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  1. For sure Steelboy and I have faith that Robinson will notice the players in question
  2. When I/team get pumped at football, we go on and we work harder next time. Different level but I would expect no different. Who do you want us to play? Annan, Morecambe, this disguises the fact where we are at. DID IT WORK WITH LLANELLI and BREIDABLIK. No.
  3. Nonsense it gives us a kick up the arse early doors. Be fitter. Up your game.
  4. and as I said beating annan 2-0 tells you nothing; when we have to play these sides and be more competitive and start for Europe to. This tells us everything
  5. To be fair, that's funny
  6. Getting pumped is a wake up call to where we need to be pre-europe and in the league. Better than beating annan.
  7. Well - I can't find the box with my old Motherwell strips in it. Now I'm thinking I might have had some crazy clear out moment, which rings a bell. If I did do that, I'm regretting it now. I'll keep hunting.
  8. Are you saying Supermarv that you categorically know this guy was not tested?
  9. Do you want 3 million for your car? I'll need to take a look at it first......because i'm paying 3 million. Spot on Al.
  10. Only via my dad I know about him, great player sadly missed.
  11. Which is ironic I'm the most M a Size you can get!
  12. I think I might have one, will check tomorrow.
  13. 8/10 best in the league according to the beeb!
  14. It's probably reciprocal as well, as we attend our Wigan Reserves/National league friendly to see our next signing!
  15. Nonsense. We've got a chance at getting 3million pounds which would set up our club for years to come. Your thinking they are watching the way we line up, Celtic are far too big-headed for that and expect a victory no matter what way we are playing a pre-season friendly! They are looking at the goods they might pay 3million pounds for, justified, yes!!
  16. I think Robinson will go which is a big blow......even if he fails at NI he can go back to somewhere semi-decent in Scotland - and if he does well better than that. Goes with all my best wishes. I'm not sure about Lasley......my preference would be to firmly retain him as an assistant as part of whoever gets the gig. I'd like someone like Nigel Adkins.....good win ratio.....new ventures.
  17. wunderwell

    Season Tickets

    Thanks everybody that's awesome, I have 3 kids under 15 so that really helps me understand.
  18. wunderwell

    Season Tickets

    Can anyone do me a favour? What's the difference between a standard adult ticket and a family adult ticket in the options? They are both the same price.
  19. Congratulations to the club for Scott’s contract extension. Getting the talented kids on these and sold will mean I have a team to support for many more years to come.
  20. It'll be from down south - I'll go for Jamie Reid from Torquay
  21. I hope some players and maybe the management may pop their head on this forum from time to time, if they do please read! Let me take as an e.g on this Allan Campbell, but applies to a number of our players on Saturday. If you want to become a better player, watch the EPL. When Rangers were attacking, how many times did we boot the ball clear aimlessly, just to clear the danger? Allan, breaks down the play brilliantly, but needs to find the pass out of defence to unlock the strikers, who in turn are say 2 v 3 if you get the ball to them. Something we needed to do in the second half to worry Rangers. In turn doing this, leads to the Long chance we had before Rangers scored. NONE of our younger players will really do well at a higher stage unless they start to do these things that is indoctrined into players in the EPL. Just my food for thought, having seen so many loose passes just to clear the danger. Take a pause, keep possession. I understand, I'm no coach, and there are better equipped than me! Just something that seemed fairly obvious on Saturday. Now I'm braced for who doesn't agree!
  22. Please say something else! Commentators curse.
  23. Well in actual fact I think Hylton could turn out alright. Seedorf won’t. But that’s part and parcel of our transfer policy, we always lose a couple who are found out not to be good enough.
  24. On the fringes posts are easy for anyone for an ounce of intelligence to work out. If he is indeed on the fringes maybe he can’t spell it out in plain English, but everything he says rings true and I welcome him as it gives us some insight to what is going on. Where as people when speculating and having no info state he turned us down based on forum posts on steelmen online. Jesus.
  25. Johnson can score goals. In a two. Again a very Vigurs signing and I think we are missing something here.

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