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  1. mfc88

    Hearts Man of the Match

    Allan Campbell for me. The boy is different class and and an absolute unsung hero. By a mile the most influential player on the park today.
  2. mfc88

    Sportscene trial by tv

    How can they also fail to highlight the most stonewall penalty you will ever see not given, against hylton yesterday?? If that was celtic or rangers they would have been all over it ffs.
  3. mfc88

    Vs Hibs

    Totally agree with this assessment. No doubt he can be frustrating to watch, not making the right runs, not looking for the ball when he should be. But there is certainly pace, skill, ability to go either side of his man to shoot or cross. If the rest falls into place he could be a right nightmare for defences at our level. Let's remember he's only 21 with a handful of senior games. Had he come through our own academy I think we'd all be talking up his potential rather than criticising what he lacks.
  4. mfc88

    Hibernian Man of the Match

    Special mention for hartley but went for scott. His best game for us so far - think out wide might be his position, probably a bit raw to play the lone striker role. Hes still got a lot to learn but I only realised hes just turned 19 - thought he was about a year older than that, so plenty time.
  5. mfc88

    2019-20 Rebuild

    That absolutely baffled me as well. Did I miss something or did Michael Smith not just boot the ball into seedorf's chest from point blank range, sparking a very minor melee - we get 2 men in the book for it and only a booking for smith also?
  6. mfc88

    2019-20 League Cup

    Is it to do with being fan owned though? I was sceptical at the beginning of the fan ownership, but under the right leadership I'm beginning to think it can work for us. IMO it's the areas we are spending the budget. We have a very fruitful youth system yet have signed 10 or 11 players this summer, and how many of them are better than macguire, semple, livingstone, Cornelius etc? So far I'll say 2, 3 maybe with the jury out on the rest. Why are we not signing 5 or 6 quality starters and bulking the squad out with the youths? I had the same complaints this time last year too. Or, genuine question, am I just being naive in my thinking?
  7. mfc88

    2019-20 League Cup

    Last night was much more indicative to where we are than any other games I've seen this season (wasnt at livi). And I fear that we have yet again flooded our squad with below average players. Hylton and seedorf looked excellent against lower league opposition but out there depth last night. Seedorf was up against a 16 year old left back - should have been running at him trying to scare the shit out of him from the off but simply didnt, and may as well not have played the first half. He did improve in the second, however. Cole - I am yet to see literally anything from. Surprised robinson has not tried long out wide and scott central, rather than opting for one or the other and swapping them at half time. Based on the performances last night, Scott should have been far from the first hooked. Tait and gillespie arent looking themselves at all. Tait is playing like he's aged about 10 years over the summer.... I do trust Robinson will get it right, but its beginning to feel like the same mistakes as last year regarding transfers - quantity and not quality. Hope I'm wrong. Gutting to be out a cup this early yet again.
  8. WHAT IF...... we had a slightly bigger home support? Either we wouldn't have sold and we would all be happy, or our the selling price would have been much more. My point is that walking away isn't going to solve anything. End of the day that sort of money is too much to pass up for the club - near double our record fee. Not many clubs in the world pass on that. Though hopefully with the clearance of debt, we now find ourselves on a much better financial footing.
  9. mfc88

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Question is where?? If his wage demands were in line with our wage structure I'd take him in a heartbeat tbh. Not prolific but gets goals, could play pretty much anywhere across the front 3, has a habit of riling defenders and still got a few years in him.
  10. mfc88

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Noticed few posters saying they expect cadden to leave.... anything behind this or just a feeling? I'm thinking the opposite - maybe turnbull has been a distraction from it, but theres been little to no media attention around clubs interested in him which makes me think the development fee is a turn off. So for him it would make sense to sign for another year....
  11. Yep, this patter is pissing me off as well. Not enough through the gates regularly enough is the reason we have to sell to be sustainable in the first place - the irony. I'm sad to see turnbull leave but realistically we were never going to reject 3M plus. I'm more surprised celtic played ball tbh.
  12. Gutted. And to them
  13. mfc88

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Celtic can do one. Based on how they went about things with John McGinn last summer, I'd tell them to [email protected]@k off now and not to bother coming back. Cant be dealing with a pre-season of that.
  14. mfc88

    Away fans in the POD

    10-12 seconds in. F*cking disgusting and also extremely cowardly. Hope it never hit anyone.
  15. This. Plus, it's not very often you get to see the best young, arguably best outright(?), midfielder in the country playing at Motherwell... and he actually wants to be here. Let's enjoy it while it lasts! I think I might have posted a few weeks back with a minimum valuation i felt we'd consider, but I take it back now, hes improving at a rate of knots and I certainly wouldn't be hitting the cash out button now unless it blows our record fee out the water. I am speaking as a fan of course though.

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