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  1. ropy

    Season Tickets

    I was sent a survey (as a season ticket holder)
  2. ropy

    Season Tickets

    It will be a stab in the dark as we don’t know what the season looks like, I will renew but can understand if people can’t justify it
  3. Five a side tournament at Coasters, done in a day
  4. ropy

    The Well Society

    This would be an example of the lean times coming up, do we have a reserve?
  5. We obviously were willing to let him move on
  6. Switch it to a five a side league, get all the games played next week, job done.
  7. If Hylton’s shot had gone in it would have been goal of the season
  8. Maguire did well, was unlucky with his booking, cannot shoot
  9. Naismith wrestled him to the ground but Aarons connected with his head with a flailing boot
  10. Like a hole in the head? Usually means you don’t want something?
  11. He was also 10 yards back on the pitch before the ref had waived him on, had to go back off, another possible yellow from a petty ref
  12. Paying on line first means you can pick them up via the office door on the left and avoid the queue
  13. ...and Turnbull saved for the second half at Tynecastle
  14. Hylton, for one so skilful, he has no game awareness, no concept of where his team mates are or how to get the ball to them

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