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  1. But they’re not cup ties. The outcome of the games would determine what division teams would be competing in which would affect budgets and potential signings. The games would need to take place well in advance of the new season starting to allow the winners and losers to plan and build squads accordingly. Surely you can see that’s not possible?
  2. Did all 12 Premier League teams not unanimously vote to end the season now?
  3. Maybe they did ask Inverness to comment and they refused? I see Morton have come out and agreed with the Daily Record article. As for null and void I think the vast majority of clubs would be against it as they might be getting an equal share of a much smaller pot depending on what happened with league sponsors etc. Null and void could open a whole can of worms with refunds claimed.
  4. I’d be amazed if any journalist came out and said an investigation wasn’t required. They’re in the business of selling papers so the more the situation gets sensationalised the better for them. Also, there’s been nothing stopping Rangers releasing their evidence from the start so I’m not sure what you mean by let them release it?
  5. The current aim is that life goes on for as many people as possible.
  6. I’m sure we’ll fall in line with the other teams in Europe who are through a similar portion of the season. If they write off the season the SPFL will be written off as well. If they declare the leagues (as they are) for Euro qualification the SPFL will follow suit.
  7. Is the league being voided even being considered? I’m sure it’s been stated before that it’s not an option.
  8. Just read it again - ignore me
  9. The 46 game leagues in England don’t have any teams participating in European competitions. It’s a non-starter. The remainder of this season can’t be played in August/ September for the same reason. The fairest way to do it is to work out the average points total of all teams from the games they’ve played and decide final league placings based on that.
  10. Boyce and Walker (I think) of Hearts both had head injuries that took a few minutes each to treat.
  11. It’s students from the West of Scotland Uni. I assume this must be their first attempt...
  12. I never said the fact that they’ve not lost away from home is down to luck. I said they’ve been lucky to accumulate the number of points they have and I stand by that. If you don’t think that getting a penalty and Rangers potentially going down to 10 men so early in the game would make a big difference then I disagree.
  13. You seem determined to talk up how good Rangers are. They’re not that great away from home and have carried a fair bit of luck to accumulate the number of points they have. IMO we should have had a penalty and a potential red card for Tavernier early in the game which would have changed everything. We lost today because we didn’t get a big decision and ultimately because we didn’t turn up, not because we were outclassed. We also missed a golden opportunity at 1-0 that Long would score 9 times out of 10.

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