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  1. It means no separation and a route to the 1st team for academy players, coaches will work closer with 1st team, maybe even training will be joint
  2. Stevie looks proud as fuck in his interview, I'll buy into his enthusiasm
  3. Trying to think of anyone more hated by a support getting a job
  4. Looked a double booking in the highlights
  5. He called a meeting with the players and Alexander did not like it.
  6. We've struggled to replace Campbell, Watt papered over that deficiency
  7. One of the worst for berating mistakes and players instantly, it goes from 0-10 very quickly, no one is questioning whether we have arseholes in our support, we have a reputation for getting on the team's back quickly
  8. I would say, when fans of other clubs comment on the state of our home fans berating the team you have a bigger problem than an element like that.
  9. We have one of the worst supports in football, no patience and one of the most toxic.
  10. Unfortunately we've had that rep for years
  11. We'd have won the Irish cup as well
  12. I have mates that aren't satisfied when we win, sitting in the pub afterwards dissecting every player's performance as 'pish', one got banned for being negative
  13. I think we miss Alan Campbell more than we miss Tony Watt

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