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  1. Could be Tuesday, or could still be reversed. Will be given a week’s notice.
  2. 6 Elfsborg (SWE) 7 Víkingur (FRO) / Europa (GIB) 8 Tre Penne (SMR) / Tuzla City (BIH) 9 Bala Town (WAL) / Sligo Rovers (IRL) 10 Pogoń Szczecin (POL) / KR Reykjavík (ISL)
  3. I have never been able to renew my associates junior ticket, I always renew mine then phone up. I know you need to have both tickets in your ‘network’ but there doesn’t seem to be a simple ‘renew your family tickets’ option
  4. Is Pittodrie wider than Fir Park? Maybe his balls launched forward will stay on the pitch.
  5. I thought when they didn’t get an early goal that we may keep this respectable, then we had a wee flurry including a penalty shout, but 2 more goals in five minutes will have opened the flood gates. Good for Deano to get a free kick in before the half time whistle.
  6. ropy


    There were other games during the season that we deserved more from too so I won’t fret over the. County and Hearts results. The first game of the season we were outdone by a trailing arm in the box, not by anything Hibs did, could easily have earned a point.
  7. If we are any danger in going deep into Europe we may need an additional couple of bodies for cover. We would know that by the end of the window. Unlikely I suspect.
  8. I’ve seen them missed
  9. He won at least one of them.
  10. I don’t know what we were able to negotiate with Campbell’s transfer but a wee promotion bonus would be nice.
  11. He is told to slow down the keeper but he can do that without getting the yellows, Livingston was ridiculous and we lost him for 2 games
  12. ropy


    We are as well starting next season with Alexander, who now has the experience of this past year and knowledge of the players, than the gamble of another new face. The difference being that a new face would be given time (again) whereas if Alexander is not performing by, say, October his past record will go against him and he is more likely to be ditched.
  13. Given our form it was vital we got Top 6 otherwise sliding is what we may have continued to do.
  14. Transfer windows are really registration windows, the next one isn’t open

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