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  1. Another goal and we would go above Utd
  2. Shocking decision but as has been said on here, why are we surprised. Here’s an interesting (but probably fanciful) thought - why not ask both Killie and St Mirren to identify which players would have been available on the dates of the original fixtures and only select these players for the rescheduled games. It’ll never happen but would help protect sporting integrity
  3. Lawless announced on Twitter
  4. Fielding stronger teams now, compared to what they would have been able to field is surely the most relevant fact. By breaking the rules (which they’ve admitted to) and having cancelled/ been unable to fulfil the fixture, both teams have gained a sporting advantage. Why should we be penalised?
  5. Something stinks about this - Jason Leitch has been saying for weeks/ months that the only privilege that football gets over the rest of us is after the white line, so any positive case should result in cases of self isolation. From my own workplace, anything more than 15 mins with a positive case results in self isolating for others. This all beggars belief tbh
  6. Jim Goodwin was on the radio yesterday and said that they had broken some rules by car sharing; and was there not a rule about having 13 players in a squad available and a game had to go ahead? If we had played against weakened sides, you would hope (??) that we might have picked up max points. As it is, we may have to play against both Killie and St Mirren with both of them having full squads to select from.
  7. Kevin McDonald would be an interesting signing - Premiership player, clever passer, international (??) - but is he a luxury type, not a fighter? I think he’d be an improvement on some of our midfielders and might be a replacement for Turnbull.
  8. Top result, and everyone playing their part by the sounds of it. If we win the 2 games (get given the 6 pts) were up to 5th
  9. Just seen a few comments from the Spurs game tonight, and there’s a Christian Ilic playing; is that the same one who had been signed for us?
  10. Because he’s an upgrade on any of the strikers that we have at the moment; I agree he’s a total bam but if he can take the chances that we’ve been creating, he’ll do for me.
  11. If he is away this week, is there any harm in asking for Griffiths on loan for the year + the £3 million that’s been mentioned, and the 20% sell on, or is that just being greedy??
  12. Pitch is a wee bit patchy
  13. Just seen this on the bbc - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52513690 has he been approached for the NI job??
  14. Sounds like routine after care as Richie suggests; and is he still a ‘Celtic target’?? Record making a story that isn’t really there!
  15. Noticed how much he talked MacIver through the St Mirren game the other night. Maybe he can use his experience to develop our younger players

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