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  1. Went for Donnelly, range of passing was impressive, although whole midfield played well. Interesting to see a couple of votes for Gallagher. Not saying he had a bad game, but he definitely put us in bother a couple of times by being casual...
  2. I said on here that I thought we'd lose this one. Glad to be proved wrong. Speaking of proved wrong, it's noticeable how important Liam Donnelly has become to our team. No coincidence that two of our poorest home performances this season have come when he's been unavailable (thinking of Aberdeen and Accies at home). As others have pointed out, Long's injury is a concern. A lot of weight on James Scott's shoulders...
  3. Funny feeling we'll lose this 2-0. Still comfortably fourth after 22 games, I can live with...
  4. Where did you read we've suspended him for 4 weeks?
  5. Sure I read somewhere Robinson say that Dunne might be available for this game. Not necessarily an area we're short of bodies, mind you...
  6. Not sure how Ben Hall would have developed in the clusterfuck that was McGhee's last season...
  7. Thought strikes me that they both might have ended up at that level despite early promise. So you then wonder if they made the right decision because they've 'found their level' and having the career they were destined to have but have struck it lucky by getting a relatively lucrative contract early in their career. Sensible decision by both of them? Or are we saying that by staying at Fir Park they would automatically have improved and be better players..? Just a question...
  8. If Scott leaves, we'll need to bring in at least two forwards. Add to that potentially a replacement for Sloth should he leave, it could be a busier January than anticipated...
  9. Got what we deserved. Thing is, a bad day at the office can happen but the concern was that it was obvious an Accies goal was coming and the manager either chose not to change it or didn't feel he had the options to change it positively. The change to 352 did nothing to improve things. What we needed to try to do was improve our ball retention. Semple an option? Without Cole there was no option that was going to make the ball stick up top. You could have moved Scott up top but he needed removed for his own protection about 10 minutes before it actually happened but it looked like Robinson didn't know what to do. A few had their worst games in a Motherwell jersey today. It happens. We move on...
  10. Must confess that part of me hates these games. If we win, we're supposed to. If we lose, we never hear the end of it. At least it's at Fir Park and not on that plastic travesty...
  11. So what you're saying is go all in on Grimshaw or O'Hara to score anytime. Frankly hoping for a comfortable afternoon but if you offer me Motherwell 1 (Grimshaw 90+1) Hamilton 0 then I'd rip yer arm off and beat you with the wet end...
  12. Only Premier team that got a possibly tougher draw than us was Hibs and while you could say the same about Dundee, you know United definitely have full focus on promotion so might rest players. Tough draw when you compare it with the draws that Killie, Accies and St Mirren got. One thing is certain: if we get through we're likely to get a Premier side given it's likely most if not all will get through...
  13. Interesting to read the debate on Grimshaw. For what it's worth, I wasn't at Parkhead on Sunday but was talking to a Celtic supporting colleague and unprompted he singled out Grimshaw as a Motherwell player that had impressed him...
  14. Could be 352 with Tait in the back 3, could be 433 with Grimshaw in midfield and Polworth on the wing. Best guess is 352... EDIT Also could be a 442 diamond midfield...

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