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  1. Money aside, reduced numbers at both ends will kill the atmosphere at fir park, and at most other grounds round the country. Against it as anything other than a short term solution myself.
  2. Please tell me this is a wind up?? Got to be...
  3. If we have exhausted all other avenues to bring in a winger, or don't have one coming through the youth ranks, I wouldn't be against hastie coming back on loan. I don't like the idea of developing a rangers player either, but its an area we need to strengthen and hastie will do that, plus its a low risk move for both parties in that he knows a lot of the players, management and backroom staff... Rangers are always going to have good players regardless, and if its not us developing him it'll be someone else anyway.
  4. I notice that jordan white has been bumped to number 9, maybe reading too much into it but indicative that long is probably away IMO. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/squad/first-team/
  5. Is that in the best interest of the game though? Scotland needs less senior teams, not more. Punting the premiership up to 14 and adding Kelty and Brora to the setup just because "its fairer" isn't the answer IMO. There was a decent article going around recently featuring Gordon strachan talking about this. His opinion on the number of semi pro teams in Scotland is harsh, but can't disagree with it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52797428 (I'm sure there was a more in depth article somewhere but I couldn't find it and this is the jist.)
  6. Don't get me wrong - I do see the point from a financial perspective. We have made money off boys that are yet to make it, even at our level, years down the line - hall and leitch a couple examples. They will not all go on to be as good as mcfadden. But as a fan, its not all about money and I'd love to see more of these lads make their mark on the first team, even if some of them don't.
  7. To be fair, in recent-ish times, the only young player who didn't get enough of a chance at us but went on to prove himself at our level is lawless. Even then you're going back 10 years. Could have been others but he's the only one that comes to mind, certainly not a common occurrence. I'd rather see us finding a way of keeping the likes of mckinstry, mcalear, etc. We know we're re never going to sign an international player, but we can develop one... but more often than not our top youth are poached before they reach the first team. Kind of makes you wonder "whats the point?" And I can see why falkirk (for example) have done away with their youth academy... however I'd never support us doing that. It is still pretty successful in spite of that.
  8. Link to record article for calum lang story. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/callum-lang-targeted-motherwell-loan-22202961 According to wiki 25 goals from 78 league 1 & 2 & cup games - is a decent stat. Sounds promising. Also about halfway down, the article nonchalantly mentions that we have signed Scott fox... News to me and not on official. Leaked or nonsense?
  9. Always though Gogic had strange playing style, but possibly would be a good addition. I also see that mcgowan is leaving accies as well, suspect he'll be looking to move to england so doubt it's a realistic option but thought he was excellent for them and would be a bit of a coup IMO.
  10. Sounds interesting if you still have the link??
  11. mfc88

    The Well Society

    News to me that its not... Anywhere we can keep up to date with the latest strategy of the society? The page on the official site doesnt give much away.
  12. Not that I've seen and nothing on the official site. Just saw hes not in the u21 squad and putting 2 and 2 together.
  13. When allan campbell went off injured on sat, was it a bad one? And is he out for a few games? I just assumed it was a sore one but nothing serious. Just noticed hes been omitted from the u21 squad when hes been a stalwart in that team.
  14. Aye I think it was 2 games, county and today
  15. He was suspended for today

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