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  1. So wr have established that it needs to be 433 or 352? Good. We can bin the 442 and 343 shite that leaves us outmanned in midfield...
  2. I find that interesting given it was announced on Saturday that Season Ticket holders had until 6pm on Tuesday 27th to confirm their intention to attend...
  3. If he was examined properly and found to be fit, there would be other clubs he'd be signing for ahead of us. He only signs for us if there's a concern over his durability. So no thanks...
  4. I don't disagree with any of that. I thought Donnelly and Maguire played well in the circumstances. Think a midfield three of those two and Slattery could work in a 352, your front two being Van Veen/Watt and Woolery...
  5. People moaning about 433 need to have a look at what 343 does for your midfield. Effectively a 523 today. To play 343, your two wide men up top need to be players that will drop into midfield or you end up outnumbered in there. Whatever qualities Woolery and Amaluzor possess, dropping into to solidify the midfield isn't one of them. If the centre forward is being asked to do it, make it Watt as his passing is better than Van Veen's... I don't think we have the players for 343. I felt sorry for Donnelly and Maguire today. Hung out to dry by the manager....
  6. Van Veen? Underwhelming would be my thoughts. Dives, shoots when others are better placed. Maybe he just needs a goal to settle him. To be fair, he holds the ball up well...
  7. And your point is? We all know the midfield needs strengthening...
  8. Club refunded the on Friday the £6 I was overcharged for the QOTS game. And have only taken £6 for the concession ticket this week. Issue resolved for me, can't speak for.others...
  9. Four guys, one keen on the words 'paedo' and 'beast' to insult the opposition? I only ask because they were sitting not too far from us in the first half (suspect also not their seats given they were in the row in front of me about 3 seats along), but never reappeared at half time. Interestingly, I stopped to have a quick (masked) conversation on the concourse with a guy I know, wishing to congratulate him on his recent grandson. Literally two seconds, there was a steward asking me to move along. Again, I don't mind but all you'd hope for is consistency of approach...
  10. You do realise that 352 often turns into a 3 man midfield?
  11. You do know that's not the Dutch guy?
  12. Once again I ask, has anyone received their tickets yet?
  13. Not the strongest lineup I've ever seen...

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