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  2. our 3 looked not so gd today as hearts played a 3 6 1 with a midfield 4 of walker whelan meshino clare against our 3 but that also meant they had no one up front . game was really tight but hyltons ability and a superb long finish was our reward. every game is give and take tactically where we give up 1 area of pitch to take advantage in others as seen today. we are 3rd in league and more to come. lets enjoy it
  3. Thought it was just me seeing Berra doing foul shies and yard-stealing. I was assured by the intelligentsia around me in the POD that foul shies are cool, like squinty throw-ins at scrums. As for Steve MacLean, he's always been a diver and whiner and suits Hearts perfectly. The atrocious offside decision today could have cost us dear on another day. Three wins in eight days is excellent and we can rest and get ready for The Hens next Sunday. No reason we can't go one better than The Mutton Molesters.
  4. I’d have to look again but I thought he was offside
  5. Because he was entertaining to watch, total panto villain . Also felt robbo took huge gamble bringing on Hartley for long, almost inviting hearts to attack but hey we won so right decision
  6. That offside decision was a complete joke. Three players played campbell on. I wonder if we will get an appology from the official.
  7. Tough call but went for long, great shift and fast as a whippet. Grimmy, Carroll and hylton also good
  8. We are easily a top six team this season.
  9. Agree about Berra. At 0-0 he was taking as long as he possibly could at every throw-in, stealing yards every time and then it was a foul throw every time. Is there still a rule about foul throws? as I can't remember the last time I saw one given. Even after he was booked he was fouling at every tackle and arguing with the ref. McLean is exactly the same, falling down for free kicks every time a player went near him. I thought we would miss that as Naismith wasn't playing. As for big Uchi what can you say a complete waste of a HUGE jersey COYW
  10. 3 wins in a week and back up to 3rd and all that with a sickness bug doing the rounds,I'm well proud of our club right now,hopefully with a bit of rest,everybody should be fighting fit and ready to get tore right into rangers next week.
  11. Today
  12. How in the name of fuck was that offside?????
  13. As a Motherwell fan of a certain vintage, any win against Hearts is a good win. Nine ponts in a week when our squad is weakened by illness. This week could prove to be the defining point of our season. There will be ups and downs before the split, but we can all see that this squad is capable of playing better. Given the standard of our league, I'd say that top six is now our goal, not trying to avoid the drop. The stability that another season in the top division offers a club with our business model cannot be overestimated.
  14. Hylton long and Grimshaw the 3 best players for me. Hylton just shades it. He’s on an excellent run of form
  15. We deserved that win. We deserved to win by more and would have if our officials knew the basics.
  16. I don’t manage to make it to too many games anymore but the difference in Hylton is something else. He regularly had two markers on him and at times they needed 3 to deal with him. I’m up the other end from where the goal was scored but I’m looking forward to seeing how he’s managed to set it up in the highlights.
  17. You got to laugh at us Motherwell fans...... I was at the game today and don’t disagree with many of the comments but come on tae f*ck. Only our support could take 3 wins in a row, 3 clean sheets and 8 goals scored and turn it into... - we were not that good - we did not deserve the 3 points - Scott is overrated We are 3rd top and not 3rd bottom you miserable so and so’s
  18. Well said glad I didn't post that though might have upset a few on here
  19. I worried if we could hold them off with only a one goal lead, but this team is tougher than we've had for a while, so a good week, and when did we last have this point level at the start of December?
  20. How did Berra last 90 minutes with his repeated fouling and foul throws going unpunished?
  21. Your thoughts and votes please...
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