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  1. I'd add o'donnell to that list but agree, it's going to be one hell of a rebuild for GA. Not sure what fringe players are out of contract as well, but there's that to think about too.
  2. Contemplating that a point and no injuries would be a result tonight. Dont think I've ever said that before an accies game but we have been rotten every time we've played them this season. 9 of their 27 points have come from us
  3. Would love to see a fully fit dunne of the 17/18 season play for us again. Sadly I don't see that happening after the length of time he's been out. I hope I'm wrong. When did he last play for us out of interest? Must be well over a year - year and a half?
  4. How beautiful is this by the way. Can't help thinking a reversed away version would be awesome too. Hopefully a sponsor wouldn't be overly intrusive if it became a reality. It's funny how looking back to the 90s era, a sponsor was a big feature of the kit, part of the attraction. Whereas now it tends to take away from it. Or maybe that's just nostalgia.
  5. Several options today, but credit where its due, lamie was excellent. He's come in for a lot of criticism but if he can maintain the level of the last couple performances he'll give Alexander the good kind of headache when we've a fully fit back line again.
  6. Absolutely brilliant performance. Would have taken a point before the game if I'm honest, so didn't see that coming. Brilliant from Kelly to keep a clean sheet, he really is a class act.
  7. What the fuck are we watching here? We look about 2 or 3 leagues below st Johnstone.
  8. Went for cole but there were some huge moments from Kelly at the end. Was surprised when I realised how young he is... plays with the maturity of a keeper 10 years older.
  9. Can anyone shed any light on whats going on at the far end of the East stand where the bois sit? Looks like a load of seats missing... Obvious answer is seats are being replaced but wondering is it going to be a safe standing area?
  10. I was more or less behind robbo till the end, but we do look a lot more organised and less error prone now. OK, the goal last night was riddled with individual errors, but just in general since Alexander came in. Problem has been doing it in the final 3rd.
  11. Went for maguire but could just have easily went for watt or mugabi.
  12. Thought maguire was fantastic tonight and deserves a run in the team in that holding role. Watt was a brilliant outlet again and what a header from mugabi by the way, seemed to levitate in the air once he got up there. Brilliant second half up to the last 15 or so when the nerves began to kick in. Thats the monkey off our back now with some winnable games coming up next month. Not sure how County ended up with 11 men there. It was a mistimed tackle from hjelde but he's booted Crawford in the ribs ffs. Not even a yellow.
  13. If its the same guy I'm thinking of for st m, I always thought he was a decent player when we played against him. Didn't realise his age though. Got a bit of fight in him which is what we desperately need.
  14. Because if we don't, we may as well give up on our season now. If we don't fancy our chances against the teams around us, when do we?
  15. A must not lose on paper, but a must win for me. If we don't fancy our chances against county we may as well sack it now. They've had a bit of a bounce, but hopefully that's come to an end yesterday.

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