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  1. Another who doesn't know me, you attack a poster for posting 'nonsense' but have had your own thread closed for your outlandish claims and circular arguments. Who's being ridiculous?
  2. You won't get Burrows out of MFC unless it's in a box
  3. Ricki fucking Lamie! When he first signed I thought his 1st name was pish as that's what the bloke behind me always shouted at him.
  4. It's not Efford's fault, but man does he look like a fish out of water
  5. I thought we made a lot of basic errors yesterday, created chances , but were god awful with and without the ball.
  6. This has gone circular. Boyle good or bad? Fuck knows. Tax liability? Boyle knows. Topic closed.
  7. Fitba became bigger business post Chapman
  8. That's often the misconception. 3rd choice for lanarkshire, not 3rd force in the league.
  9. Because Boyle still has money.
  10. Not my post... The devastating news the Camby community woke up to this morning that another one of life’s good guys gone too soon. Gustav Angus was an absolute character, a big Gers fan but ultimately a good guy and local lad. Gus had mates who support both clubs so with the permission of Mum I would ask anyone attending the game tomorrow to be upstanding on the 40th minute and join us in a minutes applause in Gus memory. I know it’s short notice but Please share this so everyone going to fir park takes part and give him a fitting tribute. #applauseforgus
  11. I looked up his career, absolutely no idea why we signed the boy, built like the gable end of a fiver and hardly prolific anywhere he played.

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