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  2. Yeah, tonight's statement from Anne Budge would suggest it's the SPFL calling for the season to end before anything is paid - "It was emphasised today that some clubs, particularly those in the lower Leagues, need funds to be released to help them navigate their way through this exceptional situation. I do not accept however, that this resolution needs to be passed in order to release those funds. If the Government can change the Laws of the Land, within 24 hours, to cope with this crisis, then surely it cannot be impossible for Scottish Football’s Governing bodies to modify rules to get things done." Hopefully they're not using the funds as a bargaining chip to get a preferred resolution.
  3. I thought I heard at the weekend that Sky and BT had paid up
  4. I thought similar, maybe not the money below each club but the bare minimum each club is guaranteed to get. I wonder if it's something to do with TV contracts.... i.e. money is only paid out at the end of the season. If it is, that's very poor. They could surely release the equivalent % of funds for games played. Pure speculation by the way.
  5. Aye we need that third place trophy. There's no chance of Europa League qualifiers in July so I doubt we will get anything regardless.
  6. I feel this could be a great opportunity for all of us wee teams to use our collective power. At the moment for anything to happen in top league 11 teams need to agree to it with the 2 glasgow teams always sticking together to kybosh any ideas from us wee teams. Interestingly this so called vote by spfl is going to be based on if 75% vote for it why is it not 11-1 to work. Surely if either of ugly sisters want our vote all other teams could bargain with them by saying if we vote for whatever you want then from now on any proposal in future only needs a 75% majority to go through. This would then stop those 2 having as much power. Thoughts?
  7. I really don't get why any Well fan is concerned if Rangers or Celtic end up winning the league, they're 2 cheeks of the same arse so feck them both. Bottom line is that our club have had a tremendous season and I'd be gutted if we didn't get the reward for that. I'd rather we delayed as long as possible to give us a chance to finish the season, if that can't happen then they can call the season and reward clubs appropriately for their efforts up to this point. Any suggestion of trying to null and void the season will be a real kick in the balls for the club.
  8. Awarding Celtic the title would be absolutely wrong... Its that simple as far as I'm concerned
  9. They are tying releasing prize money to settling the places. Lawell holding teams to ransom. When Rangers went bust the 10 non scummy clubs split the prize money evenly. I thought we might do that again this time.
  10. Why do we need a decision? Is it to release prize money? Give everybody the money for the position immediately below the one they are currently in. Play the games whenever we can, could be September, October or November, then sort out any discrepancy in the prize money. The new season can be shaped depending on the time available.
  11. The answer to this is really simple. All teams that play in claret and amber should play off for the premiership title and all teams with two stands should be relegated. Told you it was simple.
  12. You really wonder what planet the Rangers board are on, given the quote from them below Any attempts to railroad changes to existing rules, or run roughshod over corporate governance, will be opposed in the strongest possible terms," a Rangers statement read. Given how that club has been run in recent years and they now they dont want anybody to run roughshod over corporate governance, you could not make that pish up
  13. At least the statement season has properly begun now. A very strong start from Rangers with 8 paragraphs of utter drivel about a mysterious members resolution that they offer absolutely no detail on other than "release the money". Typed in typical Rangers fashion by someone on the edge of a meltdown. 8/10. Poor show from Partick. Despite being the club who will probably suffer the most from this, a fairly sensible and to the point 2 paragraphs. 3/10.
  14. I am not so sure Hearts will fight it. I get the impression from the snippets we have read from Anne Budge that they will take relegation, i think the financial issues run deep at Tynecastle so they may see it as a way to reduce costs and restructure. A bit like John Boyle did with us without the administration
  15. Incredibly they are going with what Neil Lennon suggested on 13/3. Hearts will surely fight this all the way.
  16. Before Xmas was lucky enough to get corporate hospitality at a Championship club which just so happened to get us into the boardroom. One of the directors told us that the club had floated an idea to Premiership and Championship teams ( did not elaborate what it was ) The initial feedback was encouraging until and I quote “Peter ( Lawwell ) made a few phone calls and what ever was being proposed died in the water without seeing the light of day. The influence this one individual has on Scottish Football is frightening and unhealthy
  17. As I have said previously the SFA / SPFL are shit scared of upsetting the ugly sisters as the comment below highlights Doncaster said that the position regarding the top flight "remains particularly complicated". why is it more complicated than the other 3 leagues, oh wait... none of them involve Celtic or Rangers
  18. I don't have a crystal ball but I doubt very much if complete lockdown will be lifted before mid May. Thereafter restrictions will be lifted gradually. I can't see large scale public gatherings being allowed before September. Then we'd need a 6 week period for players to regain fitness. That takes us in to October at least. Unless games take place behind closed doors (gatherings of probably 50 people) then this season is over.
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52214595 SPFL: Clubs to vote this week on how to end season 38 minutes ago From the sectionScottish Sharethis page SPFL clubs will vote on whether the Scottish Championship, League One and League Two seasons should be ended - but a decision over the outcome of the Premiership has been delayed. For now, the top flight will remain postponed "to give the best possible opportunity" for it to finish. But it will also be decided on points won per match "if the SPFL board determines" the games cannot be played. A 75% vote in favour is needed with 17:00 BST on Friday the deadline. The result is expected to be announced early next week and, should the clubs vote to accept the proposals, Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers would be promoted from their respective divisions, and Partick Thistle and Stranraer relegated. All play-offs would be cancelled, meaning the pyramid play-off has been scrapped. However, the SPFL say that, should the plans be approved, they commit to consulting with clubs about reconfiguring the leagues for next season. 'Now is the right time to act' Chief executive Doncaster said the SPFL board had "consulted extensively with clubs in all four divisions" and have "taken expert legal and commercial advice". However, Scottish Government advice that restrictions could remain for at least 13 weeks mean the outstanding games "cannot be scheduled without significantly damaging" the chances of playing next season in full. "The quicker we reach a final position the better, but there is no doubt this is the most complicated and challenging situation our game has faced in living memory," he said. "Now is the right time to act. We all know there are no easy answers or simple solutions, but the board's recommended proposal will give us a far greater degree of certainty, minimise the harm to the game overall." Null & void? Declare? Or play on? - SPFL mulls over options Coronavirus: What is your club saying? Doncaster confirmed that approving the plans would mean end-of-season payments could be made to lower league clubs, something that would alleviate "significant further financial harm". Last week, Uefa cautioned that declaring campaigns early could mean countries would not be able to take up places in European competitions. Doncaster said that the position regarding the top flight "remains particularly complicated". He added: "Everyone is aware of Uefa's desire for the family of European football to work together to resolve the issues that confront us all. "We are keen to work with Uefa and remain in discussion with them over the situation in Scotland."
  20. Dutch leagues going for a restart in June. All games behind closed doors. A few caveats around that, strict testing, government agreement etc. Can see the SPFL going down that route
  21. Both Guineas (May) York Dante meeting (May) Oaks and Derby (June ) Wimbledon ( June/ July ) Open Golf ( July ) All the above sporting events have been cancelled Does anyone actually believe that there will be the slightest chance that we will see any spectator sport before August at the earliest ?????
  22. Total fudge You can take from that that the Old Firm cannot agree on the way forward and battle lines have been drawn I fully expect that the pair of them to be lobbying other clubs to support their point of view To hell with what is best for the good of Scottish Football
  23. Maybe I am an eternal optimist but talk of no football until late this year or even next year is as fanciful as us starting next week. I am hopeful that the lockdown will be relaxed later this month or early May. There will still be strict guidelines and social distancing most likely but assuming that does not lead to a spike in infections then slowly but surely we will get back to normality and large gatherings by June / July latest. Still means it would be difficult to finish games this season apart from maybe the cups and play offs. But it would be easier to call a halt to this season and try to get back on track for season 20-21 including UEFA competitions and International games / play offs etc.
  24. I don't have access to the full article, but it sounds like the SPFL are a bit too scared to make an outright call on this. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/spfl-may-call-time-on-lower-leagues-to-test-the-water-phfq8wgdd FOOTBALL SPFL may call time on lower leagues to test the water Decision on top flight could be put back Michael Grant, Scottish Football Correspondent Wednesday April 08 2020, 12.01am, The Times SPFL board members will meet at their Hampden Park headquarters today The Scottish Professional Football League will today consider whether to test the water by declaring this season over in the Ladbrokes Championship, League One and League Two — but defer a decision on the Premiership. Calling the lower divisions would allow the governing body to gauge the reaction from Uefa, which wants leagues across Europe to wait and see if seasons can be played to a finish after the coronavirus shutdown. That option looks almost impossible in the SPFL’s case because so many clubs cannot survive until September or October without their normal revenue streams.
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