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  1. MelvinBragg

    Season Tickets

    Where did anyone see about the new season tickets coming out? Having seen anything yet...
  2. Looking for a couple of specific programmes from years gone by if anyone can help. Motherwell vs Inverness 23/07/20111 Motherwell vs Rangers 03/04/2005 Will pay whatever is asked, any help would be appreciated...
  3. Looking forward to tomorrow's post match lap of honour...
  4. I was also wondering this...
  5. As others have stated, we're kind of down to bare bones at the moment so there's not a huge number of options team selection wise. I'd be going 352 Gillespie Gallagher Tait Hartley Grimshaw Campbell O'Hara Polworth Aarons Watt McIver If O'Hara isn't fit, I'd be tempted to play Maguire, Semple or Cornelius in the middle. Risky but no riskier than playing Grimshaw in there and having Mugabi in the back three. McIver is simply a better option than Long in my opinion, an opinion that I know is unpopular. Like I said, that would be my team but I fully expect 433 with Tait at left back...
  6. Where did you see this? I have been looking for information on tickets for this one...
  7. Looking at the season as a whole, of course it's not been terrible. Problem is momentum. If a couple of the wins we had in the first half of the season had come in the last month, it wouldn't feel quite so grim as it does at the minute. Going into March, we haven't won a home league game since the 7th December. In the five home league games since then we've scored two goals, one of them a penalty. The majority of fans don't go to away games, so most of our support have not seen us win in nearly three months and have hardly seen us score a goal. A fair bit of negativity is to be expected. We may well finish in the top six but if our form doesn't pick up, will anyone relish seeing those final five games against the better teams? Financially good for the club, it may be but dispiriting to watch...
  8. He's been taking the back four in the pre-match warm up for a while now.. .
  9. Weirdly in some respects, I thought we played better with 10 than 11. Having two forwards quite central (once Aarons got a bollocking from Watt and got closer to him) seemed to cause them problems. I would say they probably had more chances but we had slightly better chances. Given the situation thought Watt (and McIver, his replacement) did well. Thought Donnelly was OK at right back, given Gallagher was clearly nowhere near fit, Donnelly was probably the pick of the back four. Man of the match though was clearly O'Hara. Seemed always to be the one snuffing out any danger...
  10. I'd bring McIver on for Hartley. Leaving Watt up top himself, the ball is going to keep coming back at us and it'll only be a matter of time...
  11. Not at all. But the 'get it up ye' to fellow Motherwell fans is a bit much...
  12. All the people crowing seem to think those of us criticising the team will be disappointed. Quite the opposite. But anyone who says that first half performance gave any cause for hope is lying...
  13. Beat me to it. This kind of result has been coming...

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