looked good. Grimmy can simply be immense to watch with his surging runs. Think he's found his best position at RB.
  7. mfc88

    2018/19 Game 22: Hibernian (H) Wednesday 23rd January

    Aye what happened there? Seen some sort of aggro between the two sets of fans but no idea what about.
  8. mfc88

    2018/19 Game 22: Hibernian (H) Wednesday 23rd January

    Fantastic performance. So much better than Saturday. What a difference playing with 2 proper wingers and Turnbull attacking midfield..... and actually passing the ball! Think the criticism of main is harsh. His goal return this season is poor to say the least, but tonight he put in a shift and a half up top by himself. Was practically wrestling with McGregor all game and looked knackered just before he got subbed for sammon. Sammon didn't offer the same intensity though. Campbell's best game for a while and grimshaw was brilliant. Gorrin Looks a player too when we're not bypassing the midfield. More of the same please.
  9. mfc88

    2018/19 Game 22: Hibernian (H) Wednesday 23rd January

    I'm not sure hate is the right word. I like hartley. Problem is he's too similar to aldred, and frankly IMO aldred is the better player. I agree with the original poster that Dunne is a centre half and brings the much needed pace to compliment Aldred. Also when in possession Hartley is probably the biggest culprit for head down and launch. You can almost see him winding his leg up!
  10. mfc88

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    I agree with you on that big stall. I agree we've got the players capable of beating county and comfortably avoiding relegation. But we're not doing it. What gets me is in his interview Robinson almost excuses it by referring to having lost kipre and moult (and also bowman?). Well I don't see a Moult or kipre in county's team, just a team able to play together and wanting to win the game. He refers to the injured cadden, tanner etc.... well this was his strategy to strengthen 12-18, rather than making fewer quality signings. The excuses are not acceptable and directly contradict either his philosiphy, or what he is pointing to as a positive. Nothing against him as a guy.... forever grateful for digging us out a hole in 2017 and of course the 2 cup final season, but without a doubt we're going backwards.
  11. mfc88

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Have to say Robbo's post match interview reeked of desperation. Kind of reminded me of some of McGhee final interviews. Firstly, where does the 4 million gross profit on players come from? Unless we got 2 million for rose, then I'm struggling to add up to half of that. Also, Moult, henegan and bowman - none were signed by him. Though their best form came under him, so I'll let that go. Regardless 2 million, 4 million, f**king 20 million doesn't matter - weve nothing to show for it. Failed to make a mark on the cup, and doing the minimum to get by in the league. And we're skint because the seasons budget has been squandered on the 12-18 strategy, and players who are slowly getting replaced by our u20s. I am seething after yesterday.
  12. Today was a reality check as to how shit we actually are and how greatful we should be for the teams below us in the league. I hope the board were taking note. I would have accepted toddling along in the league and just doing what it takes to avoid relegation, as long as we had the cup to look forward to. Now we don't have that. I've had enough. The last 3 home games have been amongst the worst I've seen. Accies just temporarily papered over the cracks.
  13. Terrible today. We offered nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  14. I wonder if Robinson will start with Livingstone for this game. If ever there was a game to see how he plays from the start in the first team it's this one, given he's played county already with the colts and, by all accounts, played well.
  15. mfc88

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I would fully expect us to be changing shape from 352 to a 442 or 4231 with McCormack part of the 2 or middle of the 3. Tait aldred Dunne/Hartley dunne/livi/ATS Ariyibi Campbell Turnbull Hastie/frear McCormack main Prefer dunne at CB but may be better off using him on the left for now depending on how ready livinstone is, or uninjured ATS is. I don't see main getting dropped, but if he does, maybe McCormack as the 1 in a 4231 with Turnbull middle of the 3 and mchugh in with Campbell.

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