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  1. I don’t think anybody is suggesting we should be winning the league. We should be able to compete in the odd one-off game though. Our record against them is deplorable.
  2. This is an absolute embarrassment. What a shambles of a team. There are several players that need shown the door but the issue is that it would be the same people bringing in the replacements.
  3. Anybody who thinks we’d be getting these decisions is having a laugh.
  4. Take out the “slow as” and it’s also accurate.
  5. Thought he ran off O’Donnell and Gallagher tried to cover for him.
  6. Are you sure? They’ve come to an agreement to defer Johnny Hayes wages for a year as they can’t afford them and they made a deal to sign McCrorie on a season long loan before becoming permanent as they can’t afford to sign him now.
  7. Looking dangerous every time we go forward. Aberdeen are all over the place.
  8. IMO he’s the weak link in a back 4, more comfortable in a 3.
  9. Brilliant entertainment. Never doubted them for a minute.
  10. To put this into context - this is a part-time team whose season hasn’t started yet against a full-time team 7 games into the season. Absolutely pathetic and there is zero confidence in that team for a penalty shoot-out.
  11. Would have been nice to see the players getting a boot up the arse at HT there instead of standing about with heads down.
  12. Their penalties were honking in the Irish Cup semi-final.
  13. We should be fitter garbage though. Even with 10 men a full-time team should dominate ET against a part-time team with several overweight players.
  14. Looked to be coasting at 2-0 and fell apart in the second half. Change of formation and substitutions have only made it worse.
  15. I’ve seen a few comments from Rangers fans saying they hope to see Hastie back at Ibrox soon. It’s one of the few times I’ve agreed with them...

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