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  1. Nobody wants him gone, he is as good as we can get, no reasonable person would say otherwise.
  2. To be fair he is doing as well as any previous manager and it is unlikely we would get anyone who would do any better. Rollercoaster.
  3. Has Maguires’s increased playing time been because we see him as a replacement for Campbell? Not like for like I think.
  4. Hard to beat but I don’t think they are all currently active, I am assuming some are in the jail for impersonation.
  5. Crawford to bring his expertise on plastic to this one.
  6. What would be the best line up of players currently in the game that do or once did play for Motherwell. Let’s assume they are all fit.
  7. I think in the long run these guys will benefit more from 10+ games of full time football rather than the occasional 10 minutes here and there. The proof will be if they return and establish themselves in the match day squad.
  8. The next 4 games will tell a lot. We don’t need to win them all but there needs to be a definite progression.
  9. Sounds like he will need a friendly loan to rebuild his confidence when the time is right.
  10. Every ball is a cut backwards until we make a mistake, then we defend
  11. I am sure the board think they have their man.
  12. The logic is difficult though, we just can’t compare different things. Why can this happen when this can’t? That is not the point. It is all choices and compromises. We can’t do everything, we need to pick which things we do. Everyone’s vested interests means that in their eyes the wrong things are chosen to open up. The things we have chosen to open up and our approach to that as a society has led to a recent increase in infections. That might be a good thing or bad thing depending on your viewpoint but it does create a danger to certain elements of our population.
  13. Football is not being picked on, if anything it has been prioritised. The issues being debated for the return of fans has nothing to do with them sitting 2m apart in a stadium, it is travel to and from, mingling outside, crowding out pubs, and moving in/out and around the stadium. These issues will be different for every stadium and every fan base.

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