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  1. I see the whiners are back out in force. 6-0 is a sore one but no team in Scotland could have lived with Celtic today. They had to have a convincing win as all the media focus from here on in will be on Rangers and the Europa final. Our players having beers in the dressing room on Wednesday should have told people our season was done at that point.
  2. We’ve made this second half unbelievably easy for Rangers. As soon as Alexander said the players had been given a few days off I feared this type of half-arsed performance.
  3. “More Saturday games” aren’t any use when people have already made arrangements for the game on the Sunday. Does he really think anybody will believe that?
  4. It looked as if the referee went round the team looking for somebody to book before asking Shields who scored and then just booking Lamie as the easy option.
  5. Never doubted it for a second. Get the round you Livi. Hahahahah
  6. He goes off injured about 5 minutes later so I’m pretty sure there was contact.
  7. Stupid tackle from Mugabi. Harsh red but even Mugabi on a yellow for a full game is suicidal.
  8. That was awful. Passing was horrendous and even when they found a man the first touch was as bad as I’ve seen from professional players.
  9. They’ve dropped 8 points at home - 4 draws.
  10. He was caught out at the goal and would have had a second yellow if Hayes hadn’t hurdled his late lunge early in the second half. Not one of his better games and I’d have been tempted to take him off for O’Donnell.
  11. GrahamH


    Is Liam Kelly not on about £4K a week? Might not be as much as that but I’m sure I read that he was the highest earner by a distance.
  12. Where do you find the GPS stats? I’d be interested in taking a look.
  13. It’s a stonewall penalty with the current ruling. It wasn’t deliberate but his arm was away from his body and it prevented the ball going into the box.
  14. Double vaccinated and boostered NHS staff don’t need to isolate if they are negative. They just need a negative PCR and then daily negative LFT’s to be allowed to attend work. Edit to avoid confusion: this was in place long before the changes in the last couple of days

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