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  1. His goals to games ratio at Fir Park is astonishing, 80 goals in 113 appearances. A truly phenomenal player.
  2. Craig Tanner off to Canada in April
  3. Well done man, but I'll bet you don't have a signed Gordon Marshall jersey
  4. Easy decision for the ref not to give it
  5. West Ham considering it, I think he'll stay in London tbf
  6. Aren't you quite the double edged sword of contrariness? Should have quit after your 1st statement.
  7. As long as there are no more photos of Frazzle.
  8. No idea, but if your 1st post to a forum is a link to your twitter instead of discussing it here...
  9. I've played with thisGraeme, he's shite. Hawk yer twitter elsewhere
  10. Didn't Mio and John Philliben get points off Rangers at short notice?

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