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  1. Like any manager with a small squad in the situation after a heavy defeat, Robinson can't afford to hang people out to dry publicly as he'll have to rely on them going forward. Suspect he realises that two or three of the new signings haven't been good enough but saying so in public when he doesn't have alternatives isn't going to help...
  2. Losing to Rangers is nothing new. Concern is that Rangers didn't have to be good to win today, simply not make any mistakes and wait for us to gift them goals. Again not particularly new but the lack of spark and reaction from us was alarming. Maybe a hangover from Thursday's exertions and travel, maybe the lack of atmosphere but alarming...
  3. MelvinBragg

    Big Dec

    I suspect the move to 352 was prompted by all of our wingers being shite and none of our strikers being able to play the lone striker role...
  4. Ha! I obviously meant O'Hara and Crawford at the back end of midfield...
  5. Drop him. Play a back four of Grimshaw, Mugabi, Maguire and McGinlay. We'll probably lose the game anyway so a message needs to be sent. Play a box midfield four with Crawford and Polworth sitting and Polworth and Campbell in front. Front two of Lang and Watt...
  6. Players that emerged with credit were Watt, Campbell and Grimshaw. Polworth and O'Hara were solid if unspectacular. Carson did nothing wrong. Gallagher and O'Donnell need to have a look at themselves. The other three starters probably aren't good enough although McGinlay was playing out of position. I went for Watt...
  7. I don't disagree that this is as far as we would expect to get but having seen the team that put us out, I've seen us beat better Old Firm teams (granted also seen us scudded by worse teams) so there's a degree of frustration at what might have been. Having said that, I've seen us lose 3-0 to Airdrie at Fir Park. Puts it in perspective a bit...
  8. McGinlay may not be great (and should have conceded a pen himself) but he's playing as spare man in a back three, probably not a role he's played very often. As a left wing back, he needs work but Carroll started last season slowly so you never know. I know who I blame tonight and it's not Nathan McGinlay...
  9. McGinlay and Lamiie may be poor players but need to look at the two 'experienced' players tonight. That performance from Gallagher has been about his average this season and O'Donnell has been dreadful tonight. I always say that if a player doesn't have the ability, criticise the manager for picking them. If a player has ability and doesn't perform, criticise the player. Not a massive fan of Robinson but tonight is on two of our more experienced players....
  10. Playing a lot better than last Thursday in terms of shape/defending only to then lose a stupid set piece goal. They look technically better than us which goes for nothing at 0-0 but may take its toll on us at 1-0 as I reckon they'll be happy to keep us chasing the ball and tire us out..
  11. Has it been confirmed where we will play on Thursday given Israel's lockdown? I had seen talk of Cyprus mentioned but haven't seen anything set in stone?
  12. Can people please stop putting Hastie in their lineups? I suspect we'll end up with either McGinley or O'Donnell dropping into the back three. I suspect O'Donnell.. Looking at Carson Gallagher O'Donnell Lamie Grimshaw Campbell O'Hara Polworth McGinley Long/Lang Watt Which I'd be fine with...
  13. Nature of the Scottish Premiership. Most teams don't have the brilliance to unlock teams. It's about waiting for the opponent to give you an opportunity and taking it. Too often this season teams have been able to wait for us to give them their opportunity and taken it. Nice to see us turning it on its head...

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