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  2. It was a very good night, I was in the top tier and when Fitzpatrick scored I ended up about 5 rows further forward absolute scenes, it's a shame we never turned up for the final.
  3. Yep, the 3-1 victory against a full-strength Spurs side (Pat Jennings, Alan Mullery, Martin Peters, Martin Chivers, Alan Gilzean et al) in the Texaco Cup was a wonderful night, particularly since the Londoners scored early on at Fir Park to take a two goal lead on aggregate before Heron, Donnelly and Watson turned the tie around in a thrilling comeback. And then Peters made a complete graceless prat of himself by whining that 'Well were "all muck and nettles". The thought of us facing a full strength Tottenham Hotspur team now makes the blood run cold, mind you.
  4. So many games to recall over the years, but the ones that immediately stand out are...... 1991 Scottish Cup Semi Final v Celtic. You normally dont get a 2nd chance to turnover one of the big 2, especially at Hampden, and the expectation levels were pretty low, especially after going behind so early in the game. The euphoria of wee Psycho's 30 yarder hitting the net and the 4th goal from Kirky to seal our first Cup Final appearance of my lifetime. Much more enjoyable experience than the final as I was just too nercous to enjoy that. Our first European appearance at Fir Park under the lights wearing the "floodlight white" kit. Fabulous atmosphere at an absolutely rammed Fir Park and a very good performance. Cooper and Russell were in their pomp. Caught by the inevitible breakaway goal to end our chances, but not before we replied with 3 of our own only to go out on away goals. Dortmund away. Probably one of the best performances by a Motherwell team that I can recall, given the standard of the opposition. We gave them a real fright and if Tommy Coyne had just converted that chance at the end, who knows what might have happened?
  5. Easy for me, but I would doubt if there is any TV highlights still available. MOTHERWELL 3 TOTTENHAM 2 ! Unbelievable night!
  6. One game I have been looking for , for a while now but unable to find it was a 2-1 midweek game against Celtic when Shaun Fagan and Faddy scored Also the 1-0 win against Rangers the same season
  7. I think my favourite piece of footballing karma is when your opponent concedes a red card tackle outside the box to prevent a goal, and you score from the resulting free kick.
  8. Not particularly memorable for the fitba, but watching yer hero playing for another team was disappointing, also walking into fir park and seeing the cameras in the gantry meant only one thing, get yer arse behind the goals and see yerself on the telly that night.
  9. That 2-0 game versus celtic we were hungover as fuck, getting the fear just thinking about it. 3-0 versus Rangers on 3rd January 1983, Brian Mclair had a hat trick. This Mckinnon goal from the free kick was memorable
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  11. There was also a game, I think the year before this, where we beat Aberdeen 2-1 at FP. Paul lambert scored with a good finish after a nice move, then Coyne and Davies combined for a clever free kick routine, where the latter passed to TC down the outside of the wall, and he finished under the keeper from a tight angle. Not a hugely important game, but I had it taped off sportscene, and could see myself in the crowd, so it stuck with me. The footage isn't online, which is a shame.
  12. That strip had some good memories attached to it. There was Jamie Dolan day, where we decided to stick one of the smallest people on the park in goal after Howie got injured against Celtic. Billy Davies also scored a header, so good day for the wee guys.
  13. 75-76 SC 3rd Round against Celtic and obviously, the 91 SF Replay. Both I suspect had highlights posted here many times :-)
  14. Absolute boring having no football this time of the year so what better time to watch old Well clips on you tube Came across this one earlier, think we should start a thread for fans favourite games of the past , or even some games which are less remembered but good to see classic old Well footage once again
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  16. True story from Andy's book , on his time at the Well
  17. We were excellent that day, thoroughly deserved our 2-0 win but lost out due to Hearts winning against Hibs on the same day. I must admit I’m surprised to hear that Goram was denied entry to the old Fir Park Club given that that was one of the biggest Rangers shops in town back then. I know I and alot of Motherwell fans avoided it for that very reason.
  18. RIP Andy , we have been blessed with great goalies down the years and along with Andy there has been Sieb, John Ruddy, Darren Randolph, Ally Maxwell and Liam Kelly at present ain’t too bad either Got great memories of Andy, loved watching the Well at this time even though we could blow hot and cold at times, remember the cup tie against Hearts which was Andy’s debut, Fir Park was bouncing that night with at least 10,000 or so The save from Larsson was brilliant, also remember a 1-0 victory the season after with 10 men which Goram had a great game And of course a 2-0 victory against the Rangers last game of the season that almost had us in Europe and this game is almost forgotten about, the story about Andy being knocked back from the Fir Park club one night for not having a membership despite being club captain at the time will be remembered also
  19. Albeit a pretty farcical one, in retrospect. https://www.otbsports.com/soccer/andy-goram-manchester-united-895596
  20. 6:20 for those who haven't seen or would like to again. Outstanding save. RIP Goalie.
  21. That was a ridiculous save that he had no right to make. His reflexes were absolutely astounding. For all he was past his best by the time he came to FP he still managed some incredible performances in our jersey and even managed to secure a loan move to Man Utd in 2001 on the back of it.
  22. His save against Larsson for us at Parkhead in 1999 was world class. RIP Goalie
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