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  1. Clear agenda, we got the throw in
  2. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the plan wasn’t to have Zander Clark in the next squad, he and Kelly may alternate as third choice keeper for each squad.
  3. The only ripple of applause I heard was when he went off to the side of the pitch when he was injured. It was quite muted, polite almost, and the booing sounded a bit half hearted too, almost a show of respect.
  4. He smiled when his new mates jumped on top of him
  5. Thistle scored 6 then brought on Hastie, didn’t score any more but lost one.
  6. Is there a separate row for Callum Slattery?
  7. Different tactics to the gun - looking for a different outcome right enough
  8. He will be working in his dad’s cigar shop
  9. Quote Our capacity will be limited to under 10,000 for this match. Vaccine certification is not required.
  10. He would only get an ‘ovation’ if he was being carried off on a stretcher, he may get a ripple of applause if he gets subbed off at 0-0. Any booing would be out of order unless he does something specifically to deserve it which would be out of character.
  11. Kelly should have been nowhere near him
  12. The free kick wasn’t even in the corner, if he had held his position he could have caught the ball.
  13. It was probably a penalty but the keeper shouldn’t have been near it, he wasn’t going to get there first. What was Boyce going to do with the ball from that position?
  14. ropy


    Maybe his cigar will explode?

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