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  2. Not again Weeyin..... Oxford offered a significant transfer fee to Columbus to keep Cadden. Reportedly much more than they would have had to pay us for his development fee. All because they thought they could be smart arses and avoid paying us. Columbus tell them to do one and now they stay in League One....Karma. I know we did it with one or two players from down south. But that is different. We are Motherwell. All that counts
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  4. Like others I’ve only heard of him from older relations who all spoke highly of him. condolences to his family
  5. Before my time, but given what my late father said about him ( and he was a better than fair judge of a player) he must have been a genuine talent. RIP and my thoughts are with his family and friends.
  6. Karma for who? It's Columbus that owe us money and they have the player.
  7. One of Wycombe's players wearing a' long live Christian Mbulu' t-shirt
  8. Not in the championship anyway......KARMA.....
  9. Money aside, reduced numbers at both ends will kill the atmosphere at fir park, and at most other grounds round the country. Against it as anything other than a short term solution myself.
  10. On the side is edgy and urban chic. In the middle is for auld yins like us.
  11. I thought Cadden was back at Oxford but a quick Google shows he's still with Columbus. Made his first appearance back since lockdown as a 2nd half sub for them yesterday. He'll likely never play for Oxford again.
  12. Got it from the club. Fair enough getting your own sign on it but why have it round at the side? Why not have it in the middle? Might as well have done it myself.
  13. Obviously can’t trust him to stay on park as hooked at half time
  14. Oxford v Wycombe tonight, Gorrin booked after 27mins, had £1 on him.but not much of a return as odds were 1/20!!! Lol
  15. Significantly less though...it would be financial suicide to go down that route
  16. You need to look for a photo shoot round the town first
  17. This is brilliant to see. Long road ahead of him still, I'd imagine, but what a lift to be coming home Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  18. Any word on Lang from Wigan yet?
  19. I had the Pleasure of Seeing Him Playing Great. Player in the Ancell Babes RIP Pat Quinn.
  20. Much less money, I'd think. Especially where families are involved. One household of 2 or 3 people watching a stream would generate the club's cut of a tenner or less. 2 or 3 people going through the gate would generate much more than that, even at season ticket prices.
  21. You must be of the same era as me. I first saw Pat play in 1959/60ish. He was very talented and a great passer of the ball. Very sad news.
  22. Very sad news: I missed seeing him by a season but my brother and his mates all idolised him for his footballing brain and his vision.
  23. I first saw Pat Quinn playing for us in 1961 when I was six. He quickly became my favourite player. Very sad that he has gone.
  24. Very sad, was a well legend and I remember my Dad telling me loads of stories about the Ancell Babes when he was watching the well home and away
  25. As far as youth goes, it's also the case, sadly, that the majority simply won't be good enough. For every Hastie, Turnbull and Campbell there's going to be countless others let go each season. I'm not an expert on our youth players at the moment, but I do believe that if we had anyone who was good enough and ready to come through, Robinson would be bringing them through. We'll go through periods where none of the younger players are either ready or good enough. That's just how it works. During those periods we need to find players from elsewhere.
  26. Then you'd still be paying for a stream, so the club makes money either way.
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