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  1. I would expect PPV, we got a free European game
  2. The opinion of their own fans is that they are toothless. We should have beaten them earlier in the season.
  3. He got involved in the celebration for the second goal
  4. Big Dec looked an internationalist at the back
  5. Of the non OF teams we have played twice we are ahead on the head to heads, keep this up and we will be ok
  6. It seems to be 14 day isolation from the test result rather than from the contact so Campbell and Maguire will only be available the day before the Hibs game.
  7. ropy

    Games in hand

    Let’s wait till we get our team back
  8. ropy

    Big Dec

    If fans are back in January we will need folk in the kiosks.
  9. The Motherwell boys were taken off early to rest them for the big match this weekend as befits the players of a team of our esteem.
  10. James Scott scored a great goal in the Papa John’s Trophy
  11. Well done on the win yesterday
  12. ropy

    Big Dec

    Yes he is in Dundee but has family in Hamilton

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