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  1. Apologies for being late
  2. Bayern pumped Stuttgart 4-0 with 10 men, it happens when you make basic errors and think you have the game won no matter how many men on the park.
  3. Except when it doesn't... The psychology of playing ten men haunts most teams.
  4. Obviously you're no one worth bothering about, I'll take as long as I like.
  5. A verbal threat of violence? Tell me more Colombo
  6. Could be made permanent for the right fee
  7. Could we have a Falkirk type scenario of ground not being up to SPL standard?
  8. That's some leap right there, a poster on here used to call Tony Blair "Tony Bliar", absolute cringe patter, up there with the wazoos who use asterisk to role play.
  9. Thought the centre halfs were good today, toss up between Bevis and Sondre
  10. My old man said he was that good he could play anywhere bar in goal.
  11. At least they weren't calling for Lasley to be sent off from the warm up. An absolute shower of talentless cunts for both halves of the OF TV channels.
  12. Profit of doom is MJC, doesn't get football IMO

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