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  1. Much of what I thought about the game has already been said on here. But one thing hasn't... I know he's not Andy Robertson or Kieran Tierney, and not even Stevie Hammell, but the difference I feel having Carroll back makes is huge. A proper left back makes the defence look much more balanced, and also helps with the attacks as we now don't have a right footer cutting inside or a centre half playing there. Was Carroll fantastic today? No but by simply being a proper left back and knowing how to play the position, he improves us. Sad indictment that simply knowing how to play your position improves our team...
  2. That was my first thought reading it...
  3. The way things are a centre half standard of Louis Laing, a striker standard of Ryan Bowman and a winger the standard of Elliot Frear would improve us...
  4. Like it or not, it's probably a zero sum game. No one will be added to the wage bill until someone is removed from it. Archer out, Kelly in. As it stands only Lang has left, giving us whatever our contribution to his wages was to spend. I suspect Dunne's wages will be freed up shortly. Beyond that, we will have to move people on. Hastie back to Rangers? Maybe. We have (like them or not) four central defenders on first team wages. All very well saying that we need to bring in a centre half but we need to balance the books. Unlike Baraclough, Alexander doesn't have a Les Hutchison to bankroll a January spree. Looking at the squad, Grimshaw isn't everyone's cup of tea but in the short term, could O'Donnell's wages be spent better elsewhere in the team? Would his leaving be a better option for us? Question there would also be how far Donnelly is from returning as it offers an option in a few positions. Clearly the squad needs freshened up but I reckon we'll see departures before we see arrivals..
  5. I'd pay good money to see the rage on here if we set up Chapman Grimshaw Mugabi Lamie McGinlay Crawford O'Hara Polworth Hastie White Seedorf I would however not pay good money to watch that team play...
  6. This 'big reveal' stuff is nonsense. Impossible to keep a secret in football with so many fans/journalists after information. How many days before it was official was it common knowledge that Pochetino was the new PSG manager? As long as it doesn't lead to the club getting gazumped on a signing then there's no issue. If social media hits are the goal the content simply has to be good. Peter Hartley signing permanently wasn't a huge exclusive but the club made it work. And given our current predicament, perhaps a big reveal isn't the way to go....
  7. I don't necessarily think it's one or the other. I suspect players are suggested to the manager but managers will also have players that they feel are suitable. Obvious example would be that Robinson worked with Dunne at Oldham...
  8. None of the names thrill me, as I've already said on here. Whoever it is has a massive job on their hands. Just a gut feeling that it's going to be Wright. Not based on any information ..
  9. Someone will need to explain this one to me...
  10. Getting the feeling it's going to be Tommy Wright despite the bookies going short odds on Alexander. ..
  11. Bare minimum after signing a goalkeeper we need a centre back (probably two), two wingers and two strikers. Young kids on loan won't do. We need a talker in the defence and someone with some track record of scoring goals, no matter the level...
  12. If the four names on the list are accurate, then none leave me particularly excited. Mind you, I can't actually think of a name realistically within our budget that I think "that's the one we need". Reckon part of the reason is that, like a lot of us probably, I don't think that the squad is good enough so any manager is going to be reliant on us doing some very good transfer business this January. Spectacular business. Which I fear we will struggle to do....
  13. I did say I would have started Morrison. Sometimes I hate being right..

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