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  1. Think mine was due yesterday too, didn't get the paypal notification or an email from WS to say where's the dosh?
  2. Nah, club wouldn't do it this early into his stint
  3. All want for Christmas is 3 points, don't care how we do it.
  4. You could try Hola for chrome and set your location to USA
  5. Hampden is only 5 yards longer than Fir Park, same width I believe.
  6. Aye, but yer not selling gig tickets, you're trying to sell tickets to Motherwell fans only, slightly more involved than online booking for an event.
  7. Tricky one this, it's a game I don't want us to write off, but it's also a game for those involved midweek to perhaps miss out on and also a game for the manager to prepare any tactical switches he might want to try.
  8. Complete agreement from me, they sound like the type of people you'd move away from on the old terracing for so much negativity, appreciate commentating is no easy feat, but come on.
  9. If we played the 91 semi again tomorrow it would end up 8 aside
  10. A share certification is all I need for my £50, throw it in a frame and stick it on the wall with all the other framed 'well stuff.
  11. I'll never forget wee Fergus waddling along the touchline track at Parkhead squinting into the crowd and the 'well fans giving him pelters, he just stood there bemused at the reaction he got.
  12. I came here to start matchday threads and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of both.
  13. Can't say I've ever felt prouder of a manager than after watching the press conference.
  14. Some great goals already mentioned. McFadden versus Dundee at Fir Park was a peach Iain Ross's winner on Jamie Dolan day TC's at Hampden versus Celtic Uncle Phil's volley against Hearts Big Buff at Ibrox Ojamaa's curler versus Killie Higdon at Tannadice
  15. Which just happens to be New England at home to Miami... looks like I'll be watching in the shadow of Gillette stadium
  16. You mean Mickey Weir's free kick he knocked to the side for Mitch to thunder it home?
  17. You want bluestacks for PC, android OS that runs over windows.

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