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  1. Van Veen looks a likely candidate. Got booked for giving Collum abuse in the Dundee game and he was only a sub then....
  2. Lucrative? Yes. Enjoyable? No. If you would enjoy us getting a skelping off the likes of Dinamo Zagreb and Genk more than us winning a cup, I worry about you...
  3. One word to sum that up? Fun. Seems a lot of personality in the team. Highlights include Watt rubbing Brown's head after being booked, Mugabi's mad last minute run and their left back looking terrified any time Woolery went anywhere near him...
  4. Eleven yellow cards and two red cards in that time. Jake does like a rash tackle. And I say that as someone who likes him as a player...
  5. Ok.. Where's your seat in case it's got a better view than mine? On a serious note, while I wouldn't want to bully anyone into taking a vaccine, if there's a pandemic running rampant through the country, I don't think it's unreasonable for a government to limit large gatherings to those less likely to spread it if possible. And I say that as someone who has little time for Nicola Sturgeon. If I wanted a laugh, I would question how much of a Motherwell fan you are if having to show proof of vaccination is enough to keep you away from Fir Park....
  6. Other than the other guy wanting to play centre forward...
  7. Even Accies fans I know don't rate Crawford...
  8. And Harry Smith. Are we including him as a former player?
  9. By my calculation we have five or six guys who can play centre half (plus Devine) when the Norwegian arrives. We have seven or eight that can play centre midfield (plus Cornelius) at the moment. Three or four centre forwards and two, maybe three wingers and those wingers aren't exactly impressing. I reckon winger is where we're looking. Wouldn't be surprised to see Crawford and Cornelius leave on loan given the numbers we have in there. As far as I'm aware, none of our midfielders have been called up for international duty. Alexander should focus the next two weeks on getting the right combination of players in midfield. Irrespective of what some say on here, a lot of these midfielders have different qualities. The manager needs to work out how to get what he wants out of a combination of them...
  10. How many of those successful McGowan passes were sideways. There were periods in the second half when I was getting frustrated with how much of the ball Dundee were having but I did then notice how much of it was going side to side in front of our defence and midfield. Not to say that I wouldn't like us to be better on the ball but I wouldn't be citing Dundee's sterile possession when a goal down as an example to follow...
  11. Reading between the lines here obviously but you seem to be suggesting that AB is either moulding the club in his image or seems to the think of the club as his personal fiefdom. That's what I'm taking from your "inability to abstract" which sounds like horrendous management speak to me. Is that what you're suggesting?
  12. I didn't rate Gorrin, that's a fact...
  13. With which midfielders? Looking at the bench yesterday, we had one centre midfielder who is nowhere near good enough. If Cornelius had been there, or Maguire or Donnelly then I would see your point...
  14. I find it interesting that you consider Kelly one of Robinson's signings. I know his loan deal was arranged before Alexander was here, but his decision to come permanently must reflect well on Alexamder, I'd consider him an Alexander signing. Agenda? On a general point, however, I tend to agree. Only Alexander signing that I'm convinced by is Slattery. Not writing off any of the rest of them yet, but they haven't impressed me that much...
  15. 343, utter nonsense. A recipe for disaster...

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