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  1. Interesting to read the debate on Grimshaw. For what it's worth, I wasn't at Parkhead on Sunday but was talking to a Celtic supporting colleague and unprompted he singled out Grimshaw as a Motherwell player that had impressed him...
  2. Could be 352 with Tait in the back 3, could be 433 with Grimshaw in midfield and Polworth on the wing. Best guess is 352... EDIT Also could be a 442 diamond midfield...
  3. Hard game to summarise. Wasn't much on it before we scored, and for about 5 or 10 minutes after it we seemed to haring about trying to get a second goal before they could reorganise properly. Their goal really seemed to knock the stuffing out of us and we continued to make bad decisions. From their goal til half time, they were the better team. By far.. Half time team talk seemed to work as we seemed to move the ball a bit quicker in the second half switching from side to side. You know, the stuff you're supposed to do against ten men. When we scored, it felt as if the goal was coming. The cross from Carroll was something else. The longer we went without getting the third goal, the more nervous we got and it seemed like Killie sensed that as well. Defensively we looked pretty shaky. For me, best performers were Long, Donnelly and Carroll. Campbell was Campbell. Hylton looked like a man with something to prove tonight, and had some good moments but also some bad ones. Polworth having a bit of a dip in form is a concern but still winning while you have key players not quite performing is encouraging...
  4. I went for Long as well. Needs a goal but never gave the Kilmarnock defence a minute tonight...
  5. Was Carroll injured when he went off?
  6. I wish people would get over this. 352 is not a problem in itself. Playing 352 with two right footed wing backs and immobile forwards and midfielders is brutal. But playing any formation with those kind of players leads to brutal football...
  7. Suspect I'll be way off the mark...
  8. Anyone know the situation regarding Hartley? Will he be available? Asking as I'd be tempted to go 352 for this one. I am aware that there will be rolling of the eyes on here at the very suggestion, but 352 as a formation isn't specifically a bad idea. With the midfield we have at the moment, we might be better at ball retention. I know that 433 has been working in general but just feel that the extra security a back three might offer will be useful here. Carroll being available would mean that we would have a natural option at left wing back unlike when we were shoehorning Tait or Frear there. A front two of Long and Cole running the channels between the centre backs and full backs would hopefully exploit the space their full backs leave behind them, particularly Tavernier. I'd go with Gillespie Gallagher Hartley Mugabi Grimshaw Campbell Donnelly Polworth Carroll Cole Long I don't expect many to agree, and I don't think we'll go this way but given Aberdeen were set up perfectly to combat our 433, a plan B (and trying it in a game that we're probably not expected to do much) might not be a bad thing...
  9. One of those days. When your best players all have stinkers, your most experienced defender goes off injured after you miss an early penalty, you get a feeling it's not your day. The way we conceded the first two goals summed it up. What I would say is Aberdeen's injury crisis maybe helped them. Lack of midfield options left them with two defenders or defensive minded players in there who nullified Polworth and Campbell. What I would also bear in mind while listening to the media wax lyrical about Mcinnes and how well he did in the situation, we were missing Dunne, Carroll, Donnelly, O'Hara and Turnbull today and lost Hartley during the game. A lot for a squad our size to take. And still a penalty miss away from being a very different game...
  10. Apparently O'Hara and Carroll are doubts for tomorrow. O'Hara no real loss, Carroll a bit of a blow...
  11. Are we in financial trouble akin to that of Inverness CT? If that's not the case, this is a bit premature. We made money off McKinsrty, McAlear and Hastie this summer, no need to be rushing to sell anyone. Also worth pointing out that it's the 9th October. Our league position and the players' form might be vastly different on 1st January. Scott, I believe, will leave Motherwell for a seven figure sum. But not until he adds regular goals and assists. Polworth and Gallagher weren't exactly secret players we plucked from amateur football. Any clubs that might be interested in them would have been aware of them in the summer when they were free so can't see suddenly them wanting to pay a fee for them. One of the goalkeepers will probably go, if we get a bid. We didn't get a bid for Randolph in three seasons so no guarantees there. Campbell is great but his main asset at the moment is his engine, energy and drive. I suspect academies down south are full of 18-19 year olds with that. Donnelly, likeTait and Dunne, is a decent player at our level but has limitations that would prevent him from moving much higher in the game. What I do expect is that any summer signing deemed not to have worked out will be moved on. Alex Fisher, Taylor-Sinslair, Petravicius, we have a habit under Robinson of moving people on if they're not contributing. Wouldn't astound me if we started February without Sloth or Ilic in our squad...
  12. Thought we were excellent in the first half and with the Ross County game fresh in the mind, it's kind of understandable that a degree of nervousness crept in. Glad to see another team pull off our trick of missing a sitter and concede just after. Performance wise thought Campbell and Polworth were the stand outs and Maguire and Scott showed promise. Despite the sponsors' MOTM award, I thought Hartley was shaky, totally mistiming a few headers, although I know he cleared one off the line. Decent result and another three points towards safety. Anything else is always a bonus..
  13. Is Carroll suspended for tomorrow?
  14. If he was able to dictate play and contribute, I suspect he'd at least be on the bench. Do you maybe start to think that he's not that good?

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