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  1. If we had beaten Airdrie 1-0 we would have had to beat Annan 5-0 or so to be seeded, so no damage done other than to pride.
  2. Everyone will get a ticket plus I assume it’s on the telly.
  3. They posted the full 90 minutes of the QoS game on Monday think, I would expect the same tomorrow
  4. One might be a dj and the other one good at quizzes, brilliant additions to the squad.
  5. If Airdrie beat QOTS do we go through?
  6. We played more or less the same team as last midweek and got the same performance, more or less.
  7. I thought he was a combative midfielder but boy he couldn’t shoot.
  8. QOTS probably tired because of the work we made them do in the first half, the play was switched from side to side many times. I felt we controlled that half in a way we didn’t on Wednesday. Their first goal was a needless free kick because Lamie barged the boy to the ground when he was going nowhere. A free header and an acute finish. I assume the second goal was a deflection as Kelly looked stranded. If the half had finished at 40 minutes there would have been appreciative nods as the guys went off. The second half was more encouraging and Van Veen should have cemented his cult status with a bit more composure.
  9. There were cups of water available for all
  10. I couldn’t see from my low position at a corner flag but what positions did Carroll and McGinley take up when Nathan came on.
  11. I had 2m space all around me, maybe because everyone else had moved into the middle?
  12. Kelly, Woolery or Maguire - SOD was ok but played things safe. Probably Kelly because he did his job.
  13. 2 games for £12 is ok value

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