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  3. It's the Bel-Clasico tonight on BBC iPlayer if you fancy watching a game where Christy Manzinga and Gael Bigirimana are starting on opposing benches.
  4. A free cup game would be good compensation for all the time we've spent staring at the Verizon logo.
  5. Idiots write crap on scudbook, since when has that been a new phenomenon??
  6. Over 10'000 votes cast in this FA Cup of Badly Aging Footballers match - Hugh Sproat is looking good to make it through to the quarter finals.
  7. Like others I'm a wee bit surpised at the venom of some comments on facebook. Yes, I do get that the quality of streaming hasn't been great. I suppose the club could have jacked up the PPV prices to say £18 per game and chucked in free cup games to season ticket holders but whatever the club does it will get brickbats. Personally I'm happy with the arrangement in the circumstances. I doubt that we'll have to share the TV income.
  8. £12 for a stream of a cup game seems reasonable enough to me. Complainers on social media aren't being forced to buy, are they?
  9. The comment's on the facebook are ridiculous, What has buying a season ticket got to do with cup games? Club guaranteed 19 games in fir park live, i'm sure they were hoping fans would be back in the ground sooner rather than later but they will stand by that, some fans will of course claim that, some won't which is perfectly fine. Why would anyone be entitled to this cup game for free? if you want to watch, pay £12, if you don't, stick to the twitter feed and watch the highlights later on. Season tickets were purchased knowing fine well that you might not be in fir park all season, now it's being used against the club for the sake of £12.
  10. Cup games are never part of season ticket packages (or overseas MFC TV packages) so I'm not surprised this is PPV In fact, for me, it's an opportunity to see a game that typically isn't broadcast. Don't they also need to split the gate money in these ties? Considering that all the season ticket holders get all the league streams for free, paying for the odd cup game seems reasonable and I'm happy to throw the club a few extra quid every now and then. Also, the stream last week was rock solid.
  11. I'll not be paying personally. After buying our season tickets, I've not got a great interest in spending more money on live feeds as they are invariably shite. Truth be told, I've lost interest in watching the games via streams. The occasional Sky live game, drubbings aside, has been refreshing in comparison, but shite all the same.
  12. The comments on Facebook were quite scathing about having to pay for the cup game. Seems fair to me tbh.
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  14. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2020/11/23/how-to-watch-motherwell-v-st-johnstone/ £12 for ppv.
  15. weeyin

    Games in hand

    Campbell and Maguire.
  16. Stu92

    Games in hand

    I've missed this I think, who are the 2 players?
  17. Aye, pretty sure it's PPV for season ticket holders and overseas subscribers.
  18. I saw McInness interviewed at Ibrox earlier and he was asked about it. Apparently the SFA had a meeting at 11am yesterday and the isolations arose from that. No idea why it was 11am sat and not earlier, maybe they didnt know until the sat? Tho I find that unlikely
  19. Just had the benefit of watching the highligts on BBC. Our goal was well taken and worked although it had a slight element of good luck about it when the ball was deflected nicely into O'Hara's path. That kind of thing though has often happened against us so I'll take it happily. Saints' penalty was a tad harsh but Mugabi was a bit naive and May made the most of it. That said O'Hara shouldn't have been dispossessed so easily and the No 10 had all the time and space in the world to work his forward. Any one of 3 midfielders could have closed him down but didn't. Bryson ought to have seen red as a few have said. It was a trip - he tried to rake his studs down Chapman's calf and the ref only stored up further trouble by failing to show him the red card. All in all though a decent away point at a difficult venue, especially in view of unavoidable late call offs. If our injury situation improves there's no reason why we shouldn't be in the mix for a top 6 place. On paper we have a decent squad if we can get all of them fit.
  20. I would expect PPV, we got a free European game
  21. Any update on this? Do season ticket holders get it for free or is it PPV?
  22. The opinion of their own fans is that they are toothless. We should have beaten them earlier in the season.
  23. We will finish top 6 Dave, Dundee Untd will slip back but think they will hold on to 6th. Its close now between us st J and Killie for 6th but I am confident we will moving up the table. Let's be honest if we win our 2 games in hand, (or two 3-0 awards from the SPFL ) we are back in tbe mix for the European places, We are going along nicely just now which should improve if we get some of the long term injury list back playing.
  24. Crawford has over 200 first team appearances in his locker, so there would something wrong if Crawford was a more complete player. I'm quite happy to see Maguire continue to be developed, though - but it's good to have options. We obviously assembled this season's squad knowing that the tight schedule and possible Covid disruptions would mean we need more depth - and even then we are struggling for cover in some positions.
  25. I thought it was a fairly competent performance with no real standouts. Crawford did well and Polworth was always available for a pass but became less effective as the 2nd half wore on. Gallagher strolled the game for me and looks back to his best.
  26. It might even be competing for 6th place as Dundee United are starting to pull away, as they should be on their budget. Pre season I thought they'd be a good bet for a top six finish and I've seen little to dissuade me of that notion.
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