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  2. This game has potential disaster written all over it. I hope I am wrong but throughout my years of supporting Motherwell, we have too often ended a good run with a poor performance and result in a fixture we should have expected better. I know all good runs come to an end eventually. I just hope we can keep this going a bit longer. As it is, I officially have the fear.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Can remember game, possibly against St Johnstone and Andy Weir gets a nasty head injury. No concussion rules in those days, the bold Andy appears back out running down the wing wearing a bandage covered by a skull cap. Don't make them like that anymore.
  5. They have stated no cash gates this season but on the day they have been available, the office is always available as a back up.
  6. Polworth on bench for killie tonight, Tommy Wright be best to avoid twitter tonight!! Lol
  7. £5 for under-13s is decent though.
  8. Horrible stinking basturds
  9. I fancy KVV and Watt to run riot tomorrow. 3-0
  10. Another different challenge this week against a team that's pushing hard for their first win. Won't be easy, but if was easy we wouldn't need KVV. 3 - 1 to us, flattered by a late goal.
  11. On Facebook earlier they had mentioned no cash gate will be in operation and they were suggesting to buy tickets in advance using the website. I'd assume you can nip by the office if that's your preference.
  12. Bit early for a match thread, but tickets went on sale tonight. £27.
  13. My memory of Andy Weir is him scoring the winning goal at Fir Park in a cup tie against stenhousemuir for a 3-2 victory. Reported in in the motherwell times as a banana shot.
  14. A quick question, can you pay at the gate with cash or contactless card? Or do you need to get a ticket at the office?
  15. Sondre out for this game as well, that's a shame, hopefully not out long but we have good cover.
  16. You see fans of other clubs raving about our socia media stuff all the time but that really is some achievement,to beat off competition from clubs with the resources that are night and day compared to us just shows how good the people involved at our club are,a massive well done to all.
  17. what's the modern equivalent of a wing half?
  18. Well deserved I’d say. The media team are certainly talented at what they do, but they also know how to piss you off after a 3-0 home defeat to Ross County.
  19. Yes, as a kid, I always looked for his blond hair at corners and expected him to score. Mind you, he often had Andy Weir taking them, and he was a magician who could even score directly from the flag. As far as Joe is concerned, his great talents have been admirably listed above but my last memory is of him standing a few rows back from me at the 2011 final and talking to the fans. He was Motherwell through and through. Good old Joe.
  20. I’m only 65 but Charlie was playing when I first started going to games. Where as Joe Wark had rubber legs, Charlie’s super power was that he seemed to just hang in the air when he went up for a header. Both from the same mold though, gentlemen of the highest order, terrific talented players and model professionals. Perfect examples for any young budding player to follow.
  21. Given that we've only had 2 rounds of inductees and we've had to balance fan votes vs old time legends vs players who are still around to attend the event, I think the mix has been pretty good so far. One of the motivations behind these things is to get the fans talking, arguing and reminiscing about favourite players - and that has been pretty successful too.
  22. I know we're moving on from the Wark/Hammell chat but I was too young for Wark. My da raved about him though. And I'd love to have a LB of Hammell's calibre in the team right now.
  23. Best player to have ever played for the 'well according to my papa who would be 100 this year
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