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  1. I thought it looked like McLean was going to let it go until a couple of Rangers players got in his ear and he then decided to book him.
  2. Pleased with a point but totally scunnered at the refereeing. Offside goal, penalty denied and 6 minutes of injury time. Absolutely blatant cheating that I hope doesn’t get overlooked due to us getting something out of the game.
  3. Let’s hope the 6 minutes backfired on them and we sneak it.
  4. Simpson getting away without a booking for the same foul McGinley was booked for in the first half.
  5. Don’t think Goss is on the bench is he?
  6. Apparently it was a planned change so no injury issues.
  7. The vaccine doesn’t guarantee you won’t catch Covid but studies have shown double vaccinated people are 3 times less likely to get it. Also, the vaccinated will potentially be less likely to pass it on due to having a smaller viral load therefor shedding less of the virus.
  8. I’m not sure you know what a fact is.
  9. That was a very poor performance. Very slack, flat and no cohesion at all.
  10. Absolute shambles of a performance so far.
  11. Shields is breathing through his arse. I see Watt is stripped so it’ll hopefully be Shields going off.
  12. GrahamH

    Stevie O'D

    O’Donnell was outstanding last night. His attitude and work rate at the end of what must have been a difficult few days were immense. As a Motherwell player keeping a Rangers player out the team he was an easy target but fair play to Steve Clarke for sticking with him and publicly backing him.
  13. GrahamH


    So sorry to hear this. Thoughts with Andy’s family.
  14. It was Ross County who put Celtic out of the League Cup.

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