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  1. GrahamH

    Stevie O'D

    O’Donnell was outstanding last night. His attitude and work rate at the end of what must have been a difficult few days were immense. As a Motherwell player keeping a Rangers player out the team he was an easy target but fair play to Steve Clarke for sticking with him and publicly backing him.
  2. GrahamH


    So sorry to hear this. Thoughts with Andy’s family.
  3. It was Ross County who put Celtic out of the League Cup.
  4. Very good performance with a few players hitting the best form they’ve shown since they came in and Kelly outstanding again.
  5. Good point. Their goal definitely looked offside.
  6. Full game is on BBC Alba at 6:00pm for anyone who wants to avoid the score and watch it “live”.
  7. Here comes White to make Lamie look good.
  8. Were we not 1-1 at Ibrox when he came on?
  9. Those substitutions were horrendous. If I was a player I’d be totally pissed off at having worked my arse off only for the manager to make a total arse of it.
  10. Just watched the highlights on Sportscene and it’s worrying to hear Robinson thinks we played well.
  11. That was a tough watch. How some of these players have made it to professional level is beyond me.
  12. GrahamH

    Big Dec

    What if we played the same team today and they were still done in from Thursday and lost the game? Do we then ask them to go again on Wednesday or play a weakened team in a potential win or bust game? Surely better to take a calculated risk today and then have the strongest team fit and fresh for Wednesday?
  13. The likelihood of taking 3 points and improving their goal difference probably comes into their thinking as well.

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