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  1. Pitch is a wee bit patchy
  2. Just seen this on the bbc - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52513690 has he been approached for the NI job??
  3. Sounds like routine after care as Richie suggests; and is he still a ‘Celtic target’?? Record making a story that isn’t really there!
  4. Noticed how much he talked MacIver through the St Mirren game the other night. Maybe he can use his experience to develop our younger players
  5. Aberdeen have pushed back the entry date for their new proposed stadium because the revenue they expected for selling pittodrie has fallen due to house prices in the area, according to sports sound yesterday. I’d imagine we’d be in the same situation if we tried to sell fir park
  6. Was there not plans for a training facility at the bottom end of Muirhouse a few years back? It would be interesting to see/ hear what happened with them
  7. Davie Cooper was like that when he started at Fir Park and it took a wee while for the rest of the players to get onto his wavelength.
  8. https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17729615.david-turnbulls-move-to-celtic-could-be-off-as-issue-uncovered-in-medical/ just seen this
  9. Not sure if this has been posted already but a positive video on our fan ownership in the BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p078qllg
  10. A collective 7-figures or both will leave for 7-figures each? Liverpool are just about to sell their reserve-reserve keeper for £10 million; Carson’s true value won’t be realised when he leaves us. Hopefully a nice wee sell-on clause will be included
  11. I heard Tony Watt on the radio this afternoon suggesting that he hopes to be signing for a club this week. Was he not mentioned earlier in this thread? Could Robinson and Lasley be the ones to get the best from him?
  12. Did anyone see Carson in the photos at the training camp?
  13. Still in the top 6 at the mo; a win on Saturday would be ideal obviously
  14. This is a bit random, not sure its the right thread. I agree that Carson is our most consistent performer. Does anyone think he should be getting some international recognition? McGovern isnt playing at Norwich, Mannus is on the bench at St Johnstone and Carroll must be nearly 300.

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