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  1. It’s a stonewall penalty with the current ruling. It wasn’t deliberate but his arm was away from his body and it prevented the ball going into the box.
  2. Double vaccinated and boostered NHS staff don’t need to isolate if they are negative. They just need a negative PCR and then daily negative LFT’s to be allowed to attend work. Edit to avoid confusion: this was in place long before the changes in the last couple of days
  3. Was it not a tsunami of infections that was said, rather than hospitalisations? If it was I’d say that’s been pretty accurate.
  4. As far as I remember Richard Britain didn’t get injured. He changed his mind about going to St Johnstone and Ross County ended up having to pay compensation to get him out of it.
  5. That free kick was unstoppable. Absolute quality from KVV.
  6. Great team performance with a few outstanding individual performances. Rerun on BBC Alba at 6pm.
  7. I’m beginning to suspect he might know better than some of the experts on here.
  8. Really poor disjointed start to the game.
  9. First contribution of the day from Goss.
  10. The vote was whether or not to allow the newco in to the top flight, not to vote anyone out. They then held a vote to get them into the Championship that was rejected and finally bent/ broke the rules to place them in the Third division. Looked pretty corrupt and Pro-Rangers to me.
  11. I think the actual rules are out the window now anyway. Whatever penalises Motherwell seems to be the way things are interpreted at the moment.
  12. Stonewall penalty for us denied, fantasy penalty for St Mirren given without a moments hesitation. Awful refereeing by Madden as usual.

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