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  1. You need to look for a photo shoot round the town first
  2. Just listened to an old interview with Lang, can’t be doing with the accent, him and Grimmy should be sent to elocution lessons to perfect the Lanarkshire drawl.
  3. Presumably Hastie isn’t precluded from a friendly?
  4. Friendly being screened next midweek
  5. The Celtic v Motherwell game is not on TV
  6. Hastie has played a blinder, he gets the Rangers salary and gets to play for Motherwell, living the dream.
  7. He scored that goal where the keeper sent him away up the left and he run in on goal, bodies a couple of defenders and scored, is that his second trick?
  8. We welcomed Pearson back and can get behind Jake. When was the last time we had a couple of Jakies in the squad?
  9. He has the opportunity to turn attitudes around with some contrition but it will be a balancing act not to put his current employers offside.
  10. On Hastie, I didn’t join in but the song at St Johnstone was funny.
  11. Robinson probably put in a word for him, keep the seat warm mate.
  12. There is a prominent report on the BBC website, potential flight home in July.
  13. I’d like to see pictures of Joe Wark and others no longer with us in the crowd.
  14. ropy


    I suspect the mood towards him on his return will now be different to what it would have been, which is a shame.

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