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  1. Yabba's Turd


    A touching tribute for Andy P from steelmenpins
  2. Guarantee that section of the media has SOD losing Stones for the header that hits the post
  3. I didn't know Graeme personally, but probably a ken't face at FP, sad to hear. RIP Graeme
  4. Yabba's Turd


    RIP Andy, one of those guys who was a gent to the core, his contribution here, to the email lists and message boards over the years cannot be overstated. One of the good guys, gone too soon.
  5. from memory there's some space to reclaim with some creative architecture but interesting to see how much of a benefit
  6. If you added Lambert and Coyne to the 91 team they would have been a force, think you could argue you'd need to add more from 91 team to 93/94 to challenge, player for player.
  7. Good to go into the last game with something to play for and it not be relegation.
  8. Don't think the construction would allow that
  9. Yabba's Turd


    If Forbes scores the game fizzles out 6-6
  10. By that token, the main stand is the Iain St john stand and the east would be the Tom Boyd
  11. I was. Sanctimonious St Mirren and Falkirk fans everywhere. Not looked in 10 years

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