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  1. I didn’t even know that Craig Thomson refereed down there
  2. Robinson is too young for the NI job, it’s something he’ll do later
  3. Do you think Burrows could or would even want to translate his passion for this club to another?
  4. Come on then, anyone on here a joiner?
  5. Would there be any reason not to call a new stadium Fir Park?
  6. 4 wins and 4 draws and we are safe
  7. I assume the linesman gave it because the ref followed the ball and then turned back to point to the spot
  8. ropy

    The Well Society

    Yes, he just said that we shouldn’t think the job has been done
  9. ropy

    The Well Society

    Richard Gordon says he has an interview with Les with a different viewpoint from the club

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