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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62543432 I saw this article today and he’s a name that I’ve heard mentioned a couple of times over the summer; could he be the creative player that we need, perhaps on a short-term deal or pay as you play type thing?
  2. Apparently Kenny Miller mentioned his name to Tam Cowan the other week when asked about possible left-field candidates. As someone said earlier, it could be an unknown who we go for, we do have previous for that.
  3. Sportsound reporting a shortlist of possibly 4 candidates, with two confirmed as Stevie Hammell and Simo Valakari - just guesswork perhaps…
  4. Just heard Stevie Hammell there too on sportsound - quickly out Liam kelly back in his box regarding the fans. Hopefully he can galvanise the players to a result today too
  5. si91


    The inevitable has happened, altho never great to see our club in this situation. Serious question about where we go next - Clarkson and Hammell for the weekend and caretaker duties? Would there be mileage in a Craigan/ Faddy partnership or is that too much of a risk?
  6. BBC website would suggest that KvV wasn’t booked yesterday, hope that is the case. I’m not sure we can do without him for 2 games at this stage of the season tbh
  7. Is the GK from Millwall the same Long that played for us in the Rangers play off game?
  8. Someone on P & B pointing out that Shankland can only sign for Utd in this window, as he’s already played for 2 clubs this season. That would suggest he won’t be heading to us - glad about that as he hasn’t really shone at the top level over his career
  9. It was very similar to the Schumacher and Battiston challenge all those years ago. Not sure if the keeper was even booked in that occasion. Fair play to Michael Stewart last night, who said he didn’t think the hand by Amaluzor had any part in it.
  10. Which mcnulty - the one that played for Dundee Utd and hibs recently, and had been at reading too?
  11. Cheers fella, much appreciated. I had hoped to get along to the QP and the Airdrie games.
  12. Are away fans able to get to games? Not sure if I’ve missed this or not.
  13. si91

    Stevie O'D

    And I totally get the fatter wage bit, but when he’s looking back over a career, and yes he’s comfortable in his big house etc, will he have any regrets about missing out on being part of the team that bossed England at Wembley? Would he not like to be able to give the framed shirt from that night to his kids as a memory?
  14. si91

    Stevie O'D

    It was Chic Young on Radio Scotland this morning; not necessarily a hugely reliable source tbh
  15. si91

    Stevie O'D

    I wonder what Gallagher is thinking about how things have changed so much in 6 months - in December he was a regular in the Scotland team, captain of Motherwell and O’Donnell was the less fashionable of the two; now Gallagher not even stripped for two games and O’Donnell being lauded by National press and being touted for a move to a bigger club in some quarters of the media.

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