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  1. Brian Wright was a good guy
  2. Who was the last person we signed direct from Hamilton?
  3. 8th at worst. Need to match St Mirren’s score to maintain the record.
  4. I am going to give it to Long but I am not happy about it
  5. The silence from the club etc……
  6. What is the rum of choice down your way?
  7. ropy


    The Ibrox game is the only one I have ever left early to my knowledge. I didn’t miss any goals though.
  8. Don’t see why they couldn’t have sat on this news till after next Sunday. It can only create a negative vibe.
  9. The Ancell Babes Stand
  10. Win this and we are 8th at worst, Lafferty doing the business at the same time and we have achieved all we can.
  11. Maybe a year or two out the top flight will allow them to take a couple of rows of seats out and leave room so that my knees aren’t scraped. Get them down for that alone.
  12. Half way down Robertson Street?
  13. Any plastic pitches in the play offs already?
  14. Presumably we are back to 3 subs next season but there is scope for a wise old head coming on from the bench to see out a game rather than throwing on another centre back.

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